Cheating Ch. 02

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Part 2 (Derrick’s Point Of View)…

Fucking my roommate’s boyfriend, Lance, was some hot shit. J is my boy, but I didn’t really feel any remorse for what I did. What can I say? I’m a dog. I knew that bitch, Lance, was a hoe from the beginning.

I have a high sex drive, so it really didn’t matter who I fucked, as long as I fucked. One of my many fantasies is to flip a top, mainly J. Turning my boy into a buss-down would be beyond hot! One night, me & J was chillin in the living room when the AC broke down.

“Ain’t this a bitch?! The AC would fuck up on one of the hottest nights this month. Damn!”

“I know, right? I would go by Lance’s but he’s visiting his Moms in Charlotte.”

“I guess we’re just gonna have to find a way to cool off.”

I took my shirt off, catching J’s eye. I guess that he didn’t realize that I been working out more lately.

“I see you been doing more crunches & shit. Trying to get all cut up.”

“Ain’t no trying. You see these pecs?”

“You still can’t do shit. I remember how you used to get pinned with the quickness during our wrestling classes in high school.”

“So, casino siteleri you think that you can take me down?”

“Think? I know that I can, D.”

“Aight, J. Put your money where your mouth is. Let’s make a little bet. We gone wrestle, and whoever loses, gotta give up some ass.”

J’s eyes got big as hell. He couldn’t believe what I was saying.

“What, nigga? You’ve lost your fucking mind, yo! You know damn well that I ain’t no bottom. Besides, I got a nigga and we boys. I ain’t trying to go there with you, man.”

“Just as I thought. Youse a pussy.”


“You’re scared that I will end up tapping that ass.”

“Whatever, dude.”

“Yeah, whatever. Pussy.”

I purposely provoked J so that he would take the bait. Before I knew it, that nigga lounged at me with the quickness! We fell from the couch and hit the floor. For about 20 minutes, we tussled back & forth until I finally got that nigga pinned to the floor.

“What now, nigga? You was talking mad shit before. What you got to say now?”

I felt J’s dick getting hard while I had him pinned. With my free canlı casino hand, I yanked his basketball shorts down. Damn, his ass was so plump & juicy. He tried to fight me off, but stopped once I started grinding my dick on his fat booty.

“Don’t fight it, J. You know you want this dick. Quit bullshitting.”

I kissed his neck, causing him to moan deep. He started backing his ass up on my fat 10.5 inches of brick. I continued to suck the back of his neck as I eased my boxers & jogging pants off.

Soon, we were asshole naked on the floor. J turned and looked me in my eyes. We started tonguing each other down like to animals in heat. I pushed J down to my dick, wanting him to suck it. He wasn’t having that, but I took my dick and slapped him in the face with it until he opened wide. He gagged as I rammed my shit down his throat. That nigga always talked about how he did this to niggas, now, he’s the bitch getting face fucked.

“Quit all that gagging and deep-throat this dick, nigga. Stop playing!”

J relaxed and his throat opened up, making it easier to slide my dick in & out. I reached down between his kaçak casino legs and played with his ass. That nigga hole was tight as fuck. He really had never gotten fucked. There was a first time for everything.

I spit in my hand and rubbed it all over his hole. That wasn’t enough, so I went down and stuck my tongue deep into his ass. J was backing up on my tongue, so I knew it was time to beat it up. I flipped J on his back and raised his legs. I pushed my tongue into his mouth while I slowly slid my dick in. He tensed up and tears started to roll down his face. I guess that was supposed to move me, but it didn’t. This was my boy, but while my dick was in him, he was just another good fuck.

I sucked on his nipples to calm him down. It worked, because he relaxed and loosened up. That was all I needed. I was banging that shit out! J moaned like a punk ass bitch while I drove my dick in deeper. His legs started to shake and nut shot from his dick. The shit was hot as fuck.

I felt my nuts tightening up, so I pulled out and told that nigga to open his mouth. He did as told and let me drain my dick in his mouth. J had lust in his eyes as he swallowed my seed. This nigga was sprung on the dick. The AC cut back on, so I decided to jump in the shower, leaving J on the floor naked balled up. He had some good ass. Now, I got to have him & Lance at the same time….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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