Cream Pie

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When I was 18 I went to stay with my friend Richard for a few weeks during the summer holidays. His parents had a big country property, a long way away out of town, and since we both liked hunting and fishing and outdoor activities, it seemed like a good way to kill some time.

His family was a bit dysfunctional. Mother Jan was skinny and happy and talkative, whereas Father Richard was a huge man and always grumpy and silent. They didn’t seem to get on very well. They had a delinquent 19 year old son called Evan, who owned about 3 hot cars and seemed to spend most of his life partying, a daughter Linda who was 21 and a complete knock-out, and finally Richard, an awkward teen like myself.

Linda was so gorgeous and together, I found it hard to believe she was related to the rest of them. Not surprisingly, she showed no interest in me whatsoever, except to snarl at me when I got in her way, but that didn’t stop me falling in love with her. She used to spread herself out on a towel on the lawn and sun herself for hours each day. I would have sat in the shade and watched her all day if I could, but Richard always had some sort of activity lined up for us, which usually kept me occupied.

Each afternoon Richard would accompany his father out into the paddocks and round up their substantial goat herd and put them into a safety pens for the night. Richard drove the utility, while his father rode a motorcycle. I went every day to start with, but then I got bored, as it was really a 2 vehicle job, and I could contribute little to the operation.

One afternoon, Richard and his father went off together, and Linda had unknowingly given me display of her beautiful bare breasts. Like any horny young man, I headed for the toilet to masturbate and fantasize about fucking her. Something I knew would never happen.

In my haste I neglected to lock the door and, half way through my performance, Jan burst in.

“Ooops, sorry…Oh pet, look at you, all in a state…”

She said in her cockney accent, smiling at my throbbing cock and shaking her head. I tried to say something but was lost for words.

“Come on”

She said with a smile, and clasped me by the wrist, dragging me down the hallway to her bedroom.

Once inside she locked the door, dropped her denim shorts and red cotton knickers to the floor, pulled her t-shirt over her head, and lay on the edge of the bed. She spread her legs wide and pulled me towards her.

“Come on darling, don’t be shy, I know you young men can’t help yourselves.”

Trouble was, I could. Unlike Linda the Goddess, Jan was old. Her small tits sagged, her ass hung out of the tight demin shorts she liked to wear, and her pussy looked to me, although I had only the neatly cropped pussies of penthouse centrefolds to compare it to, like two messy rats had built a nest around a big red wound below her pot belly. I felt my cock going soft.

She grabbed it, wrapped her legs around my waist, guided my cock to her pussy, and drew her legs in tight, pushing me deep inside her.

I moaned with pleasure. It felt good. Too good. Warm, wet, and tight.

“That’s it love, enjoy yer’self”

She said kindly, smiling up at me as she might at the dinner table, a pleasant, tolerant, happy smile.

“Go on, shove it in and out, ‘av a bit of fun.”

She urged. I obeyed. It was easy and it felt so good. Too soon I felt myself cum and I thrust forward as hard as I could and shuddered to an exquisite orgasm. Even though she was not the girl of my dreams, her pussy felt good, and since it was my first time, she was the mother of my best friend, and we were in the marital bedroom, it was exciting!

“There ya go luv, all better now?”

She said with the same cheery smile she always carried. I doubt whether she had enjoyed the experience as much as I had, but she seemed genuinely pleased to offer me this service and that I had enjoyed myself.


I offered meekly, suddenly realising how bizarre the whole situation was. She casino siteleri must have sensed my awkwardness. She got up off the bed and pulled her knickers and shorts back on.

“Don’t worry luv, it’ll be our little secret. You’re a lovely young fella and I hate to see you all frustrated like that, and remember, we all have a first time.”

I felt better, but still guilty about what had happened.

“But, we did it!”

I said clumsily, and stared at her incredulously, trying to express what I was feeling.

She finished straightening the bed covers and walked over and kissed me on the cheek.

“Pet, we just had a nookie. It’s no big deal. There are far more important things in life than sex, trouble is, you young men don’t realise that. I’m just trying to help you out.”

I couldn’t believe her casual attitude to sex. My mother would drop dead if she knew what had just happened. I stood there open mouthed.

“You’d best pull up yer trousers, and wait here while I see who’s about. We’ll talk again tomorrow.”

She left the room and moments later she called out to me to give her a hand in the kitchen. It was her way of saying the coast was clear. I helped her until the two Richards returned although we did not talk about it and I avoided making eye contact with her..

The next day was much the same as any other day that summer. Jan acted as if nothing happened which made it easy to carry on as normal.

It wasn’t until it was time to bring the goats in that I realised that things would never be the same again.

I was all set to go with Richard and his father when Jan called out.

“Richard, would you mind if Tom stayed with me, I need a hand with the linen?”

Richard Snr gestured at me with his head towards the house. He thought I was useless anyway, in fact, he and his son often poked fun at my lack of practical ability. I hopped out of the ute and went inside as they drove off.

As soon as we got inside Jan said,

“Come on, Linda’s out so we’ve got more time today.”

She pulled me down into the bedroom and commenced kissing me and pulling off my clothes. I wanted to say no but I was horny. I wanted to fuck her again. I tore off her top and attacked her saggy tits with delight. Moments later we were naked and fucking on the big double bed.

Moments later I had cum and stared at the ceiling as I recovered. It was Jan who spoke first.

“You fancy her don’t you? Our Linda.”

It was less of a question, more of a statement. I nodded.

“I’m afraid she’s way out of your league pet.” She said with a grin.

“Too old, too glamorous, too demanding, for a mere boy like you” she chuckled.

I knew all this to be true, yet I was annoyed at her mocking me and in particular at her suggestion Linda would be too demanding of me.

“All I need is the opportunity and I’d show her. Just because I’m young doesn’t mean I couldn’t please her.” I mumbled in defiance.

Jan laughed.

“Oh pet, I don’t think so!” she said incredulously.

“Why not?” I snapped back, my male pride fuelling my anger.

“Oh pet,”

Jan said gently, taking my head in her hands and staring straight into my eyes with a kind yet patronising smile. She continued in a softer, less mocking voice.

“It’s all over with you in 30 seconds. No woman will ever be satisfied with that.”

She maintained eye contact. I felt my face burn with shame. I knew she was right. I only had the movies as a benchmark, but it did seem to all be over very quickly. Quicker than I wanted it to be, and yet it felt so good I had no control over it.

“It’s alright pet,” she comforted, “most men are just the same as you. You get too excited too soon. What you need to do is learn how to please a woman while John Thomas recovers. Then you can go again,…and again!

She giggled and tickled me behind my balls. I giggled too. It was a relief not to feel so inadequate and I was grateful for her kindness.

“You need to learn to canlı casino eat pie.” she added sternly.

Without another word she gently grabbed me by the ears and guided my face down between her legs.

“Lick it.”

She ordered. I tentatively stuck my tongue out and tasted the salty, fishy, almost metallic flavours of her pussy or pie as she called it, mixed with my own cum.

“Ooooooooh” she cooed, “That’s it luv, don’t be shy, a little of your own cream won’t kill you, that’s it, now a little slower, there…Oh yes, just there, oh yes yes, mmm, a little higher, …Oooooo, …”.

She kept up this monologue, manipulating my ears to position my tongue in just the right spot. Although I was a little freaked out, I was getting really turned on by what she was saying and started to eat her with enthusiasm. My cock started to swell along with my pride. I was giving a woman a good time. I was being a man!

This continued for another 30 minutes of so. Her language got more and more crude and her hips started to writhe and thrust, pushing my tongue and mouth deeper into her pie. Then she pulled me away.

“We’d better finish up, they’ll be back soon”, she said clinically. “Are you hard again?, good, you can have a quick fuck if you like, you deserve it.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I slid up her body and slammed my cock in. She was really wet and I slipped in easily. I fucked her hard and lasted longer than previously. It felt great.

When it was over she sprang out of bed and disappeared into the en suite. I gathered my clothes and headed for the bathroom. Richard was home soon after and I managed to avoid his mother until dinner time. Dinner was uneventful except when it came to desert. Jan had baked an apple pie and we had a choice between ice cream and cream. When it came my turn she poured a large dollop of cream on my piece and said with a wink,

“There ya go luv, I know you like a bit of cream with your pie!”

I nearly died of shock. I quickly stole a look around the table to see if the others had picked up on Jan’s little quip, but they were too busy stuffing their faces. I breathed a silent sigh of relief. She grinned at me from the kitchen, enjoying my embarrassment. My face burned with embarrassment, and beneath the table, my cock throbbed with excitement.

It hit me later that night as I lay in bed that she was right. I had cum inside her then I spent the next half hour licking her out. The straining of my cock told me that I really did like it!

It continued like this for the rest of my stay. At any opportunity, Jan would pull me into her bedroom for some more “practise” as she called it. I would fuck her, then eat her pie. If she was suitably pleased with my efforts, I would get to fuck her again.

One day, when the rest of the family went into town for the day, we spent nearly the whole day in bed. She had an orgasm after about 2 hours of non-stop licking from me. It was a fascinating sight to see a grown woman writhing and whimpering on the bed beside me, and observe her body still twitching and jerking minutes later. She told me her husband of 25 years had never given her an orgasm like that. I felt extra weird, but also very proud.

I must have fucked her 4 or 5 times that day. Each time I lasted longer and felt better about myself. Jan said that I had come a long way and were probably ready to experiment with other women.

That was the last day I spent there. The next day I was to return home, but due to some strange circumstance, the family were doing something important that day on the farm and Jan had organised a neighbour to take me on the long journey into town.

Sylvia was a big, strong woman with a loud voice and domineering manner. She chatted away with Jan for a good half hour before we set off. However she barely said a word to me as we headed off down the road toward town. Then to my surprise she turned into her own driveway and pulled up in front of her house.

“Come on, hop out” she barked, “Lets get kaçak casino to it!”

I gingerly followed her inside and was shocked to see her remove her top to reveal a huge set of breasts barely constrained by a black lace bra. Now where Jan was skinny and saggy, Sylvia was full figured and voluptuous. I’m not saying she was a model or in the same league as Linda, but those big tits were more than enough to get this young fools blood racing.

She tore off her clothes and plopped down on a huge leather armchair in the middle of the living room, spreading her legs to reveal her hairy yet well trimmed pussy.

“Let’s see how good you are boy!”

she said with a laugh, beckoning me towards her.

I found myself awkwardly walking towards her, staring only at that big pussy. I dropped to my knees as soon as I reached her and commenced to eat her, just as I had Jan.


moaned Sylvia,

“Jan was right about you.”

She continued, adjusting the spread of her legs to gain full advantage of my tongue.

“I’m glad you like cream with your pie because my husband fucked me not 40 minutes ago.”

I paused to look up at her, but she forced my face back into her pussy. I could feel the texture of cum on my tongue and soon tasted the huge globs as they worked inside my mouth as I ate her.

“He hasn’t had it in months, so he’s given you a full load all right”

She laughed.

I realised that I was eating his cum along with her pussy. Why wasn’t I disgusted with myself?

I continued to eat her ravenously, responding her every demand with respect to speed, location, and pressure of my licking on her pussy. Slowly she built to a noisy, vulgar climax, which finished with her tearing at my hair and thrusting my face hard into her pussy.

After a suitable recovery time, Sylvia hitched her legs up so that her feet were up on the lounge chair and announced,

“I guess you’ve earned a fuck, come on then, Jan says it doesn’t last long.”

I was hurt by the fact that Jan had been discussing my “speed” with Sylvia, and humiliated as no doubt they had a good old laugh about it. But I was horny enough to eagerly slide into her big, wet pussy and fuck her as hard as I could. I wanted to hurt her. I wanted to hear her scream as my big hard cock plunged into her. I wanted to fuck some respect into her. But she barely moved let alone cry out in agony or even ecstasy. As if to further humiliate myself I came. I wanted so much to last, but it was not to be.

“Good God, she wasn’t joking about you was she?”

Sylvia said softly as my limp dick slipped out of her with a squelch. A look of contempt hung on her face as she got up and pushed me aside.

“It’s a good job you like eating pie.” She added as she headed for the kitchen.

She returned to the lounge with a drink, for herself, and ordered me to clean her out.

“I hate having cum dripping out of me all day, come and make yourself useful,” she ordered,

“Come and clean up Sylvia’s pussy.” She added with a laugh. I did as I was told. About half an hour later she came again.

“JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!” she screamed as she shuddered, farted, and forced my face deep into her pussy. I was flooded with her juices and her husbands cum. It flowed into my mouth and I gulped down as best I could and what I couldn’t ran down my neck and onto the floor, forming a small puddle between my knees.

She waddled off to the bathroom, and later returned, fully dressed in a demure frock. She looked like the simple Farmer’s wife I suppose I’d always assumed she was. She tossed me a towel and ordered,

“Clean yourself up, and then fix up the floor.”

I did as I was instructed. Before long we were hammering down the freeway in her car. She dropped me at my parents front gate and whispered,

“Jan and I are looking forward to your next visit!”

Her face broke into a broad smile and her face was flushed with a happy crimson colour.

“I don’t know about that.”

I stammered nervously, for I had no intention of visiting them, I would make some excuse should Richard ever invite me again.

The colour drained from her face, as did the smile.

“We will see.”

She added coldly before roaring off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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