Candy , Buddy’s Romance Ch. 4

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It was morning. Candy opened her eyes. For a second, she forgot where she was. Oh yeah, I spent the night at Buddy’s house last night. Oh my god, I SPENT THE NIGHT WITH BUDDY LAST NIGHT! She thought to herself in half-panic and half-awake.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the smell of pancakes and waffles from the direction of the kitchen. Mmmm… I love pancakes. She quickly climbed out of bed, put on one of Buddy’s old t-shirts and made her way to the kitchen. She found Buddy, shirtless and wearing shorts.

“Morning, sunshine,” Buddy said, not turning back.

Candy walks up to him and gives him a hug and a kiss from behind, “Good morning yourself. yumm.. that smells great!”

“Yeah, I could tell you had a big appetite,” Buddy replied with that boyish grin of his.

Candy recalled the steamy, hot sex they shared last night. They definitely had a workout.

Buddy asked, “How did you sleep? Are you sore anywhere?”

Candy, touched by his thoughtfulness, replied assuringly, “Oh. I’m feeling great. A little sore, but I think that was hard to avoid with the circumstances of last night.”

Buddy and Candy eventually ate the breakfast, with some chit-chat in between, and had just finished, when Candy started to worry. What’s going to come of this? Was that just a one night fling? What if Ann finds out? I really like this guy….

Buddy, reading from the lines that had developed on Candy’s scrunched forehead, interrupted her thoughts and said, “I really enjoyed last night, Candy. You are a special person, and I understand if you don’t ever come over again….”

But Candy, “No. It’s not that. I liked hanging out with you and sharing those moments with you. You were great and gentle and kind. What about Ann?”

Buddy, “oh yeah, I see your point. Well, things can be arranged if we’re careful.

Ann isn’t here most of the time and you love down the block. Don’t worry. It’ll be fine.”

Candy reflected on that thought and replied, “Well, the weather’s supposed to be real great outside. I was going to go jogging at the local park. Would you like to join me?” She flashed a grin.

“A jog sounds great. Let’s do that. I hear they have a lot of secluded casino oyna forest areas out there as well,” he said with a grin back.

An hour later, the 2 were headed towards the huge park. There weren’t a lot of people, but there were tons of trees and private places if you needed it. They started jogging a couple of miles, and finally Buddy asked Candy if they wanted to take a break and just walk the rest of the way. Candy slowed down, and they walked side by side on one of the side trails, covered with trees on both sides.

Buddy suggests, “Why don’t we find a place to sit and talk.” He walks over to where a big log is lying on the ground. He straddles the log and sits down and motions for Candy to sit on his lap, facing him.

Buddy starts kissing her, moving his arms and hands all over her body, down to her ass, and down to her thighs…. “mmm…you have such smooth skin….”

Candy enjoys straddling him and having his hands caressing her. She nibbles on the bottom of his lips, sucking it, and licking it devouringly. Meanwhile, his hands are underneath her shirt now, and moving towards her breasts. Candy anticipates this, and quickly takes her shirt and covers his head with it so that he can suck and get a closer look to her smooth, orange-shaped mounds.

Candy, meanwhile, caresses his broad shoulders and dark brown hair, pressing him towards her body.

They sweat glistened in the hot Spring heat, as they meshed their bodies into one. There’s a soft patch of grass on the ground next to them, surrounded by some trees, and they roll over onto that area, not losing each other’s body from sight.

Buddy strokes Candy’s body like a fine, exquisite piece of silk, and reaches to her gold mine of soft hair. He caresses the almost bare spot, and kisses it and rubs his lips and face all around it, leaving wet kisses to make her body even wetter.

Candy’s body reacts instantly to his masculine, soft touch, and places her hands on his head, as he goes down deeper and deeper inside of her with his tongue, juicing the sweet delight from her precious, little pussy. He strokes up and down her clit with his hot tongue, and presses down on it so that she can feel the pressure and wetness of his canlı casino tongue and her swelling pussy.

Candy slowly switches positions and maneuvers it so that she is on top of Buddy, but in the 69 position. Candy now has his big, hard dick standing alert for her salivating mouth. She slowly slips her lips over the head of his cock, as she feels his own tongue devouring her succulent juices from underneath. Candy continues to push his hard cock deeper into her mouth, until it hits her throat. She flicks her tongue underneath, along his shaft, and she thrusts his cock back and forth, with her hand as a guide, up and from her mouth, as she sucks every last bit of his cock. She keeps feeling her wetness getting licked up by this man underneath her, and she’s loving every minute of it.

She pauses to enjoy his mouth all over her pussy, and she starts to feel her body reach towards climax. She starts losing grasp of the hard penis in front of her, and she arches her back , to take more of his tongue and mouth into her pussy. She starts to feel her PC muscles clenching as her body starts losing control. And then she starts losing herself in an earth-quaking climax into a sudden state of euphoria.

As she is recovering from her amazing oral sex-capade, she starts ravishing his cock into her mouth, hoping to get him off just as well as she got off. She grips his cock with her left hand and starts stroking every inch of his thick cock, and making sure every single inch is covered by her sexuality. She hears him moan from underneath, and she strokes his cock faster and faster, and licks faster and faster against the outside of his cock, and she feels him thrusting his pelvis up and up, until eventually, she feels his salty cum squirt out of his manliness. She devours every bit of his juices. She continues sucking on it until every last drip is gone from his less-erect penis. But then, she sucks it back to life again, as he starts thrusting more and more, and much faster this time.

“Wow, he’s got a lot of mojo here…” Candy thinks to herself. Wondering if she can keep up with him.

but just as Candy thinks he’s about to cum, Buddy rolls her over onto her back and places her face right above hers, staring kaçak casino her straight in the eyes with a passionate, yet raging look of lust in his eyes. They share a long, wet, passionate kiss, and Buddy tastes himself from her lips, and gives Candy a taste of her own sweetness.

Buddy moves Candy’s body so that she is sitting on her hands and knees, doggy-style, and Buddy right behind her tight ass.

Buddy licks his tongue up and down her ass crack, and flicks it momentarily into her anus. Candy flinches at first, until Buddy starts jamming his finger into her ass. Candy, who’s never experienced the pleasure of anal sex of any kind, immediately likes this new feeling. She encounter aroused nerve endings inside of her, and she starts groaning in pleasure. Buddy, continues to fuck her ass with his finger, while using his other hand to rub her clit some more, for some double action. Soon Candy can hardly stand it, and she starts rocking back and forth, letting lose a whimper here and there.

“Oh….Buddy.. that feels so good. Harder. Harder. Oh YES!!”

Buddy continues to fuck her some more, until he feels its time.

He moves his body closer to hers, and inserts his throbbing cock into the back end of her ass, and starts fucking her, reaching his arms around her to fondle her breasts, and then her clit. They start rocking and fucking back and forth, groaning and moaning.

Buddy loves the way his cock is being squeezed by her tight ass, and he thrusts in deeper and deeper until they’re both about to explode.

And in a minute, they both reach climax together, as Buddy starts thrusting out of control, holding onto her ass with his hands for stability.

Buddy completes himself inside her ass, and then rolls over onto the ground, as Candy flops down beside him, releasing a loud breath of exhaustion.

“Ohh…That was amazing.”

“Yo were amazing.”

“We were amazing.”

And Candy rolls over and gives Buddy another kiss.

They lie there for a few minutes, their wet, perspiring bodies recovering from their amazing afternoon sex, and both exhausted from it.

“You know, I could really use a swim right about now.” Candy said out of the blue.

Buddy glances over, “Why don’t we go back to my place?” With a smile. And they both hurry up and get dressed, so that they can rush back to enjoy Buddy’s swimming pool…

To Be Continued…

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