Debbie does Rio

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There was little doubt that Debbie was a good-looking woman with poise and class. She had just finished university and was proficient in three languages. The problem was to find a job. It wasn’t easy and she decided that it would be interesting to become an air hostess.

After some initial training she was put on her first flight to Rio. It was a long flight and the next plane didn’t return for another 48 hours. This meant a stayover. The airline didn’t recommend aircrew to go out of the hotel unless they travelled by taxi and then to be very careful.

All foreign aircrews flying into Rio knew about recent incidents where aircrew had been held up at gunpoint and robbed and there was a real fear of violence in the streets.

Aircrews from different airlines went a hotel which recognised this and had provided excellent facilities for aircrew who didn’t want to leave the hotel. The hotel reserved a small private swimming pool for each airline at the hotel at specific times. After she had a good sleep Debbie went down for breakfast and headed for the pool.

She had been told to take a swimming costume for the trip and went into the private pool at the allotted time. There were a lot of the crew from her own flight there and Debbie was surprised to see that some of them were completely naked. This was Brazil after all.

Debbie was startled because it was the first time she had seen so many dicks all at once. It was unfortunate that when she was 16 at high school, that she had been jumped by a larger boy with a double barreled surname who thought he had rights to do whatever he liked with her. She saved herself by screaming and he was expelled from the school.

Unfortunately this left a scar in Debbie’s mind and she did not take willingly to the other boys who wanted to have her company. They knew it and avoided her. When she went to University, she fell into the company of some lesbians and felt safe and secure. Technically she was still a virgin in human terms but in practical terms she was not. She had literally done everything sexual except BDSM, anal and urethral sounding.

She had handled all sizes of plastic, silicone and metal penises and dildos and been willingly penetrated with them to orgasm. She had even tried a Sybian which she enjoyed very much. That was how she found herself now for the first time looking at naked adult dicks.

Her eyes were popping and the sight of them triggered a primal wish to copulate, and handle one, which she had never experienced before. She dived in to do a few short laps making sure that she could keep her eye on all the dicks as she went up and down the pool. There were long skinny ones and short fat ones. Some of the other hostesses were also naked and she looked at them closely.

Even though she worked closely with them in the galley she could never have imagined how varied their pussies would be. Some were wild and hairy, some trimmed and some completely shaven. Debbie wanted to get out there amongst them but wasn’t quite sure about getting naked among so many strangers.

The bar was right next to the pool and she stepped out to have a nice cocktail based on Brazilian rum. She liked it very much. Some of the other men in her crew came and sat with her and they were all fully dressed which was a bit of a relief. While she was talking with them she was keeping her eye on all the other members of the crew who seemed to know each other from previous trips.

She had heard rumors that aircrew often had sex but it was not obvious at this point who was pairing off with whom. She watched carefully to see who disappeared from the bar and with whom.

She was now excited by the thought of some real genuine warm flesh being inside her – something that could respond to her touch. The fact was that she wasn’t really a lesbian by choice but only by fear. She now felt able to handle the situation much better. Which one to choose? How to choose it? Which one do you like?

She decided that her choice would depend very much on the person attached to the cock, not to the cock itself. In the end she decided not to make the choice herself but to let someone choose her. It was time to have something to eat and she would go up and have another nap.

After her nap she decided that the only way that she stood a chance was to match the competition casino oyna and swim naked. She stood in her room and looked at herself naked in the mirror.

She knew she looked great but wondered whether anybody would notice her protruding inner lips through her bush. She looked at her pussy in the mirror and decided they weren’t too prominent. It was worth the chance. She would soon find out who was excited by her body.

She went to the pool and took off her costume and dived in. She could see that some of the fellows around the pool were looking at her now with much more interest than before. She liked that. She wondered what was going through their minds but her understanding of the male mind was extremely limited.

She did a few laps and then did a few laps backstroke. If they weren’t interested in her after seeing her with her hairy bush exposed, then nothing would excite them. She was dead right. More than a few dicks began to harden as they contemplated whether this new chick was a goer or not. She would soon know.

What she didn’t realize, when she did her backstroke turn, just as she had done in competitive swimming, that her naked bottom would be exposed for a brief moment. Her crack was clearly exposed for a fraction of a second but long enough to trigger signals of lust to the minds of all the male onlookers.

She could not know it, because her head would be under water at the time, but it certainly excited all the spectators around the pool, both men and women, because they had never seen any woman do that before.

It certainly captured the interest of Ben who had been looking away from the pool until he sensed that everybody was watching her. Ben couldn’t believe his luck. He could not imagine that any woman would consciously expose herself like that in front of strangers. He was right.

She got out of the pool and stood on the side, consciously allowing the water to drip from her body, and then she turned to get her towel and dried herself. Everybody’s eyes were on her as she dried between her legs. It was obvious that she had beautiful breasts and her hairy pussy was deliciously framed by her wide hips and her legs making perfect lines at 120 degrees to each other.

She could feel so many eyes surreptitiously eying her and trying not to reveal their interest. Some of the ladies were looking too and made comments about how great she looked. You couldn’t go into the bar naked, so she put some clothes on and went to the bar for another drink.

It wasn’t long before somebody came over and sat with her, somebody she had not spoken to before. In fact she hadn’t noticed him. It was Ben. She had another rum cocktail and said,

“The session is nearly finished. I’m just going to have another quick dip.”

He said, “I’ll join you.”


She stripped next to the pool and he stripped too. She looked down to see that he was hung like a horse. It really piqued her interest. She swam a few laps and he tried to keep up with her but couldn’t. Perhaps his erection was creating too much drag. He followed her to the elevator and they got in. He said,

“Would you like to come to my room or would you like to go to yours?

“Yours is okay.”


He opened the door and they walked in. He opened the minibar and said,

“Would you like a drink?”

“Just something soft.”


She sat on his bed and he sat on the chair in the room and they began to talk.

“You know I don’t even know your name. Mine is Ben.”

She remembered seeing him on the plane but he was in First Class.

“I’m Debbie. Hi.”

His seductive words came easily and he knew that flattery always worked.

“You look absolutely great. Did you know your breasts are perfectly shaped?”

“I’ve been told that before.” Debbie thought they were pretty good too.

“In fact your whole body looks great.”

It meant so much more when a man said it.

He stood up and moved towards her with his large erection pointing straight at her. This was the first time she had been near one in any state, erect or soft. What to do? What would other girls do?

She looked quizzical for a moment, not quite sure what to do, when he pulled her head towards it, almost obliging her to open her lips and engulf it. It was a new sensation altogether. canlı casino No lesbian ever got herself off by sucking a dildo.

It was great that it was so warm and her lips moved back and forth. It was a surprise that this was happening because she certainly hadn’t expected anything like this when she stepped off the plane. Her lips initially fastened over his foreskin and drew it over the tip and it was only then that she realised that he had not been circumcised.

Lesbians weren’t interested in things like that. Her lips and mouth now surrounded the tip and she delighted in feeling how soft and fleshy it was, just like a bigger version of her clitoris. That much she knew. Her mouth slid further down the shaft and she felt the hardness of it and it excited her as never before had she been so intimately involved with a man’s dick before.

“Use your tongue and lick under the head.”

When she did that she felt him tense up just a little bit. When do I stop? The decision was taken out of her hands or was it her mouth when he suddenly pulled out and pushed her back on the bed and lifted her legs.

“You’ve got a beautiful pussy.” He spread her inner lips and simply said,” Oh my.”

Flattery will get you everywhere and Debbie was relieved that her fleshy inner lips got a vote of approval. Ben was well prepared and took a condom off the table and handed it to Debbie. He had a suspicion that she wasn’t really familiar with all this and when she said,

“What do you want me to do with this? ”

Ben could only imagine that she had been in a long term relationship where they didn’t use condoms. He couldn’t imagine that anyone so keen to have a screw could have been a Lesbian.

“Put it in your mouth like this and then push it with your lips over my dick as far as it will go.”


He lifted her legs up and started to lick her clitoris. She was very relaxed. This was familiar territory but somehow it felt different when a man did it. She couldn’t work out why but somehow it felt better. He kept on until he could feel she was just about to have an orgasm when he opened her legs and plunged his dick into her open vagina.

Debbie’s eyes opened perceptibly. It wasn’t the largest thing that had ever been in there but it was the right temperature and attached to a body whose thighs were now slapping against hers. He seemed to go on forever but Debbie didn’t mind. She liked this new sensation.

She needed to have an orgasm badly and placed her finger against her clitoris and rubbed for dear life. Just as her contractions were starting Ben made a noise that sounded like pain and pleasure together, mostly pain and she felt his dick quivering against the walls of her vagina. Her orgasm was better than anything she had ever experienced.

He collapsed on her pushing her knees up around her ears and she could feel he was still hard and deep inside her. He kissed her and she wrapped her arms around his. Debbie thought to herself, “This is the best introduction to real sex you could ever have.” Lynn had often used a strap on dildo but it didn’t feel nearly as good as this.

Debbie had never been this close to a man’s sweat before and it really affected her. She liked it. The weight of his body was still on her and demonstrated his physical power over her. It just felt so natural to have him in this position instead of her partner Lynn kneeling between her legs with a vibrator pointed at her clitoris. It just felt different.

How strange it was that when she left her apartment yesterday she was actually a committed Lesbian and here today after just one screw she wasn’t sure whether she wanted to go back to Lynn or not.

She knew Lynn would not be happy. What to do? There was no point in getting rid of Lynn if she couldn’t get Ben to move in with her and service her regularly as he had just done. She didn’t even know whether he had a girlfriend.

There was absolutely no doubt that he seemed to enjoy very much what he was doing with her. She could feel his dick getting softer and shorter and eventually Ben pulled right out and she could see in the little sack at the end of the condom how much sperm would have been injected into her. It was amazing how much there was.

Ben pulled it off carefully and wrapped it in a tissue and put it in the bin. He went into the bathroom kaçak casino and came back drying his dick. He must’ve washed it. He lay down beside her and stretched out with his soft dick flopping to one side. It was now time for Debbie to examine it carefully. Ben was quite happy to do this because he knew that it was bigger than normal and he was very proud and he knew that women had a liking for big dicks, or so he thought.

Debbie put her hand on it and lifted it up so she could look to at the shape and structure carefully. She pulled the foreskin down a little bit to reveal his peehole and then lifted it up again several times until she could feel this monster growing in her hand. Dildos didn’t have foreskins.

As she did this, her other hand began to play with his balls. There was so much to learn. She had never touched a man’s balls before and found it amazing how they jiggled around in their little sack. By this time Ben was fully erect. She felt proud of herself and took the credit for causing this to happen, not realising that Ben was thinking of the image of her open vagina and this was causing the blood to flow into his dick.

She put her lips around it again because she liked to feel it in her mouth. Ben was kissing her and she suddenly realised that he hadn’t kissed her before. All sorts of beautiful sensations were going through her brain and when his finger started to tweak her nipple her ecstasy leapt into another gear.

A few minutes doing this was making her want to make love again with and she signaled this by opening her thighs. Ben moved his attention to her clitoris to and pulled the hood back to reveal the shiny little button which he promptly licked. Oh God. Ben knew what he was doing and wanted to give her another screw.

He reached onto the table to and grabbed another condom and gave it to Debbie. This time she knew what to do and put it in her mouth and pushed it over his dick with. Ben was intrigued with her and said, “Would you like to try something new?”

“Sure. Why not?”

He rolled her over and lifted her onto her knees so that her bottom was at his dick height. He moved his dick up and down her slit a few times and then his dick slowly separated her lips and penetrated to her innermost parts. She wished she could look into his eyes like last time. There was no visual sensation of what was happening but it was compensated for by the most delicious sensations in her vagina as his thighs slapped against the back of hers.

She had never realised how sensitive they were. He seemed to go on forever to and finally Debbie clutched to the sheets with her fists. Ben didn’t stop but kept on going until she clutched the sheets again and had another orgasm.

It was at this moment that Ben realised that Debbie must be as highly sexed as he was. He hadn’t found anybody like that before and was very impressed. He wished she could be his permanent girlfriend back home and he would be very happy.

It was pretty obvious that she was very unlikely to turn him down for sex. He wanted somebody like that, not like his last few girlfriends who wouldn’t drop their pants when he wanted them to.

They talked to each other in lovey-dovey mode all the rest of the afternoon and it was amazing just how compatible they were. Ben was also a University graduate who couldn’t find a job. He was an arts graduate with no particular skills and the best thing he could think to do was to see the world and what better job than working for an airline.

Debbie kept thinking to herself what a wonderful find she had made. As it got darker and darker outside Ben suggested that they go and have dinner and Debbie counter suggested,

“Why don’t we have a quickie before we go?”

Ben was amazed. He couldn’t remember any other girl saying that to him and it confirmed in his mind that he had found a like-minded sex maniac. Ben wasn’t sure whether or not to accept because to deny her might upset her but he really felt that they would be better off having dinner and coming back later for some more nookie.

They walked in to dinner together hand in hand and it was obvious to everybody what they had been doing. They had all known Ben for a long while and were quite excited to see that he had hooked up with somebody so nice.

That night after dinner Debbie and Ben confirmed their love for each other three times. Ben organized that Debbie would be a regular member of the flight crew to Rio and thus began his relationship with a real life flying fuck. Lynn moved out. Ben moved in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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