Colleen Ch. 02

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(Well, here it is Chapter 2. I hope you enjoy it, and look forward to chapter 3)

The next morning I woke up and showered. As I dressed for the office, I had my laptop powered up and checked for emails. Then I checked my personal email, finding one from Colleen. I opened it.


Last night was awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I want more. I am really looking forward to being your sex toy for the rest of our time here in Amsterdam. And since I am giving you total control for the rest of the week, I wanted to let you know some of my fantasies. I have many fantasies that are so wild or dangerous I’d never think about following through on them. This list includes fantasies that I’d be willing to do assuming it is in a safe way. I hope you find a way to make a few of them happen. They are in no particular order.

Girl girl sex
Anal sex
Tied up or down
Public sex
Giving blow jobs to multiple men one after another.
Harem girl
Porn star
Erotic massage
Toys, toys, toys
Watching porn with an audience
Fucking a girl with a strap on
Being exposed in public.
Dressing slutty

Your sub for the week,


I checked to see when she emailed it, and she had done it this morning, after she had slept off much of the high from our previous night’s smoking. She was clearly set on having a wild week in Amsterdam. Now way was I going to miss out.

We met in the lobby and taxied to our company offices. Nothing was said in the cab. Both of us were completely professional, and I am confident that no one would have had a clue as to our shared intimacies of the previous night. I maintained total professionalism throughout the day, except for a fifteen minute break when I called my good friend Odette’. Odette’ and I had been an item when we were younger and both going through ugly divorces. At the time, she had been a starving art historian. Our intense sexual relationship lasted a couple of years, but we had stayed in touch. Several years back she had inherited an upscale women’s clothing shoppe from an aunt. Odette’ wasn’t exactly upscale in her style, but she managed to slowly convert the store from a staid upscale boutique to an upscale women’s boutique focused on erotica and the party life.

I explained my situation to Odette, telling her that I needed a wardrobe for Colleen fitted and available that evening. Odette asked me quite a bit about Colleen which I truthfully answered. So, just how wild can we go with the clothes? I wasn’t sure how to answer that as I hadn’t yet determined whether or not I could get us invited to one of the semi-private wild parties that take place occasionally in Amsterdam. The one that Odette and I had attended many years previously was extremely hot, and the clothing was designed to reveal and tease, and women outdid each other on what they wore. When I explained my doubt, Odette said it wasn’t a problem. She’d get me an invite to a party the following night, and she suggested a dance club that was very hot for this evening. I told her to go ahead and plan my evenings, and provide a wardrobe to match. She agreed.

When I asked how much it would cost, she answered, “If what you say is correct, Colleen is a virgin when it comes to sex with girls, right?”


“Well, I just know that Lisette’, that’s my delightful and sexy little sales clerk would love to have the opportunity to seduce Colleen and have her way with her. And Lisette’ and I have a little game. She seduces them and I get to watch from the privacy of my office. If you give permission for Lisette to have her way with Colleen, I can meet your wardrobe needs for well under $200 euros. And I guarantee that when you meet up with Colleen she will sexy and very hot. We will give her a spa treatment, massage, and shave her pubic area for you.”

“How long will you need her for this?”

“Oh, I’d say we need about 3 hours.”

“I’ll have her there at 4:30PM, give or take..”

“Great. Just text me when you can tell me when to expect her. Would you like to watch the seduction? I can email you the login information to watch the scene, since I have it on my internal LAN.. And trust me; no one else will be able to see it. I couldn’t stand the impact if my customers realized I broadcast them. I change the password after every customer.”

“That would be awesome.”

At about 3PM, we had pretty much finished up our work at the office. I ordered up the limo for the night that I had arranged through the company limo service. I knew it was a bit over the top, but it was only going to cost me about $30 Euros, with our company discount. We said our good-byes for the day, and Colleen hit the restroom. I quickly sent the text to Odette’ and wrote out the instructions for the limo driver.

After Colleen returned from the restroom, we went downstairs and found the limo waiting. As I opened the door and allowed Colleen to enter the limo, I slid my hand across her buttocks, and asked, “Are you ready to submit to me for the rest of the evening?”

She turned and looked at me, pushing her ass against casino siteleri the palm of my hand. She smiled and responded, “Yes, master! I am yours for the evening.”

“Get in the car,” I commanded, which she did. I gave the limo driver the instructions and got in the car behind her, taking the seat across from her. She had clearly watched a considerable number of videos or read the books, because Colleen clearly knew how to behave as a sub. She was sitting in the seat, her hands in her lap, and her eyes downcast in a completely submissive pose.

“Are you curious about what is going to happen tonight?” I asked.

“Yes, master,” she answered, with her eyes still downcast.

I shared the basics. “We are going out for dinner and then to a party. But first, we need to get you some clothes for the evening. I have arranged with a little boutique to have you fitted in party clothes. How does that sound?”

“Very nice, master.”

I lit the joint that I had previously rolled for the limo, took a drag and passed it to Colleen. I had her take several tokes and hold them ensuring that she would be quite high on her arrival at the boutique.

It didn’t take us long to get to the boutique. I led Colleen into the store where Odette’ was waiting. As I finished introducing the two of them, I tell Colleen, “I have made all of the arrangements with Odette’. She knows exactly what I want. Your only responsibility is to do everything that she or her staff tells you to do. Everything, no matter how strange. Do you understand?”

“Yes, master.”

“Mmmm,” Odette’ observed. “Very good!” Turning to me, “We’ll take very good care of her, and I’m sure you will be quite happy when you see her again in a few hours.”

“Oh, I’m sure I will.”

With that, I turned and left the store, wondering if Colleen had any clue whatsoever as to what was going to happen to her this evening and tonight. Even with my knowledge of what to expect, I really had no clue as to how it would play out with Colleen. If she really enjoyed it, it could become one of those really memorable weekends. If she got cold feet, and started feeling guilty, it could turn ugly. It didn’t matter as there was no turning back. I got into the limo and the driver took me back to the hotel.

It took almost twenty minutes before I got to my room and got the laptop turned on, and the internet hooked up. I typed in the website and the three layer pass code that Odette’ had installed. A split image came up of the store and the back room. Odette’ was in the store and Colleen was in the back room with a very cute petite girl. The girl was wearing a very short skirt and a sleeveless button down the front white blouse that had enough buttons undone to reveal ample cleavage. She had long dark hair that dropped below her shoulders, and I could tell she was talking. I didn’t expect to receive audio, but I turned the laptop volume up just to check and was surprised.

“..we’ll have you take your clothes off to start, so that your skin and muscles can relax to their normal state. That allows us to ensure that the clothes we select will fit naturally and seductively. Then I will shave your pubic region and give you a light massage to aid in the relaxation before we start the fitting. And as you take the clothes off, I’m going to light us up a joint.”

I watched as the girl, Lisette’ obviously, pulled a joint out of her handbag and lit it up taking a deep drag, and then sharing it with Colleen. Colleen took her clothes off, showing no sign of embarrassment. Lisette’ set up a massage table as they each took a couple more drags on the joint.

Lisette’ watched Colleen as she took her clothes off.

“You’re beautiful,” she said. “We should be able to find you a couple of outrageous outfits that will definitely show off your assets.” Once all of her clothes were off, Lisette’ led her out of camera range. I figured they were headed to the restroom for the pubic shave and I took care of a couple of business items, figuring it would be a few minutes.

About 10 minutes later the two of them reentered the back room. Colleen was still nude, and I could see that she was completely bare at the nexus of her legs and pubic region. Lisette’, had changed into what looked to be a very short silk wrap that was held closed by a sash around the waist. Lisette’ helped Colleen up onto the table and had her lay face down. As soon as Colleen was comfortable, Lisette’ started the massage with Colleen’s feet. My cock was already hardening as I contemplated watching Lisette’ take Colleen under her spell. As Lisette’ started massaging the backs of Colleen’s calves, Odette’ entered the room.

“So, Colleen, are you enjoying your visit with us so far?”

“Hmmm, yes,” she murmured. “Lisette’ is doing a good job of relaxing me.”

“That’s good, because the Henry I know will be making sure you have an exciting evening, so take advantage of the time now to relax.” Odette picked up the joint, relit it, and took a toke. She then held the joint to Colleen’s lips for her to take another toke.

After a couple of tokes all around, Colleen asked canlı casino Odette’ how she came to know me.

“Hmmm, that’s an interesting story that I don’t often tell.”

Lisette’ chimed in, “Yeah, I haven’t even heard it. But, if Henry is the American that Odette has referred to occasionally, you are one lucky lady, Colleen.”

“How’s that?”

Lisette’ answered, “Well Odette’ did tell me about the time she met her American friend in Washington, DC, and he had arranged for them to go to a party. Not just any party, but a don/sub party. Apparently, Henry treated her to a glorious evening. Right, Odette’?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Tell me about it,” Colleen requested.

“I’m not about to tell you the whole story. I don’t want to give away any of Henry’s delightful secrets. You need to experience those on your own. But, I’ll describe one part of the evening.”

I was pretty sure I knew what was coming, as I flashed back to that delightful night of debauchery. When Odette’ started in, I knew I was right.

“Well, the host and hostess of our party welcomed us at the door. They were in their fifties, but both were in excellent shape. He stood about 6′ tall and was wearing a silk robe. She was a petite 5’2”, and had on a kimono that made sure all of her curves were apparent. She had very nice breasts bulging out, and was carrying maybe 10 pounds too much in her tummy, but her face was gorgeous, and her smile infectious. The host explained that all new guests had to go through an interview. Henry had been there before, so he didn’t need to, but I did. The hostess introduced herself as Liz and invited me back into a small office with room enough for a desk a chair, and a love seat.

“Liz sat down on the love seat, telling me to sit on the edge of the desk. I found this interesting, and a bit embarrassing. Henry had had me wear a very short black dress with no panties, and climbing up into the position would require me to spread my legs in such a way that my bare pussy would be obvious. Her eyes took me in as I did as instructed, and I knew she got a very good look at my pussy, which was already a bit wet. I sat there as she explained the rules of the night. Essentially as a new sub, I would be expected to do whatever my master told me to do. She explained that on the second visit and thereafter, all subs had to submit to any master at the party. She also explained that they would also have dom/sub nights where the men were all sub, and the women were dom, whereas all the women were to be sub tonight.

“She asked me if any of the rules bothered me. I shook my head, accepting the rules of the evening. She then gave me my safe word, which I was to use only if I felt the situation was getting out of hand.

“Liz then explained that she liked to check out new women personally, and told me to spread my legs. I did as she asked, and then she slid out of the love seat, kneeling on the floor between my legs, and staring straight into my twat. I knew she could see how aroused I was. She then slid her hands up between my thighs, spreading my legs even more.”

I continued to watch the scene, and realized that Lisette’ was doing the same to Colleen that Odette’ described. Colleen seemed to raise her hips a bit off of the table, and I figured she must be getting aroused by now.

Odette’ continued, “The next thing I knew, Liz was tonguing my clit. It wasn’t the first time for me to be eaten by a women, but it was memorable. Her tongue started out very lightly, just teasing me with a very delicate touch.” I half expected Lisette’ to imitate the story with action, but she didn’t, staying fully focused on the massage. “But that was all it took. I was so hot from anticipation that I was cumming instantly with my juices just flowing from my pussy. She didn’t stop, though, sliding her tongue a bit lower between my pussy lips. I felt it probe at my pussy, which responded with gush after gush of cum. She lapped some of it up, but then she pulled back, leaving my pussy and upper thighs wet with my cream. She then announced that I was suitable to join the party, and she would return me to Henry. I asked if I could clean up, and she shook her head, explaining to me that all of the subs for the evening were not allowed to clean up after any session; the masters would take care of it, if appropriate. And, so she returned me to Henry with my thighs wet and my pussy sopping wet. And the evening got better from there.” Odette then returned to the store where a sexy customer was waiting.

Lisette’ moved up the table and started massaging Colleen’s back, shoulders, and arms. For the next several minutes she continued the massage, slowly moving lower and lower until she reached Colleen’s buttocks. Without hesitation, Lisette’s hands massaged Colleen’s ass cheeks, and I watched as her fingers occasionally slipped between the creases of her ass. Then Lisette’ ordered Colleen to turn over. Colleen did as she was instructed and laid back down closing her eyes. Her nipples were hard, either because of a cool room, or her arousal or both. For the first time I got a clear view f her now naked pubic area, and my kaçak casino cock hardened even more as I smiled, knowing that that pussy was mine for the next several days. Lisette’ once again started with the feet and worked her way higher up Colleen’s legs. Colleen opened her legs enough to allow Lisette’ to have full freedom in massaging her inner thighs. Lisette’ continued to rub Colleen’s legs, slowly drifting her hands higher and higher. Soon she was completely focuses on the thighs, and I watched her hands slide closer and closer to Colleen’s pussy with each massaging stroke. Colleen’s eyes were closed, but I thought I could detect the rapid breathing that evidenced her arousal. Then she moaned and I knew that Lisette’ was caressing her most intimate regions, teasing her, and playing into one of Colleen’s espoused fantasies. Lisette’ teased her a bit more, and then moved up and started in on Colleen’s arms.

I continued to watch and my cock reacted, hardening in my pants. Soon, Lisette’ was massaging Colleen’s breasts, and there was no denying Colleen’s arousal as I could see her clenching her thighs together in sexual hunger. Lisette’ continued to move her hands lower on Colleen, kneading her belly, before sliding them across her lower abdomen. Then she slid one hand between Colleen’s thighs and a moan told me that her fingers had found Colleen’s clit. Lisette’ continued to minister to Colleen’s body with one hand focused on her pussy region while the other massaged her breasts, and squeezed her tits. I could now hear Colleen moaning in pleasure.

Lisette’ spoke softly, “Keep your eyes closed.” Lisette’ then removed her wrap which turned out to be her only article of clothing. She then climbed up on the table and straddled Colleen, with one knee on each side of her head. She spread her knees just enough that her own twat was just an inch or so above Colleen’s face. She then lower herself to where she laying across Colleen and lowered her face to Colleen’s twat.

But before her lips made contact, “You are very hot Colleen. And very horny. You need to relax so that we can fit you with the clothes. I am going to help you relax.” She then lowered her lips to Colleen’s pussy.

Colleen later told me that it was pure bliss, and I knew it had to be good, because Colleen started screaming almost instantly, “Oh, fuck! Oh, god! That feels so fucking good. Oh, shit! I’m cuuuuuuummmmmming. Oh, fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Then Lisette’ silenced her by lowering her pussy down onto Colleen’s face, and rubbing her pussy across Colleen’s nose and then onto her lips.

“Eat me!” she commanded. “Stick your tongue up my twat. I’m so hot. Show me how much you liked it.” She moaned. “Oh, yeah, that’s right. Push it in as far as you can. Oh, yeah! Fuck me with your tongue. Oh, shit, yeah! That’s good. I can feel my pussy creaming with juice. Can you taste it? I’m sure you can!” And with that, Lisette’ climbed off the table.

“What’s wrong?” Colleen blurted out as Lisette’ dismounted her. “Did I do something wrong?”

“Oh, no. You were great!”

“Then why did you get off the table. You didn’t orgasm did you?”

“No, I didn’t, but you got me to just where I wanted to be. Nice and hot. I do my best work with a sexy woman like you if I am really horny. And you have done that for me. Quite well! And I think that you should be as relaxed as we can get you given the circumstances.”

“Well, I’m not exactly relaxed, but I’m certainly quite mellow with the combination of the weed, and your delightful massage.”

“Good, so let’s start on your wardrobe for the rest of the week. At least your after-work wardrobe.”

“I’m ready.”

I turned the feed off at that point, realizing a couple of things. I knew that eventually Lisette’ and Colleen would finish the session started on the massage table, and that the atmosphere leading up to it would be quite erotic, no matter what Lisette’ said about calming Colleen down. I also knew that considerable time would actually be spent on putting the wardrobe together, and I sort of wanted to be surprised with the outfits as she brought them out. Odette’ had cautioned me that I may want to do that even when she had given me the pass code for the web cam. And, I had quite a bit of work to do. And, finally, I knew that eventually one of the three women would give me all of the details. And I could savor and enjoy the eroticism at that future time.

I spent the next couple of hours taking care of some business. I also finished off what was left of our joint from earlier, knowing we’d buy more weed when we were out that evening. As I was getting dressed for the evening, there was a knock at my door. I checked the peephole, and there was a bell steward with a girl in some form of uniform carrying a .package. The bell steward explained the package was being delivered from Aunt Sophie’s Closet, and asked I had ordered it. Security was quite tight at the time, and the hotel was being extremely careful, and it seems the shop had ordered the delivery girl to deliver it personally. I was a bit flabbergasted for a moment, having not ordered anything, when I realized that the name was that of Odette’s little boutique. I figured she sent me over some more appropriate clothes for the evenings as she had a pretty good idea of what I packed for travel, and I hadn’t packed to party.

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