Corrine Loses Her “V” Card

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Disclaimer: All characters are 18+.

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To say I had a little bit of a crush on my younger cousin Corinne would be a bit of an understatement. Her brother Mike and I were close growing up and I stayed the night at their house quite a bit. One summer during high school, I was staying with them for a few days and Mike had to work. Corinne invited me to swim with her over at the neighbor’s pool. Before that day, I really never saw Corinne as anything other than Mike’s younger, and mostly annoying sister. Seeing her in a bikini that day completely changed how I saw her. Nothing inappropriate happened, I just couldn’t take my eyes off of her while she tanned on the lounger.

Shortly after that day at the pool I graduated high school. I went into the Army and only saw Corinne and Mike when I was home for Christmas. I typically took my leave around that time of year so I could see more of my family. We would gather together with all of my aunts, uncles, and other cousins for a big meal and exchange gifts. After the big family get-together, the cousins would usually join up at Mike and Corinne’s house. Their parents were pretty laid back and let us drink as long as no one drove home. There would usually be around twenty of us when you added some of the cousin’s dates.

I was on my third year in the Army and heading home once again for Christmas. Corinne had just turned eighteen earlier in the month and wanted to celebrate again with everyone at the cousin’s after party. We all had a great time and drank way more than we should. One of my other cousins, Holly, was drinking away the boyfriend that just dumped her. The highlight of the evening was when she forgot she was with family, and flashed her perky tits at everyone shouting; “I guess that ass-hole doesn’t get to suck on these anymore!” I wish I had my camera out for that one.

Corinne quickly helped Holly get her shirt back on. I couldn’t voice my disappointment since she was my cousin, but I did enjoy seeing Holly’s cute little breasts. After all of that excitement, things died down a bit and everyone started crashing around the house. Mike had bunk beds in his room, which is where I normally slept. I went to use the bathroom outside Mike’s room, but apparently Holly was in there with the door locked paying for all that she drank.

Corinne had her own bathroom off of her bedroom and offered it to me. While I brushed my teeth, I couldn’t help but notice a lace bra with floral print and some skimpy matching panties in a pile over on the floor. It immediately made me think of that day I saw her in the bikini. I started to imagine what she looked like now, wearing only the bra and panties. She had matured a little more over the past few years and was quite beautiful. I could see here there with her firm breasts pushing against the lacy bra, her long brown hair in a loose braid draping over her shoulder. I imagined her looking at me seductively as she bit the edge of her lip and slid her hand down her firm stomach and inside the lacy band of her panties. gobahis

I picked up the bra out of curiosity and saw that she wore a 36C. As I held it with one hand I slowly started rubbing my growing erection through by boxer briefs. I then looked down at the panties. I pulled down the front of my boxers releasing my now fully erect cock. I dropped the bra and picked up the panties. I saw that they were a thong, wrapped them around my cock and slowly started to get myself off.

Suddenly there was a loud knock on the bathroom door. “What are you doing in there?” Corinne asked.

“Just a second,” I said startled as I tried to compose myself.

I quickly dropped the panties while simultaneously pulling up my boxers. I turned to open the door announcing that I had just finished brushing my teeth. I had quite a bit to drink and wasn’t sure if I had been making any noises while she was just outside the door. I also wasn’t sure how long she had been listening. My plan was to quickly squeeze past her and keep her from seeing my aching cock pressing out against my boxer briefs.

I opened the door and was caught like a deer in the headlights, as I stared at her braless breasts pressing against the thin fabric of her low cut, spaghetti strapped, sleep shirt. Her nipples were clearly visible poking at the fabric just below the lace trim. I would like to think the lack of control over my eyes was due to the alcohol. They betrayed me as they moved further down to her partially exposed midriff and her low cut, matching lace pajama bottoms. My cousin sure liked lace. My eyes were locked right on her crotch and I thought about how I was just jerking off with her panties. With the alcohol, I wasn’t quite sure how long I had been staring.

“Hello!” Corinne interrupted. “What are you gawking at?”

I immediately looked up and saw the confused look on her face.

I didn’t get a chance to respond before she looked down towards my crotch and asked, “What is that?”

I stepped back a bit casino siteleri as she immediately reached out towards my cock.

“Why are my panties hanging out of your boxers?” she asked as she snatched them away. I then noticed her eyes widen as she realized I had a massive erection pushing out against the front of my boxers.

“Uh, oh, um… Those are yours?” I mumbled as I quickly pushed past her. I didn’t say another word as she just stood there trying to figure out what just happened. I went into Mike’s room and closed the door.

I sobered up quickly as I lay in bed staring at the ceiling thinking about what had just transpired. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to face Corinne in the morning. I decided I would just try and sneak out of the house early before anyone else was up and never mention the encounter. Hopefully, she was drunk enough she would question it even taking place. If she said something, I would play it off as though I didn’t even know it happened.

After the shock of getting caught wore off, I started thinking about how incredible Corinne looked in her skimpy pajamas. I wanted to finish what I started in the bathroom, but my cousin Mike was sleeping down below. I tried to put the picture of Corinne out of my head, and finally fell asleep.

I woke up about an hour later with a need to pee that I couldn’t ignore. I grabbed my phone and used the flashlight on it to make my way down the dark hall only to find the bathroom door still locked. The light was on and I could hear someone lightly snoring. I knocked softly trying to wake whomever was in there. Not being able to hold it, I went to my aunt and uncles room. It was locked and I could hear my cousin Evan in there with his girlfriend. The house had an alarm on it, so I didn’t want to risk going outside and setting it off. This only left one option: see if Corinne’s room was unlocked and sneak into her bathroom.

I walked down the hall towards her door and was relieved to see it was slightly open. I peeked in to see her lying in bed fast asleep with a good amount of light coming in from her bathroom. I turned off the light on my phone before entering. As I slowly pushed open the door enough to squeeze in, I looked and realized her pajama top had shifted while she slept and her breasts were now mostly exposed. She had, what in my opinion where, the perfect breasts. Her areolas were a bit bigger than the size of a quarter with nipples that I wanted to wrap my lips around. I stopped and took in the amazing view, keeping an eye on her perfect face to make sure she wasn’t going to wake up. My eyes traveled down and were disappointed to see only one leg hanging out of the sheet that covered her lower half. grandbetting

I then remembered my phone that was in my hand. I was so overcome by lust that I had to get a picture to jerk off to later. I swiped to bring up my camera and moved a bit closer to capture her amazing breasts. I looked again at her face before I took the shot. Her mouth was opened slightly and she appeared to be in a deep sleep. I pressed the button and was horrified as the flash went off.

Corinne started to moan a bit and shift. I quickly moved into the bathroom and closed the door. I looked at my phone only to find a blurry picture of the top of Corinne’s head. I tried to pee as quietly as I could while I mentally berated myself for the picture blunder. I ruined an opportunity to get one of the sexiest photos ever. Maybe I got lucky and she didn’t wake up. Hopefully, I would have another opportunity to get the shot. As I washed my hands, I noticed the lacy bra still on the floor. I looked around for the panties, but didn’t see them. I noticed a hamper in the corner and looked in it. I didn’t see the panties, but was surprised when I noticed her pajama bottoms. I picked them up and realized the crotch was damp.

They could have been damp for several reasons, but I wondered if our awkward encounter turned her on. She obviously knew I was turned on and it was because of her panties. She saw the reaction in my shorts and busted me out for staring at her in her pajamas. Maybe after I left she started thinking about what actually happened. It turned her on to the point it made her wet, and she had to change her pajamas. I was getting hard again just thinking about it, but didn’t want a repeat of our earlier encounter. I threw her pajamas back in the hamper and slowly opened the door.

I left the bathroom light on so I would have a better view of her as I left. I was disappointed when I walked out and saw she had rolled over mostly onto her side with her back facing me. I could only see the outer edge of her left breast as her armed covered most of it. She still had one leg out from the sheet, but it had slid over enough I could see part of her perfectly smooth ass. It wasn’t the view I had earlier, but it was still sexy as hell.

As I stared, she started to shift and move her legs. This pulled the sheet completely off and I was shocked as I stared canlı casino at her beautiful ass covered only by her lacy thong panties. I about exploded in my pants as I realized they were the same panties I was jerking off with a couple of hours ago. I don’t think I had ever seen a woman with a more perfect body. If she weren’t my cousin, I probably would have jumped into the bed with her. I wouldn’t have been able to explain that one away.

My heart raced as I fumbled with my phone to bring up the camera again. This time I made sure the flash and sound were off. She must have been dreaming as she let out some soft moans and shifted her arms. To my delight, her left breast again, became completely exposed. Suddenly, I heard a thud on the floor next to her bed. It felt like my heart stopped and I moved towards the door in case she woke up. I turned expecting to see her phone had fallen off the bed and was shocked by what it actually was. A small, pink vibrator was lying on the floor next to her bed.

I looked up at her face and saw the noise didn’t bring her out of the deep sleep.

I stepped back towards the bed and now had a perfect view of the thong that was swallowed by her firm, round ass. I quickly snapped several shots of my beautiful cousin. She started to shift again and my heart raced for fear of getting caught. If I couldn’t make it out of the door in time, I could at least pull my hand from my boxers; which was now stroking my fully erect cock. As she shifted and let out a soft moan, she raised her left leg giving me an unobstructed view of the thin piece of material barely covering her pussy.

I was so grateful for the light provided by the bathroom as it illuminated her body enough for me to photograph. I could now see the edges of her outer labia. Corinne obviously shaved or waxed. I stroked my cock as I focused the camera on the thin piece of fabric that obstructed my view of her pussy. At this point my cock was completely out of my boxers as I worked towards an orgasm. I froze again, with cock in hand, as she shifted again causing the fabric to gape open and reveal her cleanly shaven pussy. It was hard to hold the camera still as I brought myself to orgasm. I released my load into my boxers with my eyes locked on Corinne’s beautiful pussy. I couldn’t help but let out a low moan as I came.

Fearful I would be caught; I quickly left her room. I went back into Mike’s room and quietly changed into some gym shorts before lying awake most of the night. I immediately went through the photos and found that I was able to capture several good ones to include a beautiful shot of Corinne’s pussy. Then I started thinking about that little pink vibrator and how it was likely pressed into that perfect little pussy of hers a short time before my voyeur session. I couldn’t help but wonder how she felt about me and if I was the object of her masturbation. I was excited about the photos and how they would serve me well for a long time while I was away in the Army. There was a part of me that wanted to go back in and see if I could get even more of the shots from closer up. hiltonbet

Ultimately, I decided it was too risky to go back into her room. I fell asleep sometime after 3am and didn’t wake until almost 9am. I was hoping to sneak out before Corinne woke up, but saw her room was empty as I walked past to the stairs. I nervously made my way to the kitchen where a few of my cousins, including Mike and Corinne were.

Corinne was at the kitchen bar hovering over some coffee as I walked in. She immediately looked up at me and my heart sank.

“Coffee?” she asked, before commenting on how much I had to drink last night.

“I would love some,” I replied nervously.

“I had way to much to drink last night,” Corinne said as she handed me a cup. “The last thing I remember was Holly flashing everyone. I don’t even remember going to bed.”

Holly sat at the kitchen table with her head down and didn’t even acknowledge the group as we laughed at her expense. I felt relief as Corinne insinuated she didn’t remember our encounter. However, Corinne did see my erection, caught me with her panties and then put them on, and got herself off with a vibrator. Corinne didn’t act any different than usual, but I knew that something went on between us last night. I was just grateful that it wasn’t awkward.

As I said my goodbyes to everyone and headed out the door, Corinne came up and gave me a big hug. “Hey Steven, what are you doing New Year’s Eve?” she asked.

Before I had a chance to respond she said, “Do you remember my friend Heather that you had a crush on? A couple of my girlfriends are going to hang out at her parents while they are skiing in Colorado. It won’t be a big party like we all went to last year, but they have a great liquor cabinet, and Heather is single. You should join us.”

I agreed to join them because Heather was hot, but more so because I wanted to have another opportunity to be around Corinne. I don’t know what kaçak casino I expected to happen, but the thought of her turned me on in a way I had never felt before.

A week had passed, and it was New Year’s Eve. I must have jerked off to the photos of Corinne a hundred times since I took them. I wished I had been brave enough to go back in and get some more. She was sleeping so deeply, I probably could have pulled her panties completely off. I remember porn videos where a guy actually fucked a sleeping girl, but it was likely fake. I still fantasized about pulling down her panties and pressing my cock deep into her wet pussy.

As I pulled out my phone to once again jerk off to Corinne’s pussy, I received a text from her.

Corinne: Hey, you still coming tonight?

Me: Absolutely!

Me: What do I need to bring?

Corinne: Nothing but yourself.

Corinne: You might want to bring something to sleep in. Can’t have anyone driving home. Besides, with any luck it will turn into a pajama party. I’ll talk the girls into wearing something sexy. Maybe you will get lucky with Heather!! 😛

Me: Maybe 😛

Honestly, I didn’t even care about hooking up with heather. My mind was consumed with lustful thoughts about Corinne. I finished what I started with the photos and got ready for the evening.

I arrived at Heather’s house around 10pm. I noticed only a few cars in the driveway as I walked to the front door. Before I had a chance to ring the doorbell, the door opened and Heather threw her arms around me. She was typically a little shy, but had apparently started drinking early. She felt good against my body as I hugged her back. As she stepped back I commented on how great she looked. She spun around slowly letting me take in her long legs and petite body. I felt a little overdressed in a button up shirt, as I appreciated her short denim skirt and tight T-shirt.

She ushered me into the living room where two other girls I had not met were sitting. I looked around for Corinne, but didn’t see her. The other two were both cute and very casually dressed. Heather introduced me as Corinne’s cousin and explained I was home on leave from the Army.

Sara was a blonde like Heather, but a little on the bigger side. She was really pretty, but a bit standoffish after Heather said I was in the Army. I later found out she had a boyfriend in the service that cheated on her with a stripper. The other girl, Rachel, was not quite as cute in the face, but had a killer body. She knew it too. She dressed pretty provocative. Her low cut shirt showed off tons of cleavage from her rather large breasts and she wore a pretty tight little skirt. The way she was sitting, I could see just a glimpse of her hot pink panties. She had short, messy dark hair and a nose piercing. I got the feeling she was a little on the wild side.

I was again wondering where Corinne was and then the bathroom door opened. Corinne saw me and darted across the room to give me a huge hug. She smelled so good as her hair fell across my face. Her body felt amazing against me and I felt my cock stir. I had to break the embrace so she wouldn’t feel it press into her stomach.

“Get a room!” Rachel yelled from across the room.

“Whatever Rachel!” Corinne snapped back. “Steven is my cousin!”

“I don’t get that excited to see my cousins,” Rachel replied. “Of course, if mine were that hot, I might.”

Corinne and I both blushed as Corinne flipped Rachel off.

“If you are lucky,” Rachel flirted back as she blew Corinne a kiss.

“You will have to excuse my friend,” Corinne said as she hooked her arm in mine and led me to the bar. “Rachel is the trouble maker of the group.”

Corinne asked if anyone needed a drink as she made me a rum and coke. It was more rum than coke. She made herself one equally as strong. Sara asked for a plain coke, to which Corinne insisted that she needed to lighten up and drink a little. Heather and Rachel also gave Sara a hard time for not joining in.

Looking at Sara, Rachel asked, “Why would you come to a party if you had no intention of having a little fun?”

“You know what? Screw you Rachel!” Sara replied.

I guess that was enough to make her mad. Then she just got up and left. The other girls tried to talk her into staying and heather followed her out the front door. I felt a little awkward as I heard them arguing out front. A few minutes later, Heather walked in and asked Rachel why she had to be such a bitch sometimes. Rachel just shrugged her shoulders and laughed as she took another drink.

It was just the four of us and we were soon having a good time. We were all sitting in the living room laughing as the girls shared embarrassing stories from high school. Apparently they were all cheerleaders together, and there were quite a few shenanigans that occurred with the group. They all were a bit mischievous and would play pranks on the other girls. Sara was often one of the recipients of the jokes. This explained her short fuse with Rachel.

As we were laughing, Rachel stood up and addressed the group. “Hey I’m going to go change into my pajamas so mister soldier will stop looking at my pink panties.”

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