Candy’s Daddy Ch. 02

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Laurel Hardison didn’t mind the nearly 4-hour drive to her sister’s home. It was a chance to be alone with her thoughts and she was also getting to enjoy the experience of driving Tom’s Porsche. He didn’t often allow her to use it, but as he was away on a week-long vacation with their daughter and his newest associate, he didn’t have to know about it and could not possibly object. Even if he did, Laurel had her ways around his “objections”. Tom talked tough, but he was a pussycat at heart and she knew just where to scratch to make him purr.

She had been the one to suggest that Candy join her father on the trip. Candy and her father were very close and she would be able to keep him from overdoing it. She didn’t doubt that Candy would pile on the charm and try to get her father in bed. She hoped that Candy would finally be able to achieve that goal. Her daughter had been after that for years. Mother and daughter were very close and had almost no secrets. Whatever Candy was up to, Laurel knew about it and vice-versa.

She and her daughter had a very open and honest relationship. Laurel had known when Candy had lost her virginity and to who. Candy also knew a lot more about her mom’s past then most young women did. Of course, Laurel sighed, that was due to a little overindulgence with alcohol on Candy’s 21st birthday. Neither she nor her daughter had ever imbibed quite that much again. Both of them were cool with it and Laurel was glad that things had turned out the way that they did, but it could have gone horribly, tragically wrong had her daughter not reacted the way that she did.

Despite his belief to the contrary, Candy had not lost her virginity to her boyfriend, Elliot. It had been an older, mature man who was a close friend of her father’s. Candy had set out to prove to herself that she had the goods to seduce a man of William’s prestige and style and had succeeded. Laurel didn’t doubt it, she and her daughter were like two peas in a pod. When the Hardison women wanted something, they didn’t stop until they got it. Candy had always thought her husband’s best friend was a smooth-talking charmer, so she wasn’t surprised in the slightest to discover that Candy thought so as well. “How was he?” She giggled drunkenly as Candy related the story with color commentary.

“Fucking incredible, no pun intended, mom,” an inebriated Candy had giggled hysterically until she almost fell down. Laurel didn’t doubt that either. William was the kind of man younger girls liked and his wife was almost 20 years his junior. He had waited until he was almost 50 to marry and Laurel was convinced it was because he had finally found a girl who could keep up with him in the bedroom. Even her own husband, sex god that Tom was, could not likely have matched William in the bedroom. His reputation preceded him. Laurel had always wanted to find out if it was truth or merely legend, but Tom was not going to swing, although William’s wife Stacey was more than willing. Laurel held out the faint hope that maybe her daughter could get her husband to loosen up enough for them to have some adventures.

Laurel needed adventure and excitement, she was wired that way. She had married a man on his way up and become a mom within a year of their marriage. Candy was a bright and inquisitive child who took up a lot of her mom’s time. Laurel got out to visit friends and her husband’s family were nearby, her own were not. She didn’t have time for a career; all of her energies went to Candy. She was grateful that she and Tom were active socially and that he loved sex and was a stallion in the bedroom. Had that not been true, Laurel would have been a cheating slut within the second year of their marriage. She knew fidelity wasn’t Tom’s strong suit, but she was almost grateful for that. Had he not had so many little pieces on the side, she might never have gotten out of the bedroom. Instead of an active social life with one smart, beautiful daughter, Laurel might have ended up a fat wife with a brood of 5 or six kids. Tom was content with the one and Candy had always proved to be a remarkable child. It had all worked out in the end.

She was thrilled that she had heard from Marcia and her husband. Seeing her sister again would be a thrill. As she thought about all the good times, she got warm and fuzzy feelings. Candy had her “first” story and Marcia was part of Laurel’s.

Candy almost sobered up when her mom confessed her own secret. As William had been Candy’s first lover, her Aunt Marcia had been her mom’s. Laurel’s older sister had taken her to bed and shown her what sex was all about. The two of them had carried on a clandestine affair for about a year. Laurel believed with all her heart and soul that she and her sister were soul mates. Marcia practically told her as much. Sisters who had fought like cats and dogs when they were younger became inseparable. Laurel never raised her voice to her older sister and they never had a harsh word. Their parents were stunned by the change in their girls. They had no idea whatsoever what had caused the change.

Sex. Glorious, incredible, sensual, naughty, lingerie-wearing, heel-loving lesbian sex. In all its naughtiest and most incredible variations.

Laurel had casino oyna never been happier and she was almost glowing. Her mom couldn’t get over the change in her daughter. An awkward, tomboyish teen was now wearing dresses, makeup, heels and she was almost — giddy. Gloria had no idea her oldest daughter had affected the transformation by showing her brunette, model-perfect sister how beautiful she was when done up and in lingerie. As far as Laurel was concerned, Marcia hung the moon and the stars. If her sister thought she was sexy, she would be sexy. And so, she was.

Laurel lived each day of her late teens in happiness and contentment, thinking it was too good to last. She saw the sign for the exit to her sister’s home and took it. An hour to go, an hour more and she would be with Marcia again and could touch and see her sister’s face and body. She remembered every subtle nuance of Marcia’s body and the way it smelled, the way she moved in bed. Their affair had been the most wonderful introduction to sex that a young girl could ever have asked for.

Of course, it was too good to last.

A few weeks after Laurel turned 20, her sister seemed to be distant and aloof. They were no longer having sex a few times a night, despite their having had an incredible night on Laurel’s birthday. Laurel sensed something was wrong and as much as she worshiped the ground on which Marcia walked, she was not going to be put off. She demanded to know what was going on.

It could all have gone awfully, terribly wrong for the two sisters who loved each other. To this day, Laurel thanked the stars it had gone as it did.

At university, Marcia had met and fallen in love with a man. Not just any man, one of her professors. She had kept it to herself for the past few months, not wanting to say anything until she was sure it was love and not just infatuation. Marcia didn’t want her father or Gloria knowing she was having an affair with her English Literature professor. Now he was saying words of love to her. “He’s fucking incredible in bed,” Marcia told Laurel, unaware that her sister was seething with jealousy. She went on about her new man until she saw the look of pure rage on the face of her beloved baby sister. It was then that Marcia realized just how much Laurel was hurting. She could not go on with this relationship if it caused Laurel this much pain. The young collegian had no idea how she could make it all better. Or did she? One of Marcia’s great charms was that she was wily. IF she could pull it off, everyone’s problems would be solved.

Marcia had made one great mistake in her relationship with Laurel and that was to be selfish in that relationship. She hadn’t actively told her sister not to go out with other girls or young men, but she had made Laurel dependent on her for sex. So much so that Laurel wasn’t as sociable as she should have been. Laurel truly believed that she was a lesbian. Marcia knew her sister better than Laurel knew herself. They were still soul mates and she knew that her sister could enjoy sex with a man if he was the right man. Her wonderful Edward was such a man. Marcia never would have believed it herself. Edward Hollingsworth was the kind of man that a girl could wait a lifetime for and never meet. She told Laurel that several times over the next number of years. Initially, Laurel would never have believed her big sister.

Yet, it was true. Edward waited for nearly two months before bedding his lovely, much younger partner. He knew that Marcia was a treasure and he treated the flame-haired, curvaceous vixen as such. He had lots of willing coeds on a string and could have snapped his fingers and had any one of them in bed. Marcia knew that for a fact because a few of her friends had bedded Edward and told her how remarkable a lover he was. When she walked into his classroom for the very first time, she saw it for herself. One thing that Marcia and her younger sister had in common was determination. If they saw something that they wanted, they were not afraid to go after it.

Marcia saw and wanted Edward Hollingsworth. She set about getting him the very next afternoon. She stopped wearing tight jeans and started wearing dresses. With heels. She sensed that he would be the kind of man who would appreciate that. He was. When she noticed him looking at her long legs, although trying not to be obvious, she clued in. The next day, she added stockings to her ensemble. None of her classmates noticed, but Edward did. She was a solid student, but in Edward’s class, she decided she would shine and become a formidable force to be reckoned with. She did all of her assignments, finishing many ahead of time, did the reading, did extra reading if she could and she came to class prepared. She also changed the way she spoke ever so slightly, improving her diction and speaking in a softer, almost dulcet tone. After a month of this, there was not one class where Edward did not call on her or in which she did not ask an intelligent, well thought out question.

After another month of verbal sparring, he asked her out for coffee. On that first date, she let him know her intentions.

“I’ve set my sights on you, Professor Hollingsworth,” Marcia told him as she sipped her canlı casino coffee. “I intend to take you as my lover, perhaps even marry you, if you’re worthy,” she added.

“Why me, Marcia?” He said in response. “You’re one of the most attractive young women I’ve ever met; you’re vivacious and highly intelligent. You could have any man on campus, so why me?”

“Because you’re the one I want, Professor,” she told him candidly. “You look at my body, so you’re still a man, but you respect my mind. I find you handsome, witty and intellectual. It’s a rare combination in a man today, although your wardrobe could use some spiffing up,” she teased. “You’re far too young a man to be wearing tweed.”

Edward smiled at her. “I think it makes me look distinguished.”

“No, it makes you look stuffy. Look, I’m 23 and you’re …”

“A bit shy of 40. Go on, I’m listening.”

“Okay handsome, lose the tweed, maybe change up the glasses and for God’s sakes, ask a girl to dinner,” she grinned. “If I have any more coffee, I won’t sleep for a week.”

“But you will get all of your assignments done,” he laughed.

“I always do, do I not?” She retorted, letting him laugh again. He asked her to dinner that night and they had dinner together every night for a month, although she cooked a number of times. It puzzled her that he never asked to stay the night, she had a nice apartment and she certainly was willing. One night, it happened. Edward went to put on his coat and then turned and asked if he could stay the night.

“I can sleep on the couch,” he said to her. “I’m just a bit too tired to drive, that dinner was wonderful.”

Marcia was almost breathing fire, so she threw her arms around him and practically jammed her tongue down his throat. “You are not sleeping on the fucking couch when I’ve got a bed big enough to sleep an army,” she insisted. “WE are going into that bedroom and YOU are going to make love to me and then I am going to make love to you and then WE are going to fuck until we’re both dizzy,” she said as she tugged him into her room.

Edward was floored by her reaction. Until that very moment, he had not wanted to presume anything. While he was head over heels in love with this wonderful younger woman, he was almost certain it was a friendship on her end. Clearly not. He watched her getting undressed and was stunned by the lacy lingerie she was wearing underneath her clothes. Obviously, tonight had been entirely planned as a seduction.

“My God, Marcia,” he croaked.

“Is that good or bad?” She smiled as she returned to where he was standing.

“Good, very good, very, VERY good, but …”

“Oh lord Edward, don’t start again. I don’t care about your being older than me and the other girls you’ve been with didn’t either. Yes, I know about some of your past conquests and I don’t care. Hell, I might have even shared one if you had asked me. Tonight, no more excuses. Get out of those clothes and into my bed and let me see if everything I’ve heard about is true,” she insisted.

It was true. The sex that the young coed experienced that night was the best sex she had ever enjoyed with a man. Marcia was far from being a virgin, but Edward treated her as one. He had a wonderful touch, both gentle and commanding. It was a deft touch and he seemed to bring out new things in her, things that she didn’t believe possible. He would bring his young lover to the crest of orgasm and then slow things down to prolong them. Marcia thought that she would die from the sheer pleasure. When he entered her, she felt all of him inside of her. Even when he was fucking her and she was screaming like a banshee, she still felt his love for her. His hands never left her body unattended and his lips found every inch of her delicious. By the next morning, neither of them wanted to go to class. They both slept the sleep of the dead and had a very late breakfast or was it an early lunch? To this day, Marcia could not remember.

Marcia knew she had met the man she intended to marry. She wanted him in her life and yet, she wanted and needed Laurel. She did not want their bond severed, at least, not entirely. She knew her kid sister would be jealous, unless …

She confessed everything to her lover. Far from being repulsed, he was fascinated. It cemented their relationship even further. “If you love her that much, I’m sure I will too,” Edward smiled as they cuddled in bed.

“I was hoping you’d say that, darling,” Marcia grinned in her lop-sided way. “That is exactly what I want.”

“Babe, you’ve lost me,” he said in a way that wasn’t like him. “WHAT do you want?”

“I want you to love Laurel, like the way you did me,” Marcia smiled. “I want you to be my sister’s lover, her first man.”

Edward sat up in bed. “Weren’t you the one just telling me that she might want to rip my arms off and feed them to the wolverines?” He asked her.

“Well, yes, but I was only kidding about that,” she grinned sheepishly. “Maybe. Listen, when she meets you, she isn’t going to be thrilled. You stole her lover, or that’s what she thinks. But if we spoil her rotten when she’s here and you lay on the flattery, I think she might fall for you a little bit, the way I kaçak casino did,” Marcia told him. “We think a lot alike and babe, my sister is not exactly hard on the eyes,” she laughed. Edward knew that to be true, he had seen several candid snapshots of his girlfriend and her sister in bikinis and a few of the tamer lingerie shots she had taken of Laurel.

“You really want me to have sex with your sister?” He asked. Marcia nodded.

“The first time, you two make love alone. My baby sister loves everything soft and gentle, so treat her with kid gloves,” Marcia told him. “The next time, I’ll be there and we can show her how hot the two of us look fucking, plus I can help allay her fears. After that, it’s a whole new ballgame and believe me, no one is going to strike out,” she teased.

“You do realize that your analogies suck?” Edward groaned.

“Why Professor, you shouldn’t be using terms like that, you’re an educator,” Marcia told him as she pushed him back on the bed. “And speaking of sucking …”

Laurel remembered showing up at her sister’s apartment, determined to win Marcia back and maybe even lure her into moving back home. She didn’t know that Marcia had plans of her own that would lead to a lot of happiness for each one of them.

The tension in the room was thick and Laurel wasn’t thrilled that her sister’s new lover was there. To her, it was like a direct slap in the face. Furthermore, it bothered her a lot that he was — nice. She wanted to hate him, to hurl venom in his direction, but she couldn’t. Laurel could see what her sister saw in Edward. He seemed to be comfortable in his own skin and doted on Marcia. Laurel knew that if she fought a battle for her sister’s affections, she would lose. She thought about getting back in her car, turning around and going back home. Her sister had other plans. She suggested dinner and Laurel, who was famished by this point, agreed. She had no idea she was being set up. They had some wine and Laurel was sure that her sister’s boyfriend was flirting with her. “Is he flirting with me?” She asked the sexy redhead. “Because he shouldn’t, he’s your boyfriend,” she told Marcia.

“I don’t mind, I told him it was okay,” Marcia said as she touched her sister’s knee under the table. “While you’re here, we can share him, if you’d like.”

“Huh? That’s crazy, you’re crazy! We can’t do that, he’ll find out and …”

“He knows and he’s cool with it. I’ve told him everything and he thinks that it’s hot.”

“Maybe he’s cool with it ‘Randa, but I’m not,” Laurel said. “You know that I don’t like men, I’m a lesbian.”

Marcia shook her head. “No you aren’t baby, I’m sure of that. You used to date boys. I was selfish in keeping you all to myself. I shouldn’t have done that and I’m sorry. Think of Edward as a — peace offering. Believe me sweetie, you could not ask for a better man to be your first fuck,” she smiled.

“You’re serious about this? You really are offering me your boyfriend on a silver platter? Where are you going to be while all of this is going on?” Laurel had asked.

“I’ll have drinks with some girlfriends,” Marcia grinned. She intentionally left out the part where the drinks would be secondary to all of the naked fun that would be going on. Her sorority was legendary for its all-girl events. “Enjoy him tomorrow, find out if you really are gay or not. I won’t love you any more or less depending on that.” Laurel finally capitulated and Marcia took her boyfriend aside to let him known it was a done deal.

Laurel didn’t know what to expect when she met Edward the next night at a lavish hotel, but she certainly didn’t expect a bouquet of roses, champagne and candlelight. He had even bothered to put on a suit. He spent time talking with the lovely brunette to allay any fears she might have. “You can feel free to back out, if you like,” he said a few times. “I won’t be offended.”

“If you had made that offer earlier today, I might have taken you up on it,” Laurel grinned as she sat closer to him on the bed. “I’m not saying that I’m bi, not yet, but now I can admit that I know what my sister sees in you. So, let’s give this a try. I hear you’re some kind of fantastic lover, prove it to me!”

“Never let it be said that Edward Hollingsworth backed down from a challenge,” he smiled as he started to undress. Laurel’s eyes widened. Okay, now she could see part of the reason her sis liked this guy. For a Professor of Literature, he was in good shape. She felt herself perspiring a bit and didn’t make a move. She let him do everything; he swept her up in his arms and kissed her warmly. When she didn’t make any objections, he gave her another kiss while deftly unzipping her tight blue dress. It slid away from her shoulders, revealing lingerie Edward knew his girlfriend had picked out. It was to his taste. Laurel was sensible enough to give him some help in undressing her and she smiled when he asked her to keep her stockings and heels on. Her sister always asked her the same thing; she often told Laurel that her legs were her best feature. She lifted her hips so that he could remove her lacy panties and a flutter of nervousness came over her. She hoped that he found her lovely. She had always known that she was in Marcia’s eyes, but this was a wholly different situation. Laurel needn’t have worried. Her new lover was almost mesmerized by her gorgeous body. How could one family produce two such amazing-looking women?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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