Closeness Ch. 01

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Here’s another story, born in the depths of my mind and given shape within the space of a few hours. It takes a while to hit the sexytime, so it may not be your cup of tea if you just want to whack it. My eagerness to write it may have gotten the best of me, so please, do your best to overlook any shortcomings. I still refuse to seek out an editor, as this is my sophomore effort, and I wish to hear about opinions on my writing alone. Please, feel free to comment! Na Zdrowia, TheSilentBrother. canlı bahis


I got a call around 4AM, my ringtone piercing my sleeping ears and putting me in a very foul mood. I looked at my phone’s too-bright screen and, just barely, saw my sister’s name. I swiped ‘answer’, and snapped “What do you want, Julia?”

On the other end I heard a gentle, nearly imperceptible sound that I wouldn’t ever expect; weeping. My sister was crying. “Blake, I need you to pick me up. After the prom we went to Kyle’s, and he just-” the rest was imperceptible, muffled by her sobs and the sound of heavy rain. I felt bad for answering as I had. It sounded like something was actually wrong. “He what?” I waited to see if she’d say any more, but she just kept crying. “Listen, Jules, sit tight. I’m coming now.”

I threw on sweats and a hoodie, running to my car through the pounding rain. I got in and backed out, driving the brief route to the interstate from my apartment at illegal speed. As I drove, I wondered what could’ve happened. Kyle Hart was a friend of my sister’s, and he’d always seemed like a really good kid. Could the cops have raided something? Was something more sinister going on? I had no idea and it was driving me nuts.

Pushing eighty, I got off at the exit leading to Main Street, which Kyle’s street branched from. I turned onto the dirt road and drove a ways, eventually seeing a small figure huddled on the side of the road. My sister’s sapphire blue dress was crumpled, dirty and soaked. Her makeup had run down her face and she looked utterly dejected, not looking up as I pulled over. I got out and ran to her, yelling over the loud rain. “Julia!” She looked up and tried to stand on unsteady feet, nearly falling again before I grabbed her and swung her legs up, carrying her across my arms. I opened my passenger door and placed her in the seat as best I could, then closed it.

I got back in, turned on the car and blasted the heat, looking to her as I began to drive, turning around and getting back onto Main. “What happened after? I thought you went with Alex, where’s he?”

Julia seemed to just realize where she was, and I noticed a definite glaze in her features. She was stoned or drunk off something, because the usual bright awareness in her eyes was totally gone. “I think Alex slipped me something,” she slurred, regarding me with unfocused eyes. “Then Kyle came in and he..” She faded back into her quiet delirium. Something was definitely wrong. I was worried, because it sounded like someone had taken advantage of her. My sister was barely even eighteen, two years younger than I, and I couldn’t even protect her from sleazy douchebags like this. It made me sick.

Within twenty minutes we were back at my complex, and I pulled her from the car and led her to the front door, unlocking it. She only stumbled a bit, and I pulled her along to the elevator. Once it dinged open she went in and I followed, and I hit the ninth floor button. She leaned against me, her head on my shoulder. “You didn’t have to come get me, Blake. Thank you.” She whispered, not looking at me. I put my arm around her shoulders as the elevator door opened, guiding her out. “Don’t mention it, Jules.”

I unlocked my door and guided her to the couch of my apartment, which was pretty large and modern, with glass and hardwood surfaces. I laid her down and sat on the ottoman by the end, regarding her. Her long, thick, silky brown hair was horribly tangled and her makeup had run down her face with both rain and tears. Her dress was ripped in places, and parts of her tanned skin were showing. Her eyes flew open, and she began to cry again almost immediately. I leaned closer, but didn’t touch her. “It’s okay, Jules, you’re with me now.”

“Kyle tried to make me have sex with him..” She let out between sobs, “He thought I would be unconscious.” So there it was, confirmed. These little bastards had tried raping my sister. I didn’t say anything, wanting her to get it all out before she lost her resolve again. “I scratched his face and ran, but I didn’t know who to call. This is too embarrassing to talk to Mom or Dad about.”

I reached over and pulled a stray lock of hair out of her face, and she just barely flinched under my touch. I know it wasn’t my fault, but it broke my heart. “Assholes like this are everywhere, and you did the right thing calling me. It’s all gonna be okay.” At this, she sat up and flung her arms around me, sobbing on my shoulder. “Blakey,” she began, her voice muffled by my shoulder, “thank you.” I only let her call me Blakey, and it made me feel a bit better to hear her calling me that. This was bad, but we’d get through it.

“You canlı bahis know I’m her for you, sis. Always.” She fell asleep then. Whatever the drug was, it had begun to wear off once I’d gotten her in the car, but she was clearly tired. I got a blanket out of the closet and laid it over her, taking a good look at her before I did. holiganbet

My poor sister was always cursed by being so beautiful. She’s 5’6″, with deep brown hair and eyes and tan skin. Her dazzling white teeth and curvy figure made many girls envy her, and many guys had always looked at her as a sex object. Despite our relation, I’d always thought of her as one of the most beautiful girls I’d ever seen. She was so real, no airbrushing or heavy makeup. It was as innocent as that, just appreciating her beauty. For that reason, I tried very hard to ignore the fact that she had no panties on as I put the blanket over her.


I woke up around noon, checking my phone as usual. I shot my Mom a quick text telling her that Julia was with me, not mentioning any of last night’s events. If my sister wanted to tell her, she would do so. After that, I got up and grabbed a towel, heading to the half-bath off my bedroom. I showered, but ran out of hot water in five minutes. Julia must have taken one too, I concluded.

I finished the shower cold and threw on sweats, taking a second to check myself out in the mirror as I do every morning. I have an angular face, tan skin and dark eyes and hair. At 6’5″, I’m pretty broadly built, with a strong chest and shoulders, paired with chiseled abs and a narrow abdomen. I have good muscle size and definition, but this is very recent. I’d lost about 80 pounds the winter before, and began hitting the gym. After flexing a few times like the tool I was, I headed into the living room to see what Julia had been up to.

She was lying on the couch in one of my wifebeaters and a pair of basketball shorts, reading from one of my Dresden Files novels. Again, I tried to disregard the obvious fact that the top strained against her breasts. She seemed serene, and much cleaner than last night. I cleared my throat, but she gave no indication that she had noticed me. I walked past the couch, not wanting to disturb her, and opened the fridge. I was looking for something to make, and was leaning in to grab eggs, when she spoke right by my ear. “Whatcha doing?”

I jumped and hit my head on a shelf of the fridge, turning to her in mock anger. “Don’t scare me like that, you little witch!” She giggled and backed out of reach, and I couldn’t help but crack a smile. I took out the eggs and a few slices of American cheese and got to work on making omelettes.

“Someone is better this morning!” I called, not looking away from my cooking. “Well, I’m alive and my big brother came to save me. What have I got to be whining over?” She called from the couch, back to reading my book. She sounded a lot better, and I didn’t feel like pushing it. If problems came from this, we’d handle them. “Nothing at all, sis. Nothing at all.”

When the omelettes were finished I put them on the “table”, an island with a marble top that I’d positioned stools around. She got up and came to sit, swinging the stool with her feet on the crossbar like a little kid. I brought out orange juice and sat to eat, and we made pleasurable small talk.

“Let me!” She squeaked as I went to clean up the plates. She took mine out of my hands, stacked it on hers, and took them to my sink, beginning to wash them. “God, you’re spoiling me, Jules. I might get used to it and make you stay here.” She had a mischievousness in her eyes I’d often seen before as she said, “Oh no, trapped with you? What ever will I do?” She giggled, “You’ll never get any ass if I’m here all the time, I’ll scare all the girls away.”

I couldn’t help but laugh too, “As if I get ass in the first place!” She looked at me a bit funny, as if confused. “Why not? You’re cute and you have a nice house, plus you drive a Mustang. What don’t the chicks dig?” Her eyes widened in mock horror. “Or do you bat for the other team?” I threw a dish rag at her, but she caught it and began drying dishes. “You’re so funny I forgot to laugh Jules!”

A bit later we were sitting on my couch watching The Vampire Diaries on netflix. It wouldn’t be my first choice, but she was into it, and the plot wasn’t too bad. Her feet were across my lap, and I was absently massaging them while watching the show. “You know,” she began, “You look a lot like Damon.” I regarded the screen, and she was right, but I decided to mess with her a bit.

“Yeah right! I have much better hair.” She kicked me lightly in the stomach. “I happen to like Damon, it was a compliment!”

My breath caught a bit in my chest. “Did you mean what you said earlier? About me being cute?” She looked at me like I had grown another head. “Obviously, I don’t just lie. If we weren’t related, I’d totally be banging you.” She tossed her hair and put it up in a ponytail, then went back to watching the show. I was dumbfounded.

Could she just be confused by last night’s events? She seemed so nonchalant bahis siteleri about them, and her casual and unusual comments were certainly not in character. Still, I felt a warmth in my face, and she noticed.

“You’re blushing!” She giggled, “Is it so hard to believe I find you sexy? You’re like Superman for fucks sake! Swooping in to save that day. That’s the kind of thing that makes a girl fall in love with you!”

She seemed to realize what she had said, and a little color came to her cheeks too. “You know, a girl who’s not your sister.” She whispered. She returned to watching the show, seeming to avoid me altogether.

“Hypothetically…” I began, and she looked at me curiously, “If it wasn’t wrong, what would you do?” She was quiet, pulling her legs back and just sitting there. The silence stretched and I wondered if I’d crossed a line, but she spoke a minute or two later. imajbet

“This.” She lunged at me and locked her soft lips onto mine, their heat and moisture like nothing I’d even felt before. I kissed back just as passionately, pulling out her scrunchie and running a hand through her now free hair. I pulled her head closer, and the kiss heated even more. I slid my tongue across her lower lip, agonizingly slow. Her mouth opened, just a bit, and I slid my tongue inside, continuing the interplay between our lips. Her tongue lashed around mine as we wildly swapped saliva.

I reached up, tentative despite our current action, and placed my hand on her breast. She kissed me even harder, which I took as confirmation. I slid my thumb over her nipple, teasing it to full hardness.

She pulled back from the kiss to peel her shirt off over her head, her beautiful breasts lightly bobbing as she set them free. Her slightly darker areolas standing out, her pink nipples hard as little diamonds. I rested my palm on her warm left breast, feeling the firm nipple against my palm. “Blake, Blakey, please don’t stop.” I looked up at her, making direct eye contact, and brought my head to her other nipple. I flicked my tongue around it and engulfed it in my mouth, pinching and squeezing the other. I’d occasionally peek up to see her with her head thrown back in ecstasy, her eyes closed with bliss.

I pulled my head away and switched breasts, nursing on that one for a while. Then, I began to plant wet, warm kisses, beginning with her sternum and moving down her stomach. I licked at her navel, something that is not really pleasurable per se but I’ve always found rather hot. I came down to the waistband of the shorts, and she rolled her hips, allowing me to pull them off.

“Is this okay?” I asked her, looking up at her from her naked, glistening pussy. She simply nodded, her breath caught, her desire palpable. I began at the bottom of her slit, running my tongue up in a wide, flat stroke. Reaching the hood of her clit, I danced little circles around it with my tongue. Her clitoris peeked out, a pearl among the pinkness of her lips. I swirled my tongue around it, building a rhythm.

I inserted a finger, then two, into her easily. She was so wet, her juices running down onto my hand. I continued to lick and nibble at her clit, pumping my fingers in and out of her. She squirmed around, and I could feel the tension as her orgasm built under my careful care. Just as it was about to hit, I latched my lips onto her clit and sucked it, and she exploded. I felt her shaking uncontrollably, and for the first time she got vocal. Her moans were loud and musical to my ears, a sign of my good handiwork. It took about a minute for her powerful orgasm to subside, and she lay there shivering for a few moments after. I licked my lips and fingers clean, her honey gone from my fingertips, and sat up.

Flushed and sweating, she could only weakly smile. “B-B-Blakey, that was.. Incredible. Give me a minute.” I simply stared at her, taking in her beauty as she began to regain her strength. She pulled my shirt off over my head and traced her hand absent-mindedly over my chest and abs, looking deep into my eyes as though searching for some deep celestial answer. Her lips formed gentle words I could not hear, and her hand wandered to my pants.

“I’m gonna repay the favor, Blakey.” Her eyes suddenly snapped into sharp focus, and they bored deep into mine. “I think you’ll like this.” She pulled on the band of my sweats, then brought down my boxers as well, leaving my hard cock to spring free. I’m no slouch, standing at about 8 inches erect. She regarded my cock with a little smirk, seeming to think about what she’d do to me first.

She ran her fingertips up the shaft, tickling my sensitive frenulum and running her thumb around the head, spreading precum. She slid her hand down slowly, wrapping it lightly around the base of my cock. She slowly, but surely, started to jack me off, building a bit of speed and cradling my balls with her other hand. Her tongue flicked out once, twice, three times, stimulating the tip of my cock.

Then, without warning, she engulfed it. All of it. One moment it was on the tip of her tongue, the next it was hitting the back of her throat. I bahis şirketleri tangled a hand in her hair and rested it there, allowing her to move her head a bit back before gently guiding her back down. My cock bounced into the tightness of her throat several times, her tongue running along my balls. She pulled back and began stroking my again, continuing to suck on my testicles, gazing up at me to gauge my reaction. I’m sure I must’ve looked dumbfounded as all hell, because she seemed satisfied with her work.

Again, she popped the head into her mouth, bobbing up and down. Her warm, wet tongue worked hard to coax the seed out of me, her hand running up and down my shaft with the motions of her head. “Jules,” I grunted, feeling a bubbling in my groin and a pressure in my balls, “I’m gonna cum!”

She pulled me into the back of her throat once more, my cum blasting free and flying down her throat. She gagged, but kept her head there, every bit of my seed going straight down into her stomach. Spent, I rolled my head back, feeling the beads of sweat roll down my face. She unlatched her face from my cock, licking her lips and looking very satisfied.

A few moments later, I sat back up and looked to her mischievously. “We’re pretty sweaty. Maybe a shower’s in order.” She returned the grin and grabbed my hand, pulling me to the bigger bathroom off the living room, the one with the full shower. I ran the water warm, and she sighed. “God, Blake, that escalated so quick.. I can’t believe you’re that good. Why have we never done this?” I simply smiled at her. We both knew the answer; everything in society told us that this was wrong. But it sure as hell didn’t feel it. Consequences be damned!

I climbed into the shower, and Julia joined me. She picked up my body wash, squeezing some onto my chest, and spread it around to lather me. She squeezed more, foaming up my biceps, forearms, abs and groin. She reached my cock, lathered it between both hands and jerked me up and down, getting me hard. I did the same for her, doubting she minded the scent of the soap. I ran my fingers over her foamy nipples, around her breasts and down her stomach. I spread a bit of suds around her pussy, and placed the bottle back down.

We held one another close, rinsing beneath the warm spray. Then, I gripped her thighs and lifted her up, putting her back to the wall of the shower. I looked up at her, into her eyes. “Is this okay?” She nodded, her eyes boring into mine. “But be gentle. I’ve never done this.”

Keeping careful mind of my sister’s virginity, I slid the head up against her entrance, running it up and down her lips. She was sufficiently wet, so I began to lightly press inward. I felt an elastic tightness, and it pushed only slightly. I held her tight against the wall, gripping her hips. “Julia, this is going to hurt a little. But I promise you, it will feel wonderful after.” She nodded, believing me, knowing I wouldn’t steer her wrong.

I plowed in with one thrust, keeping my eyes locked on hers, being rough only out of necessity. Her hymen gave way, and she whimpered as I entered her totally, her tight wetness enveloping my cock. I gently slid myself in and out, testing the waters. She slowly began to lose the tension, her vaginal pain going away, allowing her to feel me pulsing inside her. She began to rock back against me, and I looked up from our joined genitals to regard her. Our eyes both were rimmed with tears, both of pain and ecstasy. I didn’t want to hurt my little sister, but I knew it had to be done if we were to make love.

I tilted my head forward and touched my lips to hers, our gentle kiss matching the rhythm of our soft lovemaking. Slowly, I picked up the pace, as did the kiss. Our tongues danced, and I pistoned in and out of her, my pleasure centers running wild as I thrust. She broke the kiss and leaned her head back. Her moans motivated me, driving me crazy and making me go faster and faster. Gradually, her moans grew more high pitched, contrasting with my animalistic grunts. I felt the drop in my stomach signifying an impending orgasm. I held back, repressed it, waiting for her to get hers. And then I felt it. Her walls pulled around me, and she came with a powerful fury. Her moans hit a crescendo and her pussy engulfed me, causing me to explode inside of her. I felt myself empty, my whole soul fill her.

As I pulled out of her, the water washing us clean, I realized I loved my sister in a way I’d never loved anyone else. My chest burned with a love so massive and burning hot that I didn’t know how I could hold it in. I grabbed her and kissed her passionately as she toweled off. She reciprocated, then pulled back and looked at me, nonplussed. “What was that for?” She asked me.

“No reason. I felt like it.” She accepted this without argument, coming in for another kiss. “What will this mean for us, Blake? Are we together? Won’t it be strange?” Her worries seemed as petty as could be to me. We just had to be together, nothing else mattered. I kissed her again. “Jules, should we just hold back everything for our entire lives? No! If we love one another, what else matters?” I’d reassured her, and she rested her head on my shoulder as I stroked her hair. “I love you Jules. Not in the way I should, but I do.” There was a moment of silence- “I love you too, Blakey.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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