Captain of Her Heart Ch. 01

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“I can’t believe you’re doing this to me!”

Annabelle Martins just laughed on the other end of the phone, ignoring the despair in my voice and the obvious accompanying tears. “I don’t give a shit, Tawnya. Reggie’s dead and the house is mine so you have three days to get your shit and get the fuck out.”

The dial tone ringing in my ear was my indication that the conversation had ended. I was still too stunned to put the phone down but I finally sank to the floor, setting the receiver down. My father was scarcely six days buried in the cold ground and my stepmother was kicking me out of the only home I’d ever known. I wanted to cry, to rage but nothing came out. I was numb because as horrible as her news had been, the realization that my father had betrayed me was much worse. He had always promised me the house and the bank account but the new will said differently. Everything was hers and hers alone. I was homeless.

I grabbed a bottle of Jack Daniels and tipped it back, drawing comfort from the alcohol. I’d need every ounce bahis firmaları I could swallow in the next few days and I intended to start now. I now had no home, no job and pretty soon, with the help of my friend, Jack, I’d have no sense. Sounded like fun … The phone rang next to me and I picked it up.


“Tawnya! You okay?”

My stepbrother, Ryan. Someone I definitely didn’t want to talk to just now. “What’s up, Ry? Call to gloat?”

“You know I’m not like that, you asshole! She just told me what she did.”

“Well, congratulations. You’ll have a beautiful house to bring your whores back to.”

“Tawny, are you drinking?”

“What do you care?”

“Stop that! You know I care about you.” I sighed, taking another deep swallow. “I’ll take care of moving your stuff.”

“To where?”

“To storage. You can live in my place since Mom doesn’t have any rights there.”

“I can’t afford it, Ryan.”

“You can if I pay the rent.”

“I don’t want you to do that.”

“Tough luck. kaçak iddaa I’m gonna pay it. Mom’s up to something and I don’t like it.”

The sound of concern in his voice made my eyes tear up and I swallowed against the lump in my throat. “Why is she doing this, Ry?”

“I don’t know but I suspect that it has something to do with you being gay.”

“What does that have to do with her?”

“You know, the usual bullshit. Religion, morals, etcetera, etcetera. Since she inherited Reggie’s money, she’s been acting like she’s holier than thou.” He sighed. “Something is definitely going on with her, Tawn, and I intend to find out. Until then, I think it would be best if you stay out of her line of fire. When does your flight leave?”

“Tomorrow morning.”

“Okay. Get the stuff you need packed and I’ll help you move it in here. Then I’ll take care of everything else while you’re gone, okay?” I took another swig and he heard the liquid sloshing in the bottle. “And stop drinking. No going back to old bad habits.” He paused. “Hey, kaçak bahis you want me to come by?”

“No. I’m going to go out. No sense spending the night here.”

“You think that’s a good idea?”

“No but at this point, it’s either sit here and get drunk or go out. And if I get drunk, I won’t be able to fly in the morning.”

“Correct. Okay, then. I’ll see you at the airport.”

“That’s not necessary, Ryan.”

“Yes, it is.” His voice softened. “You’re the only sister I have, Tawnya. I don’t intend to lose you over my mother’s stupidity.”

Somehow, his words gave me a measure of peace and after hanging up, I did what he said: I packed my personal belongings which took most of the remainder of the day and I called Ryan to let him know that the boxes were out on the back patio. With that handled, I put my flight bags in my car, took a long last look at my childhood home and drove away, determined not to fall apart.

I went out to the club and looked over some beautiful female figures but found it hard to get into the mood for a quick fuck. I couldn’t drink because of flight restrictions and the thought of losing my home weighed heavily on my mind. In the end, I decided to head to the airport and ready myself for the flight.

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