Control Ch. 01

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This is a story of fiction. Initially, the girl is getting away to college. She is pondering when her situation became as it is. Her first memory is after High School when she was 18 years old. No underage sex or sexual situation is implied or intended.


I have never enjoyed sex. Maybe it has something to do with my father and my brothers who touched me all the time. I was the youngest child and a girl on top of that. I Had a pretty rotten childhood, but it really changed on my 18th birthday.

My Dad taught us that men were to be worshipped and women were put here to do the worshipping. We were lower class, only the put on earth to service men. It didn’t matter if it was cooking, cleaning, or sex. I saw my father fuck my mother so often that I felt as if that were normal. My mother didn’t seem to like it, but she didn’t put up an argument. She didn’t argue with my Dad, and she didn’t argue with my brothers.

My father would fuck her before he went to work. That’s exactly what he did, he fucked her. There was no concern if she liked it or not because no one cared. He didn’t care and she certainly didn’t either. She let him do whatever he wanted to her and she did as he wanted without hesitation.

Then she would clean the house, get dinner ready, and get ready to be fucked by my brothers when they got home from school. They may have walked in and gone directly to the kitchen, where my mom would drop to her knees and suck their cocks until they both shot their loads all over her face. Or in her mouth. Or in her pussy, or her ass or any combination of the above.

She would nonchalantly wipe it off and resume cooking.

When my father got home, he may fuck her on the table while she watched over dinner.

I had a birds’ eye view of all of this because no one cared to hide it.

They felt women were there to be used by the men because the men provided for the family. If it was different anywhere else, I was unaware of it. I just don’t remember it very early, but I certainly remember it after high school when I let it be known that I wanted to go away to college.

Mom was cooking dinner and was occupied, so Dad ignored her, and took out his cock for me to suck.

Without argument I dropped to my knees and took my Dad’s magnificent cock in my mouth. My Dad still has the prettiest cock I have ever seen. I know why my Mom married him. It was at least 10 and a half or eleven inches long with massive girth.

The first time he fucked me I thought he was going to tear me apart. He didn’t try to make it feel good, he simply spat in his palm and stroked his cock before plunging it into me. He pounded my fresh pussy over and over, and even though I didn’t care for sex, it felt good. The longer he fucked me the better it felt.

It felt so good that I didn’t notice my brothers had gotten home from the fields, and were taking turns pounding my Mom while my Dad finished up with me. He came inside me, and kept his cock buried deep inside me as he shot load after load into me.

I was noticing my brothers’ cocks. They were both almost as perfect as my Dad’s was. My brother Steve was fucking my Mom’s pussy while TJ fucked her throat. Viciously. They had learned well from Dad. They both came with their cock buried in my Mom just as my Dad had done to me.

Almost simultaneously, the three men popped their wonderful cocks into their pants and sipped up, off to wash up for dinner.

Mom and I silently finished preparing dinner and setting the table.

But looking back, I can’t say this was the first time he fucked me. It was the first time I remember. But, it must have happened before because I knew, even then, to expect it and to acquiesce.

I was also learning my power. I could let them do whatever they wanted to me, for I truly had no choice. There would be beatings, and rape and it wouldn’t matter because in the end, they would take what they wanted. Or, I could give them what they wanted and avoid all the beatings and the pain. It was going to happen anyway; I would just avoid the unpleasantness.

I also learned that I could also exert a little bit of control. If I learned what they liked and began to give them what they wanted before they asked for it, I was in control. The more they liked it, the more I had them. I might not enjoy it, but if they did, I felt a bit more in control.

When Stephen would come home from work, I would be dressed in a tight top with a push up bra lifting my huge tits in his face. Stephen was a boob man. I could tell by his previous girlfriends. They always had huge tits, but never as big as mine.

He came in the door and I had a glass of beer ready. Dinner was on the stove, and Mom was in the kitchen, so I took Stephen to the couch with the beer. Within moments, he was pulling my tits out of the shirt. He would suck my nipples and bury his face between them and I would sit his beer down and begin to massage his massive cock through his pants. It grew big and it grew fast.

I pulled it casino şirketleri out and used to hands to stroke it while I caressed the end with my mouth and my tongue. He put his hands behind my head and began to fuck my mouth. I had long ago learned to take it deep into my throat and relax and let him fuck me until he was content. I had long ago lost any gag reflex and my only limitation was needing to breather occasionally.

Stephen paid little heed to my need for air. He just kept fucking until I began to lose control. Then he graciously let me have a breath and then continued. He didn’t fuck my mouth hard as if he were trying to hurt me or as if he thought I enjoyed it. He didn’t fuck me slowly and sensually as if he were trying to please me. He just fucked me until he was tired of it.

When I sensed he was ready for a change, I would lay him down and climb on him with my tits out as I bounced up and down on his cock. My saliva on his cock was a welcome plus because there was no natural lubrication. I wasn’t turned on at all. Simply, the wetter I got him, the more tolerable the fucking was.

If I had not let him use my mouth, his cock pounding my pussy would have been terrible. But, it would have happened anyway.

I could hear my mom in the kitchen. She had the preacher from the local church on the radio.

She was listening to the preacher read from Revelation. He was talking about the Whore Of Babylon and all the evils visited upon her by God. He spoke of a beast rising up out of the sea with seven heads.

I pictured a dragon with seven cocks, all hard for me and I controlled the dragon by sucking his cocks in turn.

I pulled my brothers cock from my pussy when I felt it start to spasm. I made him lie down and took his cock in my mouth with my tits lying on his upper thighs as I took his cock deep in my mouth.

Shortly, I knew he was ready to cum and I let him fill my mouth. And it was over.

I had to go help Mom and get ready for TJ and Dad to get home. I had more responsibilities.

When TJ got home, he went straight to Mom and kissed her affectionately on the lips. He held her chin with his index finger as he spoke to her.

“I love you, Mom.” He said as he slid around behind her. He began to kiss her neck as his hands moved to her tits. Her tits were almost as big as mine. As a family, we were all pretty well endowed. He pulled her body to his and pushed his cock against her ass. She obediently ground it against his cock. It wasn’t long until his cock was out and inside her vagina.

“I love you, Mom” he repeated, breathlessly.

She was unaffected. I don’t know for sure if she was elsewhere mentally or if she was that numb, but I wanted to help.

I walked around the table, and approached him from behind. My hand snaked around him and cupped his balls as he fucked her from behind.

“Are you going to save some for me?” I whispered in his ear as my tongue traced the outline of his earlobe. “Come on TJ, you know I need it. I want your cum. I want it on my tongue. I want to swallow it.”

I knew what both of my brothers liked.

He pulled out and turned to me and I grabbed his huge cock, still wet from my mothers’ pussy, and sucked it gently and deeply and slowly until I felt him spasm. I kept going until it was almost too late. As he pulled out, he deposited a load of cum on the end of my tongue, which I immediately swallowed and smiled at him.

Mom was already back at the stove and TJ had zipped his pants. He leaned over and kissed Mom on the cheek.

“I love you, Mom” he said as he left the room.

My mother looked to me as she left. I wasn’t sure what she was thinking, but I hoped she felt I had helped her.

That was my power. I could save myself a beating by volunteering to fuck my dad. I could save my mother a little bit of pain by fucking my brother. I was learning to control men, and thereby controlling my environment.

We just set the table and got dinner ready for when Dad got home. He would be home soon, and dinner would not be ready. Dad always wanted to fuck before dinner and it had become a ritual. We never knew whether he wanted to fuck me or Mom, but I was going to take it into my own hands.

When I saw him pull into the driveway, I ran to the bathroom, and started the hot water for him. Then I ran back to the door and as he opened it, I gave him a big hug.

“Hi Daddy! I have bath water running for you while Mommy finishes dinner.” I said, feigning excitement to see him.

I took his hand, and he followed me without a sound. I led him into the bathroom and closed the door behind me. I felt the water. Perfect. I took off his white T shirt and unbuckled his belt. As his pants fell, his cock sprang to life. It was already semi hard and growing.

I touched it.

I stroked it with my left hand while I leaned in to kiss him. His cock was stiff as a board and a gorgeous cock. I finished undressing him and quickly took off my clothes, pulling him into the shower with casino firmaları me the hot water was a welcome distraction. It felt wonderful as I dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth. He moaned immediately and started a slow movement of his hips, thrusting his cock gently into my mouth, barely grazing the back of my throat. Just enough to cause a little gag each time.

Then his hands were on the back of my head and it was past the gag point in my throat. In and out, slowly, sensually, I could feel his head go down my throat each time. I heard him moan. He never did that. Normally, sex was just a means to cum, but he was enjoying this. I guess the thought that I wanted him, that I wanted to serve him, that I wanted his cock excited him.

This was sensual and exciting. He was enjoying it, and suddenly so was I.

Between his cock being down my throat and the water on my face, I was not getting a lot of oxygen, and I had to pull back and catch my breath.

“Daddy”, I said looking up at him, “Do you like me sucking your cock? Do you like it down my throat? Do you want to cum in me?”

That was all it took. A huge load of semen splashed down my waiting throat and I felt his knees shake.

I stood and let him massage my wet tits. Then, I kissed him. Hard. He was hesitant and pushed me away, but I pushed back and he let me. He didn’t know I had let his cum stay in my mouth and we were now swirling his cum in our mouths.

“Do you want to fuck me, Daddy?” I whispered as I stroked his still hard cock.

As I turned around, I noticed Stephen was standing in the open doorway with his arms crossed.

“Mom says dinner is ready” he said as he left.

I looked at Dad and smiled. I actually wanted him to fuck me. That would come later. Maybe after I experimented to see what buttons I could push with Stephen and TJ.

Stephen and TJ arrived about the time I went down stairs, and I nonchalantly told them to wash up and come to the table. I thought it was my chance to see if my plan had a viable chance. I waited for them to walk by me, and as they started past, on either side, I reached out and grabbed both of their cocks. I grabbed them hard enough to make them both stop in their tracks.

Both knew the other fucked me, just as both knew Dad fucked me, but never had it been hinted at in each other’s presence.

I gave both cocks a playful squeeze along with a playful yank. “Maybe we can play later” I whispered as I slowly ran my finger along the hardening lengths of their cocks.

“Yup, it would work.” I thought to myself and smiled as I walked away without looking back to see their faces or if they had anything to say to each other. I didn’t care. I was learning the art of control.

Dinner was a bit uncomfortable. Stephen and Teej hardly had a word to say. Mom said not a word. And Dad hurried through his food and left to watch television.

I helped Mom pick up the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. We cleaned off the table and almost finished before she broke the silence.

“What you did today… Don’t do it again” Mom said. She wasn’t joking either.

“Mom, they are going to fuck me anyway. I might as well have some control over when and how.” I said.

“Don’t use that language in this house, young lady” she said.

“They can do it but I can’t say it? Mom, that’s crazy.” I reasoned.

“You will get out of here soon.” She said. I wonder what that meant.

“Besides Mom, I actually kind of liked it.”

“You did not. Stop it. Now, off with you. I’ll finish up in here.” Mom said.

“OK” I said as I tossed the dish cloth at her, and left the room. I was looking for Stephen and TJ.

I found them in Stephens room, playing video games. I sat between them and they ignored me. They ignored me until I touched both of their cocks simultaneously. I felt them both wince, but neither stopped me. I slowly massaged their cocks as I started to put pressure on them.

“Don’t stop what you’re doing” I whispered. “Let me play.”

I massaged them. Increasing and decreasing pressure as I slowly stroked their already large cocks. I slid my hands inside their shorts, past the barrier of their underwear elastic and found pay dirt. Cock.

I felt a tingle myself. That was a little unexpected. I was experimenting with how much control I could garner with sex. I never expected to have any feelings like this myself. But, there it was.

I wrapped my hands around both of their cocks at the same time and got the same reaction from both. Nothing. No reaction as I touched their cocks. No reaction as I moved my hands to grasp them. No reaction as I began to stroke them. No reaction as I began to whisper, first in Stephens ear, then in TJ’s.

“Where do you want to put your cock tonight? In my mouth? In my pussy? Not my ass? You’re both so huge. Maybe my pussy and my mouth at the same time… or my pussy and my ass…” I trailed off as I watched them continue to play, but having a much harder time concentrating.

“Maybe güvenilir casino you could both fuck my pussy at the same time.” I whispered. I knew it might be painful, but it was essential to my plan.

They both pretended to ignore me, but the throbbing in their cocks told me both were very interested. But, their gazes never left the tv screen. They were both doing horribly at the video game. Good.

I pulled out Stephens cock, and he continued to ignore me. That is, until my lips touched the swollen head of his member.

“Oooohhhh”. Short, sweet, and immediately controlled. That was good. Very good. He liked it, but didn’t want to seem interested. But what I did notice was the way Teej seemed to tense. And, I caught him stealing a glance my way, but I averted my eyes so he didn’t realize I saw it.

I took Stephens’ huge dick to the back of my throat. I paused. Then pumped my throat just a little up and down, forcing his cock deeper and deeper with each thrust. But, only a little. I wanted my throat to survive this.

It probably took 30 seconds of forcing his cock ever deeper before I felt the back of his head slide past my throat. With his balls resting on my chin, I turned my head back and forth and up and down. I kept doing it until I couldn’t hold my breath any longer.

I came off his cock like a shot, with large strands of saliva hanging from my opened mouth. And I immediately went to TJ’s cock. The same thing. To my throat. Bounce. Push it a little deeper each time. This would be work. As big as Stephens cock was, TJ’s was bigger. It took more time and it hurt when I finally swallowed it.

But, I didn’t stop. I bounced and twirled my head until my need for air overpowered my plan.

But, it had worked. They were both laying down their controllers. Stephen got up to go shut the door, but I pulled him towards me by his cock.

“Leave it” I said. “I don’t care.” Then I thrust his cock completely down my sore throat. But, it was easy. I had opened it up with TJ’s massive member. He didn’t move as I took his cover completely down my throat over and over and over. I felt his hand go to the back of my head. I pushed it away as I engulfed him again. He let me. Another victory.

The saliva was running like a torrent from my mouth as I pulled off and reached for TJ’s cock. He was still sitting, but I pulled him up. He stood. I took the tip of his cock in my mouth and began to gently lick and suck the tip. You didn’t get fucked by your brothers as often as I had and not learn what they liked.

I gently and slowly took him in. I was able to take him completely in because I had worked my throat so viciously on Steve’s cock. TJ’s was still an effort, but it was one I was able to deal with. Slowly to his ball. Back off. Slowly down again. Move my head a little at the bottom. So firm but so gentle.

I reached out to take Stephens cock back in my hands, and pulled him closer to me. They didn’t notice how closely they were standing to each other, but I did. As I came up off TJ’s cock, I took Steve’s back into my mouth. All the way to the base and back off. TJ’s cock…all the way to the base and back off. Several times I repeated this until I knew they were engrossed and enjoying it.

Then, with no warning, I took Stephens’ cock back into my mouth while TJ’s was still there. They both jumped back slightly. Nobody said anything. Nobody hit me. Nobody told me to stop. So, I grabbed them both and pulled them closer. Their two cocks were mere millimeters apart. I reached my tongue out to lick the heads at the same time. Nobody stopped me. I licked them both and they “accidentally” touched. Nobody said or did anything. I was in control. A little more control than I had that morning, anyway.

Without warning, I took both of them in my mouth at the same time. It stretched my mouth terribly, but I did it. And they let me. I held both their cocks in my mouth as I used my tongue on both of them. Feverishly, while holding their cocks together. Forcing them further and further into my mouth so they touched more and more.

I used my hand to grasp them and move their cocks in and out of my mouth. Most of the friction was with each other’s cocks, but they elected not to notice. I stroked their balls, and I played with their cock hair, and I stroked their bases, all in an effort to keep them from noticing how much they were getting off on each other.

If they caught on, Stephen would probably slap the shit out of me, or maybe beat me senseless. TJ might take up for me, but I wasn’t ready for that. Not yet.

I kept them occupied until they were ready to cum. I took both their massive loads in my mouth. I swallowed it all. I looked up to see them both standing there still in disbelief. I had won. I had done what I elected to do.

I had not done what I wanted to do. Not this time. But, I left their room smiling. “I’ll see you in a little while.”

I skipped down the stairs, my huge tits bouncing, and I noticed… My pussy was soaked.

I headed to my bedroom, and as I passed the kitchen, Mom looked out and glared at me. She said nothing so I ignored her. She had no idea what I was doing and she had no idea that it would help her out of this in the end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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