Complex Relationship Ch. 02.1

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Note: If you have not read chapter 1 it is highly recommended, if you did please check back it was been edited since its original submission. Although it is possible to follow the story without chapter 1 you lose a lot of insight into the main characters if you don’t.

Also thanks luvtaread for the editing.

Chapter 2.1

Brandon awoke on the island to still find it dark. Unable to sleep any longer he decided to reflect on the events of his last day on the ship…


As planned he had gone to the gym that day. He changed and acquired a new bottle of water, having tossed to old one that had held the blonde girl’s panties, which he had kept in his bag. He then went to get started on his workout.

While he was finishing up he ran into Mel, the red-head from the day before. It was a pleasant enough of a run in, in his opinion anyway. It also confirmed a few of his suspicions about her body as her workout clothes showed that she definitely spent a lot of time in her local gym. Brandon left her to her workout before heading back to his cabin for what he assumed would be another boring day.

After he had showered and dressed someone knocked on the door. Assuming it was likely one of Hutch’s drunk friends looking for him, Brandon opened the door a crack.

Without looking at who he was speaking to said, “I have no idea where Hutch went, check one of the breakfast buffets then the pool as he usually is trolling for girls there.”

He shut the door and got three steps before a soft knock sounded on the door. A bit irritated now Brandon went back to the door and opened it fully, but before he could speak or take a look at the speaker he heard a vaguely familiar soft-southern voice.

“Brandon Metcalf?” As he heard the voice an image of a tall brunette flashed in Brandon’s mind. As his gaze found the source of the voice he saw the woman he remembered standing in front of him. Brandon was struck speechless. Her voice broke the spell as she asked, “Are you Brandon Metcalf?”

“What? Oh, yes, yes I am. What can I do for you?”

“Well, it’s my laptop,” she said indicating a black thin rectangle that Brandon had failed to notice she was holding, “I’ve been having issues with it today and I asked at the front desk and they recommended I talk to you.” Brandon’s spirits fell a bit, computer help, of course it was that, after all why would she come down here otherwise? He also found it a bit odd that the desk would give his name out, but he had gone to school with one of the people at the information desk so it was not too surprising.

“Well, might as well make the best of it.” Brandon thought.

“Sure come on in let’s have a look at the patient.” She came and handed him the laptop which he set on the cabin’s table next to his own. Then before turning it on he asked, “So what is the issue you have been having?”

“Well it’s been getting slower and slower and lately it just crashes after the most basic of tasks.” She answered and Brandon nodded before getting a disk from a nearby bag he inserted into the drive and booted up the computer. The computer immediately began running the program on the disk.

Brandon then explained that the program was searching for a hardware problem. He hoped it was something easily fixed but it did not look good. The brunette nodded her understanding.

“You were touring the island yesterday, right?”

“Uh, yes, you took my picture yesterday while I was sightseeing on the island…it was in front of a church. There was also a red-head, Mel I think her name was.”

“Oh, yes now I remember, strange I did not remember your name. I am normally very good with names, my professor said it will be quite useful when I finally get to be a teacher.”

“Really? Well, yes that is a good quality to have. Although I know a few who are dreadful with names and manage, my best friend for example. Those poor kids have to use name tags for half the year and even then he still gets them mixed up.” The brunette chuckled at this and Brandon said, “Speaking of names I’m not sure I ever got yours.”

“Oh, where are my manners,” The embarrassed woman said holding out her hand, “Ashley Wesson.”

“Brandon Metcalf,” he said before remembering she already knew his name. To hide his embarrassment he let go of her hand and quickly asked, “So what did you think of the sights on the island yesterday?”

“Oh, they were very nice. I’m not that big on history but it was fun to see and learn a bit about those old buildings.”

For the next few minutes they discussed the sights and Brandon was amazed at how easy she was to talk to and how she made him feel calm and yet nervous at the same time. While they were talking the program finished running.

“Well I got good news and bad news. The good news is I found your issue and it is easily fixed.” Brandon said looking at the screen.

“And the bad?”

“Well, your computer’s memory is for lack of a better word, gone. Like casino siteleri I said, ordinarily an easy fix, but since we are in the middle of the Caribbean a memory stick is going to be hard to come by. Especially since it looks like your board is very specific about the type it will support. There is very little I can do, sorry.”

“Ashley, I don’t mean to pry, but what were you trying to do on the computer this morning?”

“Nothing too important, just trying to help a friend, why?”

“It seemed odd, with the ship having general use machines around, that you would need your own fixed.”

“Well yes there are some files I want, some of my important school papers are on there. Not that I need them right now, but as my last semester was interrupted by a family issue I want to keep them for when I am able to finish my degree.”

“I might be able to retrieve those files you know. The drive is still intact and DOS should be able to retrieve them with only the base memory. I may be able to send them to mine if I connect the two together.”


“Yeah sure, it’s worth a shot, right?”

“Yes, that would be great.”

Brandon pulled a cord out of the same bag the disk had come from and connected the two machines with it before he began typing. He asked a few questions about where the various files were located. In no time he had managed to locate and transfer all of her school documents. He was also able to retrieve what she had been working on before she had come to see him.

“Ashley?’ He asked upon seeing the nature of one of the documents, “Not to pry again, but why were you researching U.S. marriage laws?”

“Oh, that, I am trying to help a friend whose lover is being forced to marry someone she does not want because her lover’s father won’t approve of her.” Brandon was puzzled at this.

“Her?’ he asked not sure he had heard right, “Don’t you mean him? The father won’t approve of him, right?”

“No, I mean her, as in a woman. In fact the woman in question is Mel, the red-head you met yesterday. That reminds me, I accidentally made a duplicate of your picture with her.” She then fished in her purse and retrieved some photos flipped through them and took out the one of Brandon and Mel and handed to him before tossing the rest on the table.

“Are you sure?” Brandon asked.

“Yes, I think she would want you to have a copy anyway.”

“So Mel is a lesbian,” Brandon said a bit later, “Wow I was trying to bark up the wrong tree, and I thought the ring meant she was engaged.”

“Well, in a way she is, to a girl named Katy apparently. Quite a beautiful little thing she is too, if she is the blonde with Mel in some of those pictures. I think I even got one of the two of them duplicated by accident this morning as well.”

As she said this Brandon looked down at the photos and saw a very familiar face. One he had spent cleaning cum off of the night before. Brandon pulled out the picture and stared at the short blonde standing next to the strong red-head. It was the mysterious Katy alright, that face and body could not be mistaken. He guessed that had he seen the deep brown eyes the night before he would have remembered them too. He got lost in staring at the picture and barely heard Ashley.

“…The guy at the photo place was kind of an idiot,” she was saying. “Not my money though, so who cares, right?” The question broke Brandon’s trance and he looked at her and alarmed Ashley asked, “Brandon? You okay, you look like you have seen a ghost.”

Brandon looked at the picture gathering his thoughts then looked into her dark blue eyes and said, “Whatever it is your doing, I want to help. I feel like I need to help these two anyway I can. Mel, because she was nice to me, and I get the feeling that is rare for her. I take her as a man hater and yet she was nice to me. As for Katy, after what my roommate and his friends did to her last night, and don’t ask, you don’t want to know. I think she deserves any happiness we can give her, and I sort of feel protective of her. I guess it’s stupid I know, but it is what it is, so can I help?”

Ashley nodded and then began explaining what she was trying to do. It seemed that she wanted to offer to give Katy and Mel as fancy of a ceremony as she could put together in a few hours. Brandon immediately agreed and began to make up a plan on how to pull it off. Amazingly between Ashley’s organizational and people skills, and Brandon’s technical know how they were able to put together a rather simple ceremony in a few hours.

“Thanks again Brandon,” Ashley said when they were finished. As she got up to go talk to Mel and Katy she added, “I could not have done any of this without you.”

“Well, just doing my good turn.” Ashley looked puzzled and Brandon added, “It’s a Boy Scout thing, it means good deed.”

“Scouts huh?” She asked in a curious voice, “So, are you some sort of survival expert or something?”

“Yep, something like that, why?”

“No canlı casino reason, just curious, never hurts for a girl to know about the hidden talents of a man she is hanging around with.” She said before leaving to go upstairs to Katy and Mel’s room to extend her and Brandon’s offer of the ceremony.

Some time later his phone rang and Ashley reported that Katy and Mel had accepted the proposal with open arms.

“Turns out they were working on their own plan. The three of us discussed it and if you combine the two it should make for a mighty nice ceremony for them. They are both delighted.” Brandon hung up before grabbing a suit and the bag he had packed and heading up to the penthouse level.

When he reached the room he knocked and was let in by Ashley who was scurrying back and forth as she helped the two girls get ready. It took Brandon very little time to get the room setup properly and after awhile, while Ashley was still helping the girls, he headed off to Mel’s room to clean up and change into his suit.

When he got back to Katy’s room, now dressed, he waited for the girls to be ready. He was surprised to see Ashley fly by a minute later saying he was to mind the rooms until she returned. A few minutes later he heard a call from the bathroom for Ashley.

“Ashley’s not here at the moment, I think she went to get dressed.” Brandon said to the closed door, “Can I be of assistance?”

There was a beat silence before Mel answered, “Yes, I just need help putting on my veil.”

Brandon walked in and Mel turned to face him, and as she did Brandon was struck speechless. Mel’s dress was simple, mostly a plain white material with very little frilliness to it. It did show every one of her well maintained curves off in such a sexy manner that Brandon felt slightly ashamed for lusting for her body in the white dress. Her red-hair fell onto her shoulders in mane of auburn curls.

“Wow Mel, you look… great.” Brandon said after gathering his thoughts.

Mel giggled a bit and said, “Thanks, can you help me with the veil?”

With his help the veil was soon in place, and after a brief chat, Brandon left the room to check on Katy and Ashley. Just after he entered the main room he heard Katy call for him.

Again after entering a room Brandon was in awe, Katy looked just as good in her own dress as Mel did in hers. Unlike Mel’s though, Katy’s was far more lacy and full of embroidery, but like Mel’s it fit her curves perfectly. It especially featured her large breasts that were tastefully displayed in the white dress. Katy’s hair was tied up in some fancy knot that held her veil.

“Katy, you look beautiful.” He said after being struck speechless for the second time in a half hour by a beautiful bride.

“Thanks.” Katy said with a smile.

“So, what did you need?” Brandon asked not sure why she needed to see him.

“Nothing, just company really, I get edgy when left alone.”

“Well its good to see you conscious for a change, how have you been?” Brandon asked. Katy got up and walked over to the nervous man. Taking his hand she led him to a nearby chair before giving a gentle push so that he fell into it. She then sat on his lap looked and deep into his eyes.

“Much better thanks to you,” She said in a soft seductive tone before she softly kissed his lips. When she broke the kiss she added, “I meant what I said in the note you know, I want to make it up to you.”

“What?! Now?!” The dazed man asked.

“If you want,” she said with such seriousness that there was no doubt that she meant every word. To emphasize her willingness she drew closer and kissed him again, while her large soft breasts pressed hard against his chest and wiggling her toned ass against his already rock hard member.

Upon hearing no response from him Katy began to rise off his lap; the dazed man’s mind reeled and he fought to control his thoughts. Many things raced through his mind as his two heads, upper and lower, fought a desperate battle. His mind still full of the pretty brown eyes as the images of her naked flashed in his mind. Then as Katy had gotten off his lap and was reaching for his zipper a different image, this time of a sexy brunette, entered his mind.

“Wait,” he cried out and grabbed the confused blonde’s arm. He said, “You don’t….”

“But, I want to,” Katy interrupted.

“Yes, and a large part of me wants it too, believe me, but I can’t it wouldn’t be right. Katy, you don’t owe me a thing, we’re square. Thank you for your offer, I really appreciate it, but I just can’t. I mean it as no offense. I did what I did because I wanted to, any decent guy would have, and I did not do it for a reward. Besides, I could not spoil that beautiful dress for something like that. So consider your debt paid Katy. I just…” he stopped as Katy nodded her understanding.

“Thank you, for everything, including your help tonight.” She said, “As I assume you are Ashley’s helper?” He nodded and Katy continued, kaçak casino “By the way I don’t suppose she has anything to do with your decision?”

Brandon did not respond, but apparently his silence was admission enough for Katy. She grinned and kissed him on the cheek before saying, “Thought so, well she’s a lucky girl then. You’re a good man, if you were not so taken with her, and I was not so in love with Mel, I would snatch you up in a heartbeat.” She said in that very sincere tone to let him know she was serious. Brandon let that sink in for a second before he stepped out to check on Ashley.

He left the bedroom and knocked on the bathroom door and asked Mel if she was ready. She said she was, but the Maid-of-Honor was not yet. Confused at this he went back to the bedroom and reported this to Katy.

“I mean who has ever heard of that the Bride being done, but the Maid of Honor not?”

Katy laughed and after a thought he asked, “Who is this Maid of Honor anyway?” Katy smiled and said,

“Why your girlfriend Ashley of course.”

“Girlfriend? I don’t? She not….” he said quickly stumbling over his words. Katy grinned at him and he said, “I am not sure she even likes me.” Katy gave him a pitying look.

“Brandon, she took the time to look you up and she’s not taking a long time getting all dolled up for Mel and I, although we will certainly enjoy the view. Trust me Brandon she likes you, a lot, and I don’t blame her one bit.”

She let it sink in before saying, “Can I make a suggestion?” Then without waiting for an answer said, “Take her out for dinner tonight, and get to know each other. I get the idea you both have been working all day on this and have had little time to eat and relax.”

Brandon nodded and noticing her grin asked, “And what are you grinning about?”

“Oh nothing, I just cannot wait until you see her tonight. I lent her one of the spare bridesmaid dresses and it fits her perfectly. I seriously think that girl might upstage us brides.”

“That’s a pretty tall order Katy, both of you are breathtakingly gorgeous tonight.”

“Thank you,” Katy said blushing a bit, “but we’ll see, if anyone can it’s Ashley in that dress, you’ll see.”

“A Maid of Honor prettier than the brides eh? Seems there should be rules against that sort of thing.” Katy laughed at this and then Brandon asked, “So, if Ashley is the Maid of Honor does that make me the Best Man?”

“Well, I don’t know Brandon, you are the only man, so whether you feel are the Best Man in that situation is really up to you.” Katy said in a serious tone while trying to keep a straight face. Brandon gave no reply knowing he had walked right into the joke. Before he could respond phone beeped.

“It looks like they are all set in there.” She said after checking her phone.

“Are you ready?” Brandon asked his mind turning to the ceremony. Katy nodded and Brandon left saying, “Okay, I will put the final touches on things out there. Then we’ll get you married.” Katy smiled and hugged him in a fit of joy.

Brandon left the room. When he reached the living room he lit some candles before walking over to the TV and turning it on. After a quick phone call a man’s face appeared on the screen. Before heading back to escort Katy he made sure the webcam he had placed earlier was working and grabbed a remote off the stereo cabinet and pocketed it.

He knocked upon the bathroom door on the way as well and said, “Ready yourselves ladies. When the music starts begin your walk to the altar.”

He heard them agree and as he walked away he heard the door open. He entered the bedroom where he took his place as Katy’s escort. He found her ready with her veil down and bouquet in hand. He held out his arm and she put her small one through it. He then looked at the TV screen and the man nodded, silently telling him that Mel and Ashley were ready as well.

Brandon reached in his pocket for the remote hit a button and seconds later a traditional wedding march began to softly fill the room. He and Katy then started walking very slowly forward and as they got clear of the door he saw Mel coming arm-in-arm with Ashley in a form fitting dark blue dress. The pair made a stunning sight to say the least. Not that the blonde on his arm was any less beautiful, he felt privileged to be here with all three of the gorgeous women and to share the special moment.

He looked around the room and marveled at the fruits of his efforts in transforming the simple living room into a wedding chapel. The furniture had been cleared to the edges to make a clear path to the TV which served as an altar. Next to the TV a small table held three candles, two small and one large. On the TV screen was a man that was being broadcast via webcam to carry out their ceremony. For atmosphere, the lights had been dimmed and candles lit the room.

When the four reached the ‘altar’ Katy hugged Brandon and in traditional fashion and he gave her hand to Mel before hugging her was well. As they did this, Ashley collected the flowers and placed them on a nearby table before fixing the trains of both dresses as the brides turned to face the TV screen. She took her place next to Brandon as the man on the TV began.

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