Carol cuckholds me

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Carol XXX

Carol is 39 and holding.
Her ex bought her a pair of ‘C’ cups that are perfect for her slim frame.
Nature gave her marvelous legs; she keeps them firm and slim.
Blue eyes and a pleasant face don’t tell the real story, though.
Have you ever met a beautiful girl that just didn’t excite you? Or find a very average one that had animal magnetism? That’s Carol. Animal magnetism. It drips out of her pores.
She just exudes sex. I thought I was a pretty cool customer until our first date. She got my number early and pushed all my buttons. I was teaching her to play pool and she hip checked me. My loins began to ache. By the end of the date I was talking to myself to keep from saying something stupid or acting foolish. I was hypnotized.

A couple of months into the relationship she told me that she had been molested by her grandfather. He had also molested her mother.
The weird part is that her mother enabled it. She was regularly left alone with him on weekends!
Her mother was a famous slut around town. She just loved to fuck. Like a dope I didn’t realize that “Like mother, like daughter.” After a year I found out that Carol had been fucking her husbands’ best friend. It almost broke up his marriage. That was exactly her mothers’ routine, also. Carol told me that in High School, another girl asked her to keep Carol’s mother away from her father because it was causing a divorce.
I read about women that had been molested. Some women become sexualized and follow the pattern for the rest of their life. That is Carol. She has serious needs. I was happy to fulfill them, but after the first year I noticed some changes.
Like unexplained absences. And guys’ giving me funny looks at social functions. Or worse, laughing. Carol denied everything.

Now it gets weird for me.
I started to follow her. She was fucking guys from work, from church and any other men that attracted her. I snuck around and watched when I could. Other times I would just wait outside the house or motel.
It excited me! I had no idea I was weird.
I confronted her and she said: So what? I still love only you. I just like fucking strange guys! And I accepted it.
She would come home and tell me all about it. I would get excited and want to fuck her recently used pussy! How crazy is that?
I don’t know what it means. I’ve read about cuckolds that eat some other guys come out of their woman’s pussy. That had no interest for me. I’m not queer. But I did get excited when she described their fucking.

Carol participated in Gymnastics in school. She was very limber. Yeah. It translated to the absolute best sex I have ever had. She can move!
In our first month she downloaded instructions on performing oral sex. She studied it and we practiced. Carol sucks cock better than any woman I have ever been with.
My head was twisted. This was nothing like what I had in mind for my marriage. It was sick and wrong. I loved it!

We would go out of town and I’d sit at a classy bar while the guys made their advances. I’ve seen guys make total fools out of themselves with her.
She gets studs, though. Always.
This story is about a typical Saturday night. We drove to Bakersfield, got a room and prepared for another crazy night.
Carol brought a very sexy pleated skirt and top that showcased her legs and breasts. Nylons and medium heels finished the look.
The club is huge. It is split down the middle with rock bands on one side and country music on the other.
Our hotel room was only two blocks away.

We get two keys
She dresses very provocatively
We split at the door and I observe
She pounds Martinis
She dances with several guys
After a while she chooses a cowboy
As they head for the casino siteleri door I haul ass to get to the motel ahead of them
I hide in the closet and look through the louvers
They arrive and stand and make out
He reaches under her dress and fingers her
She moans in passion
He pulls off her panties and screws her standing up
She bends over the bed and he fucks her from behind
She looks over her shoulder at him in passion

He tells her she’s a slut
She likes it
He has her kneel in front of him and suck his dick

While she is blowing him he calls a friend and tells him to come over
I realize that this is getting out of my control
Ten minutes later another cowboy knocks and comes in
Carol is on the bed on her hands and knees sucking off the first guy and number two drops his jeans and starts in on her from behind.
She moans and moans
The cowboys talk openly about what a slut she is
Carol is so drunk she barely reacts to their discussion
The new guy gets on his back and has Carol straddle him
As she lays down on him the first guy mounts her ass
Carol has her first Double Penetration
She resists at first and says it hurts
After awhile she begins to talk like the slut she is

After an hour of various positions the first guy has her suck his dick again fresh out of her asshole
The second guy jerks off in her hair
The first guy holds her head and shoots a two roper on her face
The second guy breaks out his phone and films the facial
Cowboy one thinks this is great and makes her kneel and say crude things like how great he was and how much she loved it.
They leave her on the bed passed out with their semen drying on her
On the way out Cowboy one leaves his business card in her purse

She wakes up the next morning hung over claiming ignorance
(I had cleaned her up in the shower)
The next Thursday I forgot some papers at home and I came back to the house mid-morning. There was a pickup truck in the street.
I opened the side gate and entered the house through the side door.
I heard muffled talk in the family room
They were on the couch hugging and kissing
Cowboy announced that he was going to have to go and asked her to suck him off
She unbuttoned his jeans and kneeled before him
He talked to her like a slut and she loved it
She looked up at him as she bobbed her head on his swollen manhood
After a couple of minutes he grabbed the back of her head and grunted
She pulled her head back and let his semen run down her chin

You come so much!
I’ll come again Carol
How about Saturday morning?
It’ll have to be early she said
He left without a word

She licked the come off her lips and washed up in the bathroom
I watched from a partially closed doorway as she headed off to work late

Saturday morning she got up early and announced that she had errands
I followed her to an industrial area that was deserted on a Saturday
His truck was parked around the corner of a warehouse
She parked and got in the passenger side
They embraced and talked for a few minutes before she disappeared from view
I got out and approached from the back of the truck
He was leaning back against the rear window
I got up close and watched as she sucked his cock like the slut she is
I backed away but I was fascinated
After a short time she arose
He reached over and rubbed the semen he had deposited on her face
She tried to wipe it off but he grabbed her hand and whispered something
She laughed and lowered her hands
Carol was wearing the shortest white shorts and a tight knit top that emphasized her C cups

I followed her to the mall where she entered Victoria’s Secret
It was becoming difficult to avoid canlı casino being seen so I headed home
She got home around 11:30 AM
She brought in several shopping bags but none from Victoria’s
Her face had a clear crust on the neck and lower cheeks
I said nothing
Things were normal but I was very vigilant about her schedule and actions
On Wednesday she said she was going out ‘with the girls’.
I told her that was great because there was a boxing match my buddies wanted to watch
She seemed to smile when I told her I would be busy
I followed her back to the town with the dance club that night
She parked in front of a typical tract house
The pickup was in the driveway
I watched as she went up the walkway
She had on tight jeans, 4” heels and a form fitting long sleeve top cut way down in front

Carol had a large Victoria Secret bag on her arm
Just after she disappeared into the house another pickup arrived with three guys in it
They were in high spirits, loud and boisterous
I just missed being seen by them
After they entered, I went through the side gate to reconnoiter
The kitchen window was open and I could hear and see the room they were in
The guys were sitting on the couch and drinking beer
Carol was at the dinner table with her bag
Are you guys ready for the fashion show?
The cowboys cheered
Carol disappeared down the hall
Cowboy number one began to describe what a good fuck Carol is
She sucks cock like a pro
Where did you find her? One of the other cowboys asked
Not telling said number one
The guys laughed

Carol appeared wearing a red camisole, black spike heels and a floppy hat
Her breasts were partially exposed and her nipples were as stiff as erasers
She strutted into the room did a pirouette and put her leg up on the coffee table
The drunks approved
One guy yelled Show us your tits!
Carol smiled and said Patience boys, patience!
This is my conservative outfit for my husband
I’ve got some new stuff here, too.
Do you want to see it?
The boys laughed and hooted
Hell yes! I want to see that box of yours!
Carol gracefully turned and left
Don’t leave boys!

She had barely left when the crude comments began
Are we really going to fuck her?
Cowboy number one said
She hasn’t stopped me yet!
I can’t wait to pound that tight little ass said one guy
I want to suck those tits
She gets a pearly necklace from me said the driver

The next outfit was a black lace body suit with black high heels and a black feather boa
It was cut out around the ass and pussy
The boys went crazy
None of them even pretended to care if she heard their comments by now
Look at that pussy
Sweet and tight I’ll bet
I want to bend her over and fuck her ass
Carol turned away and bent over showing her ass and gorgeous legs
One more! She said as she faded into the hallway

Cowboy one broke out the tequila and passed out shooters
More crude comments followed
Cowboy one dimmed the lights and told the guys to cool it so Carol didn’t get pissed and leave

The last outfit was a lacy red push up bra, red stockings held up by a garter. The ‘C’ cups spilled out of the top of the bra and her red pussy hair was matched by the shade of clothing. Black stilettos clicked across the hardwood floor as she entered the room

One of the drunker cowboys stood up and approached her
Carol said no touching boys
He ignored her and put his arms around her, attempting to kiss her
Hey! Let go of me! Carol beckoned Cowboy one to save her
Two other boys rose and got up
The three of them carried Carol into the living room and laid her out on the couch
Stop it! She yelled.
Cowboy one was taking off his pants kaçak casino and tight fitting shirt
Two guys held Carol’s legs down as one rubbed his cock to stiffness
The third guy was way ahead
Carol was face down on the couch and he was entering her from behind
Sweet and tight
I knew it
Carol began to moan as his fat nine incher slowly entered her sopping pussy
She loves it! Said one
Let her go, she won’t fight it now said Cowboy one
He was right
Carol was looking over her shoulder with a look of wild lust
Cowboy one walked over and slid his cock into her red lipsticked mouth
She looked up at him as he slowly pumped in and out
Three pulled out and shot a load onto Carols back
Oooh. What a tight little snatch you have, baby.
She was too busy sucking on Cowboys big one to respond
The other two were now naked and ready for their turns
Flip her over! I want to see those tits! Said two
The third guy helped put her on her back and slid a cushion under her tight little ass
Two mounted her just as one pulled his cock back and unloaded all over Carol’s forehead and hair.
Rrrrrrr. Cowboy one said as he milked the last of his semen on to her lips
Carol licked it up and stuck out her tongue with the milky sauce floating on it
She is sooo hot! Said two as he pounded his fat member in the red slot
Three rubbed his now stiff member over her face and she darted her now clean tongue up to the tip
Suck it bitch Suck it he growled
Be nice or leave Carol intoned
Three shoved it into her throat and she almost gagged
Red pulled her head back and threatened to bite him if he didn’t behave
Being drunk, three didn’t care what she said. He announced it was time to ass fuck her
Cowboys one and two laid all the sofa cushions on the floor and moved Carol over on her hands and knees
Three didn’t complain since he was beneath her sucking her firm white tits as he shoved his meat up into her now dripping cunt
Driver went into the kitchen and brought back the olive oil
One smiled as Driver poured a pool in Carol’s ass Crack and rubbed it in her brownie
Go slow! Carol panted around her mouthful of cock
Driver slowly jammed his dick into her well oiled hole
She is sooo tight
I’m glad I loaded up on Viagra, laughed driver as he inched into Carol
Two commented: That’s triple penetration! How do you like it? Red was bobbing on the stiff cock but she grunted each time Driver took another inch of territory
Two broke out his cell phone and turned up the lights. This will look great on the net!
Carol appeared not to hear his comment. She began a low moan that increased in volume until she emitted an animal roar and went limp.
Hey! I think she came! Laughed one
Carols orgasm triggered two others as Driver stiffened and howled in pleasure
Three gave his last upward thrust as he pumped his seed into the red gash above him.
Two had pulled his dick out of Carol’s mouth earlier and was furiously pumping it with his hand. His wad shot across her back and shoulder as he visibly relaxed
Carol went back to the bathroom and came out looking as fresh as a prom queen.
Her only concession was a scarf around her semen soaked hair.
Her proud breasts were pushed together by one Victoria’s finest miracle bras and her tight little ass was poured into linen slacks with a stylish silk scarf for a belt.
She click clacked the tall heels across the floor and waved good bye to the stunned Cowboys.

Don’t forget about me now, yah hear!
The studs watched in disbelief as the hottest sex they ever had pranced out the door.
Four limp dicked cowboys murmured their goodbyes and thanks.
Did that really happen? Asked cowboy three.
Shore did. Two waved his cell phone at them. I got it right here!
Then he noticed that there was no light on. The batteries had died!
Shit! Shit!
Oh well said One.
There’s always next week!

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