Christmas with My Brother Ch. 05

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In chapters 1 through 4, I told you the story of Christmas Eve 2013, during which my brother and I were unexpectedly left alone so our parents could travel to Ontario to deal with our grandmother’s stroke. Feeling lonely and nostalgic, Michael and I invaded dad’s liquor cabinet.

The alcohol only served to augment my feeling of loneliness, making me long for some type of human contact. We watched classic Christmas movies together. And while I was innocently massaging my brother’s shoulders, and Michael was massaging my feet, the touching gradually moved from innocent to intimate.

We explored each other, petted, necked, and masturbated each other to amazing orgasms. Knowing that we had the house to ourselves, we decided to wash the semen and smell of sex from our bodies in our parents’ large Jacuzzi tub.

While we were cuddling and relaxing in our parents tub, Michael and I were startled from our bliss when we heard the garage door opener activate. Our parents came home unexpectedly!

Through a remarkable sequence of events, Michael and I extricated ourselves from this ‘situation’ and our parents were unaware of our intimacies.

This remarkable evening started a period of intimacy and sexual discovery between my brother and me that I will always cherish.

For the next two weeks, Michael and I enjoyed each other, explored each other, and pleasured each other. We enjoyed everything except intercourse. Something stopped both of us from taking that final step. Michael never really pushed it, and neither did I.

Michael and I had developed a deep emotional and physical connection over Christmas vacation. As mid-January approached, I got increasingly anxious about leaving for the university. I did not know if I could force myself to end the relationship with Michael.

I contemplated staying at home and attending the local junior college with him for the spring semester. I thought about Michael and I going to classes together, driving to the local campus together, sharing lunches together, and sharing a bed together at night. It was intoxicating to fantasize about such an arrangement.

But when the day finally arrived, I knew I had to go away. I knew I had to return to the university. I could not abandon my college plans. As painful as it was, I knew what I had to do. I had to return to school.

And so I left Michael and the pleasure of his touch and the comfort of his embrace a little over two months ago.

Mid-term week (at the university):

Startled, I awakened from a deep sleep. Momentarily, I was confused and aroused. My nipples were hard, my breasts were heaving and my vagina was leaking as I tried to comprehend what had just occurred.

Slowly, from the depths of slumber I began to become aware. As I stirred to consciousness, I realized it happened again; I had experienced another sexually charged dream. The dream was almost scary in its realism and vivid details. It felt so very real. My slumber induced climax that had awakened me, just as it had so many times over the past year.

My heart pounded and my breath was labored.

I looked at the digital clock and could see it was 3:19 a.m. My mind raced about the vivid dream. I tried to purge my thoughts and return to sleep for several more hours. But it was no use. My mind was running a thousand different directions now.

You may think that this is a very fortunate sequence of events. You are probably thinking, ‘that lucky girl’. I mean who wouldn’t want to have regular, vividly real sexual dreams that triggered an orgasm. But I found them disturbing; very disturbing.

I knew from my high school health classes that teenage boys regularly experienced wet dreams or nocturnal emissions. But I had never really heard of any other women having ‘wet dreams’, but I promise you, since Christmas, I have them with amazing regularity; perhaps once a week for the past two months.

Yes, I regularly have sexually explicit dreams in which my twin brother and I are the only participants.

I always awaken with panic and guilt whenever I have one of my vividly real incestuous dreams that have my brother and me engaging in the most intimate and inappropriate activities.

As I lay in bed, my head spinning, I could feel my erect clitoris pulsing distinctly and my vaginal secretions slowly seeping out of me, making my thighs and bottom damp from my juices. I felt the red burning blush of embarrassment as I once again am forced to accept that I cannot stop these wick dreams no matter how I try. And every time I have this dream, I respond the same way. I become aroused, and I almost always climax in my sleep before bolting awake. And then, awakened in my aroused state, I am overwhelmed with shame and guilt.

I would like to tell you I do not know the origin of these terribly taboo dreams. I would like to claim that I had no idea why my subconscious would repeatedly take me to this arousing yet forbidden place. But that would be a lie. canlı bahis I do know the deeply disturbing origin of these thoughts and dreams. Two months ago, my brother and I became ‘familiar’ with each other; by society’s standards, far too familiar with each other.

The timing of this wet dream was also disturbing. Tomorrow, (Friday), I am scheduled to fly home for spring break. This will be my first visit home since returning to college back in January. I will see my younger brother tomorrow. I was excited and nervous about my return home.

I return home – Friday:

I completed my last mid-term exam slightly before 3:00 p.m. I returned to my dorm, packed, and then caught a ride to the airport.

I ate a chicken Caesar salad at the airport while I waited for my flight.

The Air Canada flight departed at 8:15 p.m., Vancouver time. An hour and a half later, we touched down in Calgary. During the hour and half flight my mind raced with the multitude of possibilities that lay in front of me.

Exactly one week ago I had taken a very be step; I visited the clinic on campus and obtained a prescription to birth control pills. I realized as I was doing this that I was preparing to allow my brother to deflower me. I was getting the protection necessary to allow Michael to enter me, and ejaculate inside me; to rupture my hymen. I was very nervous and excited about allowing my brother to capture my virginity.

I was also feeling scared and guilty. If I went through with this, if I let Michael enter my womanhood, we would move past the petting and exploration that we enjoyed to becoming ‘lovers’ in every sense of the word.

Would we live to regret this? Was society correct? Would this forever scar each of us emotionally?

On an objective and intellectual level, I knew that someday we would have to move on. Michael and I could not be a couple. Society would not permit it. We would always be forced to keep our relationship and our intimacies secret. We could not live as man and wife, we could not hold hands walking down the street, or contemplate having children. These were activities we would have to reserve for other people, not each other.

As the plane hummed along at 40,000 feet, I knew that allowing Michael and my relationship to progress to the point that we were having actual intercourse would make the eventual cessation of our intimacies even more painful and difficult.

Nonetheless, I knew that I wanted my brother to ‘be the one’ who took me first. I wanted his semen inside me. I wanted him to rupture my hymen. And most of all, I wanted to be the first woman he did these things with. I wanted him to remember that I was his first for the rest of his life.

I know it is warped, perverse and sick, but I wanted to know that for the rest of our lives, at every family function that Michael and I attended with our spouses and our children, we would both think about the intimate deep secret we shared; that he and I lost our virginities to each other during the winter break of 2013.

Part of me was angry. I was angry at the strict rules that society had imposed upon us. I was angry that because of these mores, I could never have what I really wanted, which was to completely belong to my brother: to allow him to impregnate me and to carry and raise his child as his wife. I wanted to nurse our children while my brother held me in his arms.

No, that was not possible. I could never have those things. So I would have to settle for a brief period of intimacy during which my brother and I would share a fantasy relationship, and each other, and whose memory would last me the rest of my life.

As the Air Canada flight began its decent, I wondered if Michael felt similarly towards me? Would Michael and I resume where we left off? Would my brother still want and need me?

What if he had become involved with someone else? That thought suddenly frightened me. After deciding to ‘go on the pill’ so that I could safely accept my brother’s sperm into my womb, I did not think I could handle rejection. If Michael wanted to maintain a normal and more socially acceptable relationship now, I would be absolutely devastated. I would be forced to accept his decision, but I would be crushed.

As the plane touched down, I realized I was scared and aroused by these thoughts. I blushed as I realized that the gusset of my panties was very damp as I thought about my brother. What would the man sitting next to me think if he knew that my vagina was lubricated and leaking into my underwear as I fantasized about fucking my younger brother? Would he be horrified? Aroused? Or perhaps he would be both?

My parents were waiting at baggage claim. I was confused, and disappointed, Michael was not there.

I hugged them. We said our greetings. I asked, “Where is Michael?”

“Oh, he is out with his buddies tonight. I think they are at a hockey game. He said he would see you when he got home tonight,” my dad answered nonchalantly.

I tried bahis siteleri not to let me disappointment show, but I was hurt, deeply hurt. How could he decide to go to a hockey game rather than meeting me at the airport after we had been apart for more than two months? I felt a sudden ache in my heart. Was this a sign that all my feelings and fantasies were not shared by my brother? Had he already moved on? Did not the closeness we shared mean anything to him?

I felt empty and very alone. I tried not to show it, but this hurt.

Mom noticed. On the way home she remarked, “Kelsey, you are awful quiet. Is everything alright?”

I answered quite honestly, “Yeah, mom, I’m fine. I am just exhausted. I was up most of last night studying for mid-terms. I have not been sleeping well. I am just tired.”

We arrived at the house around 10:30 p.m. Michael was still not home. Feeling somewhat abandoned, I told my parents that I was tired, which I actually was, and made my excuses to retire early. I was in bed by 11:00 p.m.

Despite being hurt and mad at my brother’s insensitivity, my sadness and disappointment gave way to my exhaustion, and I quickly fell asleep.

From the depths of slumber I was awakened by Michael sitting on my bed. I did not hear him enter my room or approach me. But the movement of my mattress as he sat down awakened me. I was confused as I tried to clear my head and understand where I was and who was with me.

“Kelsey, are you awake?” Michael asked as his gently slid his hand up my side and gently found my breast under the thick quilt.

“What are you doing?” was my confused response as I struggled to consciousness.

“I just wanted to say hi, and welcome you home,” Michael answered.

“I noticed that you were conspicuously absent when mom and dad picked me up at the airport.” My irritation was obvious; however, my hurt was masked. I could not see Michael’s face not the darkness,

“Kelsey, I have been looking about you coming home for months. I just did not want Mom or Dad to get suspicious about my feelings. I have had a ‘stiffy’ for the past week in anticipation of you returning.”

Michael paused for a comment, before continuing, “I thought it would raise their concerns if I went to the airport with them while sporting a huge boner for my sister.”

I was still hurt and irritated that Michael did not meet me at the airport, but he was slowly convincing me that it was not because he did not care, or that he would rather hang out on a Friday evening with his buddies.

I lay there silently in the darkness, allowing Michael to caress my now erect nipple through the cotton material of my t-shirt as I pondered how to respond. After a few moments of silence, I decided to be honest with him.

“I was hurt and mad that you were not there to greet me. Oh I don’t know, maybe disappointed is a more accurate description. But it bothered me that you did not care enough to come to the airport.” I knew that my tone conveyed the extent of my disappointment.

I had to admit that I was enjoying the way Michael was teasing my nipple as he sat there on my bed. I placed my hand on his thigh and give him a slight but affectionate squeeze meant to convey to him that I was getting over my hurt.

“Kelsey, I’m sorry you were disappointed. I really was unsure about whether or not to go with Mom and Dad. I was concerned that somehow something either you or I would do or say would alert them to us. Or at least make them suspicious.”

Michael started to lie down on the bed next to me under my quilt. He pulled me onto my side, facing him and he kissed me. I was hesitant at first, not completely sure whether or not I was still mad. I also was not certain that Michael had demonstrated sufficient contrition for disappointing me by not showing up at the airport to meet me.

But after a moment’s hesitation, during which I returned my brother’s kiss closed mouthed and with less passion than he was expecting, gradually, I felt my resolve weaken. I slowly opened my mouth to accept his tongue and started to return his kiss.

I knew I wanted to be with him. I knew we only had a week before I would have to return to school. And I knew that I had a very special present I wanted to offer him during my visit home; my virginity.

My mind wandered for an instant to the birth control pills I started taking a week ago. I could take my brother inside me, unprotected now any time I wanted. But now was not the right time. My deflowering needed to be special, very special. If Michael and I were to do this, I was going to make sure it was beautiful, romantic and memorable. So I returned my attention to Michael’s immediate needs and desires.

I could feel Michael’s erection pressing against my vulva as we ground our pelvises together. Michael still had his jeans on, but his penis was forming a rigid bulge in the front of his pants.

Michael rolled and shimmied as he pulled me on top of him. He was much larger and stronger bahis şirketleri than me, so he was able to ‘place me’ and ‘move me’ into a position where my vulva was pressed firmly into the large bulge mad by his blood engorged cock.

I responded like I had many times before. I moaned as I sucked his tongue into my mouth, and I rocked my hips pressing my now erect clitoris into him, humping and rubbing our crotches together as our passion and arousal grew.

Michael reached behind me, and slid his hand inside the back waistband of my pajama bottoms. He gave my left butt cheek a squeeze before reaching further down, probing between my legs to find the wet opening of my vulva which was dilating from the stimulation on my clitoris. I was surprised how I had become so wet so quickly.

Michael parted my outer lips with his index finger and middle finger, and slowly began penetrating me with his fingers.

Oh how I had longed for his touch while I was away.

Soon he had his fingers deep inside me massaging the front wall of my uterus, while I humped my erect clit against his erect penis.

The pent up desire from being deprived of his touch for the past two and a half months caused me to respond quickly. I could feel my orgasm starting to build already.

“Oh Michael, you have me so turned on. I am not going to last long,” I whispered in his ear before returning to our open mouthed kiss. “Michael, you’re going to make me cum.”

The pace of my humping quickened as I felt my climax approaching.

“Oh god, here it comes. Don’t stop,” I cried out. His fingers plunged even deeper and found my ‘special spot’ on the front wall of my pussy that always pushes me over the edge.

I started convulsing as I came. I tried to be quiet, but even as I tried to stifle the involuntary sounds emanating from my core, I simply could not help moaning in his ear as I shuddered and quaked on top of my brother. I was pressing my vulva had into his erection as my climax rocked across me.

“Michael, that was wonderful. Thank you. You have no idea how much I have missed doing that with you,” I said, panting on top of him as I slowly descended from the throes of ecstasy. “Did you cum with me?”

“No sis. I couldn’t get there with you,” he said, as he continued to rock his hips indicating he still needed his release.

“I’ll take care of that for you. Did you lock the door?” I asked.

“Of course, I did. I know the routine,” Michael reassured me.

I slid down so that I was kneeling on the bed straddling his legs. I unbuckled his belt and fumbled with the metal button on his jeans. Before proceeding, I gave his erection a squeeze through the thick denim material.

Next, I unzipped him, and pulled his jeans down. I climbed off the bed so I could remove his pants and boxers, leaving my brother naked from the waist down except for his socks.

In the dark, I really could not see his erect cock clearly. I took his rigid shaft in my hand and massaged it up and down. Its firmness, length and girth still amazed me. I was taken by how heavy he felt in my fist.

“I think my brother has grown even larger since I have been gone. You feel thicker.” I said, only half teasing. “I mean it Michael. You feel bigger. You could tear a girl open with that thing.”

With my brother lying on his back, I took his erect cock in my fist, and leaning over I kissed the head. I opened my lips slightly and inserted the very tip of my tongue in opening of the tip. Michael groaned and his penis swelled and pulsed as the tip of my tongue penetrated his urethra.

“Michael, would you like to cum in my mouth tonight?” I teased.

“Oh god yes, Kelsey, please…”

The sense of urgency and desire that Michael conveyed in his plea sent a shot of excitement through me.

“Michael, tell me how much you want to cum in your sister’s mouth. If you ask nice enough, you might just get to do it tonight.” I enjoyed teasing my brother like this, but I loved the way his penis pulsed as I did so.

“Come on Michael, tell me how much you need to cum in my mouth.”

I resumed kissing the large, sensitive glands of his erection, but did not actually take him into my mouth; I preferred to make my brother beg a little bit before I resumed blowing him.

“Oh god, Kelsey, please , please suck on me. Please make me cum with your lips and tongue,” Michael continued to plead.

As soon as Michael started begging for his blow job, I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around the ridge that separated his shaft from the head.

Michael started thrusting his hips up, trying to push himself deeper into my throat. I resisted trying to ‘deep throat’ my baby brother. In this position, leaning over him, I was in control. And I preferred to tease the glands. I wanted to slowly make love to Michael’s cock. I did not want him to try to ‘fuck my face’.

Michael placed his hands on the sides of my head and arched his hips, again trying to force his erection deeper into my throat.

I pulled away for an instant. “Whoa, there cowboy. Let me drive here. I promise you, you won’t regret letting me take control. Just hold still while I take care of you.” I kissed his erection again.

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