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This is a story of my own experience. It is how began to love older women. Older women, you simply cannot stop loving them once you get started. By the way, my name is Daniel and I live in Singapore and probably the only one from there in this site. This is my first time writing to Literotica and will continue to write, depending on feedback. I love to writ, so give me tips on how to write good stuff.

My name is Daniel and I live in Singapore, which is a small country in Asia but modern enough to be a well-known country. Mainly urban area, my country has more apartment style homes due to its small size. My experience happened during the time when I was 19 and was serving my country in the army as a National Service (it is compulsory here for guys who turn 18 years old to be enlisted in the army for duration of 2 and half years.

I am quite a good looker. Standing at 6 feet tall with 160 pounds, I made up for my small size with the help of my charms. I have been trained from young to talk with women as my Mom has many sisters and I grew up among them. So, flattery came naturally to me. But it didn’t get me anywhere, as the society I live in is conservative. Getting it on with girls my age posed as a problem at that time. Often I used to watch my female neighbor change in her room (when I use to go her home) and then run off to jack off in my room. I was quite horny at that time.

I spent my time with my pals going to the discos here drink my head out till the morning sun comes up. That was I met her. One September night, there I was partying with my friends at the disco. At that time I didn’t have a girlfriend, so I was alone. My sex life was even more pathetic as I did not have a girlfriend, besides, I did not even know how to have sex, apart from the regular jack-off sessions I had from watching porn or spying on my neighbour (which is a totally different story altogether) I saw this small sized woman, sitting at 2 tables away from us. She was watching us or more like watching me. I saw her smile when I looked at her, so I smiled back.

Then, she got up walked towards me with the grace of a leopard stalking its prey, with confidence so strong. No doubt she was small, she had a body to die for. She stood at 5 feet 3 inches and had 36c boobs; slim at the waist and nice round ass to go with. She has legs that you can lick forever and still cannot get enough of. Her lips are small and pouty that is meant to suck serious cock to give you the ultimate blowjob. She was like a dream come true.

All of a sudden, I lost all my confidence that I naturally had, to the canlı bahis şirketleri sight of this woman, this goddess. I didn’t know what to do. She was approaching me and I had little time on my hands to think of what to say to her when she comes to me. All this nervous breakdown and the sight of body coming towards me, gave me an instant erection, which was quite obvious because my cock stands at 8 inches when erect. It was quite a show. She came to me and said, “Hi there.” Her voice was seductive.

“Hi. Are you new here?” I asked.

“Yes. This is my first time to this place. Normally I wouldn’t go to place so crowded”, she said coolly.

“Well! This is the place to be, if want to be noticed.” I said, with a brave front.

“I seem to see that clearly, especially in you.” With that her eyes moved slowly down to my crotch, smilingly. Then it struck me that she was looking at my cock, which was now at full mast and being all of it’s 8 inches showing, I suddenly was dumbfounded, unknowing what to do. I didn’t know what to say.

Then, in total surprise to me, she slowly used her hand to stroke my cock. I thought I would cum right there and then. Her hand moved slowly up to the tip of my rigid pole and came back down to rest and cup my balls. Then she said, “I always like a man to express himself without words and right now I definitely love what I see.” With that she lightly gripped my mast, which sent a million shockwaves to my head, which was already swimming. I thought I was cumming already.

“Come, let’s leave this place now and go somewhere private, like my place.” There I was, following her, like an obedient child, and leaving my friends. We got to her car, which was a bright yellow Porsche 911, and within minutes we were gunning down the highway to her place. On the way, she asked me, “How old are you?”

“Nineteen”, I said.

“Do you know how old am I?” she queried.

By looking at her height, I said, “Maybe you’re 25 years old.”

She laughed in a seductive way and said, “You really flatter me. Actually, I’m 35 years old.”

“You got to be kidding. It must be a mistake.”

She looked at me with such longing eyes and there I knew that she wasn’t making fun of me. This night was turning out to be something different after all. Here I was, with the most beautiful 35 years old, who has a body that any man will kill to have. And there she chooses to be sitting next to an inexperienced teenager. After a half hour drive, we arrived at her house on the eastern side of the island.

The house was as beautiful as it’s owner. canlı kaçak iddaa A three-storey mansion with a pool, drive-in porch and the works. I stood there admiring its beauty when she said, “Let’s go inside. I went in with her, holding her hands and was struck by the even beautiful interior. Later I found out she was an architect, which explained the perfection of her house. I went over to the couch at sat down. She went over to the bar and brought me a drink and poured one for herself. As she was walking to the bar, I watch her full ass moving sensuously, which made my cock jump to attention. From where she was standing, as she was mixing us drinks, I noticed that she was looking in my direction. She then walked over in the in the most seductive way, with her hips swaying from side-to-side and stood in front of me, leg apart. As I was leaning back in the couch, I could see pussy as she was wearing a mini-skirt. That made my cock, which was at half-mast, stand up even straighter. I saw her smile and she said, “You know. You are really tempting me with you cock standing up like that. I think I should do something about it.”

With she knelt down, unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants in the most erotic way imaginable. That alone was very mind-blowing. After removing my pants, she pulled down my boxers and my 8-inch weapon sprang out, pointing skyward. Looking up to me, she licked her lips and kissed my circumcised head. She licked the length of my cock upwards. Her tongue traced my contours down to my balls and she sucked on them. As it was my first time that I screwed someone, let alone give me a blowjob, I was squirming in ecstasy. She went back up to my cock head and slowly put her slick, wet mouth on to it and slowly made my cock disappear into the sweet mouth of hers. As she was moving up and down my shaft. I began to feel my brain telling me to cum. She sensed this and moved off me dropped beside me on the couch. I was bewildered on what to do next.

She asked, “What are you waiting for?”

“What do I do?” I asked

“Don’t you know?”

I looked down to floor, clearly embarrassed on not knowing anything.

“Is this your first time?”

“Yes and I have not been with a girl this close.”

With that answer, I thought that that’s the end of my great night with a woman. So, I hung my head in shame. She held out her hand and touches my face and smiled and said, “Kneel between my legs.” So I knelt and saw for the first time a pussy so up close and personal. There was a sweet musky smell that made my head swim. I getting erect the sight of the canlı kaçak bahis pussy. She smiled, “Now, lick me like you would an ice-cream when you were a child.” So I proceeded to lick her cunt slowly. After few minutes she began to squirm in her seat and said “Faster! On my clit!” Then, the next few minutes I spent fervently licking the tiny love bud that was erect like my cock. As I was licking her faster, my cock began to twitch harder and spew out the first pre-cum of the night.

“Oh, yes, baby. That’s it! I almost there. Faster! Faster! Yessss! Yesss! Oh! Oh!”, she screamed. I thought she was in pain. So I stopped abruptly. “Don’t stop now! Carry on! Hurry up!” Hearing this, I continued with what I was doing. The she exploded, “I’m gonna cum soon, lover! I’m gonna cum! Cummmmming now! Ugggggh yesssssss! Oooooh yesssss! Fuck!” With that she arches her back and pulled my head, burying my face in her cum soaked pussy, with me still licking her. Quickly she pulled me up and said, “Shove it in me, now! I want that 8 inch pole of yours now!”

I got closer to her on my knees and aimed my love pole towards her pussy. Ever so slowly I entered, cautious of not doing any harm to her. She sighed in the most sensually and that got me braver. Then I inched my way in her cunt and brought to the hilt. She was rotating her hips erotically. With the current sensations rocking my mind, I started to rock my hips back and forth like a piston charged up with energy. She was moving to the beat of my pistoning and I was going crazy with the thought that I was fucking this woman old enough to be my mother.

She reached out and pulled me on top of her and searched my lips. Together, we locked lips and kissed madly. Her tongue darted back and forth into my mouth, finding my tongue, entwining. I squeezed her breasts, which were like round globes, so soft to the touch. I brought my mouth to her breasts and sucked on her nipple, which made her arch her back. All this time, I was fucking her, my balls were building up the tension that ached for release. I knew what was coming and that would be soon. I was rocking back harder against me. Somehow, I knew she was at her peak too. The she exploded, “I’m cumming, CUMMING, ahhhhhhhhhhuuugggggh!”

Seeing her come a second time was too much to take. I pulled out my hot rod and began stroking vigourously. Spurts and spurts of thick white cum spewing from my cock came flying out. The first string of jizz landed squarely on boobs. The next one landed on her face, which she took with her fingers and put it in her mouth. She then took my still spurting cock and started to suck like there was no tomorrow, cleaning up whatever that was left in me. I was really exhausted. By the time she finished sucking, I was like beat up. Both of us curled up against each other and drifted of to sleep…

(Part 2 to come)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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