Care , Feeding of a Sex Slave Ch. 2

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Bitch is my Mistress and niece. I am the uncle/slave called Cunt. Why Cunt? I don’t know. You’d have to ask Bitch. I’ve been her slave for 2 years now, and I don’t believe anyone could belong to a better Mistress.

I’m not allowed to sleep with Bitch because I snore sometimes. Every morning I wake at 5 am, straighten the house, start the laundry, make coffee, run her bath then at 6:30 I go to her bedroom and wake her by kissing her ass until she wakes. Once she is up, I get dressed and go to work. Working is hard as I can never keep my mind on my job. I find it difficult to think about anything except Bitch.

Eventually, quitting time comes and I rush home. I walk through the door and strip. I’m not allowed to wear clothes in the house. I finish the laundry and prepare dinner for Bitch. At 5:30 I attach the leash to my collar (which I wear all of the time). Around 6 she gets home. I can tell what kind of mood she’s in immediately. If she’s in a good mood, she strips if not she stays dressed.

I meet her in the living room with a beer. I massage her feet and legs for a few minutes then we eat dinner.

I serve her meal, then clean the kitchen. When I’ve finished, I join her in the living room to watch television. As soon as I sit, I start playing with my cock. Bitch does not require me to have permission to play with myself. She says she likes to see it, but I do have to have permission to cum. Besides, if she decides she wants my cock, it’d better be hard. Sometimes she’ll want me to fuck her. Other times she’ll order me to eat her pussy, or maybe she’ll just watch me and play with her pussy. Then, there are times, when she’ll just watch television.

Around 10:00, we go to bed. Sometimes she’ll order me to come to bed with her. On these nights, I know she has plans to strap on her cock and fuck me in the ass. I beg and plead with her not to and she always has to use her whip on me. Don’t misunderstand me, I love it when she fucks casino oyna my ass, and she knows it. I also love it when she whips me, but she loves for me to pretend I don’t. So, I beg and fight.

“Come here, Cunt,” Bitch says. She stands in front of me with her cock sticking straight out. “Suck my cock.”

“Yes, Bitch.” I fall to my knees and start sucking. She loves to watch me suck her cock.

“Take it all, slut.” She’ll fuck my face for a few minutes, then. “Get up Cunt. I’m going to fuck your ass.”

“NO, Bitch, please don’t,” I whine. “You know I don’t like it.”

I feel the whip across my back. “I don’t give a damn what you like. I like it.” Again, I feel the whip across my back. I stand and bend over the bed. Bitch uses the whip on my ass a few times. Then, she takes the lube from the night stand and lubes her cock. She’s so good at this. She always makes sure her cock is well lubed. She’ll push her cock in a little, out, lube, in, out, lube until she has the whole cock in my ass. Then she really fucks me.

I beg her to stop for a few minutes, then, “Please, fuck me Bitch. Fuck my ass. Give me all of that beautiful cock. Goddess, fuck me.”

“You like my cock, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes Bitch. Please fuck me. Fuck your Cunt in the ass.”

When she get tired of fucking me, she takes off her strap on and plays with her pussy. Then she’ll order me to cum on her tits. She makes me lick the cum off while she cums.

That’s our normal weekday routine. Weekends, anything might happen.

One Saturday night she said we were going out. She had me dress her in garters and stockings, no panties, no bra, a short leather skirt, white see through blouse and four inch heels. I asked her what I should wear. She handed me a pair of biker pants. “That’s all.”

So, I put on the shorts, and we were off. We drove to a small out-of-the-way bar. It wasn’t your typically, dimly lit bar. It was well lit with a small canlı casino dance floor long bar and probably a dozen tables. The sign on the door said, “Pets must be on a leash.” Bitch took my leash out of her purse and hooked it to my collar. She led me in.

In the bar were all kinds of Mistress/Master and slave couples. Male/male, Male/female, Female/male and Female/female. Bitch found a table and sat. She took her whip out of her purse and ordered me to strip then kneel by her chair. We watched as Mistress disciplined her female slave on stage, then she asked if anyone else wanted to whip the girl.

As I looked around, I saw that all of the slaves were nude and some of the Mistresses and Masters were nude or partially nude. One slave was sucking his master’s cock. Another was licking her Mistresses feet. Some were being spanked across the table. One couple stopped by our table and the Master asked if he could join us.

“Sure, have a seat,” Bitch answered. He was nude, and from my kneeling position I could see he had a long cock. His slave had one even bigger, hanging halfway to his knee. The Master pulled out his chair and had a seat. The slave knelt next to his master and immediately took the Master’s cock in his mouth.

The Master introduced himself. “I’m Chris and my cocksucker is Kevin.” He extended his hand toward Bitch, which she shook.

“I’m Bitch and this is my u…husband, Cunt.”

“Glad to meet you Bitch,” he said without even acknowledging me. “Is this your first time here?”

“Yes. It’s interesting.”

“Just interesting? Not fun? Take some advice. Get involved, have some fun. Would you like me to have Kevin suck Cunt or maybe you’d like me to fuck him for you.”

Bitch thought about it for a minute, then, said, “Cunt’s ass is just for me, but I’d like to watch you fuck Kevin while cunt sucks my pussy.”

“Ok,” Chris said with a big smile. He grabbed Kevin by the hair and pulled his mouth off of kaçak casino his cock. “Wait here cocksucker”, he ordered, He went to the bar and returned with a tube of lubricant. Bitch stood and pulled up her skirt so I would have access to her beautiful shaved pussy. I crawled between her thighs and started to lick her clit. I gave my full attention to Bitch’s pussy, but, out of the corner of my eye I could see Kevin leaned over the table and Chris behind him, fucking his ass. Bitch had a strange smile on her face. Like she knew something no one else knew.

“Yes, Master. Please fuck me. Give me all of that big cock,” Kevin was screaming. Glancing around I could see they were beginning to attract attention and draw a crowd. Knowing it wouldn’t be noticed, now, Bitch pushed my head back so I could see what was going on. Chris pulled his cock out of Kevin much to Kevin’s dismay.

“Lay down on the table, cocksucker,” Chris ordered. Now I could see both men’s fully erect cocks. I couldn’t believe a woman could take either one in her pussy. How could a man take one of them up his ass.

Kevin laid on the table with his ass almost hanging off. Chris put his cock back in Kevin’s ass and started to fuck him again. Kevin was begging for more. “Please Master, fuck me.”

“Shut up cocksucker,” Chris ordered. “Somebody put a cock in his mouth.” A man standing close to the action, with his female slave on a leash, stepped up to the table and put his cock in Kevin’s mouth. Kevin must be a great cocksucker. Less than a minute and the man was cumming in Kevin’s mouth. He pulled out and someone else put their cock in his mouth. The crowd was getting thicker. Bitch pulled my leash so I could stand and watch. There were men masturbating on Kevin’s torso, he had a cock in each hand, a third one in his mouth and Chris still pounding away at his ass. When Chris finally cum in his ass, Kevin was, literally covered in cum.

Bitch, decided to, discretely, slip out. She grabbed my shorts, pulled her skirt down and we walked out.

When we got home…oh well. There are so many adventures I’ve had with my Mistress/niece/wife. I’ll have to get back to you on some of them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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