Consummating My Love

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I have generally retired from writing to spend more time enjoying my golden years. That doesn’t mean I won’t rework an old story or write a new one when I feel like it. This is a TRUE story I have shared in other venues so little effort was required to share it now with Literotica readers.


Consummating My Love – We take our teenage love to the deepest level.

I met the young man of my dreams right after I graduated grade school; I was fourteen. As our relationship matured, we managed to avoid going all the way for four years. While I attended high school, my older boyfriend received an Associate degree, worked a year, and then entered the Army. The events described in this experience occurred after my high school graduation and my nineteenth birthday; my boyfriend was almost twenty-two.

To clarify name usage in the story, Woody is the nickname of my boyfriend Jack. Since this took place after a four-year courtship, I refer to Jack’s parents as Mom and Dad as I called them by that time; Momma refers to my mother.

© SandraMustard 2015

* * * * *

Only a few weeks after Jack came home on leave to take me to my senior prom, events of major significance in our relationship began to develop. Jack’s letter arrived describing how his parents planned a sightseeing vacation in August, allotting a week to visit him in El Paso. Jack had already cleared it with them for me to go along. He didn’t know what kind of job obligations I might have at that time, but he hoped I could manage to make the trip. Was he kidding? I wrote back that I wouldn’t let a mere job stand in my way; I would travel around the world to be with him. Letter exchanges and phone calls with his parents arranged all the details.

Another important letter from Jack arrived around my nineteenth birthday; written in a serious tone, it made his intentions unmistakable. “You’re not coming for an ordinary visit. You’ve been my girl long enough. When you visit me in Texas, we will celebrate our love. You will go home as my woman. I’m sure you know what I mean.” I shuddered as I read his declaration several times.

Jack’s promises were worth more than gold. I had known for a long time that he wanted me as his first lover and I was ecstatic that the time to be his had come at last. He had saved himself and me all these years for the moment we now planned precisely. No longer was I a schoolgirl waiting to be deflowered as a rite of passage into adulthood; I was a woman ready to be made whole as a fulfillment of her love. Declaring undying love and devotion, I described receiving his love as my ultimate destiny and I thanked him for making me become the woman he desired like no other.

Time slowed to a crawl as the summer days passed. I was working full time at a job that had been part time while I was in school. I hadn’t planned to keep the job after graduation but it served a sacrificial purpose. Having already asked for and been denied vacation time in August, I was going to give my notice at the appropriate time.

By August, I had shared our celebration plan with three people, my best friends Jane and Char, and my sister-like cousin Trish. They knew we had many chances with nights I slept in his bed and oral sex experimentation, yet we had managed to hold off our passion. Jane was the only non-virgin who could say anything from experience.

Telling me about the blood and in her case, painful intercourse that lasted their entire first afternoon spent in bed, she also complained about John coming too early. Only twice during their relationship was she totally satisfied; three times, she didn’t come at all. Jane had already slept with a second boyfriend, yet premature ejaculation again disappointed her. She did say one thing that countered all her negativity, neither of her lovers excited her as Woody did me. With little doubt, she predicted Woody would be a terrific lover and sex for us would be awesome.

Char was jealous, wishing she could have a guy of Woody’s talents to take her virginity. She had only dated two boys in high school and didn’t care to give herself to either.

Trish thought it was about time we did what we were destined to do. Meanwhile, she was considering sleeping with the boy she dated all through her senior year. She thought he was a real catch but I felt their relationship had issues she refused to acknowledge.

I didn’t know if either Jack’s mom or mine knew what we were planning. I imagined my mom had some inkling but she never actually said anything to me. She knew Jack had kept me chaste until I graduated. Now that high school was behind me, she had to figure man plus woman equals sex. A year earlier, I as much told her it would happen. She also had to accept that we were mature enough and in love, this wasn’t an impetuous decision after four years of dating.

I had purchased a lacy nightgown for the celebration. Appropriately, it was pure white and the panties were see-through casino siteleri including the lacy design in front. Momma saw me pack the gown with its tag still attached. There could be but one purpose for me taking it, even then, she said nothing. Was it because I was nineteen and she couldn’t tell me what to do? Was she instead condoning my sexual freedom? Her silence provided no answer, but while probably not indicative of outright approval, it served to avoid a confrontation. Her goodbye hug was lingering. We both knew her little ‘Bubby’ was going away and a different daughter would return.

* * * * *

Finally, Saturday, August 8 arrived. Dropped off at Jack’s house the night before, I slept there so we could leave early in the morning. Middle of the night was more like it. I think it was 3 a.m. when I climbed into the back seat and fell back to sleep. Sleeping was one way to make the incredibly long and boring drive pass more quickly. I awoke somewhere close to St. Louis as we were stopping for a meal, breakfast for me, but 9 a.m. lunch for them.

Continuing our journey, I talked with Mom and Dad as Missouri whizzed by the open windows. The majority of our conversations were about Jack and me, how we had been together for so long. Mom kept making comparisons to Eric and Carol with many subtle references to marriage and families.

She may have believed that we were already intimate because of the times I slept in Woody’s bed. In reality, she was transporting this maiden to the Knave of Hearts for that precise purpose. She wasn’t hinting we needed to make our sex legal with a marriage license, but rather that marriage was a natural progression for the strong love for each other that she knew we shared.

An afternoon nap ended when we stopped in Oklahoma City, slightly more than halfway to my lover’s arms. I was getting edgy, acting fidgety with a lot of energy. We had supper and then retired to our motel. Mom and I donned our suits; I swam vigorously in the pool while she waded. We also talked with other travelers.

Travelers want to tell their stories to strangers; who they are, where they’re going, why they’re going. What could I say? “Hi, I’m Sandy. I’m going to Texas to consummate my love.” I wanted to; honestly, I wanted to brag. So what if strangers knew of our tryst? Mom was with me so discretion prevailed.

Dad was tired, coming out to stretch his muscles with a quick swim before returning to the room to watch television. He was asleep when we entered the room about eight. I had a dream about being in bed with Woody; he was climbing on top of me with fiery eyes when Mom and Dad talking awakened me for another early departure. Damn it! Why couldn’t they have waited until he drilled me?

Monotonous terrain since Illinois continued through the Texas panhandle, mostly just rolling hills, farms, grasslands, and forests. After we turned south in New Mexico, the scenery began to look like what I saw in western movies. Nearing El Paso, we drove through an incredible white desert. Crossing the border back into Texas, a sprawling city opened before us. Several signs indicating entrances to Fort Bliss were on our left, but we kept going.

Turning east on another wide thoroughfare, we at last pulled into a motel at four in the afternoon. Dad made a phone call from the office while checking in. In less than twenty minutes, Jack was smothering me with kisses. There was an excited tension in our embraces with more physical contact than normal; we held hands constantly and leaned against each other.

The four of us went out to supper. Jack did the driving but we were in his parents’ car because of severe damage to his beautiful convertible. The guy for whom he brought the motorcycle to Texas had stolen Jack’s car while he was in the hospital with strep throat, drove it drunk, and sideswiped several parked cars. The police investigation led to the arrest and dishonorable discharge of the guy.

Then Jack had a slow speed, head on collision with a German Air Force officer that wiped out the front of his car. Jack turned left from a side street; the German turned from a parking lot on the opposite side of the six-lane highway. Neither saw the other until they hit. Although Jack was fully in his lane, the German essentially northbound in a southbound lane, the police drew the accident diagram with both cars angled at the centerline. Because of that report, the officer’s insurance refused to pay to fix Jack’s car and by then it was too late to challenge the diagram.

Reduced to only liability coverage to save money while in the military, Jack could only afford repairs done in Juarez, Mexico where they straightened the hood, painted it, and mounted two of the four headlights. With no grill, no chrome, kinks in the bumper, and all the sideswipe damage still present, it was battered but not beaten. The car I drove when I got my license was still going to be my carriage ride to an enchanted castle.

After canlı casino eating, Jack took us on a tour of Fort Bliss, the Army’s training base for air defense. Radar and equipment trucks were everywhere as were trailers with three small Hawk missiles or one big Nike on them. Jack showed us the building where he went to school, a windowless block wall structure. Outside was a semi-trailer that he said housed the equipment he was studying to maintain.

A block away was his barracks where regulations allowed us inside to see the mess hall and day room. Civilians, even family, weren’t allowed up on the sleeping room floors. A seemingly large number of guys were looking out the windows as we walked in. One guy called out, “You weren’t lying, Jack.” Grinning, Jack admitted he had promised them they would enjoy my appearance. The day room went from empty to nearly full while we sat and chatted. Jack introduced me to several guys but everyone seemed to look me over.

When we were getting back in the car to leave, another called out, “Give her a kiss for us, Crash.”


“Their nickname for me since the accident.”

“Well, aren’t you going to kiss me?”

“Nah, they’re just being guys. Come on, Mom and Dad are waiting.” Already in the car as we stood outside it, I think they understood our needs as they silently looked straight ahead.

“Just a little kiss to tease them,” I suggested. Yeah, like his Culps kiss for Char, I surprised Jack with a real hot kiss, and I mean lay-against-him hot. To a chorus of whistles and catcalls, I squirmed against his body until I felt his lust. Jack’s facial reaction was wide-eyed like a kid in a candy store.

“Be sure to tell me what they thought about my kiss,” I cooed.

“You couldn’t tell?” He paused, staring at my mouth and then said, “Who cares about them? This is what I think!”

He laid a panty-dampening kiss on me until his mother warned, “Don’t forget we’re here, Jack.”

Jack took us up on Scenic Drive, a winding road high up in the Franklin Mountains that El Paso wraps around. From a lookout up there, we could see the tall buildings of downtown, the Rio Grande, and Juarez, Mexico on the other side. To our left were Fort Bliss and the airports that served both commercial flights and visiting Air Force fighters. We stayed up there to watch the sunset and then returned to the motel.

In a solitary moment with Jack before he returned to the base, I asked what day we were going to make love. His answer was Friday. Why did we have to wait so long? With classes all week that started at 7 a.m., he wanted a night he could stay out late. He was anxious too, but he felt waiting five days more would be easy after four years. I calculated it would be close to the start of my period.

* * * * *

With little else on my mind, waiting to celebrate seemed interminable. Jack showed up at the motel every afternoon about four. A couple of times, he brought a classmate named Matt and his wife Paula. We ate supper together and hung around the pool. They were from ‘New Joisey’ and drove ‘cahs’. I was as interested in their pronunciations as they were my drawl and Southernisms. They were married before he joined the Army, thus the Army assigned them housing on the base, a tiny four-room box, but at least Paula could live there with Matt. They invited us over for supper Friday night but we said we had other plans and agreed to Thursday instead. Paula was Italian like her husband but looked too fair skinned; she did make wonderful lasagna though.

Two evenings, Jack and I went to the NCO Club, a public nightclub that catered to military personnel and featured live bands. The memorable band we saw called ‘The Truth’ was awesome. Comprised of four guys and a girl, they could all sing and all play different instruments; two of the guys could play the drums, but the audience got rowdy when the girl banged on the skins. They would play a few songs and then switch positions for another set. Featuring a different lead singer each change, they played popular songs as well as their own compositions.

I met several of Jack’s classmates at the club, especially a big friendly guy they called ‘Tiny’. Harry was his real name and like Jack, he was the only other guy in the class with a degree in electronics. We danced and had mixed drinks. I don’t remember if it was because the legal age for drinking in Texas was lower or Jack bought them. Always buzzed when he took me back to the motel and horny as hell, Jack wouldn’t touch me. We didn’t have any privacy even for petting.

The evening that we were driving to Matt and Paula’s house for supper, we were discussing final plans for the following night. Jack showed me the Trojans that were still in his glove compartment. The sight of the packets cast a sudden illicit pall on what I wanted to be a glorious event.

Jack read the expression that crossed my face and knew my thoughts. “I’m not thrilled kaçak casino about using these either, especially when it means I have to stop during our most intimate act of love to figure out how to put one on. But we don’t want you getting pregnant just now.”

Suddenly, I knew we had an alternative. Jack had educated me about the fertility period within my menstrual cycle. “Rubbers might not be necessary. I don’t want to take a risk but my period is as consistent as an electric clock. It’s due to start Sunday.”

He smiled, pleased with my deductive reasoning. “We’ve been separated for most of a year and I’ve lost track of what I used to know; but I trust you know your cycle. You’re right. You should be almost a week beyond being fertile. There is always a risk with rhythm birth control but there is some risk with condoms too.” After a moment of reflection, he added, “It’s a risk I’m willing to take. I just know in my heart we will be fine.”

“I do too,” I admitted. Thus, we had concurred that our lovemaking would be safe while bareback.

* * * * *

Woody rented a motel room, miles away from his parent’s motel, before he showed up Friday afternoon. His greeting embrace felt electric and his kiss made me shiver. Excited by anticipation, we hardly made eye contact during supper. Woody had on his Brut cologne. I found myself in an ethereal world, unable to follow conversations. Was it his cologne or the fact that my thoughts focused on what we were going to do?

His parents expected me to return very late so I had one of the room keys. Stuffed in my purse were only two other things, my bottle of Rapture perfume, and the white nightgown.

My hands were shaking when Woody walked me to his car and as he drove. We exchanged silent looks several times before he spoke. “You’re as nervous as me, huh?” More than I expected to be, I nodded and tried to smile. He gave me one last chance to back out. “We don’t have to do this. If you have doubts, we should wait. I want you to be absolutely certain you’re ready to make love with me.”

I turned the question back on him. “Do you wanna wait?”

“Hell no!” was his definitive reply.

“Me neither. I’ve been ready for tonight for a long time. It’s finally here! I’m so excited, I might come here in the car if I don’t faint first. Can we git some beer?”

“I’m excited too. Some beer sounds like a good idea. You know, Sandy, it’s amazing how often I’ve had to stop myself from making love to you. Now that I’m going to have all of you for the first time, I worry that we’re going to ruin the wonderful relationship we’ve had. Yet, I realize it’s been so good because we’ve waited for our love to be ready. The waiting is over. It’s time now to start something new, something that will be perfect for us. Tonight isn’t about passion or sex. It’s about love … our love.”

His beautiful words described my own feelings exactly. From our passion practice, I knew our lovemaking would be wonderful and exciting. My uncertainty was about how I would feel emotionally after we made this ultimate commitment to each other. Never did I worry about wanting to be his physical lover.

We made a beer stop and soon drove up to a long red brick building, a Spartan looking motel with no pool or café, just bedrooms. He opened the car door for me and led me to a door with the number one on it, how appropriate for our first time. Woody unlocked the door and pushed it open; flipping a switch next to the door, the dark room took on detail.

Woody stepped aside and bowed, “Come into the royal chamber, my princess.” I don’t know that any castle was ever wood-paneled and decorated in a cowboy motif, but that night, my prince would know his princess in that enchanted room. We entered into a place we had never been before as Woody had foreseen and the door closed behind us, shutting out the rest of the world.

Directing me to a small round table with two sitting chairs, Woody put the six-pack of beer on the table and held one chair out for me to sit down. Before taking the other, he pulled a church key out of his pocket and punched open two cans. “To us,” he toasted and we took big swallows of the frothy libation.

Quietly sipping our beers, Woody was waiting, letting the alcohol calm our nerves. He reached out and put his free hand over mine. His touch was warm and excitement flowed from his body to mine. His chocolate eyes captured my attention and he shared his heart with me.

“Sandy, I’ve been sexually attracted to you since the day I first saw you, such a hot little nymph in a tight sweater. I knew right away, you would be the perfect woman for me. When I kissed you, I knew then that I wanted to make love to you someday. You came into my life at just the right time to get me over a terrible hurt. While I waited for you to grow up, I fell deeply in love with you. You did more than ease my pain. You made me whole and gave me reasons to look to the future. I have been waiting for this night to be the perfect moment to be one with you in body and soul. You know I don’t speak of love lightly. I don’t consider sex to be playtime. It is the most personal thing we can share. I love you and I’m ready to make love to you.”

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