Chloroformed Encounter

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So there we were, lying in bed. We had just finished a round of very energetic sloppy sex. Mara had my cum dripping out of her used cunt and her gaping rectum. We were both trying to catch our breath and slow down our rapidly beating hearts.

“Thank…you!” Mara said between gasps.

“Anytime baby. You know I love to fill you with my cum and watch it drip out of your used body.” I simply stated with a smile.

We sat there daydreaming and thinking about what had just transpired. We both had a huge perm-a-grin on our faces.

I broke the silence saying, “you know what would really get me going?”

“What’s that?” Mara asks hesitantly, knowing that I am at my most honest right after I have a huge orgasm.

Looking her in the eye I say; “Having total and complete control over your body. Not like having a slave that will listen to me, I mean having you passed out, or something and having your body to use as I see fit.”

A long silence passed and then she responds simply with “OK. You know you don’t have to have me unconscious to use me as you see fit, right?”

“I know, but it’s just the thought of it.” I said smiling.

“Well you know I don’t drink and I don’t use any drugs, so how are you going to get me unconscious?” As she asked this, Mara looked a little nervous.

I told her about a story I had read online about girls that were abducted by being chloroformed and then rapped. I told her I really didn’t like the rapping part, but I thought the chloroform part was really cool. We talked about it and decided to give it a try.

I shopped online and found a chemical company that shipped certain chemicals to schools and small time scientists for small uses. I ordered a medium sized bottle and waited. During that week Mara and I talked a lot about what would transpire. She was fine with everything because she trusted me fully. She said I could do whatever I wanted as long as I didn’t do any major damage or leave any marks. We were both totally comfortable with everything by the time that the chloroform arrived. We decided to do our little play session that Saturday afternoon.

The rest of the week went by so slowly that I thought I was going to explode. I couldn’t wait. Finally Saturday had arrived. I had barely slept the night before because of the anticipation. I got everything I needed together and placed it in a end-table next to the couch. I didn’t want her to see any of the items I had. I grabbed a couple towels, poker oyna some lube, a video camera, a still camera, and some toys.

Mara came into the living room on her hands and knees. She was stark naked and made sure she was holding her ass into the air. This way I could see her beautiful anus and pussy.

She crawled over to right in front of the couch where I was and sat back on her ankles. She put her hands behind her back forcing her lovely chest out towards me.

Raising her head and looking me in the eye, “I’m ready for you to use now.”

She knew the way to really get to me. She had spent the last hour in the bathroom getting ready. I assume cleaning and shaving herself.

I reached over and grabbed the bottle of chloroform and opened it. I grabbed a hand towel and walked behind her. I proceeded to pour some of the clear liquid into the folded towel and put the bottle on the ground. I reached around Mara and placed the doused towel over her nose and mouth. With my other arm I held her in place in case she squirmed.

She was such a good slave. She didn’t even squirm. She twitched a little and then started to become limp in my arms. Soon Mara was out cold. I removed the towel from her face and laid her down on her back, checking to make sure she was OK. She was fine, and Mara was now totally mine!

I quickly got to work spreading her out on the living room floor. On her back, arms at her sides, and legs as spread as I could get them. I quickly grabbed the cameras and supplies. I set up the video camera and pointed it directly at her limp vulnerable body. I grabbed the digital camera and took a couple snaps of her just lying there. I’m sure she will look much different once I am done with her.

Once I had taken a couple of pictures I dove right in and started eating her gorgeous cunt. I found her already sopping wet. I guess she was just as excited as I was, to be leaking this much before I even touched her.

I lapped away at her cunt then started to finger fuck her waiting hole. I leaned back so the camera could see the action. I then took one of my slippery fingers and inserted in into her tight little anus. I was pleased to find her anus extremely relaxed due to her current state.

I was so hard I could hardly stand it, so I decided to start to alter her appearance into the little used fuck doll I had pictured in my mind. I grabbed the long double dildo that I had pulled from our toy box earlier. I inserted canlı poker oyna one of the ends of the dildo into her dripping cunt about three or four inches. I then just left it there, hanging out of her fuck hole lewdly. I panned the video camera to her face and zoomed in a little.

I then knelt right above her head on the floor facing her feet. My cock was hanging right above her face as I started to stroke myself.

As I looked at her body lying there waiting for me to use anyway I wanted to, a dildo hanging out of her cunt, I started to feel my orgasm build. I had been saving up for a few days now and could tell this was going to be a big one.

I increased my speed as my toes started to curl. Then I felt a wave rush through my lower body from behind me all the way through to the tip of my cock, then it started.

The first shot of cum made it almost to her belly button and was pretty small. What followed didn’t make it as far, but was hot and thick. Stream after stream came shooting out of me cock.

Covering her tits then shortening in distance and covering her face with the last few shots and dribbles. I took my cock and smeared the cum on her face all over her lips and cheeks.

There she was, covered in a thin layer of my cum and a dildo hanging out of her cunt. God I loved Mara.

I took a felt tip marker and wrote ‘I’m a dirty little cum slut’ from nipple to nipple avoiding the piles of hot semen.

Once I was done with the marker I repositioned the video camera. I then went back down to her pussy and pulled the dildo from within her.

I then took the lube and covered her anus with a generous amount. I then started to finger fuck her little pucker again. Soon I added a second finger with little trouble.

I realized she was so relaxed I didn’t need to even warm her up, but I should just make sure that she is good and lubed up.

I then took the double dildo that was in her pussy and inserted it into her anus that was now hanging open. It slid in easily and I started to sodomize her with the double toy. I got it in about four inches when I realized I was starting to get hard again. I guess all that waiting had really paid off.

I grabbed another toy, this time a thick realistic black latex cock, and started to fuck her cunt with it until it was nice and deep. I then grabbed the camera and took a few snaps of her cum covered body and the fact that she was being double penetrated.

Once internet casino again I was rock hard and took the realistic cock out of her used pussy and started to fuck her. She was sooo tight with that other dildo in her ass and it felt sooo good. I fucked her like this for a while then realized that if her pussy feels tight with something jammed in her ass, her ass would feel even tighter if there was something jammed inside of her cunt.

With that I pulled my dick from her pussy. Looking down I could see her pussy gaping open, used, and dripping. I pull the double dildo slowly from her rectum and watch, as it stays open for some more good snaps from the camera.

I then take the realistic cock and put it back into her cunt. Then I lift and push back her knees. I hear her make a small sound and realize that the chloroform must be wearing off. I grab the towel and the chloroform and proceed to slip her back into unconsciousness.

I lift her knees again and lube up my cock. I then insert it into her anal ring. It feels so good. It’s a different kind of tight. The ring itself isn’t tight at all, but I can feel the pressure from her full cunt through the thin membrane that separates the two.

I can feel the ridges of the dildo in her pussy rubbing against my cock. I keep fucking her beautiful ass for a while. Eventually the pressure, friction, and thought of the experience get to me and I am soon pumping hot semen deep into her rectum.

As it starts to taper off I pull the dildo from her cunt, and then my cock from her ass, letting the last few drops of cum drip onto her abused cunt.

I lean back and admire her. She has drying cum all over her upper body and fresh hot cum dripping from her gaping anus and coating her pussy.

I take the marker and draw a little dialog bubble down her thigh coming from her gaping anus that says, ‘I love sodomy’.

I then on the other thigh draw a large arrow pointing to her cunt.

Inside the arrow I write, ‘Deposit cum here.’

I take many more pictures of her and then clean her off. I wipe all of the cum up and scrub off the entire marker writings.

I also put away the cameras and toys. During the last of the clean up Mara started to come to. When she is awake I ask her how she feels.

Mara looking a little groggy says, “I have a bit of a headache and I feel like I got the shit fucked out of me, but other than that I’m fine.”

“Did you have fun?” she asks.

“You don’t even know that half of it. Just wait until I show you” I say as she looks at me with a puzzled stare.



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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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