Double Punishment

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Adam and Charlie sat silently outside the headmasters office, contemplating what was about to happen. Both young men had been caught fighting yet again, leaving Adam with a split lip and ripped shirt, and Charlie with a bruised eye. The sound of the headmaster’s door opening signalled for the boys to enter.

The Headmaster stood behind his desk looking less than pleased. The boys couldn’t help noticing the cane, razor strap and crop laid out on the table. Clearly they were going to be punished severely today.

‘You two should be ashamed of yourselves,’ began the Headmaster ‘eighteen year old boys, seniors in my school behaving like thugs.’

‘I’m sorry Sir, ‘ said both boys in unison.

‘You two have told me that exactly four times in the last two weeks,’ said the Headmaster sternly ‘clearly just empty words on your part.’

Both young men said nothing. They just hung their heads in humiliation and shame at what was to come.

‘I don’t like having to resort to hard discipline, but certain boys need it, in order to be kept in line. Now both of you strip naked and stand to attention.’

Immediately the boys obliged, getting completely naked. Both young men were were very athletic, and therefore had the beautifully sculpted bodies to match. Their asses were round and muscled from constant workouts. The Headmaster couldn’t wait to cover them in welts.

Truth be told the Headmaster found Adam and Charlie incredibly handsome and arousing. He had plans to not only punish the boys, but to make them cum before they left his office, perhaps even empty their balls.

‘Right, Adam bend over my desk and spread your feet.’

Adam quickly did as he was told. He looked truly beautiful bent over, ready to be disciplined.

‘We’ll start with ten strokes of each implement,’ said the Headmaster. casino oyna ‘I have however decided that you will punish each other, instead of being disciplined by myself.’

‘Fuck no,’ said Adam getting up from the desk ‘no way am i gonna let him tan my ass.’

‘Same here,’ said Charlie ‘he’s not man enough.’

‘Fuck you,’ said Adam shoving Charlie hard.

Charlie was about to punch Adam, when the Headmaster caught his fist, with his hand.

‘Enough!’ shoted the Headmaster ‘You boys are out of control! You will punish each other, and that’s final. With that said, I’m doubling your punishment. Twenty strokes with each implement should teach y’all some respect.’

‘But Headmaster…’ began Adam.

‘Don’t question me boy!’ bellowed the Headmaster ‘Get over that desk, spread your legs, and take it like a man!’

Adam obliged, knowing his disobedience would cost him dearly.

‘Charlie pick up the razor strap, and give Adam twenty hard strokes.’

Adam braced himself for the first stroke. A loud smack echoed around the room as the strap made contact with Adam’s ass. The boy yelled in pain, as another stroke whipped across his muscled ass.

‘Slow down Charlie, he needs to feel the full effects of each stroke,’ said the Headmaster ‘and Adam, I want you to thank Charlie for each lash, and ask if you may have another.’

Adam’s face was red with pain and anger. But he dare not defy the Headmaster’s wishes again. Another stroke lashed Adam’s ass. Again he yelled in pain.

‘Thank you Charlie, please give me further lashes,’ whimpered Adam.

‘Can we gag him Headmaster?’ asked Charlie ‘hes so loud.’

‘No, I want the rest of the school to hear him being punished,’ said the Headmaster ‘it’ll send an important message to the other young men in this school about what’ll happen if canlı casino they step out of line.’

With that, Charlie brought another hard stroke across Adam’s ass. Again Adam cried out in pain. When the final lick swiped across Adam’s ass, the boy could barely stand. His ass was bright red, his body was shiny with sweat, his breathing laboured. How was he going to be able to take the cane and crop punishment that was to come.

‘Please Headmaster, I can’t take 40 more licks with the cane and crop,’ said Adam ‘my ass is on fire. I’ve learned my lesson, I swear.’

‘You don’t have a choice Adam,’ said the Headmaster ‘you wanted to fight, to feel pain? That’s exactly what you’re getting. But don’t worry, you’ll get a small reprieve from your discipline. Its now Charlie’s turn to feel the razor strap.’

Immediately Charlie took his position over the Headmaster’s desk. The Headmaster handed Adam the razor strap. With that Charlie’s punishment began. At first Charlie seemed to take it better than Adam, grunting, rather than crying out. But by lash eight, he had began trying to shield his ass with his hands.

”Stop using your hands boy!’ shouted the Headmaster ‘take it like a man.’

However, Charlie didn’t listen, his ass was on fire.

‘Stop beating him Adam,’ said the Headmaster. ‘Charlie put your hands on your ass cheeks and keep them there. Adam give him an additional five hard lashes across his hands.’

Adam did exactly this, turning Charlie’s hands bright red. Charlie whimpered in pain at every stroke.

‘Now, we’re going to start your punishment again Charlie,’ said the Headmaster.

‘Headmaster please!’ protested Charlie.

‘Another word out of you, and I’ll tell Adam to direct the lashes at that low hung ballsack between your legs.’

Immediately Charlie stopped protesting. kaçak casino


With his sensitive ballsack at risk, Charlie took the rest of his razor strap strokes without protest, which had left the Headmaster slightly disappointed. He loved seeing a young man getting his manhood punished.

‘Before we proceed with the cane, I want you boys to connect with each other. Truly feel close,’ said the Headmaster ’embrace each other.’

‘What?’ said both boys looking confused.

‘Do as you’re told boys,’ said the Headmaster impatiently. ‘Hold each other.’

Not wanting to risk even further discipline, the young men hugged each other, their sweaty, muscular bodies sticking to each other.

‘Charlie you’re slightly shorter than Adam, lay your head on his chest, feel his chest rise as he breathes, perhaps feel his smooth skin under your finger tips, take in his scent. Acquaint yourself with his body.’

It was very obvious that being so close to each other had made the boys horny. Their cocks were rock hard. This was incredibly arousing to the Headmaster, especially with their muscled red asses on show.

”Adam, feel Charlie’s bulging back muscles with your fingertips. Rest your head on his. Feel his hot breath on your chest. I want you boys to feel close, and connect. Feel safe when you’re with each other.’

This went on for a while longer, until the Headmaster told them to stop.

‘Okay boys time to get your asses caned,’ said the Headmaster ‘let go of each other.’

Both boys cocks were hard as rock, standing to full attention. They’re faces were bright read with embarrassment. They could barely look at each other.

‘I’m glad you boys enjoyed that,’ said the Headmaster ‘we’ll pick it back up after you’ve both been caned.’

‘Thank you Headmaster,’ said Adam his head hung.

‘Uh, yeah. Th… Thanks,’ stuttered Charlie.

‘Get into position boys,’ said the Headmaster ‘its time to add some welts to those red asses.’

To be continued…

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