Doin’ the Boss Ch. 02

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One of the benefits of writing stories for Literotica is the feedback one gets after its posting.

Not every e-mail is satisfying — in fact, some are downright insulting. I learned early on, however, I can just write from the heart, from experiences and with a little literary judgment. Of course it is great when you receive a complimentary note or constructive feedback.

In this regard there have been several wonderful people who’ve written feedback on my stories, people who I have had the opportunity to correspond with, discuss my work, and, over time, used their feedback in subsequent writing efforts.

Some of these folks have completed my fun, anonymous, little survey of what’s going on in their life. Still others have asked me to continue writing about my affair with a former boss, while others wanted me use my imagination to try new topics.

I have written about my affair because, if I have to admit, it’s easy writing about something which is etched in one’s memory bank. I don’t have to use the imagination to come up with unique settings, ways of playing around, and so forth, because I merely write about things which have happened over the last seven or eight years in real life.

Of course, there’s a little bit of literary license in each of the stories as I — or my wonderful friends who edit these things, Cynthia or Benedict (both think I’m so BAD for writing about my love life, but both never turn me down when I ask for their opinions, go figure).

One of my favorite e-mail friends, Carrie, is a soul mate of sorts because she has been there. Carrie, as I joke with her, Carried on with her former boss for more than three years, finding her way into sexy and sexually satisfying situations. She, like I, broke up with our bosses when it became evident the relationship wasn’t going anywhere and “he” wouldn’t be leaving his wife.

For those of you who’ve read my other stories, you know that I’ve since gotten into a good relationship with a guy, but that I’ve strayed back to rendezvous with my former boss on numerous occasions.

We will leave it to the psychologists to figure that out, but let’s just say I’m a big girl and I know what I am doing. In any event, Carrie and I were reminiscing recently, sharing a night on the instant messenger, when she we began trading stories about how hot the early part of our relationships with our boss lover’s were. The sneaking of precious moments out of the prying eyes of co-workers in the building, sneaking kisses at lunch after looking around to ensure we couldn’t be seen.

In this conversation we somehow got on to the topic of “close calls,” where our little tet a tet meetings were nearly revealed. Usually it was because we had been careless, but there were times when things just happen. Carrie is a nurse, and her boss was a doctor, and the two were caught making love about 1 a.m. when another nurse walked in on she and her lover in a hospital room they were borrowing for a tryst.

They were moving and shaking in the missionary position when Carrie noticed the door open and attempted to alert and push off the doctor. He was lost in the act and continued his thrusting for several seconds before being shocked himself.

Nothing bad came of the discovery and lovemaking observation, but she did think that everyone in the hospital knew about the affair, even if that wasn’t really the case.

“I just thought every time I caught someone looking at me they were saying to themselves, “There’s Carrie, she’s sleeping with Dr. Whoever.” Still, every time someone looked at her for even a moment she thought they knew she was a bad girl.

Laughing at her story, I told one of my own, and Carrie said it would be a great story to tell. So for Carrie, and you my readers, here it is.

After the seduction of K. Linford Little in his office, I couldn’t stop thinking about the man my senior. It was hard working right outside his office knowing that he was alone inside. But as any of you in this situation knows, any careless behavior will quickly be observed by someone, and that isn’t a good thing in an era of claims of sexual harassment, to say nothing about wives finding out about their philandering casino şirketleri husbands.

Let me set the stage. Mr. Little had a corner office on the fourth floor of our building. It was a nice size, not a ballroom but with enough room to easily host a staff meeting of four or five people when necessary. There was a walnut desk with two matching chairs as well as a small table with three chairs.

Outside the office was my cubicle, and to the side a small reception area which contained a loveseat, arm chair and coffee table. Right down the hall, 15 feet away or so, was another administrative assistant who supported two managers in offices on either side of her.

Whenever one of us required a bathroom (or in her case, smoke) break, or needed to run some documents around the building, whatever, the other admin assistant would cover the telephones.

Mr. Little had been frisky on the day in question, hinting all morning that he’d like to have me satisfy a certain urge of his. I laughed and teased him. Once, after dropping his mail on his desk, I quickly ensured nobody was in view, moved to the side, bent over, and lifted my skirt to show him my snug bright red panties.

He buzzed in in a couple times and ask me to take dick-tation, but I merely laughed the request off and teased him some more. I didn’t think he was serious, heck, there were people in and out of the office all morning and such an act, even behind closed doors, would have possibly raised questions.

Before the seduction I would sit in his office, taking notes, whatever, and sometimes it would be with the door closed and never thought anything about it. One I blew him that first time things changed. Now I was a little self-conscious whenever I was behind closed doors with him, because of course I didn’t want someone to find out about our affair.

Mr. Little and I would reserve our “persona;” time together during lunch hours and after work, although we’d sometimes both arrive very early for work and start the day with a (sly wink) bang or stay late and have fun together. I loved our oral quickies, and enjoyed satisfying the man I had grown to love. Once, though, several months into our relationship and before we knew that it was imperative to continuously be careful, we threw a little caution to the wind.

When he begged for me to Do Him for lunch I teased some more but finally agreed, and you would have thought he’d hit the lottery! In any event, noon came and I mentioned to my co-worker that I’d be getting lunch a bit early, and to forward our phones to the receptionist at the front of the floor when she went on her lunch break.

That was not unusual because she always took her lunch about 12:30 while I was less flexible as my boss had meetings which negated the opportunity to me to take a specific lunch time.

I went to a local deli and picked up my order for a couple sandwiches, one soda and one cran-apple juice, and some chips, then headed back to the office at 12:40. Coast clear I entered my boss’ office, closed the door, put down the food and rushed over toward him and planted a long, wet kiss on his loveable lips.

Our embrace lasted several minutes, and I have to admit my mind had wandered from work and taking care toward raw sex. I wanted to consume the man, satisfy him like no other had ever done. I wanted to do the things his wife wouldn’t. Take some control over his mind and body.

When he asked me to go down on him, I shyly said I didn’t do that kind of thing, knowing full well that I had sucked his cock dozens of times in the past. But I was playing a part, a lead role in our little one act play. He asked again, leading me over to his hard walnut desk. He sat in his large executive chair and began unzipping his trousers.

“Please, Constance, Please?” he groveled as his manly knob sprang into view. And it was a nice dick, firm and demanding, it began to throb and I had yet to do anything but observe it being revealed from his pants.

I smiled and dropped to my knees in front of the horny man, taking the fall I had become very good at. I stroked his dick and cooed at him as his manhood lengthened to a rock-hard muscle. Reaching inside his casino firmalari underwear,

I played with his balls, slipping the sacks out into the open along with his erect spike. Soon my blowing on the cock, kissing it, and then licking it brought the man to full attention, and his moans were quick and littered with jumbled words like “suck, do me, oh yes and suck my dick.” I don’t think you have to be a poet in that situation, only know what you want. Mr. Little clearly knew his desire, he wanted me to suck his dick.

I liked that idea, and soon lowered my head onto his flesh tightened knob, complying with his urgent request. My boss sounded as if he was having a heart attack, wheezing a bit at my mouth magic, but I knew it was merely sighs of joy.

I slowly sucked his cock into my mouth, lowering my head as my lips encircled and tightened on the pole. I took about four inches into my wet and willing mouth, then reversed the action, holding the dick tightly within my lips as my head traveled back whence it came. I repeated this action several times over the next minute as I could tell Mr. Little was thoroughly enjoying the attention.

He slowly took control and began rocking in his seat as his manhood worked its way into my oral cavity. He has a thick cock, and my mouth was filled and had to strain just a bit as I blew him. My knees hurt a little on the hard floor, but the feeling of his throbbing cock in my mouth more than overcame any discomfort.

My head bobbed up and down the cock, although from time to time I would remove my mouth and just stroke the cock while looking up and the man. Soon he’d push my head back down onto his cock, and I willingly began sucking in earnest.

“Hurry, honey, we don’t have much time,” came the command from above, and I began moving my head quicker and my hand faster on his meaty, throbbing dick. I stroked his knob in time with my head bobbing. Every so often I would remove my mouth from his cock, taking a break so to speak, but licked around the mushroom knob at the top.

Mr. Little loved that action, as I verified when I looked up into his eyes. I loved that part, as it was sort of a scene from a porno movie where the starlet licks a man’s cock while looking into his eyes.

“You are such a great cocksucker, Constance….oh, I love it.”

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, and quickly Mr. Little pushed me out of sight under his desk. I heard him fumble with his dictation machine as the door opened.

“Uh, I’m sorry to bother you, Mr. Little, but Constance wasn’t at her desk and Mr. Robertson told me he needed you to review this contract ASAP,” said my co-worker from down the hall as my boss leaned forward in his seat.

The two spoke for a bit, my hand on his cock the entire time, before she left the office. “Do you want me to close the door?” she asked. My boss replied yes, he had to make a quick confidential call, and the coast was clear.

“Constance,” he sternly said, “you didn’t lock the door!”

I sputtered something about forgetting, but that a locked door would have raised suspicion anyway. The man was shaking, and I attempted to calm him down as he mumbled something about getting presentable. He was ticked, startled and afraid, but I quickly figured out a way to save the situation. “Let me finish you off,” I cooed.

Funny thing, but without any resistance, the man agreed.

“Just hurry!” he commanded. “Do it!”

His command was my wish. It was tight quarters under that desk, but I surmised, correctly I later found out, that he was concerned we would be interrupted once again in the act of making love. I stroked his dick back to its full, firm length, all the while telling him it was okay and that I loved his hard rock of a cock.

From this vantage point I no longer could look up at him, the top of the desk now blocked my view. So I concentrated on the task in front of me, first licking the cock from top to bottom, stem and stern, then ovaling my mouth to slowly slip the tip of the manhood into my willing mouth. I sucked the top of his dick for several seconds, slowly stroking the base of the cock, before I felt the man maneuver his hand under güvenilir casino the desk and fondle the side of my head. He pushed down, guiding his cock into his mouth.

It was a bit uncomfortable, and soon he removed his hand to give me more room. I lowered my head onto his cock as far as it would comfortably go — I have never been able to be a deep throat fellatrix, but I could easily take more than four-and-a-half inches into my mouth. I would let him rock into my mouth for a while, then slow him down as I would take his cock as far as it would go.

While I couldn’t cram it all into my mouth, I did get it far enough in where I could feel the ends of his cock hair tickling my nose.

I knew I must have looked like a wanton slut, except for the fact that from his angle he could only observe the top of my head, so to help things along I sort of shook my head a little from side to side as I sucked his dick up and down into my wet mouth. All the while I would sort of moan on his cock, with the humming vibrations taking an already hard cock to rock hard status.

Mr. Little may have had some reservations about resuming our tryst, but not after a few licks of his cock and surely not when I warmly wrapped my lips around his hardness. His butt was rolling in his chair and thrusting up at my lowered head before slipping back down to the well cushioned seat as my head elevated away. Again and again I slipped up and down his cock.

Soon I felt his balls tighten and I could swear I could feel the cum sauce rising through his shaft. Whether I did or not didn’t matter, because soon the sticky residue of his orgasm transferred from deep in his body into my mouth.

“Yes, Constance, yes…oh, that’s good, oh that’s good. Don’t stop…keep sucking.”

You can tell he’s in management because he assumed control of the situation, at least in his mind, as I finished my oral task. Still, it’s debatable who was the boss because I loved the feeling of his dick shrinking in my mouth. I tightened my lips as his cum spread itself all around his dick.

Some was swallowed, some stayed in my mouth, and some was on his dick when I removed my head.

After catching my breath I dove back down onto his dick, claiming the rest of the sticky residue and sending it down to my tummy. I cleaned his cock of all the sticky stuff, making sure not to miss a tasty drop, then tucked him back into his pants.

Mr. Little moved back and I slipped out from under his desk, job done. Then it was merely a matter of how to tactfully handle the intrusion. On one hand, we weren’t caught, but on the other, I don’t think Jessica knew where I had gotten to. Since there was only one entrance in and out of Mr. Little’s office, I had no idea of how to resolve things.

My boss told me not to worry, and took me over to his desk where we started lunch. “I already had my desert,” I said to the satisfied man.

He smiled, walked over to the door, and opened it. He mentioned Jessica was at her desk, but then went into some work he needed completed today as if nothing had happened. After lunch he looked out his office door a couple times until he had me quietly scamper out of the office when the coast was clear.

Needless to say we were a lot more careful after that near disaster. We only messed around in his office a few more times, normally after work. We took our lovemaking to his car, area parks and anywhere we might find seclusion.

It wasn’t until months later, when Jessica was promoted to another department, that she spilled the beans. “You better be careful,” she said, nodding toward Mr. Little’s office.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh, come on Constance, I’m not stupid. I know what you do in there with him! You shouldn’t have left the door unlocked that time…it was written all over his face what was going on that day when I found you two.”

I sat in near panic as she related that she saw us walking toward the office from down the hall, and later listened at the door before entering. “I think he was complimenting your, uh, oral talents!” said the woman. “The look on his face that day was priceless. It’s a good thing I didn’t walk around his desk to hand him the file, because I am sure it would have been a Kodak moment for sure!”

“So just be careful, Constance. You are a big girl. Do what you want, but be careful.”

That became my mantra.

Carrie and I got a good laugh over the instant messenger on that one.

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