Chapter 5 – Cherry Picked

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Leila and Jem were, by now, slightly drunk. They sat next to each other on the lounger, Jem’s arm around Leila’s shoulders, his fingers strolling the curve of her breast. Her nipples had remained hard and aroused throughout her story. Leila’s fingers circled Jem’s cock gently masturbating it and it now stood fully erect towering from the tiny bush at the top of his groin. She wondered why his parents had not had him circumcised, both Zac and Dean had been. She was fascinated by the soft sheath of skin and the way it slid over the head of Jem’s cock. Leila wanted very much to return the favour from earlier that day. She set about squeezing Jem’s cock more firmly as she pulled his foreskin slowly up and down, her hand slipping along its entire length.

She sat upright and reached over, her left hand pulling his dick firmly down at the base so that his cockhead stood pointing up at her and fully exposed, her right hand continued to slip up and down the stiff shaft. Leila opened her mouth to let a big glob of her saliva drop onto the tip of his cock. Quickly she scooped it up making his cock shaft slick with her spit. She added another, fisting his cock slowly and deliberately all the time. Jem closed his eyes and lay back on the lounger just letting Leila worship his manhood as she rotated her spit covered hands up and down the entire length of his cock. Leila continued masturbating Jem slowly for several minutes, wanting to give him pleasure but nowhere near ready to bring him off yet. “Ah…oh…ah…shit that feels so damn good” he said grinning up at her. Holding onto his dick she pulled him towards her so that they both stood up.

She turned her mouth up to him for a kiss and he took her pixie face in his hands bringing his lips to hers and kissing her the way he knew Fallon liked, long and hard with deep tongue strokes. Breaking apart she reached over to the table and taking hold of a bottle of lube, knelt in front of him. She flipped the bottle open and, holding her tits up with her left arm, she upended the bottle with her right, squirting lube all over her breasts and watching it run down her belly. Dropping the bottle, she wrapped her gorgeous tits around Jem’s shaft, squeezing them and fingering her nipples as she started to tit fuck him.

Resting his hands on her shoulders, Jem started to thrust his cock in and out, the gel now coating his turgid shaft as his cockhead disappeared into the foreskin on the down stroke and popped free again as it burst out of her heavy breasts on each upstroke. “Oh my god. Fuck…that feels so good…oh…oh…fuck…yes…ah” he moaned as he thrust up and down. He moved his hands up to Leila’s head as she bobbed up and down, his balls slapping wetly as he fucked Leila’s amazing tits. Leila looked up at him, her lips slightly parted, her tongue moving across her teeth.

“Oh my god…oh my fucking…yes…yes” he said as he felt his cum gathering, trying to speed his thrusting up. Leila had other ideas however and she leaned back suddenly letting her tits spring apart and Jem’s greasy cock slap up against his belly. “Not so fast stud muffin!” she grinned reaching out to massage his shaved balls with an oily hand. “I have other plans for this load of your juice.” “You do?” he asked. “Oh yes I do” she teased heading back to the table. Leila hopped up onto the table and stretched out on her back, her head hanging over the edge of the table with her ponytail hanging down. She formed a large ‘O’ with her red lips. Looking at him upside down she had to giggle, Jem had still not twigged what she wanted and was just standing there staring at her.

“Yo…Jem…hello!” she said. “Your cock, over here now!” Jem snapped out of it and walked over to the table, his cock swinging from side to side as he moved. Leila’s hands grabbed hi cock pulling it down ninety degrees and lining it up with her lush lips. Pulling back his foreskin she slowly inched his cock into her mouth. Jem stared down at her full sticky breasts, the nipples hard and glistening red like cherries as the sunlight shone on her oiled skin.

Slowly Jem fed six inches of his manhood into Leila’s mouth. She gagged slightly when the tip of his cock hit the back of her throat; scared he’d hurt her Jem pulled back quickly. She coughed “I’m okay…I’m okay” she said, “It’s just I haven’t ever done this with a cock your size before.” “Ever? Before?” Jem marvelled and reached out to massage her lovely breasts, kneading the slick nipples between his fingers. She reached up again and let him slowly feed her his cock once more, this time she did not gag and she let her head hang further back, opening her throat more for him to ease the rest of his nine inches into her. As his balls hit her nose, he stopped but continued to play with her nipples until she reached up with her hand pushing him back indicating she wanted him to start fucking her throat.

Desperately slowly, afraid to hurt his gorgeous little sister or to spoil this in any way for her he pulled back several inches and then inched forward again. This time her throat had relaxed more and was open to let him slide slowly into her. Jem could see his cockhead distending her and had a moment’s panic that he was going to choke her – her hand on his thigh let him know that it was ok. Push, hold, then withdraw. Push, hold, then withdraw. Leila soon had Jem sliding in and out of her throat like it was her pussy. Each time he withdrew, more of Leila’s spit was coating his cock and soon his balls were soaked, a long string of spit hanging from them. “Auck… auck…auck…auck” came from her stretched lips as he shafted her mouth and throat. She loved looking at his nut brown, tanned skin, the corded muscles of his thighs, the gleaming beads of sweat on his roan coloured hair. She especially liked the thought that his balls were even now churning out a new load of sperm as they banged into her nose every time he sank into her. “Geez” she thought, “this is such a fucking turn on!”

With his hands still on her tits and her own hand rubbing her clit, she knew it would not be long before she came off, but she wanted more. Giving her clit a couple of hard rubs she knew that Jem’s continued stimulation of her nipples would send her over the edge shortly and so, using both hands, Leila reached for Jem’s thighs directing him to speed up. Faster, faster, she could feel his cock filling her throat completely now. “Auck… auck…auck…” he could feel the urgency in her hands and then Jem suddenly lost it. His balls tightened suddenly and his cum surged up his shaft. Leila barely had a second’s warming to pull and hold Jem’s thighs hard against her head, his cocked buried deep in her throat and mouth.

“Oh yes…you mother…fucking…beautiful girl…” Jem groaned as his cock spasmed and started to unload several wads of salty cum straight down Leila’s throat and into her belly, his cock jerking as he tried to withdraw it. Leila took an even firmer grip on his thighs instead and held him hard against her, swallowing convulsively until his spurting stopped. The sensation of his cum splashing straight into her belly tripped out Leila’s own orgasm and for a moment she thought she was going to black out, ecstasy coursing through her body and seemingly firing every nerve that she possessed. Jem’s cum was equally intense, the feeling of Leila’s throat contracting around his cock and her twitching body as she orgasmed nearly overwhelmed his senses as well.

It was that sight that greeted Fallon on her return from work. Her pussy had casino siteleri been itching all day long wanting more of Jem’s cock. She had constantly thought about him as she drove out to the Park boundary to work on some fencing replacement. Stripped to her sports bra in the hot sunshine she’d completely rebuilt the damaged fences, but it was heavy, physical and dirty work. She was so hot that she no longer knew whether it was perspiration or her own pussy juices soaking her shorts as she anticipated jamming her itchy cunt on her husband’s hard dick.

Hot, sweaty and dirty she didn’t know either whether it was Jem’s cock or a swim she wanted first when she got home. She sped out of the Park deciding to leave the gear in the truck until tomorrow, got on to the freeway and headed for home. Driving up the winding canyon road Fallon groaned as she Leila’s Outback was here. She’d forgotten they were working on client plans together. “Jem! Jemmy!” she called as she went into the house tossing her hat and utility belt on the side. “Fuck it!” she said out loud; if she had to sit on Jem’s cock while her sister looked on and watched, she did not care a bit as long as she had cock. They had few, if any secrets between them anyway these days.

Coming out through the lower door next to the pool, Fallon stopped dead in her tracks. There in front of her, her little sister was lying naked, flat on her back on the table. Spit and cum was dribbling from the corners of her mouth and into her hair. Her husband, also bollock naked, was slowly easing his long cock from her throat, strings of spit dangling from his hard, shaved nuts. Leila saw her first “Well hello sis!” she tried to exclaim but ended up coughing as she tried to sit up, more spit and drops of Jem’s cum running down her chin as she smiled at Fallon.

“What the fuck are you two up to?” Fallon grinned wickedly, all her tiredness forgotten and the burning in her pussy intensifying at the same instant. Reaching over, Fallon wiped up some of Leila’s spit and Jem’s cum that was still dribbling down Leila’s chin and rubbed it experimentally between her fingers before popping them into her mouth. “Mmmmmm…that tastes good…really good” she said, leaning over her sister and licking the remains of Jem’s from her face and then slipping her long tongue into Leila’s mouth and frenching her deeply.

Instead of softening, as it should have done after depositing yet another huge load into Leila’s belly, Jem’s prick insisted on staying hard as he watched the two sisters frenching, Leila’s hands quickly unbuttoning Fallon’s sweat soaked ranger shirt as Fallon pulled her head back by her pony tail to lick the remaining spit/cum mix from her throat. Jem was beginning to wonder just what version of Pandora’s Box he had unleashed with these two girls. Leila slipped round behind her sister, arms encircling her and her hands running over her sport bra, cupping and kneading her firm tits, thumbs massaging the turgid nipples through the soft cotton material. Jem stepped up to his wife crushing his mouth to hers, tongues duelling as they kissed each other. Fallon could feel the hardness that was Jem’s renewed erection pushing at her through the thin material of her shorts and panties.

Fallon’s wet pussy went into overdrive as she felt herself sandwiched between the two people in the whole world that she loved the most. After a few moments, Jem pulled away and reached down to flip her belt and pant catch and to unzip her shorts. Pulling her shorts and panties down her dirt streaked thighs, Jem breathed in the intoxicating scent of both Fallon’s sweat and arousal coming from her heated crotch. Unable to resist he inhaled her scent, his tongue traced a line from the top of her racing strip, slowly down to her pussy lips. Kneeling at her feet, he flicked his tongue against her sticky pussy as he quickly unlaced her boots and removed them and her socks before stripping off her pants completely. He ran his hands back up and down her strong legs, kneading her buttocks firmly as he continued to tongue her slit. Leila had pulled off Fallon’s sports bra and was kissing her now naked sister.

Despite the 7 years difference in age, both girls were the same height and almost similar build, and they made a vision of total beauty with Leila being the curvier of the two against Fallon’s athletic tautness. Jem thought he had died and gone to heaven as they cuddled and kissed each other, their hands roaming over each other gently caressing nipples, lips, bottoms, pussies and anything else within reach. Jem just stood back watching the girls as he slowly fisted his cock.

Fallon took her sister’s hand and made her lie back on the lounger, hands behind her knees exposing her blond V, her damp lips spreading apart as her thighs stretched wide, the little doughnut ‘o’ of her rosebud bulging between her butt cheeks. Looking at her sister’s open charms gave Fallon the beginnings of a nasty, kinky, idea. Fallon went down on her hands and knees saying to Jem, “baby I really need you to fuck me now…come over here and shove your cock up my pussy!” Jem did as he was asked, going to his knees on the deck behind his wife. He leaned over, spread her ass cheeks and slowly ran his tongue around her dark hole, savouring the flavour of her body, the tangy, sweaty smell of her crack and the sweet smell of sex coming off her sopping wet pussy. He loved taking his wife when she was dirty and sweaty and the little streaks at the top of her thighs where her pussy juice had started to dribble through the dust on her skin turned him on no end. Licking further down, he speared his tongue between Fallon’s smooth wet cunt lips again, this time deep into her snatch. Within moments she was creaming her pussy over his beard, her hand on his head urging him to lick faster and deeper

Fallon slowly inserted three fingers into her sister’s moist cunt, sliding them back and forward – at the same time her other thumb began working Leila’s clit. Leaning further forward, Fallon started licking her clit in even measured strokes as she finger fucked her. Soon her face and hand were covered in the younger girl’s juice. “Ah…oh…ahh…ohhh…ahhh…ahhh…” Leila moaned as she pulled her thighs further apart. “Ah…oh…ahh…ohhh…ahhh…ahhh…” Fallon echoed as Jem’s tongue worked its magic on her own clit and asshole. “Oooh…yes…yes…fuck…yes “she gasped as she started to come “whooooooooo!” she yelled into Leila’s pussy as Jem suddenly reared up behind her and plunged his entire cock balls deep into his wife’s orgasming cunt. As Jem thrust forward, Fallon jammed her fingers up against Leila’s ‘g’ spot and brought her off. As both girls orgasmed Fallon eased back on to Jem’s prick as he started ploughing her cunt. Fallon slipped now also her thumb into Leila’s pussy lubricating it with her juice. Slowly rotating her hand Fallon slipped her thumb into the raised doughnut of Leila’s rosebud as far as her knuckle and held it there.

Jem could only look on in amazement as his wife worked her thumb into Leila’s ass. “Damn that was too sexy” he thought. “Hell girl!” Leila gasped at the unexpected intrusion “You are one dirty bitch motherfucker today!” “Sure am” Fallon grinned up at her as she started to slide the thumb in and out of Leila’s tight butt. “Woo…that feels…tooo…fucking…good” Leila gasped. “Want more Sweetie?” Fallon asked. “Hell, yeah girl” Leila replied. Slipping her thumb out of the now clenching hole, Fallon carefully pulled her fingers out of Leila’s canlı casino pussy and slid two of her fingers into her sister’s asshole, slowly working them until they could go no further. Fallon paused to let her sister’s virgin hole accommodate to the width of her fingers and then started to move them in and out. Leila gasped as Fallon finger fucked her butt hole, gradually stretching her anus wider and wider until she was able to squeeze a third finger in. Fallon gently inserted her slippery finger. Leila grabbed the lube bottle from the floor and squirted a generous amount of the cool gel onto her pussy, letting it trickle down to where Fallon now had three fingers fully wedged in her sister’s hot virgin rosebud.

Jem balanced against Fallon’s ass as he reached round her to grasp the mounds of her pert tits in both hands, kneading them softly and scissoring her nipples between his fingers as he started to fuck her super-heated pussy. He’d lost count of how many times these girls had made him come today and, for a moment, he wondered if he was man enough to finish the job at hand. Manipulating her nipples was the surest way to get Fallon to come again and soon she was churning her fingers around in Leila’s anus gasping “oh yess…Jemmy…ohhh…ahhh…ohhh…ahhh…fuck me…shit yeah…fuck my pusseeeeeeee! Jem continued the stimulation as he rogered her. “Ooohhh…fuck it…fuck it…fuck yesssssss!” she wailed as her second orgasm suddenly tore through her. Letting go of her tits, Jem grasped her hips, slowing his thrusts as she gradually subsided.

“Mmmmm, yes, love that” she cooed as Jem nibbled her ear and caressed her firm buttocks. “Wanna help Leila baby?” “Sure” he said. “Stick your fingers in her pussy while I keep doing this” she said, swirling her fingers round in Leila’s butt hole. Jem gradually withdrew his thick cock from his wife’s pussy as he moved up beside her. Leila’s eyes were closed as she was focussing on the tremendous sensations in her tight ass and so was taken completely by surprise when Jem suddenly slipped two of his big fingers back into her cunt hole, covering her clit with his thumb and pressing firmly against the little hard button. “Awwwwww…fuck yes…that feels so good…oh…ahh…ahhhh…ahhh no, no, no…commmmmmingggg” she squealed as she came again, her pussy gushing girl cum over Jem’s and Fallon’s hands. Feeling very dirty, Fallon pulled her fingers from Leila’s ass and offered them to her; Leila opened her mouth and sucked the sticky combination of her tangy ass and cum from her sister’s fingers. “Mmmmmmm…lush…I like that” she moaned breathlessly sliding her own fingers across her dripping ass and crotch to get at some more of her juices.

Looking up at him, Fallon said “Jemmy darling, why don’t you put that cock of yours to some good use and take Leila’s anal cherry? It’s about time she got some good anal sex.” Somewhere above them came Leila’s voice “ohhhh yes please Jem…would you do that for me?” Jem considered for at least one second… How could he possibly deny these two stunning blonds anything? Jem had Fallon sit on the edge of the table, then he moved Leila in front of her so that, bending from the waist she could rest her arms and head on her sister’s thighs. He kissed his sister then his wife and reached for the bottle of lube. Bending his sister forward he said, in an echo of something Fallon had said several years ago, “Leila, you know it’s going to hurt a bit, don’t you?” Both girls giggled and together chorused “shut the fuck up Jem and get on with it!”

Jem poured a generous amount of lube onto the top of Leila’s butt crack, letting it dribble down into her winking hole. For a few moments his hands roamed over the expanse of Leila’s buttocks turning them into shining globes as he massaged the lube into them. Next, he spread her butt wide and inserted the rounded top of the bottle into her rosebud and squirted a generous amount of gel deep into her ass. “Ooooohhhh that’s cold” Leila gasped feeling the cool gel spray into her rectum. Jem inserted two of his fingers into her ass and gently fucked them in and out before adding a third and then a fourth. Very gently he inserted more of his hand into the girl’s butt hole, gradually letting her sphincter adjust to the wider girth of his bunched finger. All the time he was doing this Fallon was caressing her and whispering words of encouragement. “Ah…ahh…ah…oh…ah…yes…that’s it…fuck…ahhhh…ah” Leila moaned as Jem managed to get all his fingers in about four inches into her butt.

Holding still, Jem leaned over Leila and whispered. “Are you ready for this baby girl?” “About as ready as I ever will be” she replied. Still keeping his hand in place, Jem slowly inched his cock into Leila’s sopping wet pussy. “Ahhh…shit…oh shit…oh shit…oh shit…I am so fucking full!” Leila exclaimed as Jem slowly thrust in and out of her pussy getting his cock as slick and wet as he could. After a while, Jem pulled his cock out of her pussy and his hand out from her asshole, the deep dark pink of her anal canal glowing up at him. “Spread your ass babe,” he said getting her to reach around behind her and spread her stunning shiny cheeks as wide as she could. With one hand on her back and the other on his cock, he pulled back his foreskin and placed the sticky head against her sphincter. Pushing firmly, he watched her muscle distend slowly around his knob for a few seconds before it popped into her ass. “Ahhhhhh…damn it…shit…shit…shit” Leila moaned as the head of his invading cock breached her ass. “Shh…hold still babe” he said, “give it a moment, let your ass adjust to it “Aww it stings…it stings!” Leila sniffed. “You’ll be ok Sweetie” Fallon said kissing her little sister tenderly on the mouth.

Jem reached under Leila and gently started slicking his lubed fingers up and down her clit rubbing firmly. Holding still behind her, he let her adjust to the girth of his cock as he began his slow finger fucking. “Oh yes…that’s better…keep doing that…bro” Leila said as the stinging in her ass dulled and her pussy starting tingling again. Keeping up his finger work Jem used his other hand to slick some of her juices up and around the tight collar of her ass muscle as it clamped around his throbbing cock. Very slowly he inched a more of his cock inside his sister until he was half way into her ass. Still fingering her pussy, Jem withdrew his cock until the head was ready to pop out.

Now he inched back in again, feeling Leila’s ass starting to loosen up even more as he slid in a little deeper. Fallon whispered encouragement to her little sister as Jem slowly began to butt fuck Leila. Each time he pushed in deeper and deeper until he had managed to jam all his nine inches into the young girl’s very tight anus. Now Jem was ready to see if her sphincter had relaxed enough to allow him to completely withdraw and penetrate her again. This time, as he withdrew, he kept going so that his cock plopped out of her ass completely making a slight farting noise. “Ohhh…ohhh…no” said Leila, “please Jem, put it back in…please.” Jem looked at her gaping pink asshole for a moment and then firmly thrust his entire cock into her, balls deep this time. “Ohhhh…fuck…yes…fuck…fill my fucking ass full of your lovely fucking cock!” she said as she came again. “Don’t you fucking stop…ever!”

Jem waited, savouring the sensations as Leila orgasmed with his cock buried beep in her ass. After a few minutes, Leila started pushing back at him and so he started to fuck her properly now, speeding up his thrusts, kaçak casino each time reaming her deeply until his balls slapped noisily against her buttocks. On every fourth or fifth stroke, Jem would withdraw completely and then thrust back in the whole way causing Leila to moan and gasp loudly. After several repetitions of this Jem pulled his cock out and leaned over, unable to resist the sight of her pink hole, he leaned forward and licked up and around the edge of her beautiful ass hole. Leila squealed “Jem, stop it, it tickles…stop messing around and put your fucking cock back in me!

“Your wish is my command!” Jem replied and standing up again he proceeded to ream her cute ass in and out several more times. He knew he was not going to last too long as the friction of Leila’s hot virgin ass and its tightness were already causing his balls to contract. By now sweat was pouring off both him and Leila as she started bucking back at him trying to get him even deeper into her anal canal. She let go of her ass cheeks as Fallon scooted between her legs and, crouching down, began to lick at her pussy.

Now holding on to the table, Leila bucked back at Jem. As her orgasm built, she was finding it more and more difficult to keep still and so Jem grasped her hips as he pulled her faster and faster onto his prick. She was making a lot of noise, gasping and panting. “Ohhhh yes I’m gonna come!” she wailed slamming back into him. Jem grunted fucking back at Leila’s soft body. “Harder…harder…fuck meeee yes! Fuck…fuck oh…ah…aieee…fuck I’m coming” she screamed again as a massive orgasm broke over her, her butt clenching down hard on Jem’s cock like a vice. Jem had been on the edge for several minutes as he had been ploughing his sister’s ass, his balls contracting hard as they made ready to shoot out his cum. Leila’s sudden clenching caused him to start ejaculating fiercely into her bowels as he blasted wad after wad of super-heated cum deep into her. Beneath Leila, Fallon had attached her lips to Leila’s clit and was sucking hard on the little pink button as she hit her orgasm, girl cum running down the insides of her thighs as Fallon furiously rubbed out another cum from her own pussy

Jem collapsed onto Leila’s back, his cock still buried to the hilt, deep in her churning contracting bowels. He felt like she was sucking him dry as she pulsed around his cock. He reached round grabbing two handfuls of her beautiful melon-sized tits kissing the nape of her sweat covered neck, feeling the slickness between their skin as he held her tight. “Hell girl you are one sensational fuck!” he gasped out. “Ohh yes you filled me so fucking full!” she said turning her head to kiss him. As their orgasms subsided, Fallon had one last surprise for her husband and sister.

As Jem started to withdraw his cock, Fallon told Leila to stay put and not move. As his cock slid out of Leila’s ass, Fallon slowly licked along Jem’s shaft, cleaning his and Leila’s juices off. His cock was finally starting to shrink as it plopped out of Leila’s distended butt hole. Fallon put her fingers round it and deep throated him making sure she got all the cum and ass juice off his dick. She took Leila by the hand over to the lounger and lay down making the younger girl squat over her mouth, her butt cheeks spread. Her tongue stuck out, Fallon started licking Leila’s asshole. Very soon gravity started to take effect and little strings of creamy, tangy cum started dropping on to Fallon’s greedy tongue. “That’s it baby,” she cooed at Leila, “squeeze it all out for me babe…come on, let me have it all.” Leila bore down and there was a farting sound as she squeezed several more globs of Jem’s cum from deep in her ass into Fallon’s waiting mouth. Once she was satisfied she had retrieved all there was, Fallon pulled Leila down to her and kissed her deeply sharing the contents of her mouth with her little sister.

The three of them looked at each other. “Fuck, what a mess we’ve made of ourselves” Fallon said looking down at her sweat and cum streaked legs. Jem stood in front her, his cock finally soft and dangling over his balls, it looked swollen and pink at the tip, his body dripping with sweat. Leila’s eyeliner had run and her ponytail had come undone, her hair flying everywhere. As she stood up she winced slightly. “Ummm, my bum is a bit sore” she said. “Aww Sweetie, I’ll take care of that for you, let’s go take a shower.” After jumping through the shower and cleaning up, Fallon had Leila on all fours on her bed, her cute, curvy ass stuck up in the air as she gently rubbed some soothing salve in and around her sister’s slightly enflamed hole. “Ooooh,” Leila sighed, “that feels really good.” “Haven’t you had enough today,” she gave a little laugh, “don’t let Jem see us like this or he will want to take your sweet ass all over again.” Leila considered a moment, it sounded appealing, “maybe tomorrow” she said.

Jem fixed them all dinner, steaks with home-made bread, garlic butter and salads washed down with sweet California wine. The girls lounged around in the huge kitchen den area overlooking the terrace. Fallon in her short skimpy house coat and Leila in one of Jem’s baggy running vests, her voluptuous bra-less tits barely covered by his top. Jem had wrapped a towel around his waist and was wearing an apron while he cooked. Jem and Fallon had discussed asking Leila to move in with them some time ago and wanted to wait until she had finished college. Leila was going to have a ‘gap’ year before going off to UCB to study architectural engineering and was saving for her fees.

“Sweetie” said Fallon putting down her wine glass, “Have you and Jake anything planned for the next year before you go to college?” “Aside from regularly fucking each other’s brains out?” she shot back, grinning mischievously, “aside from that” said Jem from the kitchen. “Well, not really, Jake has a job for now, and I…I was hoping to see I could find something and maybe keep doing some drawing work for you guys. I want to save up as much as I can before I go off to college.” Fallon smiled at her “Well, Jem and I have a proposal to discuss with you.” “Sure, go ahead”.

Cutting straight to it, Fallon said “We’d like to offer you full time paid work in the company until you are ready to go to college.” “and,” added Jem “we’ll also cover your college tuition, if you agree to come back and work with us during vacation time and stay on for a couple of years when you have graduated.” “Wow…just wow…I don’t really know what to say,” replied Leila. “Just say ‘yes’ silly,” Fallon said, grabbing her hand. “Well of course I accept your generous offer.” With that Leila hugged her sister then jumped up and went into the kitchen to give Jem more than just a brotherly kiss on the lips. When she had sat down Leila asked them “So what’s in it for you guys?” “Ha!” said her sister, “it’s like this, we’d also like to have you living here with us, rent free, with as much fucking and sucking as you can take…”

Leila beamed at her older sister, their eyes sparkling that melty blue colour as they gave each other identical grins. Jem felt his ravaged cock beginning to stir again under his towel. “And, of course, Jako is welcome here any and all the time” Fallon added. “Sure” said Jem winking at his wife, “we’ll take care of him too!” “You two are just kinky bastards aren’t you?” laughed Leila. “So, it’s a deal then? Fallon asked. “It’s definitely a deal” said Leila. They were all exhausted after dinner, Leila had drunk too much wine for her to be able to drive safely and so she spent the night with Jem and Fallon all three of them sharing the huge king bed in the master suite.

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