Crazy Tall and Pigtails

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This is a fictional account with everyone over eighteen.

I’m looking for a new editor and efforts through LIT have not yield success. If you would like to help me edit my stories please contact me through LIT. Thanks. BW


I saw the Buick Regal in front of me and realized it might be Anna. I certainly hope so as I hadn’t talked to my gorgeous neighbor in about a month. It looked like two people were in the car from what I could see from some hundred yards back. The other was probably Penny, Anna’s best friend, who lived one block over on Mercer Road. I had seen Anna give Penny rides before when she had her mother’s car for the day. This looked like one of those days.

I pulled up behind them just as they were taking off from the stop sign on Washington Avenue. It was definitely them, and I could see Penny describing something with her hands as they were obviously engaged in some heavy discussion. Both girls seemed to be laughing and Anna probably didn’t notice me in her rearview mirror. I had expected Anna to turn left to go to Penny’s house, but instead she went straight.

Following them through the intersection after stopping myself, I trailed behind them as they pulled into Anna’s driveway and parked. I pulled by old Volvo into my driveway, adjacent to Anna’s, just as they were getting out of the Regal only fifteen feet away. Penny noticed me first from the passenger side and then Anna as I got out of my car.

“Hey, Davey,” Penny said. “How you been?”

“Fine,” I said.

“David, hi,” Anna said with more enthusiasm than Penny.

We had been friends for a good ten years since Anna’s family moved in next door. We had played together often as kids and were rarely apart back then. The last few years though, we had drifted apart with Anna being part of the in-crowd at school. Penny had moved in much later to our neighborhood and almost immediate took over my role as Anna’s best friend. It seemed to be an unmentioned barrier between Penny and I, which we never confronted. I just lost out to Penny in my own mind’s contest for Anna’s time.

“Hi, Anna,” I replied.

“Wow, you just keep growing,” Anna said with a warm smile.

“He sure does,” Penny agreed, eying me up and down.

“Yeah, I guess so,” I responded.

“More of a geek all the time, hey Davey?” Penny cajoled.

“Be quiet, Penny,” Anna scolded. “He isn’t a geek.”

“Thanks, Anna,” I said scowling at Penny a little.

“Oh, don’t be so touchy you two. I’m only kidding.”

“How tall are you now, David?” Anna asked.

“I’m six four,” I said.

“Jesus, you’re a foot taller than me,” Penny announced.

“Got me by nine inches,” Anna added.

“How come you weren’t on the basketball team?” Penny asked.

“I’m growing too fast,” I told her.

“What does that mean? You’re too much of a geek like I said,” Penny questioned jokingly.

“Penny!” Anna lambasted.

“It’s okay, Anna. It’s true. I’m just not that coordinated yet,” I admitted.

“She’s still being a bitch,” Anna said staring darts at Penny.

“What?” Penny said. “He admits it.”

“Yeah, well…enough already,” Anna stated. “How have you been, David?”

“Just fine.”

“You have a job for the summer?” Anna asked, coming around her car.

“Yeah, my mom got me into the park district again.”

“Think she could get me a job there?” Anna asked. “Please.”

“I don’t know. They might be done hiring but I’ll ask.”

“Thanks,” Anna stated.

“If she’s got two jobs, count me in as well,” Penny said.

I smiled at Penny nonchalantly but then said to Anna, “I’m having a birthday party on Saturday. Could you maybe come?”

“Geez, I should remember your birthday better after all this time, David,” Anna said.

“You’re turning eighteen later than the rest of us,” Penny observed aloud.

“Sorry, I didn’t invite you to my party but Penny put it on,” Anna explained. “Thanks for the card by the way. It was sweet of you.”

“Yeah, just Annie and me, two girls with ten guys,” Penny stated with a big grin. “We drank a lot that day.”

“Penny, shut-up!” Anna said.

“Just telling it like it is,” Penny elaborated.

“Well, keep it to yourself,” Anna complained.

“I don’t care that you guys got drunk,” I said.

“Ha ha,” Penny laughed. “See…no harm.”

“David, forget about what she’s saying.”

“Can you come then?” I asked

“Ha ha,” Penny shrieked louder. “Oh, she can cum all…”

“Penny…be quiet!” Anna screamed.

I was shy around girls and hadn’t dated much. I had a few dates as a junior in high school but since then my last growth spurt made me feel awkward all the time now. My body actually ached from the latest growth stage, where I grew four inches in under a year. My bones bothered me and lately something else seemed to swell uncontrollably.

Also, with good grades and test scores, I was going to Cornell University in the fall. It took me a little bit but I eventually caught on to Penny’s comments. casino siteleri I realized that they might be of a sexual nature and not just about drinking. I could feel my face blushing red. I felt that part of me swelling again at another inappropriate time.

Noticing the pained and embarrassed look on my face, Anna said, “Don’t pay any attention to her. Who else is going to be at your party?”

“Just some of the guys, Pete, Warren, Zach, and Joshua,” I stammered.

“I think I know Pete and Zach,” Anna said. “If I come can I bring Penny?”

“Sure,” I replied even as Penny spoke.

“What?” Penny protested.

“We’re going to David’s birthday party on Saturday.”

Penny looked like she was going to say something but a sneer from Anna cut her off. Anna turned back to me and again noticed my nervous state. I took my book bag off my shoulder and held it in front of me. Anna noticed my big hands holding the book bag.

“Wow, your hands are so much bigger than mine. Let’s compare,” she said holding up her much smaller hand.

Anna waited as I nervously shifted the book bag into my left hand. She might have noticed something else before I repositioned the book bag in front of me and held up my free right hand. I placed it against Anna’s open palm. My fingers easily reached well above hers.

“Gosh, when we were kids we were much closer in size,” Anna contended jokingly.

“God, he’s got huge hands,” Penny exclaimed. “He must be big all over.”

Anna gave Penny a look but turned back to me to asked, “How big a shoe you wearing?”

“Sixteen,” I responded.

“Shit,” Penny gasped.

“Wow,” Anna proclaimed. “Are you going to keep growing?”

“My doctor told my mom and me that I could be six six or six seven at least.”

“Holy, shit,” Penny exclaimed.

I gave her a weak smile as I readjusted the book bag with both hands. When I looked back to Anna, her eyes were still on my hands or so I thought. Happy that she’d agreed to come to my party, I told her the time.

“The party starts at two,” I stated.

“Okay, we’ll be there. What do you want for your birthday?”

“Oh, I don’t need anything,” I replied.

“New shoes probably,” Penny offered, still referring to my rapidly changing size.

“I’ll get you something,” Anna proposed.

“You don’t have to,” I said, still feeling nervous. “I’ve got to go now.”

“Okay, see you Saturday,” Anna confirmed.

I walked quickly to my house and entered the side door. I glanced back to see the girls just before I closed the door. Penny and Anna were just going up the steps of her back porch as her house was on the corner and faced Washington Street. They were animatedly engaged in conversation. Penny seemed especially excited in her discussion.

Inside, I dropped my book bag on the cellar stairs and looked down at the front of my pants. The huge bulge I had there was obvious. I hoped that I’d successfully hidden it with my book bag from Anna and Penny. I wasn’t so sure about Penny though, as she had mostly been off to my left side.

From the kitchen, Mom called hello. Rather than go see her though, I yelled back hi, and ran up the few stairs from the side door landing to the first floor. Seconds later, I was charging up the front steps to the second floor of my huge old Victorian house and to my bedroom. My nervousness now gone, I was elated that Anna would attend my birthday party. I had a huge smile on my face. I didn’t even care that the bitch, Penny, would be coming too. The other guys would like it, especially Zach. He thought Penny was cute.

Locking the door, I sprawled out my tall lanky frame across the California king sized bed. The bed had been a present from my grandparents for my birthday which had actually been two days ago. Mom’s father, six five himself, understood how important a comfortable bed was to a growing teen like me. My mom had planned the party for when my dad and sister were both home from a business trip and college.

I got my large size from both parents but mostly my mom. My parents are both big, with Dad six three and Mom six foot, but it was Mom’s side of the family from which I got my size. Grandpa was big as I said and two uncles were over six five. My older sister was close to six foot as well.

I kicked off my big sneakers and unbuttoned the front of my too short pants. Mom had a hard time keeping me in clothes, of that, Penny was right. I was on my third pair of shoes in a year. Ah, the relief I felt with my pants open and my boxers tenting high out of the opening. My long fingers found the slit in the boxers and reached inside to fish out the cause of my bulge. Not even completely hard, it towered over my hand and flat body.

Accustom lately to relieving the pressure, I took my big shaft in hand. The rapid growth of my body had caused many unexpected pains and happenings. The strangest of the bunch was the constant swelling I experienced in my penis and balls. Both had nearly doubled in size the last year. The unusually canlı casino fast growth caused me pain and constant swelling. It occurred often and for practically no reason other than my rapid growth. The discomfort and swelling gave me so much concern; I somehow found the need and courage to tell my Dad one day. To my embarrassment he told Mom and she insisted on him taking me to the doctor despite Dad’s smiling protest that it was probably okay.

The doctor had examined me and got to witness the unusual swelling much to my mortal humiliation. Fortunately, at my insistence, Dad had waited outside. The doctor assured me all was normal and that I would feel better shortly as my growth slowed. The constant swelling would probably diminish once that happened too.

In this state, I stroked slowly now, thinking of Anna, as I usually did. I’d had a crush on her for years but managed to keep it to myself. I pictured her cute face as my hand worked my huge dick. At nine inches now, it was also twice the thickness it had been just a year earlier.

I pictured Anna with her beautiful brown hair hanging several inches down her back. Her soft brown eyes drove me crazy ever time I looked into them. Today was no different. I longed to hold her and caress that incredible body. Athletic, Anna and Penny were cheerleaders for our high school. Anna was the head cheerleader. My awkward body had kept me out of sports. I moved like I had two left feet. I loved going to the games with my friends though, mostly just to watch Anna cheer. My friends all knew how I felt about her, but nerds like me, realized I stood a snowball’s chance in hell of getting anywhere with her. Not that I’m ugly, I think. My sister at least thinks I’m cute if that means anything. Moms always think their sons are handsome so I can’t count her opinion much.

Daydreaming about things that might happen with Anna coming to my birthday party, it wasn’t long before my big cock launched several bolts of cum straight up in the air a good foot before crashing down on my bare abdomen. I kept stroking slowly, eyes closed shut, as I dreamt of Anna and me touching and kissing. Her gorgeous face framed in my big hands.

As my erection began to subside in my cum covered hand, visions of that fucking redhead, Penny, interrupting those of Anna and me. It pissed me off. I really disliked Penny despite the fact that all my friends thought she was one of the hottest girls in the class along with Anna. My dislike obviously driven by the fact that Penny had come between us just at the time my love for Anna began to take hold of me.

I rolled out of bed to clean myself up as I heard Mom calling from downstairs for dinner. I hurried to get prepared before going down. Over dinner, I told Dad and Mom that Anna had said she would come to the birthday party with Penny. Mom was the principal planner for the party and we had discussed me asking Anna to come. Not Penny, of course. She didn’t mind though and we talked about the food to be made.

After dinner and my homework, I once again started thinking of the party and being close to Anna. Her parents named her Annette but her older brothers had called her Anna. I picked it up from them, and stuck with it, despite in high school most everyone called her Annie like Penny. I hoped I would get time alone with her with no one else around. In my thoughts, I let her know how I felt about her. The hope I might finally get close to her made my dick swell again uncomfortably. I got up to get ready for bed, trying hard to rid Anna from my thoughts. It never worked and I beat my meat once more before I could fall asleep.

The next morning, I was still excited about my party for Saturday. It seemed like it would take forever for the few days to go by before the party. I remember think how nice it would be if Penny got sick and only Anna came. I knew my friends would hate me for those thoughts because many of them would like to get Penny alone too. Anna was off limits. They all knew that.

I rarely saw Anna in our big high school. Our schedules were so different that it seemed we were never in the same part of the mammoth building at the same time. I did see Penny on occasion though as her English class was next to mine at the same hour. I tried to tell myself I wasn’t interested in talking with her that day, but somehow I watched the door to her class until she emerged. Not far away, I was easy to spot with my size.

“Hey, Davey,” Penny said, a little more pleasantly than the day before.

Most everyone at school called me Davey with only a few exceptions like Anna. My mother preferred David and had told Anna many years ago when we were kids. Out of respect for my mother or maybe she just liked it, she always called me David.

“Hi, Penny.”

“You know I was just fooling with you yesterday don’t you?” Penny stated.

“Sure…no problem,” I said.

“Good. You were looking kinda bothered there for a while yesterday,” Penny commented.

“Oh, I was fine.”

“Sixteen shoe, huh?”


“Is kaçak casino it true what they say,” Penny said with a smirk.

“What’s that?”

“You know, silly. Big hands and feet, big…”

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” I stated.

“Oh, I think I already do,” Penny mused aloud.

“You do,” I said, suddenly concern.

“Relax, your secrets safe with me,” Penny stated with a laugh.


“Ha ha…sometimes you’re a bit slow, Davey,” Penny said.

“Maybe I just don’t think like you do,” I shot back.

“Oh, I’m sure of that Davey,” Penny agreed but with another laugh. “See ya later.”


Penny always managed to get my goat. I was determined from then on I wouldn’t let her sexual innuendo catch me off guard. I’d battle her on her own turf which is what she’d respect the most. I watched Penny walk off into the crowded hallway. It was impossible not to admit that she had a smoking hot body. Her red hair was in pigtails today. I’d seen her with her hair like that many times. It made her look even younger. Anna wore her hair in pigtails often too. Penny’s was shorter though.

For the next two days, I didn’t see either of them. Of course, I did see my friends though and all of them were ecstatic that Penny was coming with Anna to the party. By Friday, Pete and Zach were acting like we were going to have a major orgy with Anna and Penny despite the fact my parents would be there. On Friday, my sister was arriving from college and my parents took us to dinner that night to celebrate my eighteen birthday.

My sister, Darci and I had always been close. We’d never had any of the normal sibling rivalry. She was two years older than me and back then we were close in height. I remember fondly the days when she was a senior in high school and all her cute girlfriends would come by the house. They liked to playfully tease me but Darci always came to my aid. She’d hug my arm and call me her handsome knight in shining armor.

The dinner was fun and we decided to take in a movie afterwards. I sat between Mom in the middle and Darci on the end. My father was on the other end by my mother. As the advertisements rolled before the movie began, Darci hugged my arm again, and asked me questions like why I went with the Ivy League and Cornell, what was the proportion of girls to guys there, and gave me advice about being a college freshman.

Before the coming attractions came on and the lights dimmed, I looked at Darci as she explained the experiences she had as a freshman that might help me. My sister and I looked so much alike that all during our younger years everyone had always said it was easy to tell we were brother and sister. We had the same blonde hair and blue eyes. The exact same high cheekbones but her nose was slightly smaller than mine. We even had the same lips. Most of our features came from my Dad’s side of the family. He loved to tell us what he knew of our Scandinavian ancestry. It was so many generations back it hardly mattered now. The supposed family tree had us in American since the early eighteen hundredths, hardly Scandinavian anymore.

Back home after the movie in my room, I was sitting on my bed looking over information on my first semester classes. I was reading a brief blurb on an economics class when Darci knocked on my door.

“Come on in.”

“Hey, what’re you up to, David?” Darci asked. She followed my mother’s wishes and always called me David.

“I was just reading about my first semester classes, pretty boring stuff.”

“I’m headed to bed but I wanted to ask you something.”

“What’s that?”

“Can Katie come to your birthday party tomorrow?”

“Sure…fine with me as long as Mom’s cool with more people.”

“I already asked her and she said it was up to you,” Darci explained.

“Why would Katie want to come to my birthday party?”

“Well, because I would like it if she could, and besides she always thought you were cute,” Darci added with a wink.

“Yeah, like a little brother maybe.”

“Probably, but you never know,” Darci claimed jovially, “she might think now that you’re legal your free game.”

“Yeah, right.”

“Brother…seriously, you must realize how hot you are?”

“You’re only saying that because you’re my sister.”

“I am not. Katie always said you would be a heartbreaker in college and some of my other friends too.”

“You’re the heartbreaker.”

“Thanks, sweetie, but I hate my body.”

“What are you talking about? You’re hot…all my friends say so.”

“I’m too freakin tall and thin. I have no boobs either. I saw Anna yesterday. I wish I had her body,” Darci stated.

“What…that’s crazy.”

“No, she’s hot. Don’t you think so?”


“I know you do. Admit it. Mom says you asked her to come to the party.”


“Go tiger.”


“Hey, can’t I encourage my little brother to get into the game?”

“Look who’s talking. I haven’t exactly heard of you going with anyone at college.”

“What happens at college stays at college,” Darci claimed with a huge grin.

“Oh, something you haven’t told me?” I probed.

“I tell you everything, brother. Just not the juicy parts,” Darci stated laughing.

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