Christina Looks for a College Ch. 01

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Chris is an 18 year old, red head. She grew up in a small farming community in Idaho. This town was very secluded from the rest of the world and outside of trips to the city with her family she never saw other parts of our great nation. She also did not really know anyone outside of her small town and relatives. The only experience she had ever had with males was kissing them and letting them touch her 40-D breasts underneath her shirt. They never saw more clothes off of her than when she was in her one-piece swimsuit. She was a cheerleader for their small high school football team, but they only cheered at home games.

As the last few months of her high schools days were approaching, Chris was looking for her college of choice with every spare moment she had in her life. She wanted to get out of this boring town faster than a woman slaps a rude guy after a tasteless comment. She searched and searched for months and she finally got her list down to three colleges that she wished to visit. They were all small private colleges as she thought they would be less of a shock to her little farming town up-bringing. Two of the colleges were in Illinois and one in Wisconsin.

Her family planned a weekend and off they went to the mighty Midwest. They first stopped at the one college in Wisconsin. They all got a tour of the campus, spoke with an admissions counselor and met with several professors and had dinner with the cheerleading coach and two members of the squad. After they finished dinner, Chris said good night to her parents as she was going to stay with the two girls in their residence hall room for the night and her parents in a hotel up the road.

The girls lead Chris up to their room and made her feel comfortable. They went around the building introducing her to the other students and showed her around. They then went out for some ice cream and returned to the room. They all changed into their clothing for bed. The two girls just wore their panties casino siteleri and a t-shirt; Chris being more conservative, put on lounge pants and a t-shirt. The girls sat around for a while talking about themselves and answering more questions for Chris about cheerleading and life at this school. After a little of this, Chris grew quite tired and asked if they minded if she found her way to dream-land. The girls said of course and Chris went down the hall to the restroom to get ready for bed. Chris was to sleep in one of the girl’s beds as she would sleep on the futon in the room. They told her to have sweet dreams and that they were just going to be next door visiting with friends if they needed her. She said “thanks” and the girls left and locked the door behind them.

Now these two cheerleaders were quite good looking. First you had the 20 year old Lisa who was gorgeous. She was about 5’5” with long blonde hair and curves that would make the Autobahn jealous. She looked great from head to toe, beginning with her 38 C cup breasts to her great long legs. Her roomie and teammate was equally as stunning. Liz was also 20 with long curly light-brown hair. Her curves were not as prominent as Lisa’s but still sexy. She was 5’4” with a pert 36 B chest. Both girls had started college at the same time and met while joining the cheerleading squad. They have been inseparable ever since.

The girls went next door for about a half-an-hour and then decided it was also time for bed. When they returned to their room they found sweet Chris in a deep sleep. Liz gathered her things and went down the hallway to shower and get ready for bed. Lisa just laid in bed and looked at sweet Chris laying there in the other bed. She looked so peaceful and sexy lying there; Lisa thought to herself. She began licking her lips as she noticed a familiar feeling of moisture between her smooth, long legs.

She reached down and grabbed her body pillow; she placed it between her canlı casino legs as a low-moan escaped her sweet lips. She slowly began rubbing her ever-increasing, sensitive, moist pussy against the pillow. Her eyes began to roll back into her eyelids. She rubbed harder as her hands found their way under her t-shirt and onto her round, sensitive C-cup breasts. She rubbed against the pillow harder and harder, her panties and pillow became flooded by her moisture. She finally could not take it anymore; she removed the pillow from between her legs and discarded her now drenched panties from her sexy body. She immediately led her hand down to her dripping wet love center. She parted her thick pussy lips and began to rub on her engorged clit. Her moans began to get a little louder as she rubbed at a furious pace; electric shocks of pleasure going through her body from head to toe. She then plunged three fingers deep into her dripping love tunnel and pumped them like a man filling a tire with air. Now with three fingers buried deep inside of her, her thumb doing a whole concerto on her sensitive love button and her other hand pulling on her rock-hard nipples; she began to moan louder. This noise stirs Chris from her deep slumber.

Chris wakes to a noise that she has not heard before. She looks around the room and realizes that it is coming from Lisa’s bed. She is curious to find out what is causing it. She slowly rises from the bed and makes her way across the room. As she gets closer she realizes what it is, Lisa is masturbating and with Chris in the room. Immediately Chris feels her sweet pussy begin to moisten and she is strangely excited and intrigued by what is going on in front of her. Just then she hears the door begin to open; she quickly returns to Liz’s bed and acts like she is still sleeping.

Liz opens the door and hears her roommate in the throws of an impeding orgasm. She shuts the door behind her and puts her things down. She then goes over to kaçak casino Lisa’s bed and joins her there. She leans over and whispers to Lisa to let her help. Lisa smiles and removes her hand from her dripping love nest. Liz then gets down between Lisa’s long legs and sticks out her tongue right onto Lisa’s super-sensitive, hard clit. She begins to lick its full length; up and down, side to side. She bites it softly as Lisa’s moans increase. Liz then inserts two fingers into Lisa’s tight hole. She pumps them in and out of that tight pussy of Lisa’s as she eats her out as if at a timed all-you-can-eat buffet. Lisa begins thrashing on the bed as her orgasm builds deep inside of her.

While all this has been going on the two cheerleaders do not realize that they have an audience. Chris has been watching every move and listening to every sound and word they say. She is now fully aroused and her sweet, tight pussy is dripping wet. For the first time in her life she knows what it feels like to want to touch yourself. Her friends told her about masturbating, but she has never had a feeling to want to try it; that is, until now.

Chris slowly reaches down and pulls down her panties and lounge pants to just past her knees. She then lets her hand find its way down to her sweet dripping love center. She slowly parts her sweet lips and instinctively begins to rub her throbbing love button. Shocks run up and down her spine; she loves it. Once she is comfortable she decides to rub a little harder until she is rubbing it like a lucky rabbit’s foot. She can feel her body tense up as her first-self induced orgasm approaches. She continues to rub her sweet, sensitive clit as she inserts one finger into her soaking wet, tight love tunnel. As she slowly lets it go as deep as she can get it, she feels sweet release approaching. She bites her bottom lip as great waves of pleasure over take her body. She feels her tight pussy pulsate around her finger as she floods the sheets below her with her warm nectar. After she comes down from her high, she pulls her panties back up and leaves the lounge pants off. Her eyes close slowly as she returns to her land of sweet dreams; a big smile now on her face.

To Be Continued….

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