Double Dipping Ch. 02

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I left the next morning for some business meetings and expected to be back by 3:00. Deb said she had to teach class in the afternoon and wouldn’t be back until 6:30. She told me to just make myself at home and ask Amy if I needed anything. Neither of us spoke of the events from the previous evening.

When I returned that afternoon, Amy was home and lying by the side of the pool wearing a sexy yellow-green bikini which accentuated her dark tan. I could see the slight rise of her mound curving into the V of her legs. The small swells of her breasts pushed into her top. Dark red hair fell over her shoulders. Her eyes were closed as she took in the bright sun illuminating her trim, athletic body. It was a gorgeous site.

I felt guilty staring, and even more guilty when I realized my cock was beginning to stir. I decided to change into my suit. Since I swim regularly to keep in shape, all I had was my Speedo racing suit which would do little to hide any growth of my manhood. I knew I was entering dangerous territory.

“Hi, Mr. Riley,” Amy called out as I opened the sliding door. “Mom said you’d be here. I’m supposed to take care of you until she gets back. Can I get you anything?”

Yeah, I thought to myself, how about some of that sweet bikini pudding you’re hiding between your legs.

“No thanks. I think I’ll take a swim and catch some rays.”

“Wanna race. I’m pretty good.”

“Sure. What’s the prize.”

“I dunno. How about a back massage? Ten laps.”

With that she dove in before I had a chance to get ready. I quickly regrouped and went after her. She was good and I had a hard time catching her. I finally passed her on lap 9 and barely beat her to the finish line. I was also out of breath while she was hardly breathing. Amy climbed out of the pool right in front of me. I could see the material of her bottom clinging to the cheeks of her ass as the water drained down between her legs. Her little ass swayed back and forth when she walked over to her chair to get a towel. I was getting drunk with lust for this young woman.

“Come on over,” she said patting the lounge next to hers, ” I owe you a back massage.”

I could feel my cock stirring again and figured that I had better get over there quickly before it became too noticeable. I lay face down on the lounge chair and prepared to receive my reward. She kneeled over me and began massaging my shoulders and back with her soft hands. It was incredibly sensuous. I closed my eyes and imagined her little hands wrapping themselves around my cock.

As she was massaging me, Amy started talking non stop as if I were her best friend or something – just like her mother used to do at that age. She started telling me how this guy John had taught her to give massages but she didn’t like him anymore because all he wanted to do was hit on her which was okay until she found out he was hitting on Pam who was probably letting him do all kind of things Amy wouldn’t let him do so she stopped talking to him and besides she has a crush on Tim but he doesn’t know it. She told me she and her best friend Jenny were still virgins even though they talked about sex all the time. As she was talking she hit a ticklish spot causing me to squirm.

“Are you ticklish,” she asked digging her fingers into my side. “Oooo, you are. Let’s see about over here.”

She started taunting me just like her mother did as a girl. She laughed wickedly as she poked me in the side. I decided it was time for a little revenge.

“I’ll show you ticklish,” I said sitting up and grabbing for Amy’s side.

“You’ll have to catch me first.”

Amy squirmed away and jumped in the pool. I dove in after her, catching her by the ankle as she tried to climb out. She shrieked, but I was able to pull her back in the water. I wrestled with her until I could get an arm around her stomach. I tickled her sides while Amy kicked and thrashed about as she begged me to stop. More than once my hand slipped up over her soft casino oyna little titties. She finally broke away by spinning around, but I pinned her against the wall of the pool before she could escape.

“Say Uncle and I’ll let you go.”

“Never,” she said trying to squirm away.

I went back to tickling her, this time with no mercy. She was giggling uncontrollably while trying to push me away. I felt something warm on my thigh which I had pressed against her to hold her in place. It took me a few seconds to realize that Amy was peeing. The angle of my leg holding her to the wall put my thigh right in line with the warm stream squirting through her bikini bottom I stopped tickling her and just stood there speechless. She looked back at me smiling coyly as she finished peeing. My cock started to swell.

“I couldn’t help it. You made me pee. Well, at least I didn’t say uncle.”

I shook my head in disbelief. Amy wiggled out from my grip and climbed out of the pool, innocently flashing her ass inches from my face. She sat down Indian style right in front of me. The thin strip of bikini covering her crotch was fully exposed to my gaping stare. A few curls of soft red hair were peeking out the sides. The crotch of her bikini was stretched tightly so that I could see the bulge of her pussy mound and a faint outline of the opening to her womanhood. I could feel my cock grow, straining against my already tight suit.

“I saw you last night, you know. With mom. I saw you kiss her on the couch.”

I was startled, and began to wonder if she had seen anything else. She had.

“You did other stuff too. Like oral sex. I saw mom give you a blow job.”

I couldn’t believe she was telling me this. My cock was now poking out from my trunks uncomfortably.

“Amy, I was lonely and I pushed your mom to do things she wouldn’t normally do. You should never say anything. Your mom loves your father. If he found out he would get very upset.”

“I know what you mean. John tried to make me give him a blow job but I was afraid he would shoot in my mouth so I wouldn’t do it. He made me give him a hand job instead. I couldn’t believe it when he shot his stuff all over my blouse. My hand was all sticky and gooey. It was kinda neat. I don’t know if I’d want to do it with my mouth though. But mom seemed to like it.”

I noticed that Amy’s nipples were hard and poking out through the thin material of her top. My cock was straining to free itself, and I felt as if I might cum right there in my suit. It wasn’t going to take much to break down my self control.

“Amy, I don’t think we should be talking about this. I’m a little too old for you. Let’s talk about something else.”

“I’m old enough. Besides, how am I supposed to learn if I can’t talk about it.”

She had a point. I let her continue.

“Last night I heard mom screaming in your room after you went to bed. You and mom were fucking, weren’t you? Jenny says girls scream when they have orgasms. Was mom having orgasms? I wonder what it feels like. I’m not sure I ever had one – not like that anyway. She seemed to be enjoying it even though she was screaming.”

Well, if she wanted to learn about sex, who was I to be a moralist. Besides, my self control had passed its limits. I climbed out of the pool and stood over Amy dripping water on her feet. My hard-on was obvious. Amy looked up and stared at it, mouth agape. After letting her get a good look I walked over to the lounge chair and sat down with my feet stretched out. In this position the very tip of my cock was just beginning to poke through the waist of my suit. Amy walked over and stood next to me. Her eyes were glued to my suit.

“You know Amy, by your age most girls have had orgasms. I’m surprised you haven’t had one by now. You can do it to yourself with your fingers.”

“Well, when I rub my pussy it makes me all gooey and tingly inside. Sometimes my body gets all tense and I feel like I’m going crazy. But I’ve never screamed canlı casino like mom did last night.”

“You were having small orgasms. They get more intense as you get more aroused. For example, I see you looking at the big bulge in my suit. I’ll bet it makes you feel all tingly between the legs to imagine what it really looks like. If you were to rub yourself while looking at me you I’m sure you would have a really good orgasm.”

I shifted in the seat until I could feel the tip of my cock poke more of the head out of my waistband. She looked down at it with her mouth open, then up at me and back down again. I hooked my thumbs into my waistband and pushed down until the whole head and part of my shaft were exposed.

“I won’t watch if you want to put a hand into your suit and rub yourself. I’ll close my eyes. I’ll even masturbate with you.”

I slipped my trunks down further. My entire cock popped free. I wrapped my hand around my throbbing manhood and started slowly stroking myself. I heard Amy sigh. After a minute or two I opened my eyes and looked up at her. She had her right hand buried in her bikini bottoms. Her fingers were moving rapidly against her pussy and her left hand was massaging her right tit. Her eyes were glued to my cock.

I began stroking myself faster as I watched this little piece of heaven getting herself off. After a minute or so I swung my legs to the ground until I was sitting directly in front of her. I stood and kicked off my suit. Our bodies were inches apart. She looked up into my eyes. I leaned forward until our lips met. Her mouth opened and our tongues met. My cock brushed against her arm which was jerking wildly as she continued to rub her pussy.

I let go of my cock and placed my hands over her bikini bottoms until I could cup the rounded cheeks of her ass. Amy started to gasp, then choke. She broke from the kiss and leaned into me. Amy’s whole body shuddered. She shrieked, then bit my shoulder and shuddered again. I dug my fingers into her ass, pressing down between her legs. She grunted one last time as her orgasm finally ended. Amy pulled her hand out of her bikini and collapsed against me.

“Wow. I’ve never had one like that before. It was incredible.”

“I told you,” I said lifting her chin until she was looking up at me. “And it gets even better.”

I was very aware that I was stark naked with a raging hard-on pressing against Amy’s lower stomach. I leaned down and pressed my lips to hers, this time kissing more aggressively. Amy put her arms around my neck and kissed me back just as aggressively. I reached behind her and unfastened her bikini top.

I stepped back, pulling her top from her arms. I stood there and gazed at her small soft white beauties capped with two long and very erect bright red nipples poking slightly upward. Amy stared down at my hard cock pointing up at her. I guided her right hand to my manhood, wrapping her soft fingers around the engorged shaft. I moved her hand up and down along its length until she got the rhythm and continued on her own.

I reached out and massaged her left breast, rolling the nipple lightly between my thumb and forefinger. Amy let out a sigh indicating her pleasure at what I was doing. I leaned forward and kissed her on the lips, gently probing between them with my tongue. My balls were rapidly filling with cum as Amy’s gentle fingers worked their magic on my sensitive cock.

A moan escaped from Amy’s throat as my fingers continued to pinch her nipples. Our kiss became more passionate as I shoved my tongue deep into her mouth. Amy was pumping me hard and fast as her own excitement rose. My balls were churning with cum and I could feel blood rushing to my groin. My head started spinning as a huge explosion kept building.

I couldn’t hold back anymore. I pulled away from our kiss. She looked down at her soft hand which was pumping me rapidly. I grabbed her shoulders and grunted as a powerful blast erupted from my cock and sprayed kaçak casino cum up Amy’s stomach and all over the bottom of her tits. A second blast shot up her arm. She kept pumping my cock as I continued spraying cum all over both of us. Amy continued watch it squirt from my cock until I finally finished.

Amy looked up at me with desperate eyes and parted lips. I could see she was on the verge of an orgasm just from having jerked me off. I slipped my hand down over her stomach, under the waistband of her bikini and over her soft curly hair until my fingers touched the searing folds of her cunt. I rubbed my middle finger up and down her slit, then slipped it into her moist opening. “Oh god… oh god yes… finger me… faster… oooohhhh yeeesss..”

I slipped a second finger into her hot cunt. Amy started humping back rubbing her clit against my fingers as they moved in and out of her pussy. Her eyes were begging for more as she neared climax. Looking right at me, she lifted her cum coated fingers and began licking them. The whole scene was highly intoxicating, and I could feel my cock begin to stir back to life.

Suddenly Amy’s whole body stiffened. She grabbed my arm for support, digging her finger into my flesh. She threw her head against my shoulder, biting into me and drawing blood. I could feel juices gushing onto my fingers. When I rubbed her clit, Amy let out a high pitched shriek. I kept rubbing and she kept shrieking. Juices continued to gush from her cunt as Amy’s orgasm went on and on. I finally pulled my hand from her bikini as her shrieks turned to whimpers.

“Wow,” she said looking up at me, “I guess that was a good one.”

“It gets better.”

“I can’t believe I tasted your stuff. I mean, I just did it without thinking. It tasted kind of weird. I don’t know if I’d want a whole mouthful like mom got last night. Well, she seemed to like it. I think it’d be gross.”

I had a swelling cock that she could practice on, I thought to myself, but then decided we had better slow down. Besides, Deb would be home soon and probably wouldn’t appreciate catching us like this. I suggested a little skinny dipping to clean up and she was glad to join me. She stripped off her bottoms and dove in with me right behind her.

We splashed around and played in the water. When she got on my shoulders I could feel her furry little pussy pressing into the back of my neck. At one point she spun as I was grabbing her and we ended in an embrace facing each other. Our lips met as our naked bodies pressed tightly together. My hands cupped the tight cheeks of her perfectly rounded ass, and my finger dug into her crack. Amy wrapped her legs around my waist as we continued our passionate kiss.

My cock had swelled to full length and was pressed between us. I pulled her tightly against me until I could feel her pussy rubbing against my swollen manhood. I started rubbing her slit along my length. Amy quickly picked up the motion and was moving her pussy in sych with me. I lifted her higher until my cock head was pushing against her cunt lips and over her sensitive little clit.

I knew we shouldn’t be doing this, but I couldn’t stop. Amy wasn’t helping by squirming her pussy against me and sucking my tongue into her mouth. I pressed a finger against her tiny asshole, rubbing her sphincter until it started to open. Between this new sensation and the head of my cock massaging her clit, Amy lost control and started to orgasm. She wrapped her legs and arms tightly around me. Her moans turned to shrieks. I could feel the fire in her pussy against my cock surrounded by the cold waters around us.

Cum was churning in my balls and making me crazy. Judgment went out the window. I wanted inside her and was about to make that happen. I positioned the head of my cock between the lips of her cunt and was about to shove it in when Deb’s car pull into the driveway. I had to pry away Amy, who was still cumming strong, and help her out of the water and into her suit. I quickly pulled mine on as well, then laid face down on the lounge chair to keep my huge hard-on from showing. Deb showed up moments later saying she was going to change into her suit and join us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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