Dancing in Manhattan Ch. 01

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Matthew a large built, grey eyed country boy has always dreamed of going somewhere he could be himself. Tired of his Pop’s. He decides to leave his smalltown, USA and head up to the big apple. Well, his farmers tan could hit the road faster when he got his W-2. He filed it to come in his checking account automatically. And with his routine paycheck he hit the road. Traveling in his blue and grey ford, Matt makes his way to his big city dreams.

More than half way there he decides to call it a night. So, in Columbus, OH right off of highway 80, Matt stops at a cheap motel. With barely enough money to keep a decent meal for the next week, he gets a lower end room. Thinking about all the types of guys he is going to see in the big slice, he blows a load on his abs and pecks. he slowly rubs it in as he enjoys the feeling of cum on him. His fantasy is to have a stud ride him like a horse and cum on his chest the same time he blasts the guys ass. Since he got a lower priced motel, they have a community shower instead of personal. It being 2:23 in the morning, hes sure there wouldnt be anyone in the showers anyways. He grabs a towel and the keys on the casino oyna table, and heads out the door.

He walked around naked on the farm he grew up on, why not here? No one should be up late, and if they are they are probably doing their own business right now anyhow.

Two doors down and across the complex was the mens shower room. you needed to have a room to get a shower key with it, but he had brought it with him so there were no problems there. The only problem Matt did have is that there was someone else in the showers and he just walked in with cum on his chest. Matt turned red, and continued on what he was doing, hoping that the quasi-muscular guy hadnt notice his cum.

He lies the keys down with his towel on one of the benches across the showers. No curtains in between showers Matthew gets even more nervous as he hasnt actually seen another guy since he was young. Matt looks at the guy as he squeezes the shampoo into his hand. Matt realizes he left his gym bag in the room, but forgets again as he stares at the gorgeously shaped man lather his hair. Not to mention his semi- hard cock directing water like a fountain. Realizing again canlı casino he begin to gather his towel and keys.

“Blake.” Matt hears as he turn towards the door.

“What?” He says confusedly.

“I figured you would want to put a name to the cock you were staring at.”

“uugh…” Nothing.

“So why you leaving? Too steamy in here?” Blake says coyly.

“No, I… uugh… forgot my gym bag with my body wash and stuff.”

” Well, you could use mine if you want too.” Matt follows Blake’s hands with his eyes as blake rubs his hand down his muscular, glistening chest.

“You sure?”

“Yeah Man, this only has to last me until I get up to Manhattan.”

“Okay.” Matt walks towards the other bench where Blake pointed.

The blue and black backpack looked somewhat expensive, but Matt didnt think to much of it, he was more interested in what was in the bag. He unzipped the front of the bag knowing that the wash would be in the main compartment of the bag, but he was looking for a wallet or something to identify him with. Keys, toothbrush, toothpaste… wallet! Blake Gieger. Not a bad name. From Louisiana. Two southern kaçak casino boys, nice. But he didnt want blake to know he was messing with his wallet, so he throws it in the compartment and zips it back up. spread the main pocket open and to his surprise sees a whole pleasure pack of condoms unopened. Hmmmm.

Not trying to get a hard on just thinking about the stuff he would do to the man in the showers, Matt grabs the bottle of Irish Spring and walks over to the showers.

Blake is just rinsing off, when Matt open the bottle and tries to get some soap. Palm up, ready for the glob, nothing comes out but whistling air.

“Oh yeah, I forgot, I am almost out. Here.” Blake gestures for Matt to hand him the bottle.” Willing to do more than just tossing a bottle around, Matt hand Blake the body wash.

“These things are picky, sometimes you gotta be rough with it.” Blake closes the cap and hits it against his palm. Opens it, and pours some into his hand.

Blake looks down at his hand, and up at Matt’s chest, and massages it in. ” Here you might need this, it takes alot to get the cum smell out.” Matt blushes and Blake smiles.

Realizing what he’s doing, Blake grabs his stuff and heads towards the door.

“Just bring the body wash and shampoo to room eight.” Blake says without facing him, allowing Matthew to his thoughts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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