Cleaning the Boss Ch. 05

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Authors note: It has been a while but finally here is part 5 of this series and although you can read it without the previous chapters I do suggest you read them first. As with my other stories it does contain panty wearing, cuckolding and creampies. Please stop here if these things don’t interest you. Otherwise read on and I hope you enjoy. I do appreciate your constructive feedback.


Thursday night, after Karen had dropped me home, dragged. I slept badly. I had fallen in love with my boss … and the woman who had me eat dozens of creampies from her pussy. And I was still a virgin as I continued to fail to last the required three days between orgasms. I suspected Karen was in love with me too. How would this change things?

I slid into bed wearing the cum stained panties I has worn all day; and the slip that I had cum on three times to ensure it was stained enough to suit the kinky Johns before they both fucked her (and then of course I ate the pies!). I had worn it to dinner after Karen ordered me too! It was the first slip I had ever worn … plenty of panties and nighties before, but never a slip.

It felt so good. I would have to get some of these I thought. But it was too sexy for sleeping; especially knowing what had happened involving this slip earlier in the day. I took it off and put it in the wash basket. That way when I gave it back to Karen I would have to stain it again before Long and Thick John came for another visit … unless what was happening changed everything.

Even after changing into one of my most boring nighties I had trouble falling asleep. I had never really been in love before. I couldn’t stop thinking about her … and us. It was 4:00am before I realised that our love and the sex with other men were different things. In fact seeing her fucked by other men was one of the things I loved about her. So as long as I was the only one she loved it was fine with me … but I suspected I would have to convince Karen.

I fell asleep then, but only had a few hours’ sleep before it was time to shower and dress for work. As usual I put on a pair of my white cotton schoolgirl panties. These ones had pretty pink flowers and little blue butterflies. One of my favourites.

Usually Karen was at work when I got there just after 8:00, or arrived very soon afterwards. But today she didn’t get there until 9:15. She stuck her head in the door and said, “I really enjoyed last night … we’ll talk soon, but Mark is already here. I’m late!”

For the first time since I exposed my panties to her she went into her first meeting of the day without having examined my panties or having me either lick, finger or use a vibrator on her wonderful pussy.

I sat at my desk working on refining the database even further, but hoping the icon on my screen that showed that Karen wanted me to watch her being fucked would blink. But it didn’t. Then having started late the meeting ran over time and right into the next one. Again, another meeting went by without the icon flashing. That had never happened before.

After that client left Karen stayed in her office a bit longer. Then she messaged me. “We need to talk. I’ll tell the staff we have a meeting I need you at.”

I quickly agreed.

We headed outside and to her car. “Are you hungry?” she asked me.

“No. Not for food anyway! Just you!” I told her. “I think I’m too nervous about what we need to talk about to eat.”

“Good. We’re going to my place so we can talk in private,” Karen advised me.

It only took a few minutes and then we were quickly inside. As soon as we were Karen turned to me, “I’ve fallen in love with you Neil!”

She looked scared. Maybe she thought I didn’t feel the same way. “I love you too!” I told her, and then stepped forward and we kissed. The first lovers kiss of my life. I was rock hard in my panties.

Karen sat on the couch and I sat next to her. “I just hope this doesn’t ruin my business,” she told me. “Not that I wouldn’t give it all up for love … but I am enjoying all the nice things I can buy.”

“OK Karen, but there is no reason it should hurt your business. Firstly, your business can offer all of your clients a better service at the same price than any competitor. So even if you stop fucking them, although they may be disappointed I don’t think you would lose many.” I told her.

“Maybe you are right … we’ll just have to wait and see,” Karen told me, clearly having decided that whilst it was fine to have her employee clean her cum filled pussy, making her boyfriend do the same thing was inappropriate.

“Secondly … and more importantly. You love sex. You love having a big hard cock in your pussy, fucking you for as long as possible,” I began (and Karen was squirming, I knew that look, I knew that smell — she was very wet). “But I’m a virgin … and probably will be for a while yet since I hope you are still going to enforce the three day rule. And even if you do want me to fuck you, I won’t be able to satisfy you. Therefore I certainly casino siteleri don’t want you to stop fucking other men just because we’re in love. So if you want me to be the only one because that is what you genuinely want fine … but if not … as long as I’m the only one who you love … and the only one who eats cum from your pussy … then go for it!”

Karen was breathing heavily. “Are you sure?”

“Of course. I knew what you did before I fell in love. I’m not trying to change you. Look at it this way, ordering your panty wearing employee to clean you cum filled pussy is sexual harassment and illegal. Ordering your panty wearing boyfriend to do the same thing is … well kinky, but not illegal! As you boyfriend I certainly still expect to obey ANY sexual order … I’ll try almost anything within reason.” I told my super sexy girlfriend.

“Anything?” She asked. “But I don’t want you to do anything you really don’t want to. I love you … and I’m realising you are right. Part of what we love about each other is what we are sexually. So yes, the three day rule is still in force … and I will order you about sexually … but you need a safe word.”

I thought for a second. “Well, how about something really simple. If I just say ‘No Karen’ it would mean I really don’t want to. Of course something like, ‘Please no Karen’ is very different. Please means please MAKE me no matter what I have said!”

“Just so I know at least one thing not to ask, give me an example of both of those,” she told me and at the same time spreading her legs and sliding her finger inside of herself.

“OK”, I said. And thought about something I really thought I would like to try, something a little bit kinky. “If you said to me right now, ‘Lick my arse … make sure you get your tongue in’, I would say No Karen.”

I was pleased when Karen looked a bit unhappy. She had clearly enjoyed the first bit and I’m sure she was aroused by the idea of having her arse licked.

“But, if we were in the shower and you had me carefully wash you all over, paying special attention to your arse, and then said to me after we had dried ourselves and I put my panties on, ‘Lick my arse … make sure you get your tongue in’, I would say ‘Please Karen, don’t make me do that. Please don’t make me probe your big sexy arse with my tongue.’ So you see the difference the fact I know your arse is clean makes?”

Karen looked straight at me. “I think I need a shower Neil. Come and help me!”

She quickly led me to her bedroom, both of us shedding clothes as we went. By the time we were in the bedroom only my panties remained. I slid them off exposing my hard cock and placed them on the bed. I needed them handy to put back on before … well I hoped before … but shower first.

We stepped into the huge shower. Plenty of room for both of us. I quickly soaped a washcloth and started at her beautiful breasts, slowly washing each of her massive tits. Then her sexy plump belly. I love having all of that body to touch! I continued downwards, but bypassed her pussy and arse and continued with her legs. Karen was breathing heavily.

“I need a finger right now! I need to cum!” she ordered.

I dropped the washcloth for a minute. Karen leant against the wall, giving me perfect access. I slid a finger in … my God she was wet. I added a second finger, eliciting a gasp, then the first orgasm. I pumped my fingers in and out as fast as I could. I could read her mind at times like this I think. I knew fast was required. It wasn’t long before a second and third orgasm followed. “That will do. Now wash my arse and arsehole … thoroughly!”

I soaped the cloth again and gently washed her arse. Then I put that down and soaped my hands. Now I gently probed her arsehole, allowing my well soaped finger to slide in up to the first knuckle. Again Karen was gasping.

“My God! I’ve never had anything in my arse … and I still don’t think I would want a cock, but that does feel nice. How far are you in?” she asked.

“Just the first knuckle,” I told her.

“Well, that isn’t going to clean me properly! Try it all!” she ordered.

I slid my soapy finger in. It was so tight. But it must have been good for her … she was cumming again! Without being asked I slid a soapy finger from my other hand into her pussy! I could feel my fingers sliding in and out of the adjacent holes. Karen just couldn’t stop cumming! Finally she told me it was enough.

Now I gave her arse and arsehole a final, careful wash before we both exited the shower and dried ourselves. All of this time I hadn’t lost my erection even though nobody had touched it at all.

Back in the bedroom I quickly slid my panties back on. I was hoping to be in her bed in the next few seconds and I certainly didn’t want to stain her sheets.

“Now Neil, lick my arse … make sure you get your tongue in!” Karen ordered.

“Please Karen, don’t make me do that. Please don’t make me probe your big sexy arse with my tongue,” I begged.

“You just canlı casino earned yourself a good spanking … not right now but soon! Now, do as you are told and lick my arse!” Karen again ordered as she slid up onto the bed, on her knees with that beautiful big arse up in the air.

I couldn’t wait to try this! I quickly got on my knees behind her. My tongue quickly dived down and probed into her arsehole. It felt so nice!

“That’s fantastic slave boy!” Karen exclaimed. “But I think I need something in my pussy while you are doing it. Second drawer on that side. Get the biggest one. Fuck me with that and tongue my arse!” I was told.

I quickly removed my tongue and slid over to open the drawer. The biggest one was at least 10″ long but also very thick. I grabbed it and returned to my position. I quickly slid the cock shaped vibrator into her pussy. It really stretched her pussy! But as it slid in and out I could see her wonderful juices on the black shaft. But I couldn’t watch that … my tongue had more important things to do! I slid it back into her arsehole. With my tongue I could feel the neighbouring cock! Wouldn’t it be amazing to do this with a real man fucking her while I tongue fucked her arse … and then ate the cum out of her pussy!

I nearly made myself cum just thinking about it!

Karen was coming again and again. Then her foot slid back and rested on my panty covered cock. She began masturbating me with her toes! She had very clever toes! “When I say ‘now’ pull the cock out and lick my pussy to one final orgasm!” she ordered.

I continued licking arse and fucking her with her toy waiting for the command.


I quickly slid the cock out and swapped my tongue from arsehole to pussy. As I did her toes continued wanking me. I was nearly there! I didn’t even consider trying to hold off. As I licked her to that final orgasm her toes pushed me over the edge and I spurted into my panties!

“Damn,” Karen said, looking at the bedside clock. “I have a meeting with a hard cock in fifteen minutes! Get dressed and don’t waste time cleaning your panties. Such a shame. Means another three days boyfriend!”

With that she slid out of bed and dressed … which only took seconds since all she wore was a short dress … no bra or panties. I took a little bit longer, but soon we were on the way back to the office. As we got there I was told, “I’m very horny … so expect to watch your girlfriend with a nice hard cock in her any minute! And you better clean me up properly afterwards too … like the panty wearing sex slave you now are!”

I headed straight for my office, shutting the door. I opened my pants as the computer warmed up. My panties were still wet and I wanted them to dry without leaving a wet patch on my pants. The icon was starting to flash as soon as I was ready. I fired it up and my screen was filled with multiple images of the bosses’ office.

I quickly selected the best shot for the current action, then two others that showed the other important views. The main picture was from a camera under her desk, looking straight up her short skirt. It showed the fingers on her right hand playing with her soaking wet pussy.

The other two showed her face and the clients. Her face made it quite clear that she was enjoying herself. His face indicated that he was aware of what was going on.

I plugged my headphones in so I could also listen without the risk of anyone hearing if they came into my office, or even just through the door (which unlike Karen’s was not soundproofed.)

Just as I did I saw Karen remove her soaking fingers from her pussy, bring them up to her mouth, glistening with her juices and lick them clean. The clients face was a sight to be seen. I was sure he was rock hard and ready to give my sexy boss/girlfriend/mistress a good hard fuck!

Then Karen made a speech that would be repeated the first time an existing or new client visited from now on … with the exception of Long and Thick John who were special clients. “Now for the fun … but a few rules from now on. 1 — No kissing. 2 — No licking my pussy … none of you do it as well as my boyfriend so don’t bother. 3 — No pulling out and cumming on me anymore. You cum in me. 4 — Once you finish you need to dress and get out of here within 2 minutes. 5 — If you aren’t hard when you get your pants off at my request, forget it. Do you agree?”

The client answered, “No problem!”

“Then get your pants off and prove you are ready!” she ordered.

He quickly dropped them to reveal his hard-on. It wasn’t overly impressive, but it was rock hard.

Karen moved to the couch and removed her dress on the way. “Well … I’m waiting … FUCK ME!”

He didn’t need to be asked twice. I had seen Karen fucked multiple times in recent weeks, but somehow now that she was also my girlfriend (or Mistress) made it a lot hotter! My cock was bulging in my schoolgirl panties. I was leaking pre-cum at an amazing rate, but I made no attempt to clean any of it. I kaçak casino wanted to show Karen exactly how much I had enjoyed watching!

I swapped cameras and zoomed in to his cock pounding hard and fast into Karen’s very wet pussy. I had another picture showing her face which was displaying her emotions clearly to me. She was looking straight into the camera and knew I was watching! When his eyes closed as he approached orgasm I saw her mouth ‘thankyou’ to me! It nearly made me lose my load!

Then he was spurting! Filling her wonderful pussy with his cum. preparing her for me! He slumped against her as the last of the cum shot from his shaft and into her pussy. “Two minutes and counting!” Karen told him.

He quickly slid off and dressed then left.

Karen was looking into the camera and this time she spoke, “Get in here Lover … I have a messy pussy that needs cleaning!”

I was already dressed and on the way in any case, just hesitating long enough to shut the camera app down on my PC so nobody could wander in. Seconds later I was in her office, door shut and rapidly undressing. It only took a few seconds.

“Oh my God! Look at those pre-cum stains! You love it! You love watching your girlfriend get a good fucking don’t you! And did you hear my new rules?” she asked.

“Yes … and I loved them!” I told her.

“Good. I did have to give up something for you! And it is true … no man licks my pussy as well as you do. Get over here and prove it to me one more time!” she demanded.

No way was I going to argue with that! I quickly slid onto the couch between her legs and spread them (she had clamped them closed to make sure she didn’t waste any yummy cum). I quickly slid my tongue in, as usual the main taste was initially hers with just a little of him, then his cum started oozing out. Oh my God … again eating cum out of my girlfriend was so much better than when she was just my boss. I had no idea why … except that now I was also being cuckolded and that was a turn-on.

I pulled back so I could watch some of his cum oozing out, but always sliding forwards to lap it up before it slid down and risked staining the couch. Then I dove back in to thoroughly clean her, licking away until all I could taste was her and she had another three orgasms … and despite the fact I had cum only an hour and a half ago I had spurted in my panties one more time.

As soon as I came up for air Karen saw the fresh mess. “Wow! That eliminates the last of my concerns! You love being my Panty Wearing Pussy Cleaning Slave don’t you?”

All I could do was nod.

“Then get back you your desk … Barry is due any second and I want you to watch the whole thing!” she told me. “I can’t wait for you clean me again!”

Neither could I.

Back in my office I reactivated the camera app. She was still on the couch, sitting now but with dress hiked up to fully expose her wet pussy. She remained there as Barry walked in and sat opposite her. As they discussed business she remained just like that, a different approach to the previous client but she obviously knew each client well. After she had given her speech on the new rules and made him drop his pants his 10″ of rock hard cock was certainly ready to go.

Karen stood and slipped off the dress. I love that short plump body. My own cock was straining against my still damp cum stained panties. Now she slid onto the couch again; but this time she didn’t lie on the couch. She was on her knees with her sexy arse up in the air and hanging over the edge of the couch.

Barry had certainly taken her speech to heart. He quickly walked over behind her. Before his body moved into the way I could see her pussy glistening as she reached back and spread it for him. “See how hot I am for that cock! I love the way you fill me from behind! Fuck me HARD and FAST!”

Without any hesitation his entire 10″ plunged into Karen. She screamed in orgasm as he hit bottom. Then he gave her the hardest fucking I had ever seen her get … something I don’t expect I’ll ever be able to do … I can’t even control myself enough to get to fuck her, let alone like this! But I wasn’t in the least jealous … I knew I was the one she loved. She was looking at the camera and smiling as I watched. She was smiling at me … at least when she wasn’t screaming in yet another orgasm!

I couldn’t believe how long he lasted at this pace and force … but I was so pleased he did since it was so obvious how much my boss … girlfriend … mistress … I was struggling to work out how to think of her … was enjoying it.

Not that I wasn’t enjoying the site of that huge cock sliding in and out of her; her sexy arse in the air. I was thinking how good it would be to be in there with them, licking her arse as he fucked her; maybe licking his shaft from time to time, cleaning some of her juices off as it slid out of her.

Finally, he let out a gasp and drove his cock in as deep as possible and just leaving it there. I loved that. I knew he was cumming and he was as deep as possible. And he must be coming a lot! Lots of cum nice and deep meant a lot of pussy licking to clean my sexy Mistress … that was what she would be … boss of me sexually everywhere and anytime!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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