Collette Gets Pierced

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We recently celebrated Collette’s birthday with a wild orgy but I also wanted to give her some jewelry too. When I raised the subject, she got a naughty grin on her face and said she wanted to get pierced. Collette told me she wanted to pierce her tongue, her tits, her belly button and her clit all in one go. Wow!

We went one Saturday afternoon to the local tattoo parlor and told the girl what we wanted. The girl said that many piercings would be better done on a one-at-a-time basis. Collette said she didn’t want to chicken out and would rather have all the discomfort dealt with at one time.

After Collette picked out some nice jewelry, the girl took Collette into the backroom. I asked if I could go too but the girl said she preferred working without someone breathing over her shoulder. After waiting a long time, Collette came out looking a little pale and shaky, but smiling.

We went home and over the next few weeks I helped her keep the areas moist with antibacterial ointment (except the tongue of course). She took a while to totally heal but after 6 weeks, the last of the swelling and discomfort went away. Collette said she’d get her parents to take the kids for the weekend so that we could break in her new gear. Oh goody, I couldn’t wait!

That Friday evening I took her to a romantic Italian restaurant and then danced with her at a nearby club. Before we left the house though, I’d made her wear a short black leather mini skirt, bare midriff showing off her belly button jewelry, short black leather halter top with her beautiful breasts peeking out a bit underneath and plenty of cleavage showing, hooker heels and a black longsleeve sheer top over the halter top. The sheer top was to keep us from getting thrown out of the Italian restaurant! LOL.

The leather top & mini skirt were regular parts of our sex wear that we like to play in. It was the first time she’d ever worn them in public and Collette was alternately blushing bright pink and incredibly turned on. Especially because I didn’t allow her to wear panties or a bra underneath her leather outfit. Commando all the way!

I was wearing a skintight white shortsleeve buttoned shirt top show off my arms and pecs and my pants were loose, thin-fabric black pants so that I could feel extra loose as I was going commando too. The entire time we were dancing, other couples were gawking at us. The guys were checking out Collette’s barely concealed smokin’ hot body and the women were checking out both her AND my free-swinging hard-on pushing against the front of my slacks.

It was during the song called The Donkey(?) and I was dryhumping her ass while she was almost on the floor doggy style that we finally got too hot to stay and left hurriedly. As we walked out by the bar, I could hear several hot-looking younger single women saying jealously “Wow, look at her outfit! She’s gonna get her brains fucked out tonight!” Ya know what? They were right. 😉

We got home and ran for the front door, tearing off clothing as we went. Collette kept on her fuck-me shoes, leather top and leather miniskirt…which means that all she took off was the sheer top. I was tripping over as I hurried to remove my shoes & socks as well as my shirt and my slacks. But Collette had a surprise for me. She presented me with a black leather jockstrap that had no dick pouch. As I was putting it on and adjusting it, Collette bent over at the waist away from me, swaying her sexy ass in my face.

She was dipping her fingers into a jar of sex lube and slathering it into her asshole and asscrack, getting all slippery for me. Oh boy, anal for sure! Then she turned around and peeled off the leather patches on her bratop that allowed her entire tits to be exposed except for the seams on the sides and bottoms of her tits. Fuckin’ HOT! Her tits were sort of pushed out by the straps of the bratop making her look like some kind of demented dominatrix. She leaned over and jammed my face into her cleavage, demanding that I lick and suck her titties. casino oyna Did I ever! I sucked her nipples into my mouth and licked her nipple rings. All the extra stimulation from the nipple rings made her nipples pop to attention, rockhard in seconds.

Collette was breathing hard as she stood up, panting while stroking her clit with her right hand. I fell to my knees in front of her and slapped her hand away. I opened my mouth wide and jammed it straight onto her entire vulva, lapping furiously at her clit as I clutched her asscheeks in my hands. She had her hips thrust forward so I could get easier access but almost fell when her first orgasm slammed into her hard. She was beating at my head with her hands as I refused to release her cunt from my tongue’s assault. Within seconds she came again and lost control of her bladder while I kept lapping away at her engorged pierced clit.

My jaw grew tired and I backed off, gasping like I’d run a marathon. My chest hairs were glistening with her golden dewdrops. I stood up and grabbed her, enclosing her in my arms as I thrust my tongue into her mouth in a deep kiss. Collette was trembling from the intensity of it all.

Next came the part she likes most of all during our oral sex. I cupped her chin in my hand and told her to kneel down with her hands behind her back and wrapped her wrists together with some padded velcro straps. I placed my feet to either side of her thighs and slapped her face with my semi-hard cock. “Beg for it!”, I demanded. Collette shook her head side to side with her mouth primly closed. I loudly demanded “BEG FOR IT, BITCH!” while I grabbed the back of her hair and forced her head backward a little. I pinched her nostrils shut and after about 30 seconds of fake struggling, Collette opened her mouth wide, gasping for air. I immediately jammed my fat dick into her mouth, pushing it in as far as I could until she made this little high-pitched grunting sound. I pulled out and wetly cock-slapped her cheek while telling her to be a good girl or else.

I jammed my dick into her face again and this time was able to get the entire unit into her wet, sucking mouth with her nose and forehead jammed hard up against my belly. I could feel her tongue snake out of her stretched-tight lips and swish back & forth sideways along my scrotum. The entire time I could feel her large tongue-stud rubbing the underside of my cock and now it was on my balls. BLAM! That was all it took to send the cum flying out of my cock and straight into her gulping, choking throat. I backed off a little for a few seconds so she could get a quick breath but then thrust my dick back in, going “uh! Uh! UH!” as I pumped cum out of my cock during each final thrust.

I pulled out and cock-slapped her face as she tried to move her head to keep up with my cock and suck the last cum-drops that were dripping from the head. I fell backwards, sprawling onto the couch. Collette scooted forward on her knees and I leaned forward to kiss her deeply, savoring the flavor of myself in her mouth. I un-velcroed her and laid her down on the couch before going into the kitchen to fetch a large bottle of chardonnay and two glasses. We lay sprawled on the couch sipping from our wineglasses as we looked at each other with smoldering eyes, listening to some light jazz CD’s I’d put on. Five minutes went by before Collette spoke up first, “I’d say that was even better than our wedding night, wouldn’t you agree?” We both burst out laughing as I held her and as our laughter subsided to chuckles I whispered in her ear, “we haven’t completely tried out your clit ring, ya know.”

Collette blushed beet-red as she realized I meant we hadn’t fucked yet with her new clit ring, anally or beaver-ally. She said we should relax a bit more before before starting again. We quietly drank our wine, making contented sounds in our throats as we lightly stroked each other. Collette had her head in my lap, leaning back against me. She must’ve felt a change in my dick’s density canlı casino or something because after a few more minutes she flipped over and began cat-licking the full length of my dick to get it hard again. It only got about half-hard and Collette grew impatient. She made me turn around, kneeling facing the back of the couch. She dipped her head and jammed her face right into my sweaty ass-cleavage, slurping and lapping at my asshole. She did a reach-around to Mr Happy while keeping up her oral ASSault.

While she had her slithery tongue buried in my ass-rim, she reached over to the end table and grabbed for one of our sextoys we’d brought out earlier. She grabbed a medium size vibrating buttplug and handed it to me. I lubed it up figuring she was going to put it in her ass. Nope, she took it from me and oozed it into MY ass! I felt no discomfort at all as she’d already eased me open a bit with her questing tongue and it was dripping wet with viscous sex lube. She turned it on and then told me to turn around and sit down. I did and the buttplug seated itself into my ass securely. Collette turned around and backed up to me, easing her dripping wet cunt onto my cock in reverse cowgirl position. She had her hands on my arms for support as she posted up and down on my blood-engorged cock. Collette had chosen a very large, dangly clit ring and now I saw the wisdom of that choice. Collette has a large clit that protrudes when it’s engorged and the up & down motion was making it jangle and create new sensations her clit had never felt before.

Collette lasted only 5 minutes and then she began psoting even faster and harder. Some of the thrusts were with my dick almost out of her pussy and some of the down-thrusts onto my cock bent it a little and hurt it. But it hurt GOOD. I’d never ever seen her this excited, even during some of our orgies with our friends. She came hard, screaming incoherently and losing control of her bladder again, spraying my legs. Collette leaned back against me, gasping, wetly plopping her soaking ass onto my thighs.

After that display, I was still rock hard. The buttplug was buzzing away deep in my ass, putting pressure on my prostate. I needed to cum BAD. I reached around and squuezed her tits hard (Collette LOVES that) as I ordered her onto her back. She asked what I was going to do and I replied I was going to fuck the shit out of her…literally. Normally we both use a squirt enema and clean up back there before we engage in full-blown anal sex but this time I was too horny to interrupt the flow of things. I made her get up for a second and spread our large “sex towel” out on the leather couch in case things got messier than usual. I also placed a foam wedge under her hips so that she was almost in a piledriver position. My dick was still throbbing hard, veins bulging & pulsing as I eased the fat head of my cock into her asscrack.

Collette told me to slow down a bit as I was rushing things. She was staring at me with a concerned look and told me that she’d never seen me this “pumped up” before and it was a little scary. I looked down at myself and realized my muscles were bulging, my shoulders felt a mile wide and I was snorting air like a mad bull. I leaned forward and kissed her deeply as I wiggled my hips side to side as I normally do when I’m wedging my fat cockhead into her tight ass. Collette says the side to side wiggling motion and steady pressure gently nudges her asshole open without any discomfort.

But the buttplug in my ass was saying to me, “Fuck her! Shove it in hard! Jam your cock deep into her guts!” I had a really tough time resisting the urge to just ram it in. But in only a minute or two, my hips were glued to the backs of her thighs, balls-deep in her clutching anus. As I pushed the last inch or two of my cockmeat into her bowels, I could feel with my cockhead a little gooey, oozing resistance. I realized it was her ass filled with shit.

I kissed her again and then began a gentle stroking motion. I backed out almost kaçak casino the whole way and slathered more sex lube onto my veiny, bulging shaft. The sight of her stretched-tight anus around my swollen meat got me even more ramped up. I pushed back into her ass faster than I had before and Collette yelped. I asked her if I’d hurt her and she said no, the sudden thrust had made her clit-ring jangle the nerves in her clit. I jabbed her with my dick again and she looked me in the eyes and in a throaty voice said “Hey man-bitch, stab my guts with your fucking dick right now!” Whoa! “Mikey, your cock is pushing the shit back up my ass. My ass has never felt so full before!” Dayum!

I got up on my arms a little further and started poking her with short, sharp HARD thrusts. This made her clit-ring bounce and jiggle with every thrust. Collette was really primed for hard fucking now and I loved looking down at her cunt and seeing our cunt-juice & cum creampie oozing out of her pink, puffy cuntlips. I told her that our juices were gonna slicken up her hot ass even more. That must’ve been the magic word because she came again, real hard. Her fucking bladder let go…AGAIN, and sprayed my belly with golden nectar as I wetly slapped my hips up against her ass. My thick shaft was slick with her creampie and the sex lube but the foamy goo was a little brownish too, indicating I really was fucking the shit out of her.

Between all the dirty talking, the pissing, the creampie, her swollen tits bulging out around her bra straps, her engorged pierced nipples, the buttplug vibrating against my prostate and Collette’s beautiful face all sweaty and red, I finally had the ultimate orgasm. My man-meat let go, throbbing its cum-load deep into her intestines. Collette was gasping that she could feel every pulse of my dick as it throbbed and pulsed in her sloppy ass-ring. The buttlpug had squirted out of my ass during my orgasm and was loudly buzzing away on the floor. Our hips were making loud, wet sounds as our flesh slapped together but the sounds began to diminish in volume and frequency as we slowly wound down from our orgasms.

I was panting like a steam engine and kissed her deeply, telling her over and over how much I loved her. Still connected at the hips by my cock and her asshole, I leaned over and handed her the glass of wine. She gulped the whole thing down in one go and then said if we got up right now, her entire insides were going to come spilling out. We started giggling. I told her to put her arms around my neck and I would pick her up by the hips, staying connected as I took her into the bathroom. She said to hurry up and I could tell from all the gurgling, squishy sounds coming from her belly that she wasn’t kidding.

I tried to hold her over the toilet but I could tell that the buttspray was going to get all over the place before I sat her down all the way on the seat. So I told her it was going to have to be the walk-in shower. Collette started to protest but I assured her I’d clean everything up. As Collette looked into my eyes, clutching me tight, I stumbled into the shower room and turned the water on, with the multiple shower heads spraying us everywhere. I asked her if she was ready and she said yes. I lifted her ass up in one quick, smooth motion until my cockhead popped free with a loud farting sound and I felt the liquid spray of her ass gurgle and blast onto my legs. I could tell she was embarassed and I quickly kissed her deeply to show my love and affection and desire for her. I whispered to her to keep squeezing everything out until she was empty. The showerheads had soon sluiced all the dirty stuff down the drains and I lowered her onto her feet. She was a bit wobbly but I had her lean up against the tile wall as I lathered her from head to toe with a soapy washrag, paying special attention to her gaping anal ring. I put some liquid soap on two fingers and squirmed it around in her ass to get her good and clean. Then I finished washing her down and dried her off in a big fluffy towel.

We lay down to rest and talked lazily about our evening. We both agreed that her piercings had added a huge new dimension to our lovemaking. We heartily recommend them to our fans here on Literotica!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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