Caught After Class

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Catherine tossed her schoolbag onto her desk and rolled her shoulders. Resenting the load the public school imposed upon her even in senior year, she decided that the homework her teachers deemed ‘necessary’ could rot.

She smiled, knowing what her friend would think of such rebellious thoughts. “Where was he today,” she asked herself as she stood before her vanity mirror and lifted the hem of her clinging black jumper over her head. Tossing the jumper onto the bed, she reached behind her and unclasped the white cotton bra mandated by the school as part of the uniform.

“Could he have been in detention again,” Catherine thought as she cupped her soft white breasts and gently massaged them. Stepping out of her knee-length pleated skirt, she sat at the vanity and began to peel away the white pantyhose that the school also mandated.

Tossing the hateful undergarment onto the floor, Catherine stretched out on her bed. The autumn breeze through the window fluttered the curtains while caressing her bare back, and Catherine felt her nipples harden. She shifted against the soft quilt, and sighed as her nipples dragged against the fabric. She felt just a hint of musk in the air.

Knowing that thinking of her friend was arousing her, she turned onto her back. As she caressed her breasts she imagined his hands upon them. She imagined him playing her as he played his violin, his stormy blue eyes burning into her own as he explored her body for the very first time. “I hope he’s still a virgin,” Catherine sighed as her lush thighs parted; whenever she read of sex or saw sex depicted in film, she would imagine that she was the woman and her friend the man.

“I’m eighteen,” she thought,” and he just turned eighteen last week. We’re both old enough, and I’m tired of waiting.” As her fingers parted the soft caramel petals of her sex she moaned and wished that Matthew would notice her desire for him. Heat shook her body as her fingertips brushed against her clitoris.

Forcing herself to stop, she breathed deeply and said to herself, “Maybe Matthew’s home now. I should go see him. Maybe he’ll want what I want tonight. Then again, it’d be nice just to watch him.”

Remembering his face, which seemed irresistibly erotic when he was bent upon a task, Catherine retrieved a pair of lace-topped black silk stockings from her drawer. Rolling them on, she imagined Matthew’s lips upon them. Since all she had were ugly cotton panties, she did without as she slipped into her skirt. Likewise, she allowed her breasts to bob freely beneath the clinging wool of her sweater rather than endure the harsh cotton of one of her bras.

Sitting before her vanity again, she spread her thighs wide. Remembering that he had come to visit not five minutes after she had finished pleasuring herself, she knew that Matthew loved the scent of her sex, though he thought it was perfume. She slipped two fingers deep into her well and drew them out again. Treating her essence like perfume, she dabbed a bit behind her ears before licking her fingers clean.

Strapping on her high-heeled ankle boots, she strode from her empty house, locking the door behind her, and and crossed the quiet street. Her heels clicked against the asphalt before digging little pits in the grass as she found her way to the back door of Matthew’s house.

Raising her voice as she closed the door behind her, she called his name. When she received no response, not even the soft drumbeat of his feet rushing down the stairs, she decided to go to his room. Turning to the ginger tabby sunning itself on the kitchen counter, she said, “Hey, Tabasco, I wonder what canlı bahis Matthew would think if he found me naked in his bed?” The cat purred in response, stretching out his forepaws, and Catherine smiled: “My thoughts exactly.”

She stopped outside the door to Matthew’s bedroom, which was slightly ajar. She could hear what sounded to her like the pulsing crunch of an Iced Earth album coming from a stereo turned down low. Crouching close to the door, she heard a wet and rhythmic sliding sound that reminded her of her fingers sliding in and out of her core when she pleasured herself late at night. Listening closely as her body throbbed, she heard soft panting, and then a whimper. The panting continued, followed by a low moan: “Oh, Catherine…”

“He moaned my name,” Catherine thought as she forced her legs to support her. She slowly pushed open the door and stepped into Matthew’s room. Closing the door behind her, she leaned against it. She could smell clean sweat mixed with vanilla and another scent. Taking a step into the room, she saw her friend nude upon his narrow bed. His long hair lay in a rich golden mess upon his pillow as he panted through parted lips.

She had kissed his mouth just once, on New Year’s Eve. It was but a brief brush of lips beneath a sprig of mistletoe, but Catherine wanted to feel Matthew’s full coral lips on hers before they set out to explore her body.

And when he was done, Catherine wanted inside her the very thing he was stroking. The swollen penis in his right hand transfixed her gaze, rooting her to the spot. She had never seen a man’s penis before, and she could feel her nectar trickle down one stockinged thigh as she shivered in her need to possess both the penis before her and the man who bore an organ perfectly proportioned to the rest of his slim white body beneath snug bluejeans and linen shirts.

She slid to her knees beside his bed, her eyes still locked upon the swollen red tip of Matthew’s penis. Her hand slipped between her parted thighs and found her clitoris, and as she circled her bud she let her other hand rest upon his thigh. She kneaded his flesh, feeling the muscle built by years of cycling.

Catherine matched her pace to his as he stroked himself, and sighed when he finally arched his back. A small twinge of impending climax rocked her womb, and her mouth went dry as she watched him throw his head back and let a soft cry flee his lips as his entire body began to shudder. She licked her parched lips as she watched him come; she wanted to taste the cream that erupted from the tip of his penis with each shudder that rocked his body.

As he slowly opened his eyes, Catherine pressed a fingertip moistened with her nectar to his lips. “Relax,” she whispered, “What I saw was beautiful.”

She sighed as she watched him lick his dry lips and taste a trace of her.

As she sat on the edge of his bed, she made no effort to cross her legs. “I heard you moan my name,” Catherine said.

Blushing, he whispered, “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what,” Catherine smiled as she drew closer to him. “Sorry for masturbating? I do it too. Sorry for thinking of me when you pleasure yourself? I think of you when I please myself.”

She smiled as Matthew swallowed hard and gasped, “What?”

“Yes, I’ve wanted you for years. Since I was thirteen, actually,” Catherine said, her voice soft, as she pressed her lips to his and slipped a hand into his hair.

Hearing Matthew whimper against her lips further sharpened Catherine’s hunger. She pressed her kiss harder against his lips, and darted her tongue past his lips as they opened. As their bahis siteleri tongues met, Matthew let his hands slip down to her waist.

She shivered as his fingers brushed over the small of her back; his fingertips felt like velvet against her skin. As he caressed her, she trailed kisses from his mouth to his ear. She smiled with his earlobe caught between her lips as he moaned at sensation of his earlobe being sucked and nibbled.

“You can do anything you want,” he whispered as he slipped a hand into her hair.

Catherine shivered. He had never sounded so vulnerable to her. “Do you know what you’re saying,” she whispered.

“Yes. I know what I said, and I meant it.” His lips found hers, and she shivered as she felt his tongue slip into her mouth for the first time. Holding him tightly, she let him explore her as she had explored him. Feeling him grow long and hard against her thigh as she gently sucked his tongue, she shifted so that his shaft could glide against her lust-slickened labia.

They shivered together at the contact, and Matthew pulled away. “I want to be inside you,” he whispered, “but I’m afraid to.”

Catherine brushed her smiling lips against his and smoothed the frown from his brow, “You worry too much, Matthew-cat.”

Smiling at Catherine’s use of his pet name, he whispered, “I think I have some condoms in the night table.” He chuckled deep in his throat, “My mother insisted on me keeping some handy for the last four years.”

Inflamed by the soft purr of his voice, Catherine kissed him hard before whispering, “I want to feel you inside me. I’m on the pill.”

Drawing herself up so that she was straddling her lover, Catherine moaned as Matthew’s erection slipped between her aroused labia and brushed against her clitoris. She could see the lust in his wide-open blue eyes as he gazed up at her.

Her hungry pussy twitched as she felt his hands on her stockinged thighs. Leaning over him, she pressed her lips to his before whispering in his ear, “You love my legs, don’t you. I know you watch me walk.”

Matthew whimpered, and let his hands slide beneath her skirt to caress her round arse. He kneaded the firm flesh of her buttocks as he admitted in a whisper, “I watch you walk, and I watch you bend over. I love to see your heart-shaped arse beneath your skirts.

Straightening, she gently grasped his wrists. Placing them on her breasts, she caressed his fingers and whispered, “Do you like my breasts too? I hope so, because they need your attention.”

With a smile, Matthew squeezed Catherine’s soft breasts through her jumper and said, “Darling, I love your breasts best of all. His hands slid down her waist before pushing up her jumper to bare her braless breasts. “Take this damned thing off,” Matthew growled, “I’ve wanted to see you naked for years.”

Catherine obeyed, and threw her head back with a moan as her bare breasts slipped into his hands. She thought that his hands fit her soft globes perfectly; his every touch sparked a current that further galvanized her pussy.

Reaching between her thighs, she grasped Matthew’s swollen penis as gently as she could and raised herself up. Though she whimpered as Matthew’s hand left her breasts, she purred when he whispered, “You want me to hold myself straight for you, right?”

“Yes,” she sighed as she felt his tip against the entrance to her well, “Push hard.”

Matthew obeyed, driving himself as deeply into her as he could as he grasped her hips. Catherine’s cry mingled with Matthew’s as they joined. Matthew’s hands found her breasts again, and Catherine clenched her pussy against bahis şirketleri Matthew’s penis as he gently kneaded her creamy globes. “Rock with me,” Catherine whispered as she leaned over Matthew, “Stroke me deep inside.”

Matthew whimpered with every gentle thrust as he

rocked beneath Catherine, sliding his hands between her swaying breasts and stockinged thighs. She leaned forward so that she could grind her clitoris against his body while caressing his chest and shoulders, and gasped as Matthew began to thrust harder into her.

Feeling her body begin to tense, Catherine whispered through gritted teeth, “I – I’m so very close.”

Giving a hard thrust before swiveling his hips beneath her, Matthew gasped, “Come soon, please. I can’t take this much longer.”

“Do you want to stop?”

“No! I want,” Matthew started before a cry escaped his lips, “I want to come with you. Please.”

Wanting for Matthew to come with her, Catherine slipped a hand between her thighs. Her fingertips found her slick and swollen clitoris, and she began to circle it beneath her short skirt as she had done every night since she was twelve. The stimulation combined with the sensation of Matthew’s swollen shaft inside her, and her pussy began to clench in a rhythm she could not control.

Heat and delight spread through her body, and she threw her head back. Crying out, “Oh my… oh my god,” Catherine reveled in her orgasm as she felt Matthew erupt with in her. His cry overshadowed her own; he cried her name as he exploded within her.

Panting as her body glowed, she let Matthew gently caress her shoulders and guide her so that her body was draped over his. Slipping her hands into his silky hair, she drank a lazy kiss from his lips as he dragged his short fingernails up and down her spine.

“I love you, Catherine,” Matthew whispered as he caressed the nape of her neck.

“I love you too, Matthew,” Catherine purred as she pressed her lips to his throat. Feeling his pulse beneath her lips, she whispered, “Am I really your first?”

“Yes, you are. And I’m glad I waited for you.”

Holding him close, Catherine closed her eyes as she drifted in time to his pulse against her lips, “Hearing that makes me so very happy. I wanted to be your first, and have you be mine.”

As Matthew stroked her hair, his fingers slipping into her dark curls, he said, “I am definitely yours, my love,” as he pulled his blankets over their bodies.

“Are you sure I should stay,” Catherine asked as she shifted her body to look into his eyes, “What will your parents say?”

Matthew smiled and mussed her hair, “I’ll bet tickets to the next Iron Maiden show that my father will say, ‘It’s about fucking time’.”

“And your mother?”

“She’s insisted on me keeping condoms in my night table since I was thirteen, remember?”

Catherine giggled, “You did mention that.” Snuggling close, Catherine whispered in his ear, “Even if your parents do disapprove, it’d be worth it. Making love to you was incredible.”

Shifting his body so that they could lay in spoons, Matthew cupped Catherine’s breast as he buried his face in her hair, “Why use the past tense? I will want to make love to you again.”


Catherine shivered as she felt Matthew’s moist lips upon the nape of her neck. She shivered again as he flicked his tongue against her earlobe and whispered, “Darling, you’re a goddess in flesh, and I intend to worship you every chance I get.”

Leaving Matthew to sleep, Catherine crept down the stairs the next morning. As she padded into the kitchen, Matthew’s mother offered her a cup of tea.

“Mrs. L——-,” Catherine said, “there’s something I need to tell you.”

Matthew’s mother smiled, “I already know. I’m glad it was you. But what is Matthew going to think when he wakes up alone?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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