Commercial Love

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Sabrina is a 20-year-old identical twin and is part of the hottest new singing sensation Twinsss. Connor is a 28-year-old professional snowboarder. This is the fictional story of how they met.

The group Twinsss and Connor Kason had both been asked to sponsor a new energy drink that makes you feel like there are two of you and gives you enough energy to board down the sickest of mountains. Sabrina and her sister had a song to sing and Connor would be shown snowboarding down a mountain energy drink in hand. They would be filming the intro at a studio in Hollywood, California first and then they would use computers to digitally put the image of the energy drink in Connor’s hand.

Sabrina and Savannah walked into the studio and back to the makeup and dressing rooms. Connor walked in a little later and went back to another room for him to get ready. He was in a bad mood. His ex- girlfriend was giving him hell claiming that their 8-year relationship was considered a common law marriage and she wanted alimony. Connor rolled his eyes and clicked ignore on his cell phone. The director came up to him and shook his hand.

“Hello Mr. Kason, it’s an honor to meet you,” the director said.

Connor smiled, “The pleasure is mine and please call me Connor.”

“No problem Connor. First I want to acquaint you with Sabrina and Savannah of Twinsss. You all will be doing speaking segments on the drink.”

“Sounds good,” Connor said.

Connor was more into rock music and hadn’t heard much from the girls but he knew they were hot from pictures on magazines and TV. He saw one of the girl’s walk out and his breath caught. She smiled a dazzling smile and extended her hand.

“Hi Mr. Kason, I’m Sabrina. It is so nice to meet you finally,” she gushed smiling.

Connor tried not to stare at her chest, which was bubbling out of a tiny silver sequined tube dress. He caught himself and cleared his throat.

“Uh, call me Connor. Good to meet you to,” he said while his cheeks turned red.

Sabrina smiled again and looked down at her extended hand and Connor blushed again quickly shaking it. A few seconds later her sister walked up and they exchanged greetings. He thought that they were both smoking hot but there was something about Sabrina that excited him in a way that he had never felt before.

Filming went pretty standard and Connor was sad to admit that he wasn’t getting to spend enough time with Sabrina. He would watch from the side as her and Savannah sang and danced sluttily to one of their current hits. He would get an erection and have to leave to go jack off in his dressing room. On the third day of filming Connor and Sabrina had a speaking part together. He felt bold so he had invited her to his dressing room to practice before filming began the next day.

He heard a soft knock on the dressing room door and he opened it and saw Sabrina standing there wearing a short robe. Her hair was wet and she had on a good amount of makeup. She blushed a little.

“I’m sorry I’m not dressed yet but I’m going out tonight and I didn’t want to wrinkle my outfit or be late to our little meeting,” she smiled apologetically.

Connor didn’t care all he could envision was lifting her short robe to finger fuck and lick her slit.

“Oh, it’s totally fine. Umn, I have some beer if you want one?” He asked still imagining his tongue deep inside of her hot, wet gash.

Connor felt his dick twitch and he tried to ignore as Sabrina plopped down on his couch nodding her head to his question while crossing her legs. He could see just a hint of her slit and he could tell that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. What a tease he thought to himself. He stood up and took a deep breath moving to the mini fridge grabbing two Coronas. He twisted the cap off and handed one to Sabrina.

She cooed, “Oh he’s strong too,” she giggled and smiled.

Connor laughed enjoying her compliment. He picked up the lines and handed Sabrina another packet and canlı bahis he started going over them.

“Energy Boom, not just another energy Drink. Am I seeing double?” Wow, he thought to himself, this shit was lame. He glanced over at Sabrina who was stifling a laugh.

“Kind of pathetic?” Connor asked smiling.

She nodded and laughed out loud.

She is so beautiful, he thought to himself.

They went over the lines for about an hour and had each put away 4 beers during that time. Connor definitely had a good buzz going and he was becoming more and more comfortable around Sabrina and very aware of her naked pussy sitting on his couch.


Sabrina couldn’t help but smile at Connor. She felt so comfortable around him and she had just a tiny, well okay, HUGE crush. But how could she resist that easy going smile and his dark locks that kept falling into his mocha brown eyes. She had seen his tight outfit bulging with long and lean muscles. She wanted them wrapped around her, worshipping her body. She was putting on her best moves trying to get him to crack but he seemed to be unaware of her charms. She tried not to mope assuming that he was either married or had a girlfriend.

Before she could stop herself Sabrina blurted, “Are you in a relationship?” She blushed profusely and laughed with nervousness as he smiled and answered with a short no.


Now Connor was confused. Why would she just randomly ask him that? Did she find him attractive? He looked into her amazing green eyes and she winked at him and that was all he could take. He threw the lines to the side and sat down right next to her sitting her beer on the table he wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her close to him. He could smell her sweet perfume and she was breathing somewhat shaky. They were both looking into each other’s eyes.


Sabrina closed the small gap between them placing her lips on Connor’s. He responded slowly, taking his time kissing her. Her tongue slipped between his lips and he sighed into her mouth as they caressed each other’s tongues slowly, deliciously. He had his hand in her wet hair and he moved them to her front not wanting to rush into anything but really wanting to suck on those huge boobs that had taunted him during their first encounter.

Sabrina didn’t need any coaxing she undid the bathrobe and took it off letting it slip to the side. Connor tried not to stare but he couldn’t help it. Sabrina leaned forward capturing Connor’s lips once more in a passionate kiss. His hands went around her back and he pulled her onto his lap letting her warm and moist pussy sit on top of his jeans where a very hard cock was underneath. Sabrina wriggled on his lap teasing his cock. She pushed his head down to her breasts and his lips went to her rock hard nipples.


Connor couldn’t believe that he was sucking on Sabrina’s breasts. He used his hand to pull and twist the other nipple and he could hear her moaning softly. He looked up and they stared into each other’s eyes before he closed his and sucked harder on her nipple. He went back and forth between her huge breasts making sure each one got plenty of attention. He pushed her back a little and he saw a puddle on his pants where she was soaking him. His breath caught at how sexy that was.

Connor pushed her down onto the couch where she was on her back. He pressed his lips once again to hers kissing her lovingly. He was still fully clothed. He slid his hand down her breasts, down her stomach, and his hovered just above her hot mound. Sabrina was rocking her hips towards his hand and Connor slowly stuck one finger inside of her, teasing her raw cunt.


Sabrina ached for him to fist her pussy with his whole hand. But Connor wanted to play with her more. He wanted her to beg for it. He pushed another finger into her wet gash and painfully slowly sawed in and out of her, hitting her g- spot. Sabrina panted loudly wanting more. She rocked her hips bahis siteleri hard against his hand but Connor held her down not letting her move. She moaned in frustrated pleasure. He kissed her again and they made out while they caressed each other.

Sabrina was used to rough and dirty sex but Connor was quickly changing her mind as he worshipped her body, paying attention to every little detail on her. Connor kissed down her breasts licking each one as he went down her stomach. He got to her soaking wet cunt and breathed in her heavenly scent. He licked up and down her entire slit delving his tongue deep inside of her gash. Sabrina moaned in delicious pleasure as her toes curled.

Connor licked back up her slit and began sucking on her clit and Sabrina bucked her hips moaning as he worked her pleasure button. He stuck another finger deep inside of her pushing on her g- spot as he sucked her clit hard. Sabrina yelped in pleasure and finally gave up.

“Please fuck me Connor! Please baby!” She said while cursing as waves of pleasure washed over her.

Connor didn’t need anymore begging. He took his shirt off and pulled off his pants and boxers. Sabrina stopped him while he was standing. She was sitting on the couch, legs spread wide. She grabbed his ass pushing him forward letting his hard prick into her hot and moist mouth.

This time it was Connor’s turn to curse, “Fuck Sabrina, you’re driving me crazy,” he said moaning as she swallowed his entire 7 inches letting it hit the back of her throat. She didn’t even gag as she stared up at him sucking his length hard. She pulled back and focused on his head licking and sucking it like a vacuum while she jerked his base hard. She pulled away from his dick saliva stringing from his cock to her lips and she kissed the head giggling.


Connor leaned down and kissed her hard on the lips and they could taste their juices on each other. He gently picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist and they sat on the couch and he pulled her onto his cock forcing it into her wet hole in one swift push.

Sabrina moaned and Connor gasped at the pleasure. He helped push her up and they fucked each other slowly, passionately, each thrust bringing them closer and closer to climax. Sabrina was going crazy from the slowness and she forced Connor to pick up the speed. Connor didn’t hesitate. He pushed Sabrina on her back and lifted her legs over his shoulders and fucked her that way, slamming into her walls. Sabrina was so over the edge she couldn’t even see straight.

Connor was so close but he wanted Sabrina to orgasm first. He thrusted hard and fast into her tight pussy and Sabrina screamed as she felt the first waves of pleasure and an orgasm overtake her. Connor smiled and yelped a fuck as he came jerking his dick inside of Sabrina’s spasming walls. They both panted winding down from their orgasms. Connor kissed Sabrina gently and she smiled wrapping her arms around his neck kissing him back softly.

Sabrina had to catch herself because she wanted to say so many things to Connor but she didn’t know if he would want to be with her or not.

Connor felt the same way but was afraid to tell Sabrina how much he felt for her already. He cuddled her not wanting the moment to end.

Ten minutes after their act of passion there was another knock on the door. It was Savannah and she was calling for Sabrina.

“Hurry up! We’re going to be late to the club,” she said whining.

Sabrina jerked off of Connor and began to frantically tie her robe and fix her smeared makeup. She downed the last of her beer and planted a huge kiss on Connor before walking out of the door to her sister.

Connor sat there flabbergasted at the situation. He grabbed his hot beer and downed it before shrugging his shoulders and stretching. He headed to his bathroom and took a hot shower hoping to clear his head.


Sabrina dressed up wearing an adorable Betsy Johnson number bahis şirketleri with sky-high stilettos. She wore her hair half up and had reapplied her makeup. She looked smoking hot. Yet even from all the attention she was getting from the guys and the free drinks she was swilling like no tomorrow, she couldn’t help but think of Connor and how much she already felt for him. She missed him.

After about 4 hours of intense partying and 10 too many drinks she headed back to the set to their room. Savannah passed almost immediately but all Sabrina could think of was going back to Connor’s room and having some more fun.

She drunkenly walked to his room and knocked loudly mumbling for Connor.


Connor was still awake. He couldn’t get his mind off of Sabrina. He heard someone at the door and when he opened it he was shocked to see her standing there. She came at him like a woman possessed and began to furiously kiss and tear his pajamas off.

Connor was surprised but he had wanted her ever since she had left his arms. He helped undo her dress and it slid down revealing that once again she was not wearing any panties. He grinned and she giggled. He could tell that she was wasted but she was so wild and sexy he couldn’t help but touch her.

Sabrina pushed Connor down onto his bed and she climbed on still wearing her slutty heels. She went straight to his cock sucking it into her mouth. She pressed her breasts on either side jacking him off with them while she sucked the head. Connor moaned at the pleasure.

She flipped over and placed her pussy above his head and he went straight into it sucking her lips and clit. Sabrina deep throated Connor’s huge cock always keeping her tongue on it. She loved the taste of cock and she especially loved Connor’s cock, it was so yummy!

She pulled away from Connor’s mouth and grinned naughtily and in a drunken voice said, “Connor baby… I want you to fuck my ass and fist my pussy.” She smiled and kissed him deep on the lips again.

Connor couldn’t say no. He grabbed a condom and some lube and Sabrina got on all fours seductively swaying her ass in his face. He lubed his entire hand and began to work her ass putting two fingers in and getting her ready. He rolled the condom on his dick and added some lube to it.

He gently started to put his three fingers inside of Sabrina when she stopped him demanding that he just shove it all in. She didn’t care how much it hurt. Connor wasn’t sure but she wanted it so he made his hand into a small fist and forced it into her tight pussy past her walls. Sabrina screamed out loud and Connor was afraid that he had hurt her but then he heard her moan in ecstasy. He pumped in and out quickly before using his other hand to finger her ass a little more. Sabrina came hard instantly on his hand screaming as he fucked both of her holes.

Connor was so hot for her and he gently pulled his hand out of her twitching cunt and slammed his rod into her ass. She bucked back against him moaning and yelping like a bitch as he fucked her brains out. Connor couldn’t believe the feeling. Her ass was squeezing down on his prick like a vice and he didn’t know how long he would be able to last if she kept it up.

He was going crazy on her fucking her like a wild beast. Sabrina kept moaning and Connor began to grunt like an animal possessed as he fucked her. He reached up and grabbed both of her breasts pulling her up to him as he kissed her neck biting her roughly and twisting her nipples hard. Sabrina moaned and rubbed her clit with one hand while she held Connor’s face with the other as they made out furiously.

Sabrina screamed into Connor’s mouth as she came again and Connor groaned as her ass tightened around his head and he exploded inside of her. He kept fucking her slowly for a few minutes before pulling out. He removed the condom and threw it away before returning to bed. He took off Sabrina’s heels and kissed up her body to her lips and she clung to him sighing happily.

He smiled and brushed her hair across her forehead and tickled her arm gently. Soon she had fallen asleep and he just kept staring. Twice in one night he had fucked his dream girl and he couldn’t wait to do it again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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