Claiming Her Ch. 07

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Author Note: The characters in this story are all over eighteen years of age. Amelia is Aiden’s little girl simply because he’s much older than her. But she in in fact, a fresh flower of eighteen and their sexual tension began months after she turned eighteen.

PS. Comments encourage me to keep on writing. Tell me what you think and what you want to see happen next!

– Slutsy


It was very peculiar, having her in his arms. She was so delicate, always so exquisitely polite and sweet. He couldn’t help but feel like an idiot for the way he’d been treating her. Normally, his cutting remarks were unconcerning. After that one night, he had aimed to humiliate. She deserved better than this — better than him. Yet perfect peace eluded him with her cocooned in his arms.

“Thank you,” she said, her words barely audible.

“I don’t plan on staying long. I have things that need to be finished,” he said, picking up her hand and running his thumb delicately down each finger.

She smiled shyly. “You’re a very busy man.”

He turned her hand over and began brushing kisses into the rounded part of eat finger. “That’s right.” He spread her hand against his. “Your fingers are so slender compared to mine.”

“Yes,” she said with uncertainty, blushing so hard her ears went red.

Then he did the oddest thing: he bent his head and dropped a kiss on her nose. Her breath fluttered his canlı bahis chest hair. He kissed her again. This time on her lips.

She let him kiss her, let him run his tongue lightly over her lower lip. There was such pleasure in kissing her, in touching her. She’d laced their fingers and kissed him back awkwardly. A kiss so awkward its lack of experience was transparent. Her tongue entered his mouth a little too hungrily and she dug her teeth too sharply. But he was all patience and control. Guiding her until they reached the perfect kiss.

He took a ragged breath and tried to tear his lips from hers, but he made it only to her jawline. Her skin was so soft, so warm, he couldn’t resist trailing a kiss all the way up to her ear.

Finally he managed to pull away, loathing himself for taking such advantage of her.

But she moved in his arms so she could kiss his ear as he did hers. He groaned when she ran her tongue along the edge, and she pulled quickly away. “Did I displease you? I thought that since I enjoyed it, you might too. I’m so—”

He placed a finger over her mouth. “Hush, Amelia. It pleased me.”

She smiled slowly against his skin.

“Do it again.”

She looked up at him, her eyes saying, Really?

He simply turned his head until his ear was a few inches away and withstood the torture of her delightfully inexperienced caresses until he could no longer.

The new bahis siteleri intimacy shattered whatever control he’d been exerting over himself.

His hand dipped lower and lower, past the smooth, flat planes of her abdomen, to soft private spot. She stiffened, but not very much. “Hush,” he whispered. “I just want to touch. I need to touch you.”

He did more than touch, he teased and tickled. He slipped his finger inside of her, back and forth, back and forth . . .

“Uncle Aiden,” Millie gasped. “I . . .”

His weight was pressing her into the mattress. “God, Millie. You’re so ready. So . . .”

Something within him snapped, and his finger left her as he furiously tore his pants. His hands were on her breasts, then her waist, then her backside, then her hips. He gently gripped her inner thighs and slid them further open. The tip of his cock touched her, and he groaned at the wet heat of it. He moved gently forward, her soft skin resisting this new invasion.

“Shhh,” he murmured, “it’s okay.”

Millie nodded; keeping perfectly still for her uncle. She never thought a man would feel this large within her. Just when she thought he couldn’t be any deeper inside her, he pushed in more, and more. Aiden covered her mouth, absorbing her scream as her body tightened.

“Quiet,” he grated out, pushing his hips up higher. “It’s okay.”

He’d claimed her. He was finally deep inside his niece. bahis şirketleri It was all he needed. His body bucked, and he waited, letting her adjust to his invasion, his thickness, his possession. And then he was kissing her deep and sweet, as his hips started pumping back and forth. He’d never felt anything so good. He would not stop, he couldn’t stop. He wanted to take, and he was; selfishly pounding into his Millie as hard as he could until the tip of his head felt ready to explode.

She was helpless against it and she loved it. She’d wrapped her arms tight around him and hooked one leg around his hip. Her breathless cries grew louder and it was all he needed. His cum just gushed right out of his cock like a damn breaking. And he slid his hand beneath her buttocks and pulled her even tighter against him.

Her moan was nothing more than a high squeak then. She trembled under him and he could feel his Millie was close to reaching an orgasm. Perhaps even her first orgasm. Slowly, he moved his hips and kissed her.

“Uncle Aiden . . . Please . . .”

And because he was a terribly selfish man, he thought about pulling himself away. He thought of leaving her at the brink of her first orgasm but it seemed his pleasure was hers. For her body whipped upward and tore a silent scream from her. She shook and shook beneath him.

“Hold on to me, little girl.”

Her body was limp and heaving from the extraordinary release, his was hard as a brick. She opened her eyes to find he was looking down on her quizzically.

She held onto him until her breathing steadied. She stroked his hair and softly asked him to do it again.

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