Can’t Wait Anymore

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This story is a work of fiction. All the characters in the story are 18+.


As I enter the University building, I sigh in relief. July had just started in Texas and the monsoon was already here blowing up my mind. I’ve never been a fan of monsoon and summers. It’s ironic how my name is Summer but I don’t like summers. I’m more like a winter girl. Snow, cold winds, hot water bath and late-night hot chocolate are my weakness. My legs moving faster as I look down at my watch. Fuck, I’m late. I’ve never been late before and I don’t even like being late. I hate it when you walk late into the classroom all alone and then as soon as you open the door, everything stops and all the attention is on you.

I shake my head and take a right towards the classroom. I don’t want to miss even a single class of the subject that I’m majoring in and that is Literature. It’s funny how I had a sudden interest in poems when I was a kid. I thought maybe it would go away once I grow up but it never did. In fact, I was more and more attracted to poems and novels. Working for a writing agency had now become a dream of mine. After I turned 21, I even started writing a few short stories and publish it on social media and let’s say that people did love it. So, from high school, I had decided to go with Literature.

For now, I was more worried about what Professor Lockwood will say about me coming late. Asher Lockwood, my Literature professor. The guy is in his late 20’s. Maybe 27 or 28. He started to work at the university a year back and the girls went crazy after him. He’s tall and handsome with a grin that could make any girl wet. His hard muscled body and gorgeous green eyes would make anyone’s heart stop. Rumour says that he has been turning all-girls down since he came here. Maybe he’s gay? No one knows anything. He’s very hardworking and strict. And when I say strict… I mean really strict.

I take a deep breath and close my eyes tightly before opening the class door. I peak my head inside and just as I had expected, everything stopped and all heads turned towards me, including Professor Lockwood. His green eyes sharply meet mine. It was like he could see right through me. I gulped down the lump in my throat.

“Ms Carter, I suppose my lecture started about 10 minutes back and I hope you know how much I hate it when I see my students coming late to the class,” he said in a tight voice.

God, even his voice was fucking beautiful.

“Uh… I’m sorry sir but I had a geninune reason for being late. My car broke down in the middle of the road and…”

He cuts me off. “I don’t care about what happened, Ms. Carter. I don’t want my students to walk in late.”

I bit my lip and lower my eyes to the ground. “I’m sorry sir. It won’t happen again.”

He stared at me for a moment and in that moment so many emotions crossed over his face. It looked like he was stopping himself from doing something as he clenched his jaw tight.

“Very well. Please take a seat. You’ve already wasted most of my time.”

I scan the room quickly and find my friend Anna gave me a small wave. I quickly walk past Professor Lockwood, feeling his eyes burning in my back and filled the empty seat beside Anna.

“Congratulations, you didn’t die from Lockwood’s wrath,” Anna said sarcastically.

I just roll my eyes at her and started to concentrate on Professor Lockwood’s words through the entire lecture.


“Ms Carter I would like to have a word with you,” Professor Lockwood said as the class ended.

Great. Could this day get ane worse than it already is?

“I’ll see you later,” I told Anna and she gave me a nod and walked out from the classroom.

The whole classroom filled with silence. It was just me and Professor Lockwood. He sat on his chair while looking through some papers. I knew he was waiting for me to approach him but I don’t know why, I was too afraid to take a step.

“You can come closer Ms Carter. I promise I won’t bite unless you want me to,” he said.

My heart leaped in my chest as his words registered in my head.

I gradually step closer to him and stop when I was standing right in front of the desk.

“Yes, sir?” I asked and tug my hair to the back of my ear.

He looked up at me and I felt my heart in my throat. This was the first time I understood why girls were crazy over him. His gorgeous green eyes looked deep into mine and I felt my knees weakning. I stopped myself from taking a step back as he stood up and walked over to me.

“I can’t let you off the hook easily,” he said in a very sensual voice while made my nipples rock hard.

I didn’t know why this happened. Sure, he is very handsome and he could make any girl wet but I thought that he never had this effect on me until now. And now casino oyna I know that it could cause me trouble.

“It was a genuine mistake, sir,” I tried to reason out.

His lips formed into a thin line. “But we can’t let that happen again, can we?”

I step away from him to calm my racing heart. There was somthing in his eyes. A kind of naughtiness as if he knew he has an effect on me.

“I am really sorry sir and I said before, it won’t happen again,” I said looking at the ground.

I hear him walking close to me and as soon as I look up, I back away a little. He was way too close to me. My back hit the desk and I felt trapped. My face heated up as I felt him move closer to me. I looked anywhere but him. He placed his hands on the desk on both of my sides, trapping me completely. He left me no choice but to look at him. His eyes went down on my lips and I felt like I was about to faint when he bit his lip. They were so inviting and tempting. He knew he was making me weak and I hated myself for loving it. I was loving the way he affected me. It was so wrong.

He leaned closer to my ear. His breathing softly kissing my skin near my earlobe. My eyes closed and my mouth opens up in a silent gasp as I felt him pushing his knee in between my legs.

“Don’t be late again. Ever,” he softly commanded in my ears.

I almost let out a moan but I stop myself from doing so by biting hard on my lower lip. I felt his lips brushing softly on my earlobe and my breathing accelerates. I felt him rubbing his knee on my covered pussy and my eyes flash open.

I push him away from me and I try to control my breathing. A grin was stuck on his lips.

“I know I affect you Summer and you know what? You affect me too. Sometimes I feel like grabbing you and kiss you hard.”

My eyes widen at his declaration. Fuck. Did he just accepted that he was attracted to me?

“And before you go, hide your nipples. I don’t want other horny guys to look at them.”

My mouth drops open and I look down at my t-shirt. I nipples were hard with all those sexual tension. Without saying anything to Professor Asher, I turn on my heels and sprint out of the class.

What the fuck just happened?


A few days passed by and nothing happened. What happened between me and Professor Asher stayed on my mind. I had some erotic dreams about him which made my panties wet and I had to take care of myself. I still can’t get his words out of my head. Him declaring his attaraction for me. But I don’t get it. Why me? There are so many other girls in this university that are way better looking than me. I don’t know how did I even attracted him?

I had a few of his classes but nothing happened. He behaved as if everything was normal and nothing happened between us.

Was he just messing with me? Was he really even attracted to me or was he just caught up in the moment?

All of this was so confusing.

“I have a date today with Neil,” Anna said as we made our way to Asher’s class.

“That’s great. Where are you going?” I asked tucking my hair behind my ear.

Anna shrugged. “I don’t know. He has all planned it out.”

“Romantic,” I said wiggling my eyebrows at her.

She blushed and punched my arm lightly. We opent the door of the classroom and i sigh in relief when I see that Asher wasn’t there yet. We took our places in the third row and Anna started to talk about her relationship with Neil.

“Good morning students,” Asher greeted as he walked into the class.

He had some books in his hands which he placed on the table. I wasn’t able to stop myself from checking him out. He was wearing black pants and a light blue shirt. It covered all his body muscles and it fit in all the right places. He scanned the classroom as he started the lecture and soon his eyes landed on mine.

My heart raced because of his gaze and I looked away immediately. My body tingled all over as I felt a magnetic pull towards him. I shake my head mentally. No… this guy is not attracted to me. It was just the heat in the moment that’s it. Nothing more.

However, my eyes travelled back to him and his eyes were still on me as he spoke. I suck in a breath as I felt my throat tighten. I felt like he was touching me even though he was standing so far away from me. As his eyes moved over my face and body, I felt touched through his gaze. My breathing increased and I had to look away.

“Okay guys, I would like you to read the passage given on page 56 and after I explaining that you can leave,” Asher said.

Everyone started to do what he said and I watch him sit on his chair and take his phone out. I tear my gaze away from him and start to read the passage he gave. Half way through it, I felt my phone vibrate but I ignore it and continue to read the canlı casino passage. After sometime, I felt my phone vibrate again and I look at it this time.

There were 2 messages from an unknown number and I open them.

Unknow:- Go to my office, remove your panties and place them in my drawer.


My mouth dropped open and my eyes immediately snapped up to meet his green eyes. The corner of his lips tugged upwards a little and I knew he was trying to make me feel uneasy. I don’t know from where he got my number but I knew that he had something planned in his mind. I quickly save his number.

“Ms.Carter,” he said out loud. “I think reading makes you feel boring. Very well then how about I give you some work to do. Please come here.”

What the fuck is he trying to do? I look at Anna and she shrugs.

I get up from my seat and walk towards him with my hands tightly formed in a fist. I reach to his desk and stop.

“Take these books with you and place them on the desk in my office. Here are the keys,” he said handing me the keys.

“Don’t forget about the panties,” he said in a low voice.

I look away from him and gather the books and keys in my hand. I walk out from the classroom, without looking at him and make my way towards his office. I reach his office and unlock the door. I close it behind me as I enter the office. I place the books on the table and lock the door. My phone vibrates again and I found a message from him.

Asher:- Remove your panties and place them in the drawer.

His commanding message sent tingles to my pussy.

Why the hell was I doing this? Why was I letting him affect me?

But this was so hot. I’ve never done something like this before. It was thrilling and I wanted to go for it. Thank god that I was wearing a skirt today. So, I removed my panties and placed them in the drawer. I take a picture of it and sent it to him.

Without waiting for his reply, I close the drawer and leave his office. I don’t give him a glance as I walk inside the class. He had started to explain the passage and was almost over with it.

My pussy clenched as the cold air went inside my skirt. My pussy was getting wet just by doing something so naughty. Sitting in the class without any panties on. I eyes look up and they look with Asher’s. His gaze was intense and his jaw was clenched like he was stopping himself from doing something.

The class continued for another 15 minutes with Asher giving me intense and desirable looks which made my pussy more wet than ever.

“Okay, so this was it. I hope you understood it. If you have any questions you can bring them to me in the next class. For now, you are all free to go.”

The rain was falling heavily and the wind was blowing. Students were running here and there.

“Oh, I totally forgot about it, Summer. I didn’t bring my car today as Neil picked me up . We can drop you off if you want,” Anna said.

I shake my head. “It’s completely fine Anna. I’ll goo by bus.”


She was cut off.

“I’ll drop her off,” Professor Asher annoucned, walking towards us.

My pussy started to tingle as some dirty thoughts entered my mind. My face turned completely red as I remember that I wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Really? I hope you don’t mind Professor,” Anna said with a bright face.

Asher chuckled. “No, not at all. Shall we?”

He asked looking at me. I give Anna a forced smile and start to walk ahead. I could hear him following me but he didn’t say a single word.

“My car is outside and I don’t have an umbrella,” Asher said.

I give him a shrug. “Neither do I.”

Asher’s lips press into a thin line before a grin appears on his face. “I guess we need to race to the car.

Before I can say anything, he grabs my hand and we run towards his car. The rain falls hard on us making the both of us wet. I try my hardest to keep my skirt in check as I wasn’t wearing an panties because of someone.

We reach his balck Toyota and he unlocks the door. We quickly climb inside the car as the rainfall increased. The raindrops were falling like hard stones falling from the sky. We both were completely drenched by the rain and we tried to calm our heavy breathing. The rain fell so hard that nothing was in sight. Everything was just a blur.

“I don’t think we should ride in this situation,” Asher said softly.

I give him a nod. “Okay. We will wait.”

Asher started the heater in the car and we sat silently for some time. I avoid looking at him as we set in silence.

“Your pussy smells great,” he said.

My head snapped to look at him and I find him sniffing my black panties. He moaned and I bit my lip.

“Asher,” I whisper out his name.

He leaned towards me and kaçak casino I closed my eyes as I felt his hand on my inner thigh. He placed a soft kiss on the side of my neck as his hand further moves dangerously close to my naked pussy.

“I’ve been wanting you for so long Summer. It’s killing me,” he mumbled against my skin.

I moan as I felt his finger on my pussy, rubbing my labia up and down. I open my eyes and he moved my face a little closer to him and placed his lips on mine. His lips were soft and wet from the rain. The car was filled with the noise of our kissing and my wet, slippery pussy.

I let out a gasp as Asher pushed a finger inside my pussy. My head tilts back as I felt him rub his thumb on my swollen clit. I cry out in pleasure as he bites softly on my neck and then licking the spot with his tongue. He adds another finger inside my pussy and starts to move it in and out of my pussy. My mouth opens in a silent gasp and Asher takes the advantage by kissing me hard. His wet tongue tangling around mine and I grab him closer by his shirt. His fingers continued to piston in and out of my pussy. He removes his fingers from my pussy and I groan in dissatisfaction. he pulls his mouth away from my mine and brings up his fingers closer to his mouth and sucks on them. He let’s out a moan and I felt the sound vibrating to my pussy.

We look at each other for a few moments as the rain continues to fall. His wraps an arm around my waist and makes me sit in his lap. His hard cock brushing through his pants on my pussy. I throw my head back as I start to slowly grind on his cock. Asher removes my t-shirt as I start to unbutton his shirt. My hands fall on the button of his pants and I undo it. I look at him as I slowly pull the zipper down, biting my lower lip in the most sensual way.

I earn a slap on my ass for that.

“Tease,” Asher muttered.

The rain didn’t stop and it looked like it won’t stop anytime sooner. Asher leaned up towards me as I removed his cock out from the pants. He adjusted the seat a little more backward to make the situation more comfortable. His cock was hot and hard in my hands and it grew further more in my hand. He moaned as I started to rub it up and down. I take his pre-cum on my finger and licked it with my tongue, sucking on it. Asher moaned. I ajusted his cock near my pussy and rubbed it on my labia.

“Summer, you’re killing me right now. I want that pussy on my cock right fucking now,” Asher said gritting his teeth.

I did as he said and lowered myself on his cock. We both moan together at the same time. Asher gropes my tits in his hands roughly. I lean towards him as I continue to fuck myself on him. He unhooks my bra and pulls down the strap. His nails brushing on my skin, leaving goosebumps all over my body. He looks at me right in the eye as he gives a lick to my hard nipple. My hands run through his hair as he starts to lick and tug on my nipple. His other hand goes down between us and starts to rub my clit.

“Asher,” I cry out.

My pussy clenched around his hard cock and I felt him getting bigger inside me. Asher’s hand went into my hair and he grips it tightly making me looking into his eyes. They were filled with lust and carnal desire. He starts to fuck me back, matching with my speed. The sound of our wet bodies slapping against each other filled in the car. Our breathing heavy as we together dive into the ocean of lust.

“I’ve been wanting you so much Summer. Concentrating on the class was never easy when you were there. I’ve wanted to do this since the beginning of this year. I’ve had so many cold showers just thinking about you.”

I moan at his words. His cock rubbing my insides in every possible way. I felt my orgasm close as Asher continued to rub my clit faster and faster with each passing second.

“I’m going to cum,” I whimper out.

Asher grabs my face and shakes his head.

“N,o you can’t. You don’t cum without my permission,” he ordered.

“Please Asher, I need to cum,” I begged.

“Aren’t you a desperate little thing, huh?”

Asher’s thumb leaves my clit and he kisses me hard, giving a soft bit on my lower lip and tugging on it. He leans towards me and licks my earlobe with his tongue.

“Cum,” he commanded.

I let myself go and I cum on his cock as he continues to fuck me.

“Do you want me to cum inside your pussy?” he asked.

I quickly give him a nod. “Yes, I’m on the pills.”

He gives my pussy a few hard strokes before I feel him cumming deep inside my pussy. I lie down on his body as I still feel him shooting ropes of his cum inside me. He wraps his arm around me and we stay like that for some time, trying to catch our breath. I lean away a little to look at him. His beautiful green eyes shining brightly with satisfacion.

“We shouldn’t have donw this,” I pointed out.

Asher grins. “But we did it and now I don’t think I’ll ever stop.”

Without waiting for my reply, he pulled me closer and started to kiss me softly.

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