Chinese Takeout Ch. 02

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Chinese Takeout

Readers be warned, this is the second chapter in a multi-chapter story, there’s no sex in this second chapter, just a little foreplay (okay, hot foreplay). This is all lead-in and teaser for the main event which will be a chapter or three coming. That said, as always, I do hope you all enjoy.

Chinese Takeout – Chapter 02 – High School Pickup

Thought that I was going crazy
Just having one of those days yeah
Didn’t know what to do
Then there was you
And everything went from wrong to right
And the stars came out and filled up the sky

Love at First Sight, Kylie Minogue

It seemed like only yesterday that in my daydreams of Mr. Right, I’d been a little black dress type of girl who delicately sipped champagne with her preppy college-guy boyfriend over a romantic dinner in a charming old restaurant. Wait a minute. It was only yesterday. But already, that girl in a little black dress sipping champagne was fading from my memories. Fading fast. That had been so yesterday. Today, I was a different girl. Today, I was that girl on the back of Keith’s Harley.

Today, or should I say this morning, I was lying in bed with my eyes closed, smiling as I thought of a thirty five year old biker in oil-stained jeans and a patched denim jerkin. Smiling as I remembered how it had felt like to sit behind him on his Harley wearing that denim jerkin and his helmet. Smiling as I remembered how he’d kissed me and held me. Smiling as I remembered how it had felt to be held by him. How excited I’d been as I’d felt his hand on me. Intimately.

Just the memory of his kiss and his hand on me had me shivering and breathing faster.

On Wednesday afternoon, after school ended, Keith was going to pick me up and take me for a ride on his Harley. But today was only Sunday and Wednesday was still so far away. And I wanted to see him again so much. But I didn’t even have his phone number. Was this how other girls felt when they had a crush on some guy, how they felt when they were in love? Was I in love? I wasn’t sure, but I did know I really really really wanted to see him again. I wanted to ride on the back of his Harley with him. I wanted him to hold me and kiss me the way he had yesterday.

I wanted him to touch me the way he had yesterday.

“Jay-Lin.” My Mom was calling through the door.

“Yes Mom.”

“Want to go eat dim-sum with us? We’re meeting the Wong’s at eleven.”

“Okay, yeah, love to come Mom.” I liked the Wong’s. Ernie, Chrissie and two adorable little twins that I babysat regularly. I liked dim sum too. Just not on a blind date with one of Ginny’s hand-me-down jerks. I wondered if Keith liked to go to eat dim sum. He liked Chinese pastries, I knew that. I hoped he liked Chinese girls too. He seemed to. I could hope.

“It’s only nine, we need to leave about ten thirty, okay.”

“Okay Mom.” Another hour in bed. Another hour daydreaming of Keith. Great!

Daydreaming of Keith? It was weird how all of a sudden my ideal guy had morphed completely. Where had Mr. Preppy College Guy gone? I had no idea and really, I didn’t give a damn. I knew Keith was completely beyond the pale. A guy my parents would never approve of. Never in a million years. A guy to give any parents of a teenage girl nightmares. A guy who would give my parents not just nightmares but sleepless nights. A guy that might get me grounded for life if my parents knew about him. Did I care? Not one whit. I’d fallen for Keith after half an hour on the back of his Harley, a chat over coffee and one kiss.

Was I crazy?

Very probably.

It didn’t matter. I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I couldn’t stop my heart singing and dancing whenever I thought about him. Which my heart had been doing from the moment I woke up. I couldn’t stop the excitement I felt whenever I thought about him. Now I sort of understood those crushes other girls had. I’d laughed at them. I’d thought they were silly. I’d teased them and made jokes about them. Now I had a crush myself on a guy that was so totally unlike anything I’d ever dreamed of that I felt slightly stunned.

Yes, I was definitely crazy.

Was I reading too much into all of this? He’d only taken me home and then kissed me briefly. Maybe I was. But he had kissed me. He had offered to take me for a ride on Wednesday. He had touched me. Oh, how he had touched me. I was instantly wet and excited just thinking about his hand on me. I wanted his hand to touch me there again. I wanted him to touch me everywhere. Somehow, miraculously, after an endless run of jerks, dickheads and nerds mostly provided by Ginny, quite by chance I’d found a guy I really liked.

He was a totally unsuitable guy. He was a guy my parents would dislike on first sight. No, not dislike. Hate. I mean, they’d already glimpsed him as he rode down the street and I’d heard their comments. They hadn’t known that I’d been with him earlier in the afternoon, riding behind him on his bike. That he’d visited our house, illegal bahis been inside our house. That he’d kissed me. Kissed me kissed me kissed me!

I just hoped he liked me enough to ask me out again and not just for an afternoon ride.

Although dating a guy who was thirty five and a biker might be a little weird.

And he wasn’t someone I could EVER bring home to my parents.

Or bring along when I was meeting up with my girlfriends.

But really, I so did not care at all.

My phone sang its little Ginny song. She couldn’t wait, could she? But it was Ginny. She was my best friend. I’d cut her short last night. And I needed to abuse her for setting me up with that jerk Peter Wong. So I answered.

“Hi Ginny.”

“Jay-Lin!” She sounded chirpier this morning than she had last night. “So, what happened? Who was that biker guy? Where did you go? You had me so worried when you took off like that.”

“His name’s Keith. He just gave me a ride home, that’s all.” I wasn’t going to tell her anything else. Certainly not that he’d kissed me. Not that he’d touched me the way guys had tried to touch me forever. Not that he was the first guy I’d ever let touch me like that. Not that I’d loved him touching me. Definitely not that he was picking me up from outside High School on Wednesday. I’d leave that as a surprise. For now.

“Oh … Oh well, Peter was really upset about that.”

“Yeah, well, his fault for being a total jerk. He called me last night, he was really rude. I had to bar his number. I hope you only gave him my cell, I don’t want him calling my parents number.” That was unlisted. “And why did you bring him along, I mean, he’s a jerk, how come you set me up with him. You know I don’t like guys like that Ginny.”

“I’m sorry about that Jay-Lin. He’s a friend of Jiffy’s. And he was rude to me as well.” She sounded like she was going to cry or something herself.

“Why would he be rude to you Ginny, it was me that dumped him, not you.”

“Long story,” she said. She did sound a bit down. Not like Ginny at all.

“Tell me,” I said. She was always so good at cheering me up when I was down. Least I could do was try and return the favor. Nothing like listening to a friend and sympathizing with her to help.

“I … I can’t,” she said, “it’s … you know … not something I want to talk about, I just can’t.” That wasn’t like Ginny. She talked about everything and anything all the time. Especially guys. But really, I wasn’t interested in talking about Peter the Jerk.

“So what did you and Jiffy get up to after I left?”

Ginny giggled. Instant mood change. That was more like her. “Well, Mom was out playing mah-jongg with her friends, so we all went back home and…” Off she went. I listened with half an ear, not really paying much attention while I happily day-dreamed about Keith. Keith and Jay-Lin. What was that name on his helmet? Round Out. Round Out and Jay-Lin. That was nice. I thought about introducing him to my friends. Like Ginny and Marjorie and Chin-Chin and Ling. I must have snorted into the phone, I heard Ginny’s aggrieved question, “What’s funny about that?”

I played back what she’d been saying. Huh! What? “You what? With Jiffy AND Peter? I thought you said you went home with Jiffy?” I mean, I was used to Ginny’s little sex talks. She got quite descriptive sometimes. I was used to it. Ginny was the font of all sexual knowledge as far as I was concerned. She certainly knew what she was talking about. I was so NOT asking her for advice.

“Well, you ran out on him and he was pretty upset, so we all went back to my place.”

“Ginny, that didn’t mean you had to give him a blowjob.” Yes, I was a little startled. I mean, I knew Ginny wasn’t me. I knew she was quite free and easy with hand-jobs and blow-jobs for her boyfriends. Heck, I knew she wasn’t a virgin, she’d lost that not too long ago. Not to Jiffy either. But two guys? And one of them Peter the Jerk! That startled me. It shocked me as well. I hadn’t thought Ginny was like that. I mean, your boyfriend, yes, okay. But your boyfriend’s buddy as well? Just because he was upset. “What were you thinking?”

“Well, we’d had a few drinks.” She sounded a little apologetic.

“What about Jiffy? Wasn’t he upset? Heck, what about you Ginny?” I was curious, yes. Startled. Surprised, a little shocked, but curious. Not that I’d ever done anything like that. Which made me think of Keith. Thinking about Keith was far more interesting than listening to Ginny talked about her sexscapades. I heard about those every week. I kind of lost the conversation with Ginny while I happily thought about Keith. Ginny sounded quite happy about whatever had happened so I left her to rabbit on.

Until Ginny interrupted. “Hey Jay-Lin, I gotta run, going shopping with Mom for the afternoon and then we’re off for dinner somewhere, see you at School tomorrow.” I never did find out whether Jiffy was upset or not or what Ginny thought about it. Certainly I wasn’t worried about it. illegal bahis siteleri I had better things to think about.

I called Sally next, but she was busy with her baby. “Never mind sis, you can tell me next time, okay. Just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, and if you do, don’t get caught, okay.”

Well, that was okay too. My Big Sis was the one person I could talk to about Keith. She’d had her own troubles with our parents when she was my age, her husband was a gweilo as well and that hadn’t gone down too well to start with, she understood. Although thinking about it, Keith might be pushing the envelope for her a bit much. I mean, her husband was a gweilo but he was a nerdy IT guy that looked like a stick. Don’t know what she saw in him but she was head over heels about him from when they started dating at university. Enough that she’d stood up to my parents about him. I’d been twelve back then and I still remembered the arguments. Now, he was one of the family, but it’d taken a while. Keith? Well, thinking about Keith like that was thinking way too far ahead and way too optimistically.

Probably he was just going to take me for a ride on his Harley and that would be it. Although he had kissed me. And touched me like that. But I didn’t want to get my hopes up. Not too high anyhow. It would hurt too much to have them shattered. But I hoped so much that Keith liked me enough to ask me out again. What had he said to me yesterday? “I wish your parent’s weren’t on their way home,” that’s what he’d said. That meant he’d wanted more time with me didn’t it? I hoped so, I really did.

“Get moving Jay-Lin.” Mom was calling me. Time to get up.

“Coming Mom.” Oh well.

* * * * * * * *

Wednesday morning. The interminable nightmare of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday was over at last. As soon as I opened my eyes I knew. Today was the day. Today, after school, I’d see Keith again. How I hoped he hadn’t forgotten. My stomach flipped and flopped at the thought that he might forget, he might decide he wasn’t going to waste his time on a schoolgirl. He might decide I was far too young and just not turn up. I almost had a panic attack on the spot.

At least I didn’t have to think about what to wear. Saint Bernadette’s Catholic Girl’s High School had a rigid and totally inflexible uniform policy. The uniforms were very traditionally styled, something that seemed to appeal to Asian parents with their desire for uniformity and discipline. And our student body was almost entirely Asian. Non-asians tended to drift away. The academic competition was just too intense for their kids. I mean, my results were average for Saint Bernadette’s, but if I transferred out to another High School where we Chinese and Koreans and Vietnamese weren’t the majority, I’d be at the top end of the academic bell curve. Believe me, it sucks being average if your parents are Asian. They were always on at me to study harder. But so was every other parent of Saint Bernadette’s students.

But enough of that, we were talking about uniforms. Very traditional uniforms. Pleated skirts. White shirts. Black shoes, knee high white socks and navy blue blazers. They even had a dreadful little beret that we uniformly detested. Those uniforms were, to be brutally honest, on a whole different plateau of wrongness for an asian girl. Nobody, and I mean nobody, should EVER make asian girls wear those uniforms. Sure, you all get the traditional Catholic schoolgirl-fetish stuff. But when you’re a slender asian girl and you’re wearing that short pleated navy blue skirt (and we did wear them short, all the girls did and who was I to challenge the dictates of schoolgirl fashion), those knee-high white socks, those black shoes and that navy blue blazer over a white dress blouse with a school tie?

Well, guess what; you’re a walking fantasy for middle-aged men, whether you know you are or not. And we all knew it. I mean, in this day and age, with the internet, you’d have to be a moron not to figure that out. And whatever else we were, the girls of Saint Bernadette’s were in general so NOT morons. But whatever. The end result was, I was going to be wearing my school uniform with its short little skirt when Keith picked me up. If he picked me up. And there was nothing I could do about that. I wondered if he’d like my uniform. I kind of hoped he did, hate it as I did. Then again, I also hoped he’d actually be there. God, if he wasn’t I knew I’d burst into tears. I almost started crying just think about how I would feel if he wasn’t there. Just the thought of him not being there made me feel sick.

I so had my heart set on sitting on that Harley behind Keith. But this time I’d be wearing a skirt, not shorts. And Harley’s went fast. Keith’s did anyhow. It occurred to me that a skirt might not be the best attire for a ride on Keith’s Harley. I hadn’t thought about that before, but now that I did, I didn’t want to be sitting there flashing my so boringly regulation little white cotton briefs to the world. Jesus no! I dived into my canlı bahis siteleri drawers, eventually coming up with what I’d been searching for. My black lycra gym shorts. They’d do perfectly. I threw them into my bag along with my homework. And a windproof jacket that I grabbed as even more of an afterthought.

All set.

Do you know how long the school day is when three fifteen can’t come soon enough? It’s an eternity, that’s what it is. Minute after interminable minute. Hour after interminable hour. I was in a time warp where somehow, time had been slowed down for me and me alone. Even with time dragging its tail, I had no idea what any of my teachers talked about, I was off drifting in a cloud of thoughts and hopes, occasionally sinking into a sea of fears and doubts before soaring to new heights as I pictured Keith sweeping in on his Harley to pick me up in front of all those cats. Especially the ones that’d teased me or given me a hard time in the last few weeks. Bitches.

As soon as the bell rang I was out of that classroom. No dawdling today. Ginny and Chin-Chin scrambled to follow me as I dashed for my locker, threw my junk in, grabbed my jacket and gym shorts and started to lock it.

“Hey Jay-Lin, slow down, slow down will you, what’s the rush?” Chin-Chin looked and sounded a little flustered at my impression of a dervish. She looked puzzled as I slipped my lycra gym shorts on, not even bothering to go to the washroom. Screw that. No time to waste. And we all wore the same boring underwear anyhow. I did get a few looks though. Then I was shrugging myself into my jacket. It’d keep the wind out.

“Getting picked up out front at three fifteen, I gotta be there.”

“Huh, when did you ever get a ride home? You mean I gotta catch the bus by myself?” I grinned at the expression on Ginny’s face. Since when had she ever worried about leaving me on my own when one of her boyfriend’s gave her a ride. God, I hoped Keith would be there. Having to catch the bus after this would be so … so … oh, it would be just so humiliating. But I had to do it. I had to take the chance that Keith wouldn’t show up. Because if he did and I wasn’t there, I had no idea what I’d do. None.

“Yeah, you do this time Ginny. See you tomorrow morning. Bye Chin-Chin.”

I gave them both another grin and a quick wave as I dashed down the hallway for the exit and the pickup lane. I wasn’t running, but it was close. God, I so hoped Keith was coming. I was nervous. So nervous my hands were shaking. Three ten. I looked up and down the pickup lane, but no Harley. I wasn’t sure whether to be relieved or worried. Actually, I was feeling almost sick with suspense.

Ginny caught up with me a couple of minutes later. She was breathing hard. Looking a little flustered. Gee, tough Ginny. “What’s going on Jay-Lin? Who’s picking you up?”

I heard that distinctive Harley sound, growing louder, burbling with the odd backfire as it slowed and turned into the High School entrance, picking up as it cruised slowly down the pickup lane. I sighed with relief. I relaxed. I smiled. Everyone was looking at that Harley. Everyone. Including me. My heart was beating wildly. I saw him. Keith. Yes! It was Keith. He’d come! He saw me right about the same time I waved. Although how he recognized me in a sea of other asian girls I had absolutely no idea. But he did.

“Oh no, not him! Jay-Lin, how could you!” Ginny sounded totally dismayed. Chin-Chin was just standing there open-mouthed. She’d better watch out for flies.

I grinned. “Oh yeah, it’s him Ginny!” I was enjoying this so much.

Everyone in sight was looking at the Harley and Keith. Everyone was watching as he pulled up beside me. Including the Chua bitch and her little coterie of cats. That low throaty potato-potato-potato burble just reverberated right through me. I smiled a little shyly as Keith gave me a grin. He left his shades on this time though. He looked so cool, so big and scary sitting there on that huge loud motorcycle. Boots, jeans, leather jacket. That patched denim jerkin thingie over the top. If I hadn’t known it was him, I’d have been scared myself. But I knew it was Keith and that he was here for me.

I wanted to just fling myself at him, but that wouldn’t look cool. Not in front of half the girls in school and the Pickup Lane Monitors who were looking a bit stunned. The couple that I could see anyhow. Keith had a second helmet hanging off one arm. He passed it to me as I stepped up to his Harley, the noise it made idling was almost deafening. Everyone was looking at us. Including the cats. I smiled at the Chua bitch as I slipped the helmet on and buckled it under my chin. I knew how to do that this time. It only took me a few seconds to buckle up and pull it tight. The Chua bitch looked stunned.

“See you both tomorrow.” I gave Ginny and Chin-Chin another grin as I stepped onto the footrest nearest me, my hand on Keith’s shoulder as I swung myself up and over to sit behind him, my little school uniform skirt flipping up as I sat. Good thing I’d worn those lycra gym shorts underneath! I gave Ginny a grin and a wave. The look on her face, dismay, shock, horror, made me giggle. Chin-Chin was still catching flies. The Chua bitch was doing a good imitation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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