Cindy’s Journey to a Lesbian Life Ch. 01

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Like many women in my current situation, I know what it is like to have your world turned upside down. My name is Cindy Redding. I am 23 years old. I married my long time boy friend Mark Harris at 18 and divorced him for cheating at 22. It is a sad tale. Repeating the story hurts but hels explain my current lesbian life.

Looking back at our short life together, I realize hindsight can be cruel in its revelations.

Mark and I married after graduating from high school. He works at his family’s car business fleet department. Every cop in town drives a car purchased from Mark. He came from money and earned more than his share.

I loved him more for his humor, his looks and his prowess in bed. He is 6 ft tall and 190 lbs of toned muscles and a 9-inch cock.

The first two years of marriage, we were insatiable. Every night we went at each other like hungry animals. Nothing was beyond our boundary. We were hot and kinky. We both enjoyed oral, anal and straight sex. He could not drink enough of m pussy juices. I carved his cum. He loved making me spurt and drinking my juices. We often shared each other’s cream and became cum junkies.

I could not imagine a better sex life. He was my world and I loved him. I loved our life. We lived in an up scale gated community. We made friends with all our neighbors.

Like me. most of the women are stay at home wives. Most days we could be found at one house or another, watching the soaps, sharing gossip and talking about our sex lives I mentioned my displeasure of my small 32-inch breasts. My best friend and next door neighbor Patty Johnson, 28, is an attorney and a single mom raising two children. She suggested implants.

Mark and I agreed to the surgery. I now have s plump full 38-inch bust. Patty and the rest of my women friends love the new look and kidding told me to stay away from their husbands.

Mark loved the new look. Intense tit licking and sucking became a major part of our foreplay.

Shortly after my implant surgery, our sex life became calmed drastically when Matt started working longer hours. He apologized explaining he needed the time to meet his sales quota durng the current economic down turn. Money became tighter and I landed a part time clerk job at the local supermarket.

Our sex life fell to once or twice a week. The sex gradually became less intense. Matt again apologized and blamed it on the energy drain due to his longer hours.

I had no reason to doubt his words. It was a reality we both had to deal with.

A different reality hit me like a punch to the stomach one fateful day. I learned that our love was a big fat lie. It changed my life forever.

I planned a surprise visit to his office hoping he had time for lunch at our favorite diner. I heard the usual commotion from the clerical pool. An uneasy silence greeted me as I entered their work area on the way to Mark’s office.

“Something is not right here.” I thought.

I was stunned to see Mark from behind fucking his secretary. She lay spread-eagled on his desk with her dress pulled over her back and her thong pushed aside. Mark fucked her long and hard up her ass. She constantly muttered how much she loved his cock and wanted his cum.

It hit me that all his apologies were flat out lies.

I was too shocked to speak. I froze, staring. It had to be a bad dream. Tears filled my eyes. I was startled to hear her scream and saw them both looking at me. She ran from his office, tearfully telling me she was sorry. I ignored the bitch. casino oyna My blood boiled.

Mark pulled up his pants and tried to apologize. In a blinding rage, I cut him off. “Don’t you say a damn thing! I’ve had enough of your lies. ” I yelled. “You son of a bitch!. How could you do this to me? I worked so hard to please you. I thought I could trust you. I must be a fool to think I am woman enough for you. You worm! Get yourself a good lawyer! Do not bother coming home! Find a hotel room for you and your whore!”

The shocked office pool obviously new what was going on in Mark’s office. But, he is the owner’s son. They feared reprisals if the filed a complaint. I did not keep them from silently applauding me as I stormed out.

I drove home and had the neighborhood handyman change the locks. Mike is a young stud and a great guy. We often flirt, but I was not in the mood. He noticed my sullen attitude, knew something was wrong and sincerely said, “I hope you are OK, Cindy.” on his way out.

“Thank you Mike. You’ll know my problem soon enough.” I told him.

“That is the man I should have married,” I thought.

To my ex-husband’s credit he spared us the drama of a protracted battle and granted me a quick divorce. I kept our meager savings and gave me the house. Almost as quickly as I received new mortgage papers, I lost it to foreclosure. There was no way I could keep up the payments. I lost everything but the clothing on my back.

I found a full time well paying job at Patty’s law firm sorting and delivering mail. I accepted my mother’s invitation to move in with her and her lesbian partner, provided I could share the living expenses.

Three divorcees living together were not exactly what I had planned for my life.

I visited often with Patty. She kept my sanity and became my life long confidant. She told me the entire neighborhood was shocked at our divorce. She revealed that it scared all the married couples and drew them closer. We laughed at the irony of something good coming from something so bad.

My Mom, Sue and her lover Clair swore off men for good. They are a perfectly matched pair and are deeply in love. Both are in their mid 40s and are in remarkable good shape. Mom drives a forklift at a packing plant. Clair is an aerobics instructor at a senior citizen’s center. I joined them in an early morning jog prior to breakfast.

They are sympathetic and encouraging. They told me often that as a beautiful woman I could find any number of men to date and enjoy an actives sex life. Patty told me the same. I appreciate their words and thoughts.

Still hurt and angry, I vowed never to trust men again. The hurt eventually passed. The anger and sadness remained for a long time.

Lack of sex was driving me crazy. I resolutely told myself repeatedly that I am too young to waste away in loneliness. Masturbation helps very little. I need another human’s loving touch. My fantasies gradually turned to the hot lesbians in my life. My self-induced orgasms became more satisfying as my lust for Mom and Clair intensified.


I often overhear my mom and Clair making love. I set near their bedroom door and rub my pussy to orgasm listening to their moaning and lurid sex talk.

One night I listened intently to a scene that really turned me on.

Frantically fisting my pussy, I forgot where I was and loudly screamed as a massive orgasm rocked my body. Their bedroom grew silent. I knew they heard me and quickly ran canlı casino to my room and foolishly pretended to be asleep as Clair entered my room. Mom stood at the open door.

She sat next to me and gently turned my face and looked deep into my eyes.

“Did you enjoy listening to your mom and me making love, dear?”

I nodded yes.

“Would you like to experience lesbian love for real? We have heard you masturbating, and moaning our names.”

I vigorously nodded yes.

Mom slowly closed the door leaving Clair and me alone. She came close and gently kissed me. It was the sweetest kiss I ever felt and I responded by slowly opening my mouth and wrapping my mouth around her sweet lips. Her face smelled like pussy—my mother’s pussy! It was intoxicating.

We turned slightly and locked our lips in an open mouth kiss. The electric moment spread tiny spasms throughout my body. I became light headed and faint.

Clair sensed my instability, stopped kissing and urged me to take deep breaths.

“Sorry.” I said, “I have never been kissed so hot and tenderly.

Clair welcomed me in her arms and we resumed kissing. Our tongues probed, jabbed and swirled. We fell side by side on the bed tightly hugging. Her massive 40-inch boobs nested between my 38-inch perfectly. I moaned in ecstasy at the totally new sensation, the first of many new pleasures Clair shared during my first lesbian experience.

We spread our legs and pressed on each other’s drenched pussies.

Clair raked my hair, stared into my eyes and nudged me to my back. She fondled, rubbed and gently squeezed my breasts. She sucked one, then the other back and forth repeatedly. My nipples grew long and hard and she twisted each in a delicious mix of pain and pleasure.

I never experienced such joyous treatment pf my tits. My ecstasy grew beyond anything I had ever felt and I held her head marveling at her thick blond hair.

“Suck harder,” I pleaded. “Oh yes, my tits are on fire! Never stop. Oh yes, Clair. Soooooooooo goooood!

Clair palmed my right nipple and licked over, around and under my tit. Her magic tongue continued its journey to my left tit. She is a magician. She pulled and raised my right tit toward my mouth. I gave the textured nipple a few licks. Clair then fed my left tit to my eager mouth. Never was I more pleased with my 38-inch implants.

We kissed again with more passion. The room filled with the aromatic mixture of pussy juice and perspiration. We breathed heavily and kissed fervently. A deep fire burned in my soul. I felt a special love for Clair that only two women can share. I felt a little jealous toward my mother and scolded my selfishness. I realized takes a special woman to share her lover with another woman especially her daughter.

I pictured in my mind the sex I had heard earlier and taboo or not wanted sex with my mother.

Clair straddled my body and eagerly fed me her mammoth breasts. I strained to lavish her breasts and pushed her on her back. I sat still for long moments admiring her amazing boobs. They stood taught and firm, amazing even for a 20 year old.

I cupped one in both hands and kissed her large brown areola. Her nipples extended improbably long and firm. I sucked one and pinched the other. I licked the nipple in my mouth enjoying the rough texture on my sensitive tongue. Clair urged me on holding my head firmly. I moved to her other nipple and sucked it deep gently biting it. Clair swooned in an ecstatic mewing.

We stared into each kaçak casino other’s eyes. Clair spoke just above a whisper.

“Cindy, my dear, you are well on your way to becoming a perfect lesbian lover. Your Mom and I never planned anything like this. Hearing you cum at our door told us you wanted at least a taste of lesbian love. How far you go from here is entirely up to you. We will happily give you all the guidance you want if you choose to become a lesbian.”

“To be honest, I have lusted for my mom since I was a little girl. We grew very close when my father left us without so much as a goodbye, leaving us alone and bitter. God only knows where he is today.”

“We heard from one of his friends that he moved to Alaska,” Clair revealed. “He works on a crab boat in the Bering Sea.”

“May God bless him. That is very dangerous work. Despite all, I wish him well.” I said.

“That is a very kind thought my dear. Your mom shares your wishes. She is a remarkable woman.”

Sharing kind thoughts turned to sweet romance. Taking me in her arms, Clair kissed me as a light as a butterfly.

She firmly cupped my bare pussy. I immutably reached the first in a remarkable string of orgasms that night. Clair wrapped her lips around my pussy and lapped the juices flowing from my enraged cunt. She lapped my asshole and inserted two fingers into my vagina. I came again and decided there would be no turning back to my former straight life. I vowed to become a lesbian for life and find a woman lover.

I tugged at Clair’s lovely thick golden hair forcing her tongue deep into my ass. The wonderful depravity turned me on and I changed position facing Clair’s soft blond haired pussy and ripe 36″ ass. I

I buried my face in her soft pussy hair. It felt wonderfully soft and furry. I inhaled her sweet pussy scent. I kissed her outer lips and buried my nose near her anal ring. Clair feverously licked my pussy and stuck two fingers up my ass.

I parted her outer lips and licked the soft pink flesh. I closed my lips on her clitoral sheath and inserted two fingers into her tight vaginal opening.

Clair worked a third finger into my asshole and rapidly sawed in and out. Accustomed to anal sex,I relaxed my anus. Clair quickly responded, formed a fist and drove it wrist deep. A third orgasm racked my body.

If I were the perfect lesbian Clair suggested, I had to bring her to orgasm and searched for her G-spot. Her clit appeared large and pink like a little dick. As I rubbed her G-spot, Clair’s para-urethral liquid built in volume and pressure, waiting for me to strike just the right cord. I finger fucked her rapidly and flicked her clit.

I felt Clair stiffen. She arched her back and released shower after shower of clear fluid high and far. It splashed on my body, soaked the sheets on my waterbed and covered the mirror on my make up table. As the spurts dwindled, I held her tiny 23″ waist, covered her pussy with my mouth and drank down the last of her tangy sweet juices.

She removed her fist from my ass. Covered in dark brown ass cream, it added a powerful stench to the room aroma. She took a long whiff, curled her nose and cleaned her hand on the soaked sheets. “Next time we use an enema.” she chuckled.

We changed the sheets and hit the showers. As we soaped and washed each other, Clair finger fucked me to my fourth orgasm of the night. I told her I wanted nothing more than to join her and my mom in the lesbian sisterhood.

“Your mother will be pleased if that is what you really want. Sleep on it tonight and we will all talk in the morning. Clair left to sleep the night away with my mother. I slept contentedly for the first time in ages amid dreams of sweet womanly love.

To be continued…

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