Diane Gets A Nasty Surprise Ch. 02

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Diane sat in her car and swore silently to herself. ‘Fucking bastard. Who the fuck did he think he was?’

She was angry. Partly with the doctor and his attitude, partly with Dan (her daughters boyfriend) but mostly with herself for getting into this situation. She had just been humiliated beyond belief!

The previous day in a moment of madness she had allowed herself to be fucked by her daughters’ boyfriend. It was a good fuck — probably the best she’d ever had. But her daughter had caught them, and to top it all Dan had cum inside her without any protection. She had told him to pull out, but he didn’t and spunked what felt like a pint of cum right into her womb. Her daughter now thought she was a slut and was threatening to tell her father — Diane’s husband.

She laughed ironically. ‘You idiot’ she muttered to herself. What had she let a young man fuck her bareback? She knew it was a mistake as she did it. Why would a man Dan’s age pull out? He was never going to pull out before he came — what 18 year old would? Christ a married woman old enough to be his mother offering him her wet cunt bareback — he was always going to spunk in her!! Diane laughed again at her stupidity.

Diane had made excuses first thing that morning and had driven down to her doctor. She had arrived 10 minutes after opening and tried to get an appointment. Her usual doctor was busy so she had accepted one with a doctor she had never seen before. When he called her name her heart sank. He was youngish (probably early thirties) and male! When Diane had asked him if he could prescribe the morning after pill he had looked at her in surprise and then disgust. He had asked lots of awkward questions like ‘how many sexual partners had she had?’ and ‘how often did she have unprotected sex?’ The doctor had commented on Diane’s age and made a quip that he did not often prescribe the morning after pill to a woman so old. He then gave Diane a lecture on the hazards of having unprotected sex and to compound her embarrassment handed her a pack of condoms telling her that she may need them in the future. As she got up to leave the doctor also suggested to her that she may want to have an STD check just in case.

Diane now sat in her car completely humiliated and angry. ‘How could he have talked to her like that?’ She asked herself. He had looked at her like she was some kind of cheap slut – A whore who just fucked anything off the street. The bastard had even given her condoms!!

She pondered things for a good 5 minutes. Given what she had done the day before then perhaps the doctor was right to think she was a slut. How many other mothers fucked their daughters’ boyfriends? How many other 53 year old women fuck 18 year old boys — and what’s more do it unprotected? He was never going to pull out of her once she’d allowed him to fuck her bareback — what 18 year old would? Dan must have thought it was his lucky day having a willing cunt to shoot his load into!

Her mind also wandered back to the intense orgasm Dan had given her. She had never felt anything like it — her husband had never given her that kind of pleasure. Diane forced herself not to think about it anymore when she realised her panties were getting wet. She decided she had to take the morning after pill. She couldn’t risk getting pregnant — not at her age.

One week later and Diane was lying on the sun bed by her swimming pool. She had decided to take advantage of the quiet and top up her tan. Things had been tense around Amy. She had not said anything to her father, but had made it clear to Diane on a number of occasions that she thought she was a complete slut.

Diane had started to just ignore her and was hoping things would pass. Besides, she was convinced that Amy was probably jealous that her mother had managed to seduce her boyfriend so easily.

As Diane’s mind wandered she was suddenly awoken by the sound of voices. As she looked up she saw Amy and Dan coming out of the patio doors followed by two of their friends — Steve who was a big 6ft 3in fit, good looking black guy and Paul who was completely the opposite, an overweight very unfit, unhealthy looking guy.

Diane was a little shocked — she was not expecting to see people for a few hours. Amy walked up to her mother and said ‘Hope you don’t mind mum but we thought we’d make use of the pool.’ It wasn’t a request — more of a statement.

As Amy turned she noticed Dan staring at Diane’s tits. She hit him hard on the arm.

Diane suddenly realised that she was wearing one of her more skimpy bikinis. It had two triangles covering her breasts and a small bit of material held together with string around her hips.

She felt exposed and naked. She also noticed both Steve and Paul taking a good look at her body.

Amy suddenly piped up, ‘Dressed like a slut again mum’ as she realised the guys were all staring at her mum.

Diane looked at Dan suddenly feeling a bit embarrassed.

‘Hey’ Dan said slightly sheepishly. ‘How are you Diane? You look great as bahis firmaları always.’

‘Thanks’ Diane mumbled feeling very self conscious considering this guy had been fucking her hard a few days ago. She looked at Amy who was smiling at her, clearly enjoying Diane’s embarrassment.

Diane stood up and excused herself. She hurriedly walked back into the house and poured herself a glass of water. Gulping it down she stared out of the window and tried to control her embarrassment. ‘Did they all know what she had done with Dan’?

Diane nearly dropped the glass of water when she felt two hands slip around her waist and a warm body pushed up against her. She spun around and faced Dan who was smiling as he pressed his body against her.

‘What the fuck’ Diane gasped. ‘What are you doing?’

Dan laughed. ‘Come on Diane. You look hot and you know it. We just want to get to know you better.’

Diane was about to push him away when she suddenly said ‘What do you mean we?’ As she uttered the word ‘we’ she saw Steve and Paul standing in the doorway.

Dan smiled again. He pointed to Steve and Paul, ‘We…us three – that’s who I mean. Look Diane the guys know what we got up to last week. They’re jealous and want a piece of the action.’

Amy pushed into the room at that point. She had a wicked look on her face. ‘Shut up mum’ she spat. ‘I’ve told these guys everything. They know about how you fucked my boyfriend. They know that you fucked him bareback. They know that you’re just a slutty old woman who can’t get her own man so she fucks someone else’s.’

Diane started to respond but Amy cut her off. ‘Don’t talk to me. I know everything, and if you don’t do what I say then I tell dad. It’s simple.’

You wouldn’t dare’ Diane shouted.

‘Just try me’ Amy shouted back. ‘You’re going to do everything I say you whore. These guys want to experience a mature whore so I’ve told them that you’ll help out.’ Amy paused for effect. ‘Mum these guys are going to fuck you whether you like it or not. It’ll be easier if you co-operate.’

Diane tried to push Dan off her. ‘Don’t be so stupid Amy. I’m not going to fuck this lot. Jesus, what do you think I am?’

Amy laughed. ‘Do you really want me to answer that mum? You’re a dirty slag — that’s what you are.’ Amy pulled her phone out of her pocket. ‘Right, lets dial dad’ she said.

Diane’s heart jumped. ‘Wait’ she said. ‘Please don’t Amy.’

Amy put the phone down. ‘Well let’s see how things go then’ she replied.

Dan’s arms grew tighter around Diane as he pulled her against him and kissed her hard on the mouth.

Diane felt a sudden urge to respond to Dan’s kiss. The roughness was something she secretly liked. She often fantasised about being roughly taken by an animalistic lover and given the fuck of her life. She never expected it to happen in real life. This was her daughter and her friends. It shouldn’t be happening — it was wrong. She knew by the way Dan kissed her that if she didn’t co-operate then the chances are they would fuck her anyway. He was too far gone with his lust. If she resisted then they would probably rape her. ‘Please…don’t’ Diane gasped. ‘You can’t do this, it’s not right Dan.’

Dan laughed. ‘Come on Diane. That’s not what you said last week when you were begging me to fuck you, and jacking me off in dark alleys.’

‘That was a mistake Dan’ Diane pleaded.

‘Diane don’t give me that. You loved it — I could tell. You enjoyed getting fucked by a younger cock. And my boys here want to get a piece of the action. Amy’s promised them that they can fuck her mum. They want to know what an older woman’s pussy feels like.’ Dan kissed her again.

Dan pushed Diane back against the table. She fell back against it and gasped as Steve and Paul grabbed an arm each and pinned her down.

‘Dan…please don’t’ Diane begged. ‘Stop……’ Diane gasped again as Dan roughly ripped her bikini bottoms off exposing her pussy.

She looked down and saw that Dan had already pulled his trousers down and his rock hard cock was sticking out in front of him pointing directly towards her cunt. Diane remembered what a good fuck he was and how big his cock was. Then she gasped again as Dan plunged into her hard and forcefully.

Diane screamed in shock, not expecting to take his cock in one go. She gasped and them screamed again as Dan withdrew then plunged in again.

Diane’s head was swimming — she was trying to resist, but it felt so good. She was being forced to fuck against her will, but the situation really turned her on. Her pussy was getting wet quickly. She had always secretly fantasised about being roughly taken against her will and fucked hard. But that was fantasy — this was reality.

Diane gasped as Dan rammed his cock into her again. ‘Dan’ she gasped. ‘Uhh…fuck…please stop. Ahhh..nooo you can’t’ Diane pleaded.

Dan smiled and rammed his cock deeper into Diane as he leant down and muffled her protests with a kiss.

Was she being raped? She thought kaçak iddaa to herself. Possibly — but her body was enjoying it. Her cunt was already sopping wet and had expanded nicely to accommodate Dan. Her nipples were sticking out telling her watching audience that she was aroused.

Dan was like an animal possessed — he was fucking her harder than she’d ever been fucked before. He was rough with her and didn’t seem to care. The roughness turned Diane on. She knew that if she responded positively then the intensity, lust and roughness might stop.

Diane wanted to embrace Dan and beg him to fuck her hard. But she was enjoying the idea that the guys thought they had control and were making her do things she didn’t want to. She made a decision — play along. She was going to let them think they were forcing her to have sex with them!

Diane started working her cunt muscle to accentuate the pleasure Dan’s cock was experiencing. She was secretly starting to milk him.

‘Please’ Diane gasped again. ‘Please Dan. Don’t — you’re not wearing any protection. Don’t cum in me again please.’ She tried to push him off but he was too heavy.

Diane looked up and saw both Steve and Paul staring — both had their cocks in their hands wanking. Steve smiled and looked at Diane, then walked towards her.

Diane grunted again as Dan withdrew his cock and then rammed it back inside her hard. Steve was now stood right next to her head. His long hard cock point towards her face.

‘Suck me’ he ordered looking at Diane.

‘Fuck off’ Diane gasped. ‘I don’t suck little boys who try to force me into having sex.’ She grunted again as Dan continued to fuck her hard. Her pussy was really wet now.

Steve laughed, then grabbed Diane’s head and pulled it towards his hard cock.

The movement caught Diane by surprise and she gasped. As she did Steve’s cock forced its way into her mouth and butted the back of her throat. Diane gagged as her mouth closed around his cock and he held her head tight forcing her to gag again.

Diane could feel Steve’s cock in her mouth choking her. She hadn’t wanted to seem eager to suck him — she hardly even knew the guy and he was young enough to be her son. But the situation she was in was turning her wild with lust. She wanted these guys bad. She wanted them to fuck her senseless. But she also wanted them to think they were forcing her into unspeakable acts. She wanted to resist because then they tried harder.

Diane’s eyes were now watering as she felt Steve’s cock withdraw. He pulled it out of her mouth and she spluttered. ‘Bastard’ she gasped.

Steve laughed and told her to open wide as he rammed his cock home again. Diane again gagged as he hit the back of her throat. But then he started fucking her mouth hard. Steve was pumping his cock back and forth into Diane’s mouth building a fast rhythm.

Diane closed her lips around his cock without trying to look like she was enjoying it. She let her tongue swirls around his cock head and pretended to be resisting his thrusts. In her head she had set herself a challenge — make him cum as quickly as she could.

Diane knew he was close when she felt Steve’s hand grab the back of her head again and pull her towards him as he thrust his cock deep into her throat. Steve moaned a low groan and Diane felt his hot salty spunk explode into her mouth and down her throat.

Steve’s hips were bucking against Diane’s face. She could feel his pubic hair against her nose and mouth as he continued to spunk. Diane’s mouth was full and she was trying to swallow, but he was cumming quicker then she could swallow. His spunk was spilling out of her mouth and running down her neck. When she didn’t think she could take anymore Steve let go of her head and Diane gasped for breath.

Steve took a step back looking very pleased with himself. ‘I didn’t realised a woman could swallow so much cum’ he laughed as he nudged Paul. Then he looked over at Amy who was still watching from the corner of the room. ‘You’re right Amy. Your mums a total whore.’ They all laughed as if Diane wasn’t even in the room.

Diane looked over at Steve. ‘You prick. Wait till I tell you’re fucking parents about this’ she whispered, wiping the excess spunk from her face.

Steve laughed again. ‘Go for it Diane. Tell them what you like, but just remember that Amy’s been filming this. If you say anything it’ll be all over the internet. Let see how you like being know as Amy’s slut mom.’

Diane looked up at Dan who was still fucking her cunt hard. She could feel Dan’s rhythm change and speed up. She knew he was getting close and about to cum. His breath was getting harder and heavier.

Diane was clenching her cunt muscles hard. ‘Please don’t cum in me Dan. Please pull out. Don’t make me pregnant’ Diane pleaded.

As Dan neared his orgasm Diane tried to push him off, knowing that this would just intensify the roughness. Dan grunted and roughly pushed her back pushing her thighs back onto her chest and then as wide as they kaçak bahis would go. She gasped as her legs were spread as wide as they’d ever been spread and her pussy was totally exposed.

‘Dan please don’t. You can’t ejaculate in me. Fuck you’ll make me pregnant this time. Pull out please’ Diane pleaded.

Diane could feel her own orgasm building quickly. Her cunt was burning and her clit felt like it was on fire. She tried to resist again knowing that this would turn her on even more. Dan was heavy and pinned her down easily.

Diane could feel Dan reaching the point of no return. ‘Please pull out of me Dan. Don’t cum in me. I’m old enough to be your mother for gods’ sake. I’m not on the pill — you’ll make me pregnant’ Diane gasped.

Diane knew her protests were in vain. She knew Dan was going to cum inside her and she wanted him to. She wanted this young mans spunk deep inside her pussy.

Diane’s body tensed as her orgasm hit her. She felt a wave of pleasure in her groin as she pushed her body up against Dan. Her pussy started to contract as she groaned loudly. She was trying hard not to show anything, but her groan gave things away.

Paul laughed and shouted ‘Look the dirty bitch is cumming. Fuck, she’s cumming on your cock Dan.’

Diane gasped again ‘Ohh fuck…. Jesus. Fuck get… the … fuck off me Dan.’ Dan again tried to pretend she didn’t want this. Her body was now convulsing with pleasure as she could feel Dan’s orgasm building. Every thrust of his cock sent more pleasure rippling through Diane’s body.

Dan withdrew one final time then rammed his cock deep and hard into Diane’s pussy as he pinned her down and groaned loudly.

Diane grimaced as she felt Dan’s cock expand in her pussy then explode. She felt cum splatter the inside of her fanny as Dan rammed harder and deeper than before. His cock head felt like it had doubled in size as he gasped ‘Uhhh fuck Diane. I’m…. uhh sorry but your pussy just feels so good. I couldn’t help myself.’

‘You bastard’ Diane gasped. ‘You’ve fucking cum in me you idiot.’

Dan withdrew his cock and Diane could feel his cum dribbling out of her cunt and down her ass crack. She looked around the room. Steve and Paul still had their cocks out. Amy was staring at her mum in disgust. Dan looked pleased with himself as his cock drooped. It glistened with Diane’s pussy juice.

‘You fucking slag mum’ Amy hissed. ‘Look at you lying there with my boyfriends’ spunk dripping out of you.’

Diane was suddenly very conscious that she was still lying with her legs spread and pussy totally exposed — cum oozing out. She quickly snapped her legs shut.

‘You’ve had your fun you bastards. Now piss off and leave me alone’ Diane hissed.

Amy laughed. ‘Not yet mother. I promised Steve and Paul they could have a go on you.’

‘What do you mean have a go on me’ Diane shouted.

Still laughing Amy replied ‘They want to know what it feels like to fuck an older slut. They want to put their cock in your old wrinkled cunt mom.’

Paul had been staring at Diane intently throughout the experience. He had a look of sheer lust on his face. Amy beckoned to him and asked him if he fancied a go.

Diane still gasping from the previous orgasm felt degraded at the suggestion from her daughter. But then she thought to herself she was a total slut, a complete bike who appeared to fuck anything that moved.

Diane stared at Paul as he moved closer. He was ugly and overweight. She would not have even given him a second glance in the street. As he moved closer she could see he was sweating profusely and breathing hard.

Her head told her that there was no way she was letting this guy fuck her. She felt sick at the thought of him pushing his sweaty fat body against her.

Diane started to resist but Paul pushed her back against the table and kissed her hard. Diane could smell the sweat on him; she could feel the sweat on his body rubbing off on hers. His breath also smelt and she could feel his wet sweaty body pressing against her. She could feel his fat stomach pressing into her as he breathed hard against her.

His kiss was more like a wet slobber as he pawed her like a dog on heat. His cock was pretty big however and she could feel it pressing into her stomach. Although she wondered when Paul had last seen it given his fat belly.

Then Diane gasped as Paul suddenly flipped her around and bent her over the table. She grimaced as she heard Paul spit loudly into his had and then wipe a palm full of saliva across Diane’s pussy.

‘Dirty bastard’ she muttered.

Paul laughed and whispered in her ear, ‘There’s only one dirty slut here. And that’s you darling. I’m gonna fuck you so hard your pussy will be sore for a week!’

Diane heard the others laughing.

Amy piped up in the background. ‘Go on Paul. Fuck her hard. Make her scream and fuck her cunt so hard she can’t sit down for a week.’

Diane then moaned as she felt Paul’s cock saw across her pussy opening and force her labia apart. Diane’s cunt was burning with desire. She found Paul repulsive but could not control herself. She could feel herself responding to every saw of his cock against the outside of her pussy. Her clit was on fire.

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