Couch Surfing with Sister

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Lounging on the couch in workout shorts and a t-shirt, Trent enjoyed the extra comfort of going commando. He didn’t think twice about free-balling in front of his sister. Beneath Lauren’s tank top, Trent could tell she went braless, did it really matter? They weren’t showing off to each other, they were just being couch potatoes.

He always noticed when Lauren went braless. Why shouldn’t he notice? Lauren was shapely enough with nice size tits, a narrow waist, and the sort of bubble butt that often made guys turn their heads for a second glance. He blamed his amygdala, the primitive lizard portion of his brain’s limbic system, preprogrammed to notice a woman with a nice shape. Aside from noticing, he didn’t stare or comment on her choice.

As bored and restless as her brother, Lauren couldn’t sit still. She fidgeted on the couch for a comfortable position that eluded her best efforts. She tried sitting on one foot and couldn’t get comfortable. She tried sitting cross-legged, sitting on both heels and eventually settling on slouching and hugging her knees. Watching the naked gladiators on TV did little to ease her discomfort.

“What’s this called again?” she asked, three episodes into binge-watching the show of Trent’s choice. Tomorrow, she would get to choose their binge-fest.

“Spartacus,” he said, staring at the naked women on the big TV. Every other scene featured a naked man or woman, sometimes both. In between those scenes were epic gladiatorial fights with lots of blood flying.

Unlike most shows, this one showed full-frontal male nudity, too. She liked that. “Wonder where they found so many female actors with full bushes?”

“Dunno,” her brother answered, never taking his eyes off the screen for longer than a moment or two. “Maybe they grew out their pubes before filming? How long would that take?”

“I don’t know, weeks? I haven’t had a full bush in years.”

There was no reason for that bit of information to tease him, except it did. His sister’s grooming habits shouldn’t matter to him except that it felt like the sort of information he could use later. How much more was she willing to share? Staring at the TV, he kept his voice as conversational as possible. “Do you just trim or shave?”

“Both,” Lauren said before catching what he was doing. Trent would find a way to use that information against her in some way. “What difference does it make to you?” Her brother shrugged. Two can play at that game. “What about Michelle? Does she shave it all off for you?”

“She said she would if I would do it, too.”

“I think it’s hot when a man shaves,” she giggled. She had never liked Michelle and thought Trent could do better. She was glad the two of them had broken up. Setting aside that he was her butt-head big brother, he was still a nice guy with an even nicer body.

“Not happening,” he said, annoyed with how the conversation made his prick roll over inside his shorts as if they were talking about sex stuff. He blamed it on the TV show, that one chick looked damn fine. Having a slave like that would be hot as fuck.

“Damn, I don’t know why she’s complaining. If every guy in the world looked that hot, I’d be his porcupine, too.

“Concubine,” Trent corrected, impressed that she was paying attention to the story even if she didn’t quite get the words right. “And she’s not really a concubine. He’s taking her as a way of showing her that he’s her master.”

“Mm, slave sex,” she giggled. “Do the women get to fuck the male slaves?”

“Sometimes, though it was frowned upon.”

“Figures,” she groaned, pissed on the historical inequities women have had to suffer through. “That’s not very fair, though. If he gets to fuck around, his wife should, too.”

“Keep watching, she does.”

“Cool,” Lauren said, feeling an annoying thrill growing between her legs as she tried to think which guy she would want the most. Any of them would do, of course. All of the guys were well built and had tight bodies, even the gay guys. “Do you think there really was that much sex back then?”

“Maybe, difficult to know for sure. In general, it’s assumed morals were looser.”

Squirming into a new position, Lauren happened to glance in her brother’s lap and swore she saw the beginnings of a lump growing inside his shorts. Was Trent getting hard in front of her? A devious smile grew on her face. Could she encourage that to happen? It would be so wrong but funny as hell if it happened. Looping her arm beneath her brother’s, she snuggled against him.

Annoyed, Trent tried pulling away except his sister wouldn’t let him go. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Getting comfortable,” she said, rubbing her chest against him. “You’re such a good big brother.”

“You’re being weird,” he grumbled, dealing with the sudden affection rather than fighting it. He hated watching TV alone, even if it was a show that he liked as much as this one.

“Why? You’re my brother and I love you sooo much.” She rested her hand on his thigh, laid her head on his shoulder and watched between his legs for a reaction. When she didn’t see one, she played with the hair casino siteleri on his inner thigh. “How hairy are you?”

“What do you mean?”

She nodded at the two actors playing gladiators on TV. “Are you hairy like him or smooth like the other guy?”

“Somewhere in between,” he said, still annoyed with her sudden intimacy. “I’m not some smooth boi, but I’m not a shaved down version of Bigfoot, either.” He brushed her hand away from his inner thigh. “Do you mind?”

“I just think it’s interesting how guys have such long hair between their legs.” She pushed his short shorts up a little higher and tugged on a few strands.

“Keep going and you’re going to be touching more than just hair.”

“You know what I really love? That stripe of hair that runs down from a man’s belly button. I love that, especially if he has a nice, flat stomach like you.” She made a grab for the bottom shirt, trying to pull it upwards so she could see that strip of hair.

“Cut it out,” he said, feeling very funny about what was happening. Was she trying to get him hard or something?

“Aw, come on, just let me see it.”

Hoping she might leave him alone after seeing it, he lifted the bottom of her shirt. “Fine. There. Are you happy?” He wasn’t expecting her to touch him there, too. Her hand didn’t linger and she didn’t try any funny stuff, she only ran her hand across his flat stomach right above the waistband of his shorts and that was all.

“Yeah, that’s sexy.”

“You need to get laid.”

“Maybe,” she giggled, snuggling against him again and pretending to behave for a few moments. “All these hot guys are sort of getting to me.”

Instead of noticing the men, Trent enjoyed the epic battle between gods of the arena while wondering how he would do if he had received the same training. He was as big as any of those actors. Following the battle royale, the scene changed to an interior shot where a hot looking female slave bathed her mistress in a giant tub that looked like a small, indoor swimming pool. Damn, that was hot. He felt a stirring between his legs that he couldn’t quite control.

Lauren smiled as she saw the lump growing inside her brother’s shorts. She watched with delight as the lump began stretching farther down his thigh, growing longer and thicker at the same time. “She’s hot, too.”

“Which one?”

“The slave,” she said, picking the younger, hotter looking woman. “I’d do her.” It wasn’t true, but her little white lie earned the correct response from her brother. His stiffening cock grew a bit longer. She couldn’t stop smiling. Watching it happen was fun and exciting. If she could just tease him a bit more, he might wind up fully erect in front of her. That would be funny as hell. She adjusted her tactic to see if it would help him lose control. “I wonder how many people are watching them?”

“What do you mean?” he asked, lost in the story. In his mind, this was a moment between a slave and her mistress.

“On the set, there would be cameramen, the sound guy, lighting people, all of them watching.”

With the fourth wall temporarily broken, Trent tried imagining everyone standing around the set. Lauren had a point, the two female actors weren’t alone in a pool, were they?

“Could you do it? Could you watch them in real life without getting excited?”

Squirming, Trent crossing one leg over the other as a way to hide the growth happening between them. Feeling his sister pressing against him didn’t help nor her hand on his thigh. Was she trying to get him hard or something? He considered the possibility and found he couldn’t quite dismiss it. It would be just like his sister to try and embarrass him. “Sounds like you’re the one getting excited by the idea.”

“Maybe a little,” she cooed, squirming and rubbing her tits against his shoulder.


“Why not? They’re hot. Everyone in this show is hot.”

Trent wondered if she was telling the truth. Was she getting excited, too? He glanced at her tits hoping to see if she had hard nipples or not. Instead, he saw down the swoop neck of her tank top and a nice view of her cleavage. She had nice tits, but that realization didn’t help his situation. He felt his cock growing harder and couldn’t do crap about it. He considered getting up and trying to walk it off. Maybe he should get a glass of water or something, except what if his half of a hard-on made a tent out of the front of his shorts? Did he really want to risk her seeing that?

“I’ll be right back,” he said, deciding to risk it. If he kept his back to her, he could do this. He untangled himself from her and carefully left the room.

Fuck, that was close. As soon as he stood and his shorts rubbed against his cock, he got harder instead of softer. He went into the kitchen, got a glass of water, and paced as he drank. He couldn’t go back into the living room like this.

While waiting for him, Lauren tugged down her shirt and pushed up her breasts, purposely putting them on display for Trent. Tweaking her nipples, she made sure they were good and hard. The extra attention made her squirm. Even if this canlı casino wasn’t getting Trent excited, it was working on her. At least it didn’t show as much on her body as his. She felt slutty, playful and dirty trying to tease her brother.

Carrying a glass filled with ice water, Trent returned to the sofa and flopped down next to his sister. He saw her tits on display and chased away thinking how much fun it might be to squeeze them. She might be his sister, but tits were tits and Lauren had a nice rack. He felt his lizard brain reacting to them and tried pushing the thought away. As soon as he sat down, she cuddled against him, raking her tits against his upper arm again. “Do you mind?”

“What?” she asked, as innocently as she could.

“Give me some space.”

“But I love you sooo much,” she insisted, enjoying the annoyed tone in his voice the way only a sister could. “Besides, you’re comfortable.”

“Whatever,” he grumbled, feeling all the work of walking off his hard-on being undone by the sight of her nipples, the feel of her breasts against his shoulder, and the touch of her hand back on his thigh. “Do you have to keep playing with the hair on my leg?”

“But I like it,” she pouted, reaching a little farther up his leg. “You’ve got great hair.”

Giving up, he muttered his truth. “You’re going to get me hard.”

“Ooo! If I do, can I see it?”

“What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“Nothing, I’m just playing,” she said, still caressing his inner thigh. She really did like the fur that grew there. “And so what if you get hard? Might be fun.”

“For you.”

“And you,” she teased, raking her fingernails through the hair on his inner thigh and watching the effect it had on him.

“Grab my balls and I really will get hard,” he joked, resigned to playing her game. He couldn’t stop nature. Whether he liked it or not, he was going to get hard, he could feel it happening.

“Do you have a big one?”

“Big enough,” he shrugged, never one to brag about the size of his cock. He could make his muscles bigger and his stomach flatter, but nothing he could do would change the size of his prick or his balls. At twenty years old, he had been with exactly three different girls. After a bit of work, he had been able to fuck all three of them. Once he had worked it inside of them, none of them had complained about his size.

“Brian had the biggest cock,” she cooed, trying to tease him by mentioning an ex-boyfriend.

“How big?” he asked before realizing the question should have been out-of-bounds. What right did he have to know?

“I don’t know, this big?” she said, making fists out of her two tiny hands and holding one on top of the other. “I didn’t know he was big until I got with Jeff.”

Trent chuckled hearing the name of her current boyfriend. He never cared much for Jeff. “He’s a shrimp?”

“He’s okay, just not as long as Brian.”

“Does he throw a good one?”

“He eats pussy really well,” she said, laughing at his terminology. Who said that? More importantly, though, she noticed Trent’s cock continuing to grow as they talked about her sex life.

“I love eating pussy,” he said, trying to focus on the TV to keep his mind off their conversation. It occurred to him that’s something they didn’t show people doing in movies or racy TV shows like this. Surely people ate pussy in ancient Rome, didn’t they?

“It’s nice, but nothing beats a good fucking.”

Trent felt his cock throb and hoped she wouldn’t notice. Were they really having this conversation? “And what makes a fucking good?”

While she had heard the question, Lauren ignored it when something much more important commanded her attention. “Damn bro!” Trent’s cock went from being a fun looking lump growing longer and fatter down his thigh to being much closer to a full erection. For the moment, it pointed to his right. It was a long, thick lump extending sideways and looking like it might reach the elastic waistband of his shorts if it stuck straight upwards.

“What did you expect?” he complained. It wasn’t his fault that his dick was getting hard. “You start talking about sex stuff and things happen.”

“I know, but damn!” She smiled as she stared. Trent’s cock looked much bigger than Brian’s. “You fuck girls with that monster?”

“It’s not that big,” he chuckled.

“Yeah it is,” she cooed, very impressed.

“I’m not even all the way hard,” he told her, still feeling funny about getting that way in front of his sister. At least she wasn’t laughing at him.

“I want to see it,” she said, caressing his thigh.

“Cut it out or you’re going to,” he laughed.

“You show me yours and I’ll show you mine,” she joked.

“Show me your what?”

“I don’t know,” she said, laughing self-consciously. She hadn’t expected him to call her out on the idea.

“Show me your tits and I bet I’ll get all the way hard.”

“You can see them just fine,” she said, knowing how tightly her top hugged her chest. She couldn’t resist teasing him a bit more and seeing what kind of effect it had. “You’re not the only one with something kaçak casino hard.” She pressed her breast against his arm, wondering if he could feel the pebble-like firmness of her stiff nipple.

“I’d rather see it.

“Me too,” she said, eyes on his crotch. He had to be completely hard and it looked like he had a really nice one. “Come on, we both know you’re already hard, just let me see it.”

He knew his thin shorts hid little from her view. Worse for him? He wanted to do more than just show it to her, he needed to get off, too. He considered heading to his room before remembering the broken door still leaning against the wall. It wasn’t his fault the hinges had given way, but until it was fixed, his only privacy happened behind a bathroom door and he hated jerking off in the bathroom.

“If you want to see it so bad, pull down my shorts.” He liked that idea. If she did it, that meant she really wanted to see it. Better yet? He couldn’t get in trouble for showing it to her.

“What if I do?” Lauren asked, trying to find the hole in her brother’s suggestion. She really did want to see it, especially because it looked really big. Seeing his naked and hard felt really wrong and equally fun.

Trent shrugged, he had no idea what might happen if she really did it. “I don’t know, then I guess you get a free show or something.”

“Will you jerk off for me?”

“Are you going to do it, too?”

“I don’t do that,” she said in an icy tone. It wasn’t true, but she wasn’t going to admit to masturbating in front of her brother.

“Eighty-seven percent of college freshmen report touching themselves at least once a week,” he said in his most scholarly tone. For as much as he loved his sister, schoolwork had never come easily to her. With a big smile, he added the second half of the lame joke he had heard years ago. “The other thirteen percent are liars.”

“I would never admit to doing that!”

“Then you’re part of the thirteen percent,” he said, waiting for her to get the joke.

Distracted by his obvious erection, Lauren couldn’t think straight. She really did want to see it. “You know how much I hate math.”

Trent considered explaining the joke and gave up on it. “Good thing you’re pretty.”

“You really think so?” She never thought her dumb brother had noticed. “It’s because I moisturize every night with two different creams.” Technically, that was a lie. First, she always exfoliated and then she used an oil-free moisturizer. She hadn’t had a pimple since middle school.

“I’ve got some cream for you,” he joked, grabbing his balls.

“Actually, it’s very good for your face.” Make-up, moisturizers, and skincare were passions of hers. “Lots of protein and if you let it dry on your face, it can tighten wrinkles better than collagen.”

Imagining his sister’s pretty face with a facial, followed by her rubbing it into her skin, did nothing for his current condition. “So you’re saying you like receiving facials?”

“What’s that?” she asked, holding back laughing long enough to make her brother give her a look of astonishment. She knew what a facial was. After laughing at Mr. Smarty-Pants, she told him the truth. “I’d rather swallow.”

“Now you’re just trying to tease me,” he accused, his hard cock throbbing inside his tight shorts.

“Am I?” she asked, smiling at the reaction. Trent might be better with numbers, but that didn’t make him smarter than her in other ways. Snuggling close to him, she kept the charm turned up on high. “But if you would give me a facial, then I could get one every night!”

“You really are a prick tease, aren’t you?”

“Apparently,” she giggled with a long stare between his legs. “Are you ready to show it to me?”

“Are you ready to show it to yourself?”

Lauren felt the two of them digging in their heels. How many times had they played this game while growing up together? “You don’t think I’ll really do it, do you?”

“I think I’m going to get bored and then I won’t be hard anymore.”

She didn’t like that idea. “Then we can’t let that happen, can we?” Getting up from the couch, she squatted next to him and teased him by grabbing the bottom of each pant leg to his shorts. “If I do this, you have to stay naked.”

“For how long?”

“Until you cum or Mom comes home.”

“Can I cum on your face?” he asked. He wasn’t serious, at least he didn’t think he was, but he couldn’t resist teasing her. He didn’t think she would really pull down his shorts, either. They were playing and this was all a bluff.

“Probably not,” she said, really considering pulling on his shorts. She applied a bit of pressure, flattening out the fabric across his hard cock. She waited for him to grab the waistband as soon as he felt the pressure of her slight tug. Interestingly, he didn’t. “I swallow, remember?”

“Then maybe we’ll have to do it more than once,” he said, purposely keeping his hands at his sides. He could feel her tugging on his shorts and decided that if she did it, if she really wanted to pull off his shorts, he would let it happen. Why not? Like she had said earlier, what difference did it make? They both knew he was hard. If she wanted a free show, he’d let her have it just to see what would happen. Besides, he would always be able to tease her about the time she was so horny, she got him naked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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