Close Knit Ch. 03.2

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Chapter 3.2: Lil Miss Hypocrite

“I saw you… in dad’s office. With mom,” I said quietly. I lay across his bed, resting my chin on the back of my hands. It’s been three days since I saw Nathan and my mother together. Three days since I watched them in my father’s office, my mother bent over her husband’s desk while her son plowed her from behind. Her fantasy come true, according to a diary she kept hidden in the attic. We’d discovered it, and was taken aback by its contents. Nathan had appeared troubled after reading it, disgusted even. But then… casino siteleri

“Yeah, I know.” Nathan swiveled in his computer chair to face me. He leaned against the armrest, fist pressed against his cheek. “You were peeking through the door.”

“You knew?” I asked. I didn’t catch his eyes shift toward the door that night. Not once. “How did you—?”

“You left the door cracked, Rena.”

Duh. “Oh… right.” I fell silent. I wanted to say something, but the right words eluded me. I hadn’t thought of what to say beyond telling him that I saw him and mom fucking. Nathan just sat there, rocking softly in his chair, as if waiting for me to say something. He seemed… fine. Unphased. I’m not sure why, but I half-expected him to be wallowing in confusion and shame, much like I had been the last few days. But he was just regular old Nate. Cool and confident.

“Why?” I asked several long moments later.

“Because,” he simply said, as if the answer was completely obvious.

“Come on, Nate, that’s not an answer,” I told him. “Why? Why did you do it?”

“Because,” he said again, “because… I don’t know. I just wanted her, man.”

I hopped from his bed and stood over him. He didn’t look up. “You don’t see anything wrong with that? You didn’t feel any shame afterward?”

He snorted, looking up to me with his deep blue eyes, and said, “Do I see anything wrong with fucking my own mother? Yeah. Do I feel shame? No… not really.” We’d been talking quietly up until then, and I suddenly felt a pang of fear in my belly. Not only was it been late, Dad was back home, and I prayed to God he didn’t hear Nathan just then.

“How, Nate?” I asked in a hushed tone. “What kind of sick person would—” betasus

“Do something like that?” he finished. Impatience weighed heavy in his voice. His eyes seemed to grow darker. “In case you forgot, little sis, you watched. You watched for a long time. Probably touched yourself, too. So don’t get all high and mighty with me, li’l miss hypocrite.”

I peeled my gaze away from his, his words stinging. He was right. I did watch. I watched them, and I enjoyed it. It turned me on like nothing else in the world. But unlike Nathan I couldn’t shake away the shame, the guilt. Incest was wrong… plain and simple, no matter how much it aroused me. Nathan stood, his football player physique looming over me this time. He was close… real close. My nipples pressed softly against his chiseled chest, and I felt them harden like rocks. Oh, God.

“What’s the matter, huh?” Nathan said, his voice hard.

With my head turned, I could feel his breath splash against my neck, and I shivered. Need pricked at my nether region. Hot, forbidden need. I tried fighting the feeling, but it was a losing battle. My body appeared to have a mind of its own. I was just there for the ride. I backed up a single step, and Nathan’s hand wrapped around my tiny wrist, stopping me.

“You’re turned on right now, aren’t you?” he said looking down at my chest. My nipples strained through my t-shirt, beckoning him. “So what was all that talk before, Rena? Jealousy?”

Then I felt his other hand cup my pussy through my volleyball shorts, and I gasped. Lust swelled within me, urging me to give in. I fought. I tried pulling away from him, but he was stronger than me. He held me in place, his hand rubbing at my moistening slit. My shorts were getting drenched.

“Please, Nate,” I pleaded. “This is wrong… we—you can’t do this…”

“Then tell me to stop,” he said.

“Nate, please!” A small voice, perhaps my conscience, screamed the words, but they couldn’t make illegal bahis it past my lips.

Nate pushed me, and I fell back against his mattress. I tried scrambling myself together, but Nathan was too quick, too strong. He grabbed the waistline of my shorts and pulled them off, tossing them behind him. Then he grabbed the back of my knees and pushed them back, exposing my bare, unshaven pussy that glistened with warm juices. I screamed in my mind, but my body had given in. This was wrong… but I wanted it. I wanted it bad. I wanted my brother.

“No panties, huh?” Nathan said with a wolfish smile. His mouth, kissable and perfect, hovered over my pussy as he spoke, and the heat made my clit throb. I struggled a little bit, but he easily held me there.

Then he licked me.

Firey pleasure swirled in the pit of my stomach, and then spread throughout every nerve in my body. I quivered, trying to say something but nothing coherent escaped me.

He licked me again. betboo

I felt his tongue glide slowly from my hole to my clit. He swirled around the throbbing bud a few times before slithering that tongue back down to my needy little hole again. I thought I would lose it once he shoved his tongue inside me. I watched his head bob as he tongue fucked me, his eyes staring up at me with a sensuality that made me want him even more.

Moments later he worked his way back up to my clit, and sucked it into his mouth. I squirmed beneath him, writhing in pleasure, electricity grazing against the nerves in my thighs, my belly, and my chest.

“This is wrong,” I heard myself say in a quiet voice. “This is so bad… I’m bad. I am so—” Pleasure shot through me like an arrow, my body quaking with an orgasm. My head fell back, eyes rolling to the back of my skull. I did my best to stay quiet, but I just couldn’t. The pleasure was too great. Luckily, before I could get any louder, Nathan held his hand over my mouth, and I moaned against his palm.

“You are bad,” Nathan said. I couldn’t see his face, but I just knew he was smiling, impressed with himself. I closed my eyes and tried to calm down, taking deep breaths through my nose. I’d never cum that hard in my life. My entire body was sensitive. I felt like I might die if something went anywhere near my pussy again. I had begun to wonder why Nathan’s hand still covered my mouth until I heard the rustle of fabric sliding off of skin.

“Mmm!” I moaned against his hand, eyes snapping open. His cock invaded me, and I almost came again.

My pussy walls clinched around his shaft, and my body shook as though I’d been tossed in freezing weather. I looked up, watching his cock slide out of me as he slowly dragged his hips back, and back in with a quick, hard thrust that made me want to scream. God it felt good. Too good. I wondered if my mother had felt this way when Nathan was inside of her. The feeling was indescribable.

Uncovering my mouth, finally, he sat up on his knees and pulled his shirt over his head. He looked like a Michelangelo masterpiece. His football training had sculpted him to perfection. He then reached down and pulled the hem of my t-shirt over my breasts, and I suddenly felt self-conscious. My breasts weren’t as big as my mother’s… he probably wouldn’t have as much fun with them. Or so I thought. He leaned in and wrapped his lips around one, his hand cupping the other. I gnawed my lower lip, trying not to squeal in pleasure, especially when his hips started working again, pumping his cock in and out of my sopping cunt.

“Nathan…” I murmured. He suckled hungrily at my sensitive nipples, and pleasure frayed at my nerves like fire. I tangled my fingers in his hair, holding him against my chest, silently begging him not to stop. He pounded me into another orgasm, my back arching severely. I squeaked out a moan, and I wrapped both arms around Nathan’s head as my body tremored.

He continued to drill me, stroking through my orgasm. He sat up on his knees once my grip on him slackened, and let his hands take hold of my waist as he fucked me, pulling me against him. Strands of dark brown hair illegal bahis siteleri clung to his face with perspiration, and he was biting down on his lower lip, too. I wondered if he was close. I hoped he was. I wanted his cum, on me… in me…

Several moments later he pulled out of my pussy with a grunt, and his seed splashed warmly against my skin. Gorgeous cum covered my tits and belly, glittering prettily beneath the dull lighting of his bedroom. He looked to me with a smile, his chiseled chest heaving. I wanted to say something, but again, I couldn’t find the right words to say. I just lay there, breathing ragged breaths, my hands rubbing my brother’s cum into my skin.

It’s still wrong, I thought. betgray

But I love it.


I stood outside of my parent’s bedroom, waiting, listening. My mother lie on the other side of the door, touching herself. I knew because I could hear her mewling, could hear her soft voice call out someone’s name. A name that wasn’t my father’s. She was calling out to my brother, Nathan. Her own son. She was disgusting. She was sick and she was twisted.

But so was I.

Why, just days before I had allowed Nathan to take me in his bedroom, just as he’d taken our mother a week before in our father’s study. I had told myself that that the act was abominable, wicked, but knowing that hadn’t struck me with shame, only arousal. Which was probably why I was waiting outside of my parent’s room with a hand up my skirt, listening to my mother masturbate to thoughts of her son.

I didn’t have to worry about anyone catching me. My father was out at work, as was my brother. Though I wouldn’t have minded if Nathan found me here. In fact, it might have made things interesting. I licked my lips and then bit my lower lip. The slow, vertical strokes I was making against my slit became a little more aggressive—a little harder, a little faster. God, I wanted my brother inside me. I craved the weight of him against me, on top of me, with his hips working his cock in and out of my hungry pussy.

A moan from inside my parent’s room penetrated my thoughts. My mother’s moan. I could hear something else, too… A smacking sound, soft and wet and quick. I knew that sound, the sound of working fingers, slamming in and out of a sopping pussy. It turned me on even more. Hunger washed over me, and suddenly I needed to be in that room. I needed to be in there and do unspeakable things to her—my mother.

Without much thought I twisted the knob and opened the door, its creaking hinges drowned by the increasing volume of mom’s cries. Inside I saw her lying naked in her king sized bed, writhing in a mess of white sheets, blankets and pillows as she worked her fingers in and out of her pussy. With her eyes squeezed shut, she seemed too into the fantasy playing in her head to be aware of my presence. So I took advantage, stripping down to nothing, leaving a pile of my clothes at the foot of her bed. I grasped her attention by shutting her bedroom door.

Mom sat up, her big hazel eyes snapping open. She covered her ample breasts the best she could with her forearm, while her free hand covered her middle. She was stock still for a moment or two, her face frozen in surprise and terror, and then let out an alleviated breath once she realized who her intruder was. Her expression turned to bewilderment then.

“Um…Rena? Why are you naked?” she asked.

“I saw you,” I told her, slowly stalking her, “with Nathan, in the study.”

Mom’s eyes widened again. She flipped her dark blond hair from her face with the shake of a head, and looked away. Her mouth opened and closed several times. I could tell she was trying to find something to say, but the words eluded her it seemed.

I climbed onto her bed, crawling slowly toward her. Mom inched away, her back pressing against the wooden headboard. Confusion reclaimed my mother’s pretty face, and then she asked, “What do you plan to do?”

“With you?” I asked, canting my head slightly. “Or about you and Nathan fucking?”


“Get in on the fun,” I told her. canlı bahis siteleri I was close, now. I grazed her mouth with mine when she turned away, exposing her delicate jawline and her delectable neck. I leaned in further, and licked that neck of hers. “Mommy,” I whispered, “I want to fuck you like Nathan did…my pussy is so wet for you right now.”

I heard her gasp, and felt her quiver against my lips. “Rena… oh my God.”

I pressed my lips softly against my mother’s neck, and trailed soft kisses down the slope of her neck, down to the tops of her breasts. I continued once I pulled her hand from her chest, letting my lips and tongue wander in the valley of her breasts. She quivered with every touch, looking down at me with a sultry look in her eyes. As my mouth traveled further south, mom removed her other hand and nudged her hips toward me. Her pussy glistened wetly, her lips and clit red and swollen from the abuse she’d been giving it before I barged in. It looked good enough to eat. I sat up and grabbed my mother’s thighs, pulling her toward me so that she lay flat on her back. Getting good and comfortable, I dipped my head between her thighs.

Mom’s hips rose a little as I pressed my hot mouth against her pussy. Tongue swept over her pussy lips in soft, vertical strokes. The feeling of her pussy against my mouth made my clit throb, and I reached my hand under me to rub my fingers against the tiny nub. I dug my tongue betwixt her folds, moving it stiffly against her hole and dragging it up to her clit. Mom mewled, her hips rising again. I looked up to find her watching me. Her upturned brows were knitted together, and she gnawed her lower lip. She looked so hot…

“Yes… just like that!” she whined.

“You like that, mommy?” I asked her, my voice almost childlike.

“Oh, God! I love it when you call me that!”

And I loved saying it. The nastiness of it made my pussy twinge.

My mother’s hands reached down and spread her labia, and I focused my tongue on her clit, lapping hungrily. I rubbed harder at my own pussy, the pleasure causing me to moan against my mother’s clit. She reacted with a subtle gyration of her hips, and sexy little whine. I dragged my tongue back down to her hole, and shoved it in as deep as I could.

“Ahn! Oh, baby…yes, yes!” She bucked, and her thighs closed around my head. An orgasm shot through her. I could feel her juices splash against my tongue, hot and tangy, sweet. I loved it… my mommy’s girl cum.

“Come here,” she said, relaxing her thighs. She gently grasped my chin, and guided me toward her, colliding my mouth with hers in a hard, savage kiss that tingled my spine and prickled my cunt with need. Our tongues tangled, exploring each other’s mouths. My pussy ached, especially when her fingers teased my rock hard nipples.

She tore away from the kiss. “Lie back.”

I fell back against the mattress, spreading my thighs. Dipping her head, she pressed her mouth against my clit. Fire ignited in my belly, and spilled down into my legs. A guttural moan escaped me. Nathan had done a good job of eating me out during our little lark, but mom had known exactly what she was doing. Her tongue moved swiftly, swirling against my clit, sending pleasure through me in waves.

“Mn! Mom!” I sat up some, my elbows supporting me. My mother watched me as she feasted, sucking and slurping, making me squirm beneath her mouth. And then she fanned the flames that raked my nerves. She shoved a finger inside of me, and my breath hitched. She added another finger, slipping them in and out of my hole. So good… it felt so good.

My eyes fluttered, head falling back. A severe arch curved my spine, and I’d lost sight of reality. I tried to squirm away, but she held me in place. Her mouth never stopped working, sucking on my clit while her fingers pumped my pussy, three fingers now. My sensitivity skyrocketed, and I shook uncontrollably.

I felt my mother’s mouth move from my clit to my pelvis, planting a soft kiss there that made my hips lurch upward. If she touched me again I was going to lose it.

“Jesus, mom…” I whispered between breaths. betist

“Had no idea you were into girls,” I heard her say with laughter in her voice. I whimpered when she kissed my inner thigh, shaking.

“I’m not,” I told her, “I’m into you.”

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