Celia’s Adventures Ch. 2

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A continuation of the story, Celia’s Adventures. This can be found in the Erotic Couplings section.

* * * * *

As Celia rode home in the cab wearing just her wrap-over skirt and sheer blouse she couldn’t help thinking about her affair with Paul. The things he had ‘made’ her do over the last few weeks filled her mind. Why had she let those men in the pub touch her body. Why had she so readily allowed herself to be tricked into that evenings events. Celia was beginning to see Paul for what he was, just another shallow little prick!

Her house was empty when she got in which gave her time to shower and sort herself out. When Steve and a little later the kids, Lucy and Simon got in she was dressed in her usual jeans and tee shirt but what was unusual was that that was all she wearing. It felt gloriously naughty to be wearing so little around her children. They were both very attractive she noticed, Simon at twenty was the same age as Paul, but unlike Paul who was quite skinny, Simon had a muscular body honed from countless hours in the gym they had in their garage. Lucy nineteen was still at college and maturing fast into a mirror image of her mother.

Celia liked to use the gym on her own usually, but the next evening she joined Simon there. As usual he was in a loose pair of shorts and a sleeveless top. Celia feeling as reckless as she had last night wore exactly the same. Chatting casually as they laboured away about nothing in particular, Celia noticed that Simon took every opportunity to watch her as she worked out. This wasn’t too hard to do as all the equipment faced the middle of the room.

After half an hour they were both dripping with sweat. As Celia watched Simon pumping some weights she noticed his dick was clearly defined in his shorts. Something had aroused him as it looked to be erect and even by a conservative guess it had to be good eight inches. As Simon struggled with his weights he was watching his mother staring at his shorts. He knew he was hung but he also knew his mother was well stacked. Her sweat moistened top was clinging seductively to her tits, even the nipples were clearly visible.

Both in need of a shower they left the garage together. Celia showered first and came out wearing just a towel. Simon came out of his room as she crossed into her own room, she knew he was watching her but couldn’t stop herself removing her towel before she went from his line of vision. For his part Simon couldn’t believe his eyes; his mother had one great looking arse.

In the shower Simon fucked his mother with a passion. Never before had he felt so turned on. Celia relieved herself in a similar manner, something she hadn’t done for many years.

That night in bed she managed to interest Steve in sex. The relief she received from this was tremendous. Tossing oneself off was all well and good but it didn’t compare with a good fuck. The rest of the weekend went by smoothly Celia realised she wasn’t counting the minutes until work like she had been. Had she grown tiered of her young man.

At work Paul was his usual self, speaking to her some times and at others acting as if she weren’t there. On Tuesday he demanded a blowjob which she delivered as swiftly as she could, Paul liked his sex quick. On Wednesday she was told to go to his flat; until six that evening she was unsure if she really wanted to go. She knew she would, if only to find out what he had planned, if it was just to parade her in front of his beer buddies he was in for a surprise.

As Paul opened his door for her he noticed she wasn’t dressed as she had on her last few visits. Under her see-through blouse a Lacey bra was visible instead of her full tits. Also her skirt was longer. Never mind he thought to himself I’ll alter that soon enough. When the door was closed he pulled her to him and crushed her lips with his own. At the same time he pulled her skirt up to find she had left her knickers off. The first good sign he’d come across. He wasted no time in getting his hand on her pussy, Celia was soon gasping her way through an orgasm. His work done he dropped onto the couch and arranged things for her to make herself comfortable. When she was sitting on his dick and gently riding him he equally gently removed her blouse and than her bra. Lying back he watched her tits bouncing as she moved.

This scene of sexual fulfillment was ended as his door opened and two of his friends entered. Neither thought it was an unusual sight to see Paul fucking a woman old enough to be his mother. Fazed for a short time by their appearance Celia inwardly shrugged and continued to fuck. Being watched did something for Celia as her climax was unusually strong As her cunt clamped onto his dick, Paul shot his load equally surprised by the feelings he received.

Celia was into full on exhibition mode now, quite unconcerned by the other young men she fixed herself a drink before sitting back beside Paul wearing just her skirt. Both man liked what they saw and both were waiting for Paul to give them a sign that they could have her. Paul kept them waiting just a little longer, canlı bahis he too was looking at Celia who was different some how. Still what did it matter he decided. He introduced them as Jim and Colin, this he said is Celia, fuck her if you want.

Neither of them needed telling twice and they were soon at her side squeezing a full tit each. If she hadn’t have enjoyed her screw so much, Celia might have told them to fuck off but then again why not let them have their fun. They had her skirt off quite sharpish and less than a minute after getting the nod, Collin was pushing his shorts down to reveal a rather nice looking dick. Celia had no trouble at all imagining it was her sons. Collin wasn’t quite hard as Celia started to lick and kiss his dick. It grew to be over eight inches as she gently moved her lips over its purple head. As soon as it was as hard as it was going to get he moved to between her legs and sunk it all swiftly into her already spunked cunt. Jim’s dick wasn’t as impressive as his mates but it was still a good six inches.

There followed at least an hour of fucking. The three men managed to keep at least one dick in her, somewhere, just about the whole time. Exhausted but definitely well satisfied Celia had imagined Collin to be Simon for the whole time. Summoning enough strength to stand Celia showered and left to reach her home by ten.

Celia soaked in a hot bath before going to bed. Lying only half awake in it, Celia thought about the sex she’d had and once again supplemented her son for Collin. As she came out of the bathroom Simon had contrived to be just leaving his room. Once again she had on just a towel. Simon asked if she’d had a nice bath before saying he was just going for a shower. Celia walked into her room knowing he was watching and once more allowed him to see her naked back. This gave Celia as big a trill as any she’d had all evening.

Then next morning Simon asked his mother if she fancied going to a fitness centre he was a member of. They could use the gym and have a swim after. She told him that sounded great and that she’d wanted to go there for ages. All day Celia impatiently waited for the evening to arrive she didn’t even seem to notice Paul like she usually did. he was ignoring her anyway so it didn’t matter.

As soon as she got home Celia showered and preened herself, for some reason she wanted to look her best for Simon, she felt as though he wanted to show her off, silly she knew but he’d never asked to take her there before had he! Simon for his part was looking forward to the evening as well, he had plans which involved more than exercise and swimming.

At the gym Celia had a great time watching her son as well as all the other fit men there. For the pool she wore her skimpiest costume, one normally worn just for sunbathing as it didn’t completely hold everything in place! While they swam slowly they talked, Simon told her about the sauna which he used a lot. Celia liked the sound of this, she casually asked what it was like and he told her you could lock the door which was better than some places where anyone could come in.

Celia told him she’d love a sauna as she hadn’t had one in years. No sooner had she said this than Simon went off to book it. In reality he’d already done so not wanting to take a chance on it not being available. He told her it’d be ready in five minutes. So they swam slowly both watching the clock. Simon got out first and told his mother where to find the sauna. He hurriedly collected his things wanting to get to the sauna first. Celia while swimming had tried to decide whether she should keep her costume on or just wear her towel. She decided to keep her bathing suit on but taking the towel in as well. Paul wasn’t so strong willed he left his trunks by his clothes perversely knowing his mother would see them.

He had just wrapped his towel around his waist when Celia entered. She noticed his trunks and mentioned that he was being daring. Simon blushed deeply and said that never liked to sauna with them on. Celia was gripped by an urge she couldn’t resist. Turned her back to her son she slipping the costume and wrapped her towel around and herself then said she never liked wearing anything either but she’d thought he might be shocked if she hadn’t.

Sitting side by side in the sauna they both allowed the steam and heat to soak into their bodies. Simon had one knee raised but kept everything covered. Before long they were both covered in sweat. Celia grew more and more uncomfortable. If she had been naked she knew she would be happier. Paul also felt the same, he decided to have a shower to cool himself.

Celia knew if she was to look through the window in the door she would be able to see Simon showering. The thought that he might see her stopped her but only just. As soon as he returned Celia went out wondering whether he would be able to resist and hopping he wouldn’t. stepping under the shower was pure heaven especially as she was sure she caught a glimpse of Simon at the window!

Back in the sauna things once more grew sticky. Before long Simon needed bahis siteleri to cool off again. Gripped once more by one of her uncontrollable urges Celia waited ’till the shower started before going out to shower herself. She heard Simon say shit as he saw his mother under the adjoining shower as naked as him. Celia innocently asked if he minded. Christ no he replied, it was just a surprise, you know seeing you naked. They stayed longer under the shower than needed, both liking what they saw.

In the sauna neither bothered to wear their towels as they sat opposite each other soaking up every detail of the others body. Try as he might Simon couldn’t stop his dick from growing; before long it had grown under his mothers envious eyes to it’s full eight inches. The sight of his mother’s full tits and neat little bush was enough to raise the dead. When she slipped a hand down to her pussy to slowly finger her self he almost came. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Mom jerking off! The surrealism of everything was too much for both of them. As he watched his mother Simon couldn’t stop himself from slowly stroking his hardon. When he felt himself coming he did nothing to stop himself sending a jet of sperm onto his stomach. As that happened he realised she was coming to and watched fascinated as Celia moaned and groaned her way through her orgasm.

That marked the end of their time in the sauna. They quickly showered and dressed both feeling out of sorts by what had taken place. The drive home was a quiet one, both couldn’t help feeling they had done something wrong. What they had done was cross an invisible boundary, things would never be the same between them this is true but who said all change is bad!

As soon as the next morning they both came to terms with what had taken place. By evening they were chatting as normal. They even had a session in their gym with no awkwardness at all. Quite the contrary now each knew exactly what each other’s bodies was like they didn’t have to sit and drool! As they were winding down, still in the gym Celia told Simon that any time he felt like taking her to his gym again she’d love to go, she’d really enjoyed herself. Simon told her he was planning on going the next evening and had been going to ask. Great she said that’s a date then.

Celia let Simon shower first, she undressed in front of her mirror and wondered what might happen at the sauna. Paul came out of the bathroom as she was deep in thought. He asked if he could come into her room, without thinking she said yes. Wearing only a towel around his waist Simon was confronted by the sight of his mother naked for the second time in two days.

Simon hid his surprise well and managed to keep his voice calm as he sat on her bed. Knowing no one would hear him he told her what an excellent body she had. Celia felt herself glow in the light of his compliment. Made nicer by the fact that his body was just about perfect, so he was in a position to really know. Thanks Celia said. That means a lot to any woman. Despite the fact that he’d just jacked off in the shower thinking about the next evening, his dick once more started to grow as he watched his mother move around, her full breasts swinging freely. As Celia walked past her son she stopped, smiling down at him she gently untied his towel to look at the monster beneath. It truly was a magnificent sight to behold. What a pity he was her son she thought.

Resisting the almost uncontrollable urge to touch her son Celia went for her shower. Leaving Simon to take care of his own problem. The streaming hot jets of spray helped to calm her, would she be able to resist much longer she wondered, and at the end of the day how bad would it be, I mean she was only going to touch, nothing else, honest.

At work Paul laid on his charm again before demanding relief in the lunch hour. Celia felt compelled somehow to do as he demanded; what was it about him that had such a strange effect upon her. She wasn’t normally a subservient person, quite the contrary. So why when Paul told her to jump she didn’t stop to ask how high. Administering relief to Paul only made her become even more impatient for the evening to arrive.

The afternoon dragged as they do but eventually Celia was at home dressed in her gym stuff and feeling like a school girl on her first date. Something would happen she could feel it. Simon got home early and in five minutes was ready to leave. The gym was quiet as they were early and so was the pool. Neither Simon nor Celia could concentrate on their exercises; they both watched the clock. Eventually their slot for the sauna arrived and they walked to it together both still in their swimming things.

As soon as Simon locked the door to the sauna both stripped and entered the oven. It took a little time to get used to the temperature but eventually they were able to relax. Sitting opposite each other; Celia scrutinised Simon’s powerful body and his glistening dick, which stiffened a little under her gaze. Simon studied his mother as avidly as she did him. He watched as she opened her legs enough to let bahis şirketleri him see the delicate folds of her pussy. She knew he liked what he saw by the effect it had on his dick.

Celia’s hand dropped to touch her clit. As soon as it started to gently move, Simon knelt before her, without a word he lowered his head to her pussy, to send Celia into another world. Her head rolled back and she let one of the strongest orgasms she’d ever had course through her whole body leaving her completely fulfilled. What happened next came as a little bit of a surprise. Simon stood and entered her in one push.

Instantly mixed emotions swam around her head. They shouldn’t be doing this, that she knew. Celia hadn’t expected Simon to enter her, but before she could gather the strength to stop him her body accepted the dick and managed to over power her mind. Celia was totally unable to reject her son. For his part Simon had no wish to halt what he was doing, he had been waiting for this moment since he was fourteen, he’d always know he’d screw his neat looking mother. The fulfillment of a long held dream didn’t enable him to last too long. Nine strokes were all it took.

Disappointed by his performance, Simon sagged back onto his bench. Celia too had been hoping for more. Now that they had done it, now that they were dammed there was no reason not to do it again, and again. One thing Celia knew about young men was that it never took too long for them to recover.

Needing to cool herself before anything else Celia headed for the shower. Simon joined her a few seconds later. They shared the one she had started getting to know one and other just a little more intimately. Back in the sauna Celia was soon doing her best to raise Simon to his former glory. Having his mother go down on him, surprised him as much as him entering her had done. Once he was hard Celia gently pushed him back onto his bench and kneeling astride him her tits dangling in his face she lowered herself onto his manhood. In no hurry to finish Celia worked slowly on her son.

Simon savoured the exquisite pleasure of what was happening to him. Feeding his hands into her hair he pulled her face to his to share their first kiss. This went on and on, Celia even forgot what she was doing for a short time, so intense was the feelings their kiss generated in her. It wasn’t until Simon started to fondle her tits that she came out of her stupor and continued to ride him. Rolling from one climax to the next Celia had never known such bliss but eventually Simon shot a second helping of sperm into his mother. By then they were both well satisfied and content to let the sauna do it’s stuff.

After sharing a shower and soaping each other thoroughly they dressing and returned the world of normality. Before leaving the club Celia asked Simon to take her to the bar. While sipping a glass of orange juice she told Simon all about Paul. She didn’t know why she decided to tell him but once she had it felt like a weight had been lifted. Simon listened silently to her story unable to be shocked by his mother anymore. He asked one or two questions about Paul and what she had done. Celia couldn’t decide what Simon thought about what he’d heard but she prayed it wouldn’t affect the way he felt about her.

Latter at home when they were alone he told her to go with the flow, if it made her happy she should do as she pleased. The next day Paul told Celia to come to his flat. He told her wanted her to meet some one. Never one to hang around and talk that was all he’d say. That evening Celia told Simon where she was off to, he said to let him know what happened.

At Paul’s flat Celia was sitting next to him on the couch sipping a stiff Bacardi when another woman arrived. In her early forties she was nearly a double of Celia, medium height full tits slim and pretty. Dressed as she was in a short skirt with a thin top. Paul introduced Kim as a friend. He fixed her a drink and she sat opposite them. They all sort of chatted, with Paul it would never be deep and meaningful but it was better than sitting. Kim it seemed was another woman under his spell.

About half an hour after Kim arrived and they’d both finished their drinks Paul asked them both to stand in front of him. Celia began to see where this was heading but wondered just how far Kim would go. Paul studied them both then walked around them. First he stood before Celia to kiss and feel her up. Then he stepped over to Kim and did the same. Celia thought it was strange to watch something happen to someone else especially when it had just happened to herself.

Paul sat back on the end of his couch and once more studied they both. He motioned Kim to come closer. When she was within his reach he slid a hand up her leg and started to play with her, like Celia she knew not to wear knickers. As she began to respond to his touch Paul told Celia to remove Kim’s blouse. Kim offered no resistance as Celia did as she was told. A further nod of his head and she undid and removed Kim’s bra as well. Not needing to be told what to do next, from behind Celia cupped Kim’s breasts in her hands and fondled them. Almost immediately Kim moaned as she climaxed. Paul had the women change places and the scene was repeated. Celia found it particularly erotic being undressed and played with in this way.

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