Dina Ch. 04

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Special thanks go out to thesoundandfury and Hotscribe for all their help with this series. Thanks guys!!

*This is a work of fiction. If erotic material is offensive to you or you are not of age to view such material, do not read any further.*

“James, I’m heading out to the salon now, is there anything you need while I’m out?” Dina called downstairs as she finished applying her makeup. Taking a step back to appraise her reflection, Dina was shocked to see that she appeared more vibrant than she had in weeks. She and James, her husband of six years, had begun working on their marriage and as a result Dina seemed to glow constantly. Her sable hair gleamed and her cheeks were rosy, no need for rouge today.

“No, I’m good for now Dina. When do you think you’ll be back,” James said as he entered their bedroom. Running his eyes over Dina, James felt that flash of pure animal attraction as he gazed at Dina. Her body was to die for, set off by the coral sundress she wore. Her legs were long and tanned, her breasts firm and proud on her chest. His fingers itched to pull her to him and slowly peel her sundress off.

“I’m not sure. I’m scheduled for a manicure and pedicure, and I’m also thinking of getting my legs waxed. It takes forever to shave these monsters,” Dina complained.

“Well sweetheart, do whatever you feel is necessary. Why don’t you get that sexy French manicure while you’re there? I have a surprise for you tonight,” James replied.

“Oh, a surprise, eh? Well you know I can’t stand anticipation. What is it? Is it going to be like the surprise you gave me a couple weeks ago with that return visit to our ‘special’ lagoon?” she asked.

“You’ll just have to wait and see my dear. I think you’ll like it. Why don’t you stop and pick yourself up something to wear? I was thinking something kind of dressy casual,” James told her.

“I’ll see what I can find,” Dina replied absently, her mind still mulling over his announcement of another surprise.

Turning to face James, Dina was hit by the pull in her loins. At 46, James was still handsome. He was slim and tall, a perfect swimmer’s build. Silver had begun to shoot through his dark hair, adding a decidedly distinguished air to him. He was dressed in his weekend uniform of an outrageously tacky Hawaiian shirt and cargo shorts, his legs muscular and tan. He had recently begun to cut back his hours to spend more time with Dina and it agreed with both of them. The worry lines and wrinkles had begun to smooth out in his face, only appearing when he smiled widely at something Dina said or did.

“Well, I guess I should be off then. I’ll be back in a couple of hours. What are you going to do while I’m gone?” Dina asked as she crossed over to kiss him goodbye.

“I think I’m going to work on a few of those briefs from the Littman case and then probably swim a few laps in the pool,” James replied as he returned her kiss.

Tongues twisting and sliding, they drank deeply of each others mouths, never getting enough. Dina stood on her tiptoes, her breasts straining against her sundress as her nipples tightened and heat pooled in her groin. Tangling his hands in her shoulder length hair, James tightened his grip, angling her head backward. Tearing his lips from hers, James began nipping lightly down her neck, swirling his tongue on her exposed collarbones. Dina moaned and shifted closer to him, her needs beginning to swamp over her.

Pulling back from her soft casino oyna skin, James chuckled and once he had his breathing back under control, he said, “Well, I think we’ll leave the rest of that for when you get back. Now get going, and enjoy yourself.” And with a swat to her firm ass, James turned and walked downstairs.

Dina spent a few more minutes upstairs, mainly to calm down her racing nerves. Her breathing was ragged and her nipples were rock hard. Her shaven pussy lips rubbed together saucily with her copious juices. After her color returned to normal, Dina picked her purse up and slipping her dainty feet into some Prada sandals, headed down to the garage.

Opening the connecting door from the house to the garage, Dina was thrilled to see that James had had her Mustang washed. He had pleaded and begged her to allow him to buy her a newer car, one more luxurious than her Mustang, but Dina refused. Her Mustang was a pure muscle car and she had had it restored to its original beauty. It was a 93 GT, complete with a 5.0L engine. As she climbed in and cranked it over, the motor caught with a throaty growl, the vibrations stimulating Dina’s crotch. Backing out of the garage, Dina lowered the top and with a peel of rubber, headed down the driveway to downtown Tampa and to her favorite salon.

Pulling to a stop outside International Nails, Dina fixed her windblown sable locks and reapplied her coral lipstick. She grabbed her bag and got up out of the car, her good mood reflected in her infectious smile. Walking inside the salon, Dina was hit by a blast of cool air.

“Hey Linda, I’m here for my manicure/pedicure. I also wanted to talk to you about getting my legs waxed. I’m so sick of shaving them everyday,” Dina said as she walked over to the receptionist.

“Well Mrs. Daly we can help you with that. In Florida, waxing is almost a necessity with the warm weather year round. LuAnn should be with you shortly, she’s just finishing up with a new client.”

“Ok, I’m just going to pick out a new shade of polish,” Dina said as she wandered over to the racks displaying all of the shades they had available.

Dina heard her manicurist finishing up with her new client and as Dina turned around to greet LuAnn, she was shocked to see that the new client was none other than her roommate from Yale, Rosalind Pierce.

“Oh my god, Roz!” Dina squealed at seeing her old friend.

“Dina! Oh my God, I haven’t seen you in years! What are you doing here?” Roz practically screamed as she threw her arms around Dina to hug her.

“Well, I live here now. Once James and I got married, we headed south. He was tired of those hard winters,” Dina answered as she stepped back to survey her friend. Roz had basically remained the same, her red hair still as fiery and curly as Dina remembered. Roz stood almost a head taller than Dina, a fact which had always made Roz uncomfortable, but she seemed to have finally grown into her own skin. Roz was obviously Irish, her green eyes fierce and her freckles predominant. Her hair was wild and curly, framing her porcelain skin.

“I’m glad to hear you and James are still together. And everyone thought it wouldn’t last. Well, I just got a job down here, at Daly, Daly and Smith. Isn’t that a hoot? And one of the girls in the office suggested this salon. After all the strain of moving, I decided that I should treat myself to a day of beauty,” Roz replied.

“You have to be kidding me. Who hired you? As one of the canlı casino partners at Daly, Daly and Smith, I should have known. I can’t believe you’re going to be working with us. You were always in top form at school, I’m ecstatic to have such a talent among us,” Dina told her.

“Well actually, you probably didn’t recognize the name. My name is now Rosalind Barnes. I got married after school and it ended last year. I didn’t change back to my maiden name because all my clients knew me as Barnes. But, I have to say, knowing I’ll get to spend time with you again, makes the job that much sweeter,” Roz said.

“Can you stick around for a bit? I’m getting my nails done and maybe some waxing, and we have years to catch up on,” Dina asked.

“You couldn’t tear me away, hon. I’m really glad I ran into you,” Roz said as she settled into the chair beside Dina.

As LuAnn worked on Dina’s hands and feet, Roz and Dina caught up on all that had happened since they had last seen each other six years ago. Roz told Dina about how she had found the illustrious Mr. Barnes cheating on her in their bed with their maid. Dina told Roz that she and James had had some problems, but they were working through them and beginning to put their marriage back together. Time flew as the two women chatted, laughed and cried while catching up. It seemed to each of them that no time had passed since they last saw each other.

“Ok, Mrs. Daly, it’s time for your wax now. If you’ll just follow me,” LuAnn said as she pushed back from her station.

Panicked, Dina turned to Roz. “Will you come with me? I’ve never had this done before and I’m kind of scared?”

“No problem sweetie. I don’t mind at all. I remember what it was like the first time I got waxed. I cried like a baby.” Upon seeing Dina’s alarm, Roz hastily added, “But it was because I didn’t have someone there to hold my hand.”

The two women followed the petite Asian back to the waxing room. Entering the room, LuAnn instructed Dina to disrobe the lower half of her body.

Dina stepped behind a pretty Oriental dressing screen and did as she was asked, except she had to get fully unclothed because of her sundress. Reappearing from behind the screen wearing a towel, Dina gingerly situated herself on the work table. LuAnn was busy in the corner heating the wax and preparing the strips of muslin that she needed to remove the hair and wax. Roz took a seat beside Dina, and grasping her hand in hers, began to babble incessantly, anything to relax Dina.

LuAnn smeared the hot wax on Dina’s right leg, starting at the bottom and working her way up. Once she had an even coat applied, she applied the muslin and with a brisk motion, removed the strip and the unwanted hair.

“Yowl!” Dina screamed as LuAnn removed the strip. She clutched Roz’s hand tight in hers, the redhead moving her other hand to stroke Dina’s thick hair, murmuring soothing words to her.

LuAnn deftly finished the waxing job, Dina’s legs instantly turning red and swelling slightly.

“Is there anything else you want waxed Mrs. Daly,” LuAnn asked.

“Actually, since my body has gotten used to this, I was thinking of getting a Brazilian wax done. Can you do that for me Lu?” Dina asked her faced burning with embarrassment for some reason.

“Not a problem Mrs. D. Just give me a moment, I need to heat more wax.”

“You don’t mind being here for this do you Roz?” Dina asked her friend.

“Dina, I’ve seen you naked a kaçak casino million times when we were roommates. There’s no big shock,” Roz replied laughing.

LuAnn returned to the table with the requested wax, first waxing Dina’s mound smooth. Dina usually kept her dark, curly pubic hair trimmed and shaved into the shape of diamond, and her lower lips smooth. LuAnn waxed all of the hair off except for a small wisp of a “landing strip”, and her lower lips impossibly smooth. Dina’s pussy reacted as her legs had, turning a furious shade of red and swelling. LuAnn began applying a chamomile and aloe lotion to her skin, soothing the burn away.

Dina lay back, panting from the ordeal of being waxed. Her skin was flushed, her breasts tight and her nipples hard. Roz had continued to stroke her hair and with LuAnn rubbing her legs in a firm but soothing motion, Dina found herself oddly becoming aroused. She was confused by this turn of events. She had never been attracted to other women, none of the usual curiosity that happens in college. When LuAnn worked her small hands to Dina’s enflamed pussy, a light moan slipped out as the Asian began rubbing her outer pussy lips and mound with the lotion.

In the meantime Roz had noticed Dina’s reaction to the massage, her own nipples hardening as she saw the state of Dina’s arousal. She had always been attracted to Dina, but Dina had always and consistently sent out the “straight only” vibe. Roz had never pushed things with her and Dina, but after seeing the trim brunette’s reaction to the massage, Roz knew that she had to try something soon.

LuAnn finished her massage and Dina rose from the table and skirting around the dressing screen, securely wrapped in her towel, she began redressing in her sundress. She was mortified that she became aroused from the massage and from Roz’s comforting. She mentally shook her head and thought, I have to be going insane. I’ve never been attracted to girls. It was just a reaction to the pain of being waxed. But, oh boy! James is going to love this new hairdo down there. Dina finished dressing and stepping back out from the screen saw Roz was still in the room.

“Thanks for sticking around. I know I acted like a baby, but you were right. I wanted to cry when she first ripped that strip of muslin off of me,” Dina said with a nervous laugh. She could almost feel the shift in their relationship and it made her slightly uneasy.

“Hey, it’s no big deal. I’m still shocked you got the Brazilian done. You got more guts than I do. I could never do that. But if I ever do, I’m having you hold my hand,” Roz said in a flirty voice and batted her eyelashes at Dina.

“Well I hate to just run off, but I still have to shop for an outfit for tonight. James decided to take me somewhere and he won’t say where. I just hope he likes the uh, changes, I guess you can say.”

“No biggie. I’ll tell you what, you have fun shopping and on Monday, I’ll stop by your desk and we can grab some lunch and you can tell me all about this surprise, ok?” Roz asked.

“Works for me. It’s a date then. Well, it was so good to see you girl! I’m very happy that I’ll be seeing more of you,” Dina said as she hugged Roz goodbye. Dina turned and headed out of the salon as Roz stayed to collect her things.

Oh, it’s a date alright, Roz thought, and there will definitely be more of me you see, Dina. Chuckling at the thoughts in her head, Roz tipped LuAnn, made her follow up appointment for the same time as Dina’s and climbed into her black Saab to head back to her apartment for what was sure to be a long afternoon spent masturbating.

To be continued…and as always, feedback appreciated.

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