Center Piece

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This is an entry in the 2012 Literotica.Com Winter Holiday Contest. © Copyright LesLumens. If found elsewhere with this note, this story is posted without permission.


Autumn looked out the window into the season that was her namesake, twirled a finger through a curl in her long brunette hair, and sighed. The final leaves falling from the maple tree after a strong gust of wind reminded her of the last few months of her life, as piece after piece of it had crashed to earth.

First, her boyfriend of two years had lost interest in sex and grown distant. Her hormones had decided to go into overdrive at almost the exact same time, making it doubly torturous. After two months of frustrating near-abstinence, she’d found out why. As soon as she discovered his affair with an underage intern, she’d packed her things and left.

Then, she’d been let go from her job due to budget cuts. With the job market in shambles and rents rising due to the housing crisis, she had to take two part-time jobs working at a gas station and a grocery store just to squeak by.

Naturally, the owners of the gas station went bankrupt just as she was settling into the routine — mundane and depressing as it was.

Now, she couldn’t even find a second part time job, and there was no way she would have the rent money for her apartment when it came due at the first of December. Facing the very real prospect of being homeless in winter with no family close or in a position to help her, she was on the verge of desperation.

The internet site open on her computer was a testament to that. ‘Amateurs wanted for adult videos’ it said in huge letters across the top of the screen. She closed the page as soon as she turned back from looking out the window, though. She wasn’t that desperate for money — or sex — yet.

It was close on both counts, though.

Paul hadn’t been the most exciting in bed — much to her regular frustration, considering her curious nature — but he had at least got the job done. Unfortunately, now he was doing that for someone else. Shattered by everything that had happened, she was in no emotional state to even consider taking the plunge into a relationship again, and too worried about the potential consequences to risk casual sex.

Her dreams had taken over for her lack of a real sex life, making waking up to a world that seemed intent to step on her all the more difficult. Sighing in frustration, she was about to shut down the Facebook tab that was still open when a surprise notification popped up.

Despite everything, Autumn smiled and immediately accepted the friend request from Summer. The coincidence of their names is what had brought them together in college, and they’d immediately hit it off. Autumn had always felt bad about falling out of touch, and now she had a chance to remedy that.

Within seconds of accepting the request, Summer was on chat. “Oh my god! Give me your number so I can call you!”

Autumn had prudently downgraded to a pay-as-you-go cell, which saved her from having to explain her situation right from the get-go because she didn’t have a phone number to give. She wouldn’t even have internet, were it not for the kindness of a neighbor offering the wireless password.

Eagerness to reconnect encouraged her to type her number, while deciding to keep her problems to herself. She’d barely typed the last digit before the phone started ringing.

“I am so glad I found you,” Summer said before Autumn could even say hello.

“Me too. I’m sorry I didn’t keep in touch. Things were hectic for a while, and then your number had changed when I tried to call.”

“That’s exactly what happened with me, too. Oh, have you looked at my profile yet?”

“Not yet.”

“Oh, I can’t wait. You’re not going to believe this. I’m married!”

Autumn was indeed shocked. Summer had always said that there was no way she would ever get married. Experience had taught her that she always grew bored having sex with the same person after a while. Monogamy simply wasn’t in her nature, and she was self-aware enough of that to keep relationships from crossing certain emotional boundaries.

Summer laughed. “I take it from the stunned silence that I’m right?”

“Yes, you’re right. How did that happen?”

“It’s a long story, but I guess the short version is just that I found the right man. We’ve been married three years now, and I’m not even remotely bored with him yet.”

She continued on, saying that they were living in a town a couple of hours away. They were sharing the rent on a duplex with some other people they’d met through her husband’s work, and generally enjoying life to its fullest.

“I’m happy for you,” Autumn said when her friend stopped talking.

“So, how about you?”

Autumn’s thoughts raced as she considered ways to avoid the truth of her situation. “Oh, you know. Same old day to day.”

“Married? Seeing anyone?”

“No. Not seeing anyone.”

After a brief pause, Summer said, “Hmm… Okay, it may have been a while, casino oyna but I know you. Something’s wrong — really wrong. I can hear it in your voice.”

“You must be imagining it.”

“No. I’m not. That’s exactly how and what you said when you didn’t want to talk about your Mom being in the hospital. Tell me what’s wrong. Maybe I can help. If nothing else, I can listen.”

Autumn’s lip quivered, and despite what she thought was iron resolve to keep her problems to herself, the story spilled out of her in a tear-filled gush.

Summer sniffled on the other end of the phone. “Oh, that’s terrible. Hang on for just a second.”

Wiping her eyes, Autumn could hear muffled conversation as she blushed, ashamed of blurting out everything the way she had.

A minute later, Summer said, “Okay. I talked to my husband. We’ve got an extra room.”

“I couldn’t…”

“Yes, you can. I’m not taking no for an answer. I wouldn’t even have graduated if it wasn’t for you. Now, you’re going to let me return the favor.” Autumn faintly heard a man’s voice, and then Summer added, “Brian says there are some job openings in the building where he works, too.”

“I… I just…”

“Blah, blah, blah. Brian and Mike have trucks, too. We can move all your stuff without renting a truck, and we’ve got plenty of storage space at Brian’s Mom’s if you need it too.”

“Are… Are you sure?”

“Absolutely. Oh my god, it will be so great to see you again. Give me your address. Brian and I are going to come straight there to work things out before you can think of some excuse. You are moving in with us, and you’re going to like it.”

Autumn laughed through her tears. As much as she didn’t want to impose, she couldn’t believe the luck that was lifting an enormous burden off her shoulders. Grabbing a tissue, she blew her nose, and then recited her address for her impatient friend.


Summer was in no mood to wait. That weekend, Autumn’s things were already making their way to a pair of trucks. Her introduction to her new housemates proved heartening. Summer’s husband Brian was full of good humor, as were Lisa and Mike, the couple who shared the other side of the house. A man named Roger who had his room on Lisa’s side of the house rounded out the group of five she would be living with.

By Sunday evening, her room was set up, and everything else was stored away in a building at Brian’s mother’s house. Brian had given her a contact with a company in his building, doing almost exactly the same job she’d lost due to downsizing. He assured her that all she had to do was take in her resume on Monday morning, and she’d start immediately.

Sipping wine and chatting with new friends before bed, Autumn marveled at how her life had fallen back into place almost as quickly as it had disintegrated. With all of them sharing the bills, she would even be able to save to eventually strike out on her own once more.

“So, can you cook?” Lisa asked during a pause in the conversation.

“Well, yes.”

“Have any plans for Thanksgiving?”

Summer let out a laugh. “Lisa’s hopeless in the kitchen, and she’s been dreading Thanksgiving. If you don’t have any plans, I could really use some help. She can fetch beer for the boys.”

“No, I don’t have any plans,” Autumn replied. “I’ll be glad to help. I was looking at having a turkey TV dinner for Thanksgiving until a couple of days ago.”

“The kitchen on my side is all yours, then,” Lisa said with obvious relief.

“With you helping and two full kitchens, we can really lay out a spread,” Summer said. “Make this a Thanksgiving none of us will ever forget.”

“That sounds wonderful,” Autumn said, suddenly anticipating the holiday she’d been trying to forget during her previous troubles.

“We’ll start planning tomorrow when you get home from work, if you’re up to it.”

Autumn nodded her head, and then yawned. It had been a tiring weekend, and the wine was starting to get to her.

Summer smiled and said, “Finish your wine and you can have the shower first. Better get plenty of sleep for your first day at work.”


Autumn unlocked the door and walked inside to find the house oddly quiet on Wednesday. After two days back at work, she had traded sore feet from standing all day for a stiff back and shoulders from sitting in an office chair all day. The significant increase in salary left little doubt in her mind which she preferred.

Summer walked into the front room from the kitchen. “How was work?”

“Just fine. It’s nice to feel like all the money I spent on college was worth it again. Where is everyone?”

“Lisa, Mike, and Roger all went out to dinner and a club.” She shook her head and chuckled as she sat down on the couch. “They’ll be lucky if they’ve recovered in time for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. Brian will probably be stuck at work until midnight.”

Autumn sat her purse and briefcase down, then collapsed onto the couch next to her friend. “Oh, this couch feels good.”

“Same here. Ran canlı casino me ragged today trying to get ahead before the four-day weekend. I barely beat you home.”

The word home struck an unexpected chord with Autumn. She didn’t quite feel like she was home just yet, but it was at least as close as she’d felt in her apartment, and she’d been there for almost a year. She smiled and said, “So, I guess we have the house to ourselves for a while.”

“Yep. Probably for most of the morning, too. Though we’ll be in opposite kitchens most of the time.”

Autumn squeezed the muscles in her left shoulder, trying to relieve some of the tension. “I’m looking forward to it, even though it will be a lot of work.”

“Me too. A little stiff?”

“Mmm hmm.”

Summer made a circling motion with her fingers. “Turn around. I’ll rub your shoulders for you.”

“You don’t have to. You had a long day too.”

“Oh, just turn around,” Summer insisted, and then cracked her knuckles.

The thought of a shoulder rub was impossible to resist, so she kicked off her heels, slipped out of her sport coat, and turned on the couch, pulling one knee up onto the cushions. “If you insist.”

Summer chuckled and immediately went to work.

Autumn couldn’t hold back a moan as her friend’s hands kneaded her shoulders. The blonde had always had a knack for massages, and she hadn’t lost her touch. “Oh, that feels good.”

“You really are tense. Everything okay?”

“Mmm hmm.”

“Comfortable here? At work?”

“Oh, yes. It’s such a relief to be here. You can’t imagine how stressed I was.”

“Well, something is getting to you, because you’re all in knots.”

“Probably sexual frustration.” The sad chuckle that followed turned into a moan as Summer’s hands found an especially tight muscle and squeezed.

“Been a while?”

“God. Months before I left Paul.”

“I think I’d lose my mind.”

“I wonder sometimes if I haven’t.”

Summer’s hands moved upward and she used her thumbs to work on the muscles in Autumn’s neck. Slowly, the blonde’s practiced hands did the job, the only sound Autumn’s quiet moans from how good it felt.

“Maybe I can do something even better to help you relax,” Summer suggested, letting a finger trace a feather-light caress on Autumn’s cheek.

Autumn sucked in a quick, sharp breath. She knew the subtle change in her friend’s voice quite well. She’d heard it often enough when they were roommates in college. Memories of hot, steamy nights with Summer flashed through her head, and a shiver shook her. Her face warmed as she thought about it, though. She hadn’t been with another woman since graduation.

To cover her conflicting emotions, she tried to make light of it and said, “Aren’t you married?”

“Mmm hmm, and the only reason is because Brian understands me. He knows I need some spice to keep me happy. What you need is someone to make you come.”

Autumn gasped as the blonde kissed the back of her neck.

“Nice.” Another kiss on her cheek. “And.” The next kiss fell just below her ear. “Hard.”

“Oh god,” Autumn breathed in an almost inaudible whisper as her body reacted — powerfully — to the words and the kisses.

Though it had been years, they both knew each other very well. Autumn knew that she’d just surrendered to need, and so did Summer. The blonde suckled her earlobe and Autumn whimpered. It took little more than a touch of Summer’s hand on her own to prompt Autumn to turn around. Their eyes met, and then so did their lips.

It was as if all the years fell away in an instant.

Autumn was once again a shy suburban girl in her first year of college, with limited sexual experience and an attraction to other women that both frightened and excited her. Tasting Summer’s lips was just like the first time — deep in the night in the dorm room they shared.

She broke out into goose bumps as chills raced up and down her spine. Her hands slid around to Summer’s back in an exploratory caress. The blonde cupped her cheek in one hand while the fingers of the other glided along Autumn’s shoulders. Their tongues danced, intertwining and exploring each other, and Autumn’s arousal surged into a bonfire of need.

“Let’s go to your room,” Summer said in a husky whisper, her lips still brushing her friend’s.

Autumn blushed, only then realizing the display they were putting on. Anyone could have walked in and seen them, as they were in full view of the front door and the door between the halves of the house — not that she would have noticed. Summer giggled upon seeing the flush of color and then stood up, taking her friend’s hand.

The short walk felt like it took forever to Autumn, but Summer remedied that as soon as they were across the threshold. The blonde closed the door, playfully pushed Autumn against it, and kissed her hard. Autumn moaned as her friend lifted both of her hands over her head, pinning them against the door.

Summer kissed her lips and neck, fingers of one hand expertly popping open buttons. kaçak casino Autumn writhed, breathing heavily and planting kisses anywhere she could when Summer’s lips weren’t within reach. Once her blouse hung open, Summer gathered up the tail and used it as a lead to pull her friend to the bed.

Their lips met yet again as Summer’s hands slipped beneath the open blouse and glided slowly up Autumn’s sides. Whimpers escaped her as someone touched her bare skin for the first time in so long. When Summer’s hands reached her shoulders, Autumn stretched her arms out behind her. Her blouse slid down them and fluttered to the floor. She didn’t resist in the slightest when the blonde guided her to lie down on the bed.

Autumn knew immediately what her friend had planned. Once her back settled onto the mattress, the blonde’s first kiss was on her chest, tantalizingly close to her rapidly rising and falling breasts. Summer drifted back over the top of the globes, leaning down as if to kiss them, but then darted to the side to kiss her arm instead.

Though most of their couplings in college had been quick satisfaction of mutual need, Summer enjoyed drawing out the pleasure — teasing. The first time they’d tumbled into bed together, the blonde had spent nearly a half hour building her friend to a fever pitch before her lips touched Autumn’s breasts. It had helped Autumn overcome the fear of her attraction that so many said was wrong.

But, she wasn’t a conflicted eighteen-year-old anymore.

“Please,” Autumn whispered as her friend’s lips found the sensitive skin at the crook of her arm, making her shiver. “Please,” she repeated — ever louder and with increasing hints of desperation — as the blond traced kisses down her arm, ending at the wrist.

Summer looked up at her and smiled, then crawled up to softly kiss her lips again. “Can’t wait?”

“God, no. Please. I’m on fire,” Autumn responded in a rush as she ground her aching need against the blonde’s knee, situated between her legs.

Considering the hunger of her next kiss, it appeared that Summer was hardly averse to the idea. A hand wormed between Autumn’s back and the mattress, and practiced fingers popped the clasp of her bra.

Summer sat up over her knees and let out a sharp breath as she lifted the tail of her sweater. It slithered off the edge of the bed when she tossed it away a second later. Autumn wriggled her shoulders out of her bra straps, but Summer was the one who completed the work, and then tossed the bra away to dangle from a lamp on the bedside table.

Autumn sucked in a long, warbling gasp as her friend’s lips closed around her right nipple. After the initial moment of shocking bliss, she reached for the clasp of the blonde’s bra. Summer had taken her plea for relief seriously and Autumn felt the button on her pants pop open at the same time as the blonde’s bra.

Only releasing Autumn’s nipple long enough to switch to the other, Summer worked down the zipper and forced the brunette’s pants down as far as possible with them trapped beneath her bottom. Unwilling to wait for the blonde to pull her arms out of the shoulder straps, Autumn tugged on the bra to free her friend’s larger breasts.

Both women whimpered when Autumn pinched the blonde’s nipples and Summer cupped her friend’s sex, pushing one finger tight into the cleft.

Summer abruptly let the brunette’s nipple pop from between her lips as she sat up over her knees. She shrugged off her bra and grabbed Autumn’s pants. Autumn eagerly lifted her bottom, allowing her friend to jerk the pants down and toss them off the side of the bed. Summer slipped one finger beneath Autumn’s panties, but instead of pulling them down, she dropped down onto her other hand.

Autumn moaned into the kiss, reveling in the feeling of the blonde’s pendulous breasts pressed tight against her own. It had been so long since she’d felt the touch of another — and even longer since she’d experienced the soft skin of a woman against her own.

The kiss didn’t last long. Autumn gasped and whimpered as Summer kissed her way down. This time, she planted kisses on each of her friend’s breasts, and gave both nipples a swipe of her tongue before moving lower. She traced the circle of Autumn’s naval with her tongue, and then tickled it with a few suggestive flicks. Finally, looking up into her friend’s eyes and smiling, she placed a final kiss on Autumn’s belly, just above her panties, which had already slid down enough to reveal a few curly hairs.

Aching to be touched in that most intimate and needy of places, Autumn lifted her bottom up from the bed. Summer tugged the cotton past the brunette’s butt, and quickly slid them down her legs. The panties were still dangling from Autumn’s left ankle when Summer pushed one knee outward, lay down on the other, and dived in.

A long, loud, weepy-sounding cry bubbled from Autumn’s lips as Summer’s tongue tickled her folds. They’d had plenty of opportunity and desire to learn each other’s bodies in college, and Summer hadn’t forgotten a thing. Within only a few seconds, Autumn was writhing on the bed. She fought against Summer’s weight holding her down, trying to press her sex even tighter against the blonde’s wonderful lips and tongue.

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