Crucifix: Temptation Ch. 04

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Brody sat on the couch with Claudia watching the horror flick “Nightmare on Elm Street” with Nina and her little friends. The six ten year olds screamed and jumped and hid their eyes at all the right times. And Claudia jumped every now and again, too.

But Brody wasn’t watching the movie. He was too busy watching Claudia. He couldn’t help it. She was just so fucking beautiful. And with everything that had happened between Shannon and him, he was about to come unglued. Was he as bad a lover as Shannon said? He could still hear Shannon’s words ringing in his ears as he stood there in the TV room just a few days earlier, ‘Why am I with Frank? You really want to know, Brody? Because you’re boring in bed. Christ, it’s like we’re in some sex rerun. Take off clothes, fondle, fuck. Yeah, yeah, I know the other night was pretty hot, even if you don’t want to admit it, but like you said, ‘it’ll never happen again’. God, Brody, you’re no fun. Frank is. We do things that would make your hair stand on end. Frank makes me feel alive.’ Yes, Shannon was going to leave him for Frank, her coworker and, apparently, lover, because Frank was into pain and bondage, something Brody could never do. Making love, in his mind, should never be associated with pain. Okay, maybe a few little smacks here or there or a stern word and possibly even a tiny bit of force, but that was all in jest. But Shannon wanted pain. She wanted to be bound and gagged and whipped and God only knows what else. For her, ‘the act’ and his size wasn’t the issue, (no, Brody was not lacking in that department) but power, dominance, and submission were.

Shannon was so mad when Brody found the pictures of her with Frank. And her plan to get Brody to fuck the nanny seemed to have backfired. Just one look on that sweet little bitch’s face told her that she was still as pure as the fucking driven snow.

But Shannon sure as hell was going to fight that prenup. And she expected to win, too. As they argued that Saturday night, Shannon told him not to expect her back on Thursday. She’d already called an attorney and was having papers drawn up. They mutually agreed not to tell the kids until it was official.

And when the fight was over, when Shannon had walked away, Brody realized Claudia had heard the whole thing from the kitchen where she was busy cleaning up after dinner. She had heard how Shannon had berated him and he was crushed. Would Claudia think any less of him if his own wife said he was a bad lover?

When there was a lull in the film, Claudia would glance over at Brody and saw him staring intently in her direction. {It’s your imagination. He’s not looking at you, Claude. Damn. He’s not looking at me.}. Brody was lost in his own world and had been since last Sunday and Claudia was so mad at Shannon for belittling Brody.

There was no need in it. He was a good man, a great father, and a magnificent artist. Claudia decided if she was ever in a marriage that got as bad as the Anderson’s had, she would either get counseling or get out of it sooner. Even though it went against everything she believed in.

Claudia went to the kitchen to get a fresh pitcher of Kool-Aid. When she returned and saw Brody looking so sad, she wanted to give him a hug and tell him everything would be alright. God, she had such a crush on him. Especially since he’d saved her from Kirk and Jeremy.

{Ha. Nineteen with a crush. Okay, nineteen for two weeks, but still nineteen.} She tried to remember her last big crush. {Father Christopher. Such a cutie.} She stood by him carrying the red punch, “Mr. Anderson, are you alright?” He ran his hand through his dark hair and nodded just slightly. “Okay, just checking.” But she knew he wasn’t.

Claudia led the group of pre-teens downstairs to their sleeping bags. Luckily, Nolan and Nicholas were at their grandmother’s so Claudia didn’t have to worry about them tonight. Once she was back upstairs and in the family room, Claudia joined Brody in picking up the remnants of the horror movie mess. She shook her head, “For the love of Pete.”

Brody jokingly asked, “Pete? Who is that guy anyway and why do we need his love? Is his love a special love? Why can’t it be ‘for the love of tuna’ Honestly.” Brody was always saying silly things like that and Claudia usually just shook her head as if to say ‘corny, very corny’.

Instead she joked, “Well, I suppose Pete just might bend with the wind so maybe he gets love from everyone.” She carried the Kool-Aid back to the kitchen and heard Brody laughing. A broad smile crossed Claudia’s face. {That’s better.}

What she said wasn’t really all that funny, but the fact that she mentioned anything to do with sex was. Brody knew full and well that that Claudia went out of her way to avoid making any comment that could seem sexual. He also knew that she tried not to be seen as a sexual object. Especially since those guys came after her. As he walked he laughed casino oyna inwardly thinking about the time Claudia became so flustered when she walked through the family room as he and Shannon were watching the movie 9 ½ weeks……….

…”Okay Nicholas, I’ll get Mr. Snoop.” Claudia laughed at the little boy and started toward the family room. The Andersons were watching a movie and she didn’t want to disturb them, but she knew Nicholas wouldn’t go to sleep without Mr. Snoop. She quietly tip-toed into the room and looked around. Brody saw her and asked, “Do you need something Claudia?”

“Yes, uh…,” she glanced at the TV and was openly shocked at what she saw. It was the infamous ‘ice cube and raid the refrigerator scene’. Claudia turned and looked at her boss.

Brody could see the look of embarrassment on her face. “I’m, uh, looking for Mr. Snoop.” Brody tried not to smile as he reached beneath the pillow beside him and pulled out the tattered bunny. “Here he is.” He held up Mr. Snoop and then set him down on the cushion, knowing Claudia would come get him. Brody watched her as she made her way across the dark room. He smiled knowing she was trying to not look at the movie but her curiosity got the better of her.

When she got close enough to take Mr. Snoop, she innocently leaned over the couch, affording Brody a quick glance at her breathtaking breasts. Even in the dark room, illuminated only by the light from the TV, he could tell she was blushing. She absent mindedly grabbed Mr. Snoop as she looked at the TV and was so shocked at what she was seeing, stumbled a bit.

Claudia put her hand out to steady herself and it landed on the middle of Brody’s thigh. He jumped back into his seat a little but didn’t make a big deal about it, especially with Shannon right beside him. Shannon, on the other hand, laughed and jokingly said, “Careful there, Sweetie. Wouldn’t want to hurt the squirt.”

Brody looked at his wife and rolled his eyes. Shannon could be so crass sometimes. Claudia looked confused at first but then realized what Mrs. Anderson was saying. She quickly jumped up with Mr. Snoop in her hand and dashed out of the room. “Nice Shannon, really nice. She stumbled, that’s all. Why do you always have to say things like that? Jesus, she’s just a kid.”

Shannon smiled, “Come on baby, you can’t tell me you didn’t want her to move her hand a little closer. She is cute, after all. It’s only natural and she’s legal.”

Shannon slid her hand across Brody’s crotch and felt his hot bulge, “You know, I made her an appointment at the spa for her birthday. I’m going to call them and make sure they give her the works. Sweet little thing like her needs to be pampered, don’t you think? I mean, she’s been through so much recently. Yes, I think she could do with a little pampering.”

Shannon rubbed him and smiled. “Don’t you agree, Brody?” She unzipped his pants, “Claudia makes you hot doesn’t she?” He felt Shannon’s cool fingers on his hot swollen cock. “You can’t tell me this is all from watching that movie.” She laughed, “Poor Brody, sweet little Claudia is a ‘no touchy, touchy’. But you want to touch her, don’t you?”

“Stop it Shannon.” Brody said angrily.

His wicked wife pulled out his now throbbing cock and pumped it slowly as she spoke, “A little frustration does you well, doesn’t it? I’ll bet it’s driving you insane knowing she’s going to bed right now. Doesn’t it? Maybe she sleeps naked beneath those sheets. Maybe she’s wet right now thinking about you.” Shannon undid her robe, revealing her large, beautiful breasts. “I’ll bet you want to go in there and suck on her tits don’t you?” Shannon rubbed her nipples and they became hard.

“Stop it, Shannon. What if the kids walk in?”

“They’re asleep. But maybe she’ll come back in.” Shannon grabbed his hand and put it between her wet pussy lips and started rubbing them back and forth. “Do you think she’d like to see you fucking me?”

But he pushed her back, “I said, stop it. I’m not joking.” He was getting so mad. But what he didn’t know is that his anger is exactly what Shannon wanted. She wanted him to push her again, slap her, make her sorry for what she said. The thought of it got her so hot, she could feel her clit pulsing.

She got up and walked in front of him, completely naked. “Christ, Shannon, what the hell is wrong with you?” She straddled him and rubbed her wet pussy across his hard shaft. Yes, Brody was furious, but she was right. He was so frustrated, too. How could she do this? Shannon put his hand back on her clit and rubbed it up and down.

Brody’s mind stopped working and his other head started to lead the show. He grabbed her clit and squeezed. Shannon moaned. {That’s it Brody, hurt me. I’m being so bad. Make me suffer.} “Is this what you want, Shannon?” He leaned forward and bit at her nipple as he assaulted her wet pulsating pussy with his hand.

But it wasn’t enough, Shannon wanted her husband to get really canlı casino mad. Mad enough to want to punish her. She needed it. Shannon felt him rub her harder and knew he was raging inside at her, but she wanted that rage to come out.

She grinned through his heavenly assault of her pussy and whispered, “I know, why don’t I go get her? I’ll bet that little virgin cunt would love a bit of you and me. Especially you…since you saved her precious virtue from those little boys. Brody, I’ll go get her right now so you can give her your dick.”

Brody kicked the coffee table away and pushed Shannon to the floor. Shannon grabbed his pants and yanked them down. “I’m sorry, baby, did you want to get her? Go on Brody, you know you want to. I don’t care. Let her come here and you can teach her how to lick me.”

He was so pissed at Shannon, but he also was so aroused. Brody wanted her to shut up. To just stop talking. He pushed her down and sat on her chest. “Shut up, you bitch!” He whispered angrily. Shannon opened her mouth and licked her lips. Brody shoved his cock deep in her mouth and she started to moan, “I told you to shut up, Shannon.”

She loved it. {There you go, Brody. Make me squirm.} Shannon started to suck on him. Hard. Almost violently so and even though Brody didn’t want to admit it, he loved it. He pumped her hard, he was so desperate to feel Claudia. Just the thought of her filled his soul and he could himself getting ready to cum.

Brody was going to do it down her throat and he didn’t care if she liked it or not. He pinched her nipples so hard, she tried to scream, but couldn’t, “Listen you cock sucking bitch, when I cum, you’d better swallow every drop.”

She slid her hand between her wet lips and furiously started to rub her clit. {Oh, God, Brody, keep it up.} She felt her orgasm coming and she knew he was about to explode. And there was no way in hell she was going to swallow his juice. He always had too much and she just couldn’t swallow that fast.

Brody was so mad at Shannon. Claudia was a good kid. She was a sweet girl. She was a virgin. And she was fucking so hot. Shannon was so right. He wanted Claudia but knew he couldn’t have her. {Why is this happening to me? Why?} He sat their with his dick deep in Shannon’s mouth and wished it was Claudia sucking him.

But it wasn’t, she was probably sound asleep by now, wearing one of her tight T-shirts or maybe she was naked. That body. So soft. Skin so tight. He tried to imagine what it’d be like to fuck her. Brody was so mad, so tense, so desperately desiring her. {It isn’t fair! Dear God, this some kind of fucking test?}

That’s when it dawned on him, Shannon picked Claudia knowing he would be beside himself with an unquenchable desire all summer. She wanted to torment him with the knowledge that he couldn’t have the sweet young thing she’d brought into their home. Yes, this was all Shannon’s fault. Brody fucked her annoying mouth until he felt his balls tighten and then he started to flow. He rammed the back of her throat, almost causing her to throw up. His cum poured into her mouth.

Shannon wanted to scream as she started to cum. Her body writhed beneath him and she tried to scream out, but there was no way. And even though she was trying to swallow, lest she be choked to death, she couldn’t keep up with it. His juices flowed out of her mouth and spilled down onto the floor.

When he was done and stood up to walk away, Shannon stood behind him wiping the sticky liquid from her mouth and ignored that which had slid down her chest. She still wanted more. “Ahh, looky here Brody, you’ve left just enough of you, on me for her to lap up.” Shannon walked past him and toward Claudia’s room.

If Brody didn’t stop her, she was going to have to go in there and do it to just to show him she meant business. Not that she wouldn’t have loved to lick out the cobwebs that had settled themselves in Claudia’s hot little cunt. In fact, as she thought about it, she started to get wet once again.

Brody grabbed her arm and yanked her toward him. He spoke through clenched teeth, “Don’t you go anywhere near her, do you hear me? If you do, Shannon, I swear to God, I’ll fucking kill you.”

“Are you sure you should be telling your wife not to get between you and your little dream girl? I’m liable to get mad at you.” Knowing she had to get him mad again to get what she wanted, Shannon pushed him away from her and laughed, “Maybe she’ll be impressed with that beautiful cock of yours. As for me, it’s lost some of its appeal.” She laughed at him and went to their bedroom.

It was then that he realized he was standing in front of Claudia’s door with nothing but his shirt on. {Goddamn, she is such a fucking bitch.} At that one instant, Brody was filled with such raging anger he thought he just might kill her. But instead, he decided he was going to do what she wanted. Hurt her.

Brody went to their bedroom and looked at Shannon. She laughed as kaçak casino she slipped under the covers as though nothing had happened. He grabbed the sheets and jerked her out of the bed. “Do you think this is funny? Tell me? Did you do this so you can get a divorce by saying I cheated on you? You’re fucking crazy.”

Shannon smiled and kissed him, “Oh, Baby , don’t be so sensitive. Both you and I know we…this marriage isn’t working anymore. If you must know, yes, I brought her here so you’d have someone more like…yourself around. You know…she’s so fucking kind and Goddamn religious, fucking moral. Goddamn, Brody, that tight little piece of ass I hired for you is so damn hot, I wanted to fuck her when I saw her.”

That was all Brody could take from her. He slapped Shannon so hard she spun around. She looked totally shocked. He grabbed her naked body and pushed her up against the wall. “I thought you said this is what turns you on? Huh?” He slid his hand inside her dripping pussy. “Is that it do you want me to hurt you? Fine.”

Shannon’s heart raced. {Finally. Yes.} With one swift motion Brody pushed three fingers deep inside her and rubbed her clit violently. He felt her squirming and pinned her to the wall with his free hand and planted his legs beside hers so she couldn’t get away. “You’d better fucking enjoy this, because I’ll never do it again.”

Oh, yes, she was enjoying it. But, she had to keep him going. So, Shannon stared at him and laughed, “What? You’ll never finger fuck me again? Ooohh, I’m shaking in my boots cowboy. I can do that myself, you know.”

“Yes, but you can’t do this.” He pulled her off the wall, pushed her down to the floor and put his foot on her back to keep her there. She turned her head and saw him using her juices to lather his twitching cock. “Get up and be the bitch you are.” She started to stand. “No.”

He pushed her back down. “Be the bitch that you are.”

{Yes, yes} Shannon was so hot, she thought her skin would ignite. She fell to the floor and got up on all fours. Brody stood behind her and saw that she was literally dripping in anticipation. He took more of the juice and rubbed it all around and into her tight ass, pushing his finger in over and over to relax the tight muscles.

Brody knew she’d been having an affair. And he knew that whoever it was, had probably fucked her like this so many times, she’d probably lost count. He wanted to see what it was she got out of it. Brody put more of her juice on him, not so much for her comfort, but more for his. He spread her cheeks apart and pressed his head against the tight opening.

When he finally got his swollen head in, he felt every muscle in her ass tighten. It felt surprisingly good. He pushed in further and heard her yelp and plead, “Please go slowly.” And from on the tone of her voice, he knew she was serious.

He smiled as he put his hands on her shoulders and said, “No.” With that he rammed his cock inside her ass as far as it could possibly go and as fast as he could. Shannon thought she was going to die. It hurt so badly she started to cry, which in turn made Brody feel amazingly good. {That’ll show you, bitch.}

It disgusted him, but he had to admit, it did feel good. The tightness of her around him made him want to pump her so forcefully he hurt just thinking about it. He started to pull out and then slammed back into her. “Do you like this Shannon?” He heard her gasp when plunged back into her.

“What’s that? I sorry, I didn’t hear you, sweetheart.” He pulled out and rammed her again. She was whimpering. “Honestly Shannon, you’ll have to speak up.” He rammed her two more times. “I said, do you like this?” Did she like it? Fuck yes. Okay, at first it hurt. She’d forgotten just how big Brody was.

But once he started sliding back and forth Shannon wanted to scream in pure delight. She loved being forced to do things, say things. Shannon turned her head and quietly said, “Yes.” She saw the anger in his face and felt it inside her ass. “Oh, and Brody, I’ll bet little miss dream date will too.”

“Shut up!” Brody was tired of Shannon’s asinine ‘let’s make Brody pissed’ game. She knew he’d never try anything with Claudia, no matter how badly he wanted to and her harassing him about it made him furious. He slammed into Shannon over and over.

He started to feel an intense orgasm coming on. {You want pain, here’s your pain.} Brody grabbed hold of her hips and bore his fingers into her flesh. Then he pounded her so hard he knew she wouldn’t be able to sit for a few days. ‘It’ was coming and coming fast. Brody braced himself for his release.

Shannon felt it, too. God it was wonderful. Secretly she’d wanted Brody to do this for so long. In truth, Shannon didn’t really want someone else to give her what she so desperately needed. But if not Brody, it had to be someone, or else she was going to go crazy. And God, Brody’s thickness inside her ass was heavenly.

She felt his strong fingers in her flesh and knew there would be some bruises. He didn’t say a word, didn’t even moan or anything. He just slammed in to her. Shannon tried not to come before him, she wanted it to be a joint affair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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