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Author’s Note:

This is my first ever attempt at publishing a story. I’ve been writing stories, both erotic and SFW for years now but have never actually put one up for others to see. So I’m sorry if this isn’t any good.

All characters involved are older than 18.


Soon after I graduated college, I decided I was done with Detroit. I was done with the cold, crime-ridden, big city life. I vowed I’d move somewhere where it was the opposite of those three things.

I researched a bunch of small beach towns and soon came up with Captivia, Florida. It was located on an island off the mainland. The travel guides said it was an extremely small town.

Like, so small there are no traffic lights. So small that cars aren’t really a necessity. People use golf carts to get around. There are less than 600 people living here. That’s how small it is.

Of course real estate is a bitch. But I inherited a small fortune from my late grandmother, enough to let me live comfortably in a small beachside shack.

The locals warmed up to me almost immediately. It’s made up of a bunch of older retired people, but there are some young people as well. Most notably among them are Marina Green and Nathan Rosenberg. They’re both around my age, Nate being 26 and Marina being 24.

Nate is the honorary town lifeguard. Technically the beach doesn’t have a lifeguard, but he kind of took it upon himself to be one and everyone just ended up accepting it. His normal job is a waiter at The Bubble Room, a local restaurant that seems like it’s stuck in the forties.

Marina is the daughter of a marine biologist who clearly has an ear for puns. Marina hates that her name is a literal joke, so Nate, out of “kindness” calls her Marinara instead. Which pisses her off more.

The first time I met Marina, I was smitten. I had always assumed I was straight until I met her. Every time I see her now, something swells inside me and I can’t help but think “oh my god I’m gay” as soon as my eyes fall on her.

I never really cared for girls until I met her. But afterwards, I couldn’t help but notice everything about her. The soft curves of her breasts under the tight t-shirts she wears, the way her hips sway when she walks, how beautiful her raven hair looks in the sunlight.

But those things don’t matter. What really beckons me is her personality. She’s the most confident young woman I’ve ever met. Nothing embarrasses her, while I blush like crazy every time someone says something to me.

She’s also really kind and sweet. When I first moved here, she was the one to take me under her wing and introduced me to Nate as well. She made sure that I was never lonely and told me that if anyone was ever mean to me she’d “beat their ass”. She was joking, I think.

I’m flattered that anyone would show this much kindness to me. She’s also really friendly towards Nate. They’re clearly best friends, as shown by their lighthearted teasing of one another. Sometimes they even jokingly flirt with one another.

It’s pretty clear that Nate feels for me what I feel for Marina. His strong, confident personality melts when he sees me, and he often stammers and gets red-faced when he sees me. I’ve noticed him steal glances at my breasts on multiple occasions and can often tell by the look in his eyes that he’s mentally undressing me. I’m flattered, but I just don’t reciprocate those feelings. Which makes me feel guilty as hell.

After a little while, I got a job at the local gift shop, where I work alongside Marina to make sure that the tourists have a memorable visit. Our boss is rarely around, so it’s often just the two of us. When there’s no customers around, we like to mess around with the souvenirs, acting like we’re browsing tourists.

I love slow days because despite the fact that I don’t get paid a whole lot, I get to spend the time with Marina.

I love to watch her laugh as she jokingly consults the counsel of mood necklaces to tell her how she’s feeling. I love to make up names and tragic backstories of all the stuffed animals with her.

It’s been about four months since I moved here. Every day is paradise. Marina and I follow our routine of walking along the coast after sunset until it gets dark. We do it every Saturday, save for when it’s raining. Then we walk back home to our respective houses and text to our group chat with Nate about random shit.

Tonight, however, we find ourselves out later than usual. We’re talking about our futures. She plans to go to college to become a marine biologist like her father once she scrapes up enough money. I plan to stay here the rest of my life.

“How?” she suddenly asks me. “How can you have your whole life planned out? Eventually it’s gonna get boring here and you’re gonna want out. I know I do.”

“Well, maybe I might make this a summer home in the future. Live somewhere like Orlando for the rest of the year. But for now I’m done with cities.”

Marina plops down into the sand, motioning for me to sit beside her. We don’t say anything casino siteleri as we look out onto the sea. The waves are quiet, and the moon shines on the surface of the water.

“I wish I could go swimming,” I say wistfully. I really don’t want the evening to end.

“So why don’t we?” she asks. “Let’s go.”

“I didn’t bring my swimsuit,” I tell her.

“Look at us,” she laughs. “A couple of dumbasses who didn’t wear swimsuits to the beach.” She stands up. “C’mon, who said we needed swimsuits?”

“What do you-” I start to ask before she pulls her shirt over her head. Her bra is a pale blue, but I quickly look away. “Sorry, I’ll look away,” I tell her quickly.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” she says. I can practically hear her smiling. “I mean, how will we swim together if you don’t look at me?”

I slowly allow myself to turn my head. She is pulling down her shorts and throws them down on top of her shirt. Her underwear is navy. She has a tattoo of what appears to be a turtle on her right breast, only half covered by her bra. and she has a slight hint of abs. She’s beautiful.

She kicks off her flip flops. “Come on,” she says with a grin.

I feel my face get hot. Undress in front of Marina, of all people?! I mean, sure, I can’t lie: I’ve had certain thoughts about her that I would never share aloud, but I really am wondering what it would be like to have a midnight swim with her.

“C’mon,” she says. “Nobody’s here, and I don’t want to say I got undressed for nothing.”

“Okay,” I finally say nervously. I pull my shirt over my head to reveal my bra. My shorts follow immediately afterward, and I’m left standing in my underwear.

I feel her looking up and down my body, and I suddenly feel ashamed. I have a stick figure with small boobs, and my ribs slightly show.

She finally starts beckoning toward me whilst wearing a wicked grin and suddenly says “Race ya!”

We take off toward the water, and I run with all my might. However, she is faster. She laughs as she wades into the surf, her legs slowing down as she tries to run forward. I soon catch up.

We wade deeper until our feet can just barely touch the bottom if we extend our toes. The waves are gentle, making us slightly bob up and down.

We just quietly float side by side, not daring to break the silence of this peaceful night.

It’s not long, however, until we see a figure approaching us. Their silhouette appears to be holding a surfboard.

“Hey, who’s out there?” Nate demands in what I can only call his ‘lifeguard voice.’ It’s loud and intimidating, and I freeze up. Will we seriously get in trouble by him? “You’re not supposed to be here,” he calls. “Beach is closed.”

“It’s just us, Nathan!” calls Marina. “And you’re not supposed to be here, either.”

“Sup, Marinara? And is that you, Allie?” Before I can answer him, Marina starts to yell again.

“Hardy har. Fuck you. And yeah, Allie is here. We were just having sex in the water. Wanna join? As long as you don’t mind seeing two girls in their underwear.”

“Marina, after much thought, I have decided that I am more than okay with seeing two girls in their underwear.”

“Whatever, perv. Just try not to stare too much, you’ll make Allie uncomfortable.” My face reddens.

“We weren’t actually having sex, you know,” I call as he sticks his surfboard in the sand. He takes off his shirt and as he gets closer, I can see he is wearing swim trunks. I’ll admit, he’s pretty hot, but I still don’t feel the same way that he feels for me.

“Sorry, ladies. You won’t be seeing me in my underwear today.” Marina groans.

“Oh, man, I was absolutely DYING to see you in your underwear. What a shame…” she says sarcastically. Nate wades into the water until he is alongside us.

“So, skinny dipping in the dark? That’s gotta be a first for you, Allie,” he says with a teasing smile.

“W-we’re not skinny dipping! We have our underwear on!” I try to explain, though saying that seemed to make his smile bigger.

“Relax, Allie. I’m just yanking your chain,” he chuckles. I glare.

“The chain is plenty yanked, thank you.”

He gives me a loving smile. It makes my guilt come back. The guilt that I don’t feel the same for him that he does for me.

Marina looks at the tension between us and laughs. She splashes Nate.

“You’re staring, Nathan. It’s bothering Allie.”

“I’m not bothered!” I protest.

“Sure ya aren’t,” she says. I can tell she’s smirking even in the minimal lighting.

We all talk and laugh for a bit before things get quiet. We all just kind of stare at each other awkwardly before Nate breaks the silence.

“You wanna come to my place? We can hang out, drink beer, watch movies. We can be total kids and have a sleepover.” Marina mulls it over.

“That actually sounds really fun. You in, Allie?” she asks me.

“Sure!” I reply enthusiastically. I don’t get to hang out with Nate too often, so this will be a fun experience, I think.

As we step onto canlı casino the beach, I shiver. I wish I had a towel. I pick up my clothes and stare at them, debating whether or not I should put them on my wet body. I eventually decide not to and just hold them as we walk to Nate’s.

His house is on stilts, just like everybody else’s. During hurricane season, storms are pretty frequent, which include flooding. Because of this, all of the houses are elevated so they won’t get completely swamped.

When we step inside his home, I can’t help but look around. Despite the fact that we spend almost all of our free time together, I’ve never seen his house. He sets his surfboard against the wall right next to the door.

The pale blue walls have several paintings of the sea at sunset and the back of the house is just one large window looking down at the shore. The tide is out, making the beach look a lot bigger than it actually is.

We make our way to the living room, where Nate and I sit on the rug. Marina, however, heads to the kitchen and starts digging through the fridge.

“Yo, I was promised booze!” yells Marina.

“Garage fridge,” Nathan yells back. I hear a door slam as she heads out into the garage.

“So, uh…” Nate begins. “Hey, I guess.”

“Hey,” I say back. “How’s life?”

“Pretty good. I caught a kid trying to mess with sea turtle eggs, so that’s fun, I guess. Yelling at children is the best part of the job,” he tells me.

“I’m sure it is.”

We’re silent for a bit.

Suddenly Marina bursts out of the garage with a six pack of Corona. She grabs a bottle opener from a drawer and plops down on the rug beside us.

She offers a bottle to me, which I decline. Nate takes it from her hand. Once she opens her bottle, she tosses the opener to Nate who uses it himself. Marina takes a big swig.

“Hey, can we do something stupid and childish?” she asks suddenly.

“What is it?” Nate and I say at the same time. I blush and look down at my lap.

“Truth or Dare,” she says with a wicked grin. “But with a twist.”

“What’s the twist?” I venture nervously.

“It’s gonna be dirty,” she says. She wiggles her eyebrows at me and my face turns even redder. Revealing my dirty secrets to my two best friends, one of whom I have a crush on? The only alternative is dare, and knowing Marina, it won’t be something simple like “scratch your head and rub your tummy”.

“Fuck yeah; I’m down,” says Nate with a perfect smile. It’s the first time I have ever heard him curse. I didn’t take him for someone who would.

“Um, yeah. Okay!” I say. I try to sound enthusiastic, which I am, but I’m also scared. The thought of talking about dirty stuff with my friends sounds both erotic and terrifying at the same time.

“It’s not for the faint of heart,” Marina says mockingly.

“I can handle it,” I counter. “I’m a lot of things, but I’m not a pussy.” I practically spit out the word. I generally don’t curse, but I really don’t want to seem like a prude. Well, more of a prude.

“Atta girl, Allie,” says Nate. He pats my bare back. I feel a shiver run up my spine, and I hope he doesn’t notice. If he does, he doesn’t let on.

“Okay!” Marina says loudly. “Who goes first?”

“Can I?” Nate asks excitedly. Marina gives him the go-ahead.

“Alright then. Allie:” he looks straight at me. Oh fuck, what did I get myself into?! “Truth or dare?”

“Truth!” I answer quickly. Marina snickers. “I choose truth,” I say a little more calmly.

“Okay then, truth. Are you a virgin?” He asks as my face turns red.

“C’mon, Nathan, that’s cheap. We all know the answer is yes.” Marina yells.

“I’m asking her, not you!” he yells back. She just rolls her eyes as he looks back at me expectantly.

“…yes,” I say quietly. Why do I feel so embarrassed? I mean, it wasn’t a huge secret or anything.

“New rule: whatever question gets asked, everyone has to answer,” Marina pipes up.

“That’s a shit rule,” replies Nate.

“What? We’re trying to get to know each other better!” She yells. Nate sighs.

“Fine. Are you a virgin, Marina?”

“Nah,” she replies. “You?”

I’m on the edge of my seat. Nate seems pretty innocent. It would really surprise me to hear if he’s not. Then again, he surprised me earlier when he cursed.

“No,” he says casually. Well, I guess my mental image of pure Nathan Rosenberg has been thrown out the window. Now, I can’t help but imagine him naked atop a bed, breathing heavily as he repeatedly buries himself into some girl. The girl, for some reason, has my face. I find my previous disinterest in him fading away.

“Seriously?!” Marina can’t hide her surprise. “Who did you nail?”

“That’s a question for another turn,” he laughs. My eyes flit down to his swim trunks. There is definitely some action going on between his legs.

“Allie?” Marina snorts. “Were you just looking at Nathan’s dick?!” she asks with mock horror. My face is hot with shame.

“No!” I yell a little too quickly.

“You kaçak casino totally were,” she laughs.

“It’s alright, Allie. I don’t mind.” Nate says warmly. My face turns even more red at his suggestive comment.

“Alright then.” Marina says, putting the subject to rest. “I guess it’s your turn, Allie.” I nod.

“Nate,” I say whilst turning my head towards him. “Truth or dare?” Ever since I heard that he’s had sex, I’ve been dangerously curious about it. I hope he says truth.

“Truth,” he says. Yes! I scream internally.

“Describe your… uh…” my face probably looks like a tomato. “Describe your… first time.”

“Okay. So.” He begins. “Senior year. It was my 18th birthday. My then-girlfriend gave me a card at school. Inside, it said that my ‘present’ was waiting for me. Because of the fact that it was in quotes, I knew what she meant. And holy shit, was I excited.”

Marina and I both look at him expectantly. I don’t know about her, but this story is definitely turning me on.

“She invited me to her house because, conveniently, her parents weren’t home. As soon as we got in our room, she dropped to her knees and began to give me a blowjob. I was about to cum before she got up, dragged me to the bed, and that was that. Her name was Abigail Martin, if you wanted to know, Marina.”

“Wait, Abigail?! She was my best friend in high school. That lying bitch claimed she was a virgin and wanted to keep it that way until marriage. She didn’t even tell me she was dating you.” She laughs. “Fuck her. Anyways, wanna hear about my first time?”

“Shoot,” says Nate. They look at me, as if they’re asking my permission as well. I shyly nod.

“So it was senior year of high school. I had just turned eighteen like, the month before. I may or may not have been drinking at a party…” she admits. Nate pretends to be horrified whereas I’m actually horrified.

“Marina, are you telling me you drank while you were still underage?!” he asks mockingly.

“Yeah,” she laughs. “I also smoked weed.”

Nate does a Catholic cross motion over his chest as he fake passes out before sitting back up eagerly.

“Anyways, there was this one guy who was looking kinda cute. He caught me staring at him and he gave me this smile. I knew what it meant. I followed him to his bedroom, because apparently it was his house, and to quote Nathan: ‘that was that.’”

“How old was the guy?” Nate asks.

“Hell if I know,” she laughs. “He wasn’t like 30 or anything, but definitely a few years older than me. Anyways, after we did it, we kinda just said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. We didn’t even know each others’ names.”

“Whose story was better, mine or Marina’s?” Nate asks me teasingly.

“Uh…” Damn, I feel really put on the spot. “Yours.”

“What?! Nate was probably being too gentle and stuff. Just generic missionary stuff. Me, on the other hand? There was a lot of position changing and shit.” Marina boasts.

“Okay, first off: how dare you assume what I was like,” Nate says, feigning offense. “Second off: so what if I was? Maybe some people like more gentle stuff!”

“Yeah, well-“

“Hey!” I cut them off. “I’m still on Nate’s side. I’d prefer my first time to be gentle.”

“Fuck that,” Marina grumbles. “Anyways, it’s Nathan’s turn again.” She jabs her thumb at him.

“Marina, truth or dare?”

“FINALLY,” she exclaims. “Dare.”

“Okay. So. Our first dare will be fairly tame. I dare you to kiss Allie’s cheek-“

“Okay,” she starts crawling towards me.”

“I wasn’t finished!” he yells.

“As long as Allie is okay with it. We all have to consent to each other’s dares.”

“How about we come up with a safeword?” Marina suggests. “If someone isn’t okay with the dare, we can say… uh… ‘toaster.’”

“Toaster?!” he asks incredulously. “How the hell did you come up with that?”

“I saw the toaster in the kitchen.”

“Whatever. Toaster it is.” He rolls his eyes. “Allie, say toaster-” he’s trying his hardest not to crack up. “Say toaster if you’re not okay with Marina kissing you on the cheek.”

I don’t say anything, so after a good five seconds I feel Marina’s soft warm lips press against the side of my face. I’ve dreamt of these lips several times. I can’t control the grin that breaks out across my face.

“Allie,” Marina addresses me as she crawls back to her sitting place. “Truth or dare?”


“Do you have a crush on anyone?”

Oh lord. I’ve been trying my hardest not to let it show. And now she’s asking me to straight up ADMIT TO HER that I have a crush?

“Uh…” I’m debating whether or not I should say it. I don’t want to ruin the game, but I also don’t want to ruin my friendships with the girl I have a crush on and the boy that so obviously has a crush on me.

“Just say it,” Marina urges me.

“…you,” I admit meekly. “I… I like you.” I feel like a middle school girl, confessing her feelings to her first crush all awkwardly and shit.

I can’t look at her, so I turn my attention towards Nate instead. He’s staring at the floor sadly. I have to look away from him too, so I finally turn my face towards Marina’s. She’s smiling.

“You… you like me?!” She asks happily. I nod. She throws her arms around me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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