Caught In The Act

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My wife and I have been married for 8 years. We have two kids, a girl 6, and a boy 4. Our sex life, although slow, when we do get it on, it’s really great. I never thought in a million years that she would cheat on me. Many men have come on to her over the years but she has remained faithful, disgusted that they would hit on a married woman. What man wouldn’t want to fuck my wife. With her fire red hair, creamy skin and 38DD tits, who could blame them? I love nothing better than feeling my wife’s lips wrapped around my prick, or the feel of her pussy gliding up and down my shaft while she rides me. Well, my perfect picture life was about to change.

It was Friday afternoon and I had gotten off of work early. I had tried to call my wife from the office to tell her but all I got was our machine. I assumed that she was taking the kids to her parents for the weekend as we had plans for a romantic getaway. As I pulled up to the house, I noticed my wife’s car in the driveway. I smiled to myself and figured that with the kids gone, maybe we could have an afternoon love session before our trip. As I walked to the door I glanced over my shoulder and saw that our babysitter Melissa’s car was parked across the street. I thought maybe Karen’s parents had cancelled and she had gotten Melissa to come and stay with the kids instead. Boy, was I ever wrong.

I opened the door, expecting to find everyone in the living room, but the house was quiet. I almost called out that I was home but something stopped me. I could hear faint noises coming from the master bedroom. Quietly, I walked to the door. It was ajar. Looking in I had a perfect view of the bed and I couldn’t believe my eyes. There, with her head buried in my wife’s cunt was Melissa! My wife’s head was thrown back against the pillows and she was pulling on her nipples softly moaning. Despite my anger, my dick began to stir. How could she do this to me, to us? But the harder my dick got the more I realized that this was every man’s fantasy, to casino oyna have two women. I decided to watch them for awhile and I took my dick out of my pants and began to stroke it.

On the bed, things were getting hotter. Melissa had her fingers in Karen’s hole jamming them in and out. Karen was going nuts, bucking her hips off of the bed to meet Melissa’s thrusts. Just as she was about to cum, Karen pulled Melissa over her body into a 69. They both began lapping at each other’s pussies in earnest. I was stroking my dick faster and faster now. As the two beauties on the bed started to moan that they were cummimg, I shot my load all over the bedroom door.

They must have heard me groan because they both sat up and stared at the door. My wife gasped as I walked in with my still hard dick in my hand. Melissa just smiled and licked her lips. I stood at the end of the bed looking at my wife. Without a word, Melissa leaned over and kissed my wife’s full lips. My wife was still looking at me to see what I would do. I just stroked my cock and watched. They both kneeled on the bed with Karen’s back against Melissa’s breasts. Melissa reached around and stoked her nails across Karen’s tits. She moaned as Melissa slipped a finger into her wet cunt. She gently stroked her and my wife laid her head back against Melissa’s shoulder. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the two of them looked. They were rubbing against each other and Melissa asked me if I liked what I saw. I could only manage a small nod.

Melissa whispered something in Karen’s ear and she moaned yes in response. Then Melissa told me to get undressed and I happily obliged. She came to the edge of the bed and took my cock in her mouth. She licked around the head, flicking it with the tip of her wet tongue. I entwined my fingers in her long brown curls. Karen came up by Melissa and gave me a deep-throated kiss. With my free hand I tweaked Karen’s nipples one at a time. I bent and kissed each one, gently taking it in-between my teeth canlı casino and flicking my tongue across its hardness.

Melissa was really doing a number on my dick. I was pumping it in and out of her mouth like it was a cunt. She sucked it all the way in and held it there looking up at me. I was in pure heaven, but I wanted more and Melissa knew it. I lay down on the bed between my two lovely angels. They took turns kissing me and sucking on my tongue. Then my wife climbed onto my cock and slowly sank her luscious pussy all the way down. Meanwhile, Melissa straddled my face and begged me to lick her hot little pussy. I needed no encouragement. I had my wife fucking me and I was eating the babysitter’s cunt.

I glanced at my wife and she was locked in a French kiss with Melissa, both of them grabbing at each other’s tits. Now and then they would reach down and gently stroke each other’s clits, fanning their desire. They both exploded in a massive orgasm at the same time, drenching my cock and filling my mouth with sweet juice. I myself was no where near cumming.

I asked the girls to lie side by side with their legs spread wide. I took turns pumping my cock back and forth into each dripping hole. They were going wild, hands on tits and clits, kissing each other and moaning. It was incredible to feel the difference in their pussies. One was warm and familiar and the other was tight and new. I then asked Karen if I could fuck Melissa while Melissa tongued her pussy. My wife’s answer was to bend down and slide her tongue into Melissa’s twat. She licked it up and down sticking her tongue in the wet hole and nibbling on her hard clit.

Melissa was begging for my cock. “Please, please put your cock in my cunt, I want you to fuck me while I lick your wife’s pussy.” She said. Karen took my cock in her hand and told Melissa to get on her hands and knees. She guided my dick to her cunt, and put the tip in and rubbed it all around. Melissa was whimpering for her to stop her teasing. kaçak casino My wife gave her a slap on her up turned ass and let go of my cock. I rammed my cock into her juicy hole until my balls were slapping her ass. Melissa had the tightest cunt I had ever seen. It sucked my cock in with no mercy, her muscles squeezing and milking my hardness.

Karen positioned herself in front of Melissa’s mouth with her legs spread wide. I had a perfect view of my wife’s sweet pussy and Melissa’s tongue lapping away. My wife reached underneath the pillow and brought out a thick black dildo. She ran the tip across her nipples for a few seconds and then she handed it to Melissa. I continued my fucking, pulling my cock out and then ramming it hard back into Melissa’s eager twat. She seemed to like that a lot.

“I am going to fuck your wife and make her cum while you fuck me.” Melissa said. I picked up my pace as Melissa inserted the dildo into my wife’s honey pot. Slowly, in and out she fucked my wife’s cunt with the dildo, lowering her head to take Karen’s clit between her teeth. My wife was squirming all over and told me to slap Melissa’s ass. I did as she asked and both of the girls moaned. I looked into my wife’s lust-filled eyes. “Do you like the way I fuck the babysitter?” I asked my wife. “I love to see your cock as it slides in and out of the pussy that was just in my mouth.” She answered.

“Do you want to see me cum?” I asked her. Melissa said, “Why don’t you cum all over your wife’s sweet pussy while I make her cum with this dildo.” In a flash I was out of Melissa’s tight hole and stroking my cock above my wife’s cunt. Melissa pushed the dildo in harder and faster and Karen said she was going to cum. She rammed the dildo in all the way and held it there while I squirted my wad all over Karen’s pussy. She was crying out in pleasure, rubbing her fingers in my cum and coating her nipples, while Melissa licked my cum from Karen’s pussy. I fell back onto the bed totally exhausted yet satisfied beyond belief. Melissa joined us and we all fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arms. Lets just say that my wife and I never did go on our trip but what we did do all weekend was definitely worth staying home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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