Candice or Candy

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Candice walked down the aisles of the Hospital in her sensible shoes. She said “Good night” to her co-workers, nodded at her supervisors and went to the punch clock and clocked out for the evening.

On the elevator down to the Parking Garage, she made some perfunctory small-talk with a few people, bid them good night and walked over to her car.

She got in the car, turned on the engine, the car roared to a start. Pulling out of the garage, she turned on her favorite radio station, humming mindlessly along with the music as she made the drive home.

She stopped at the store, bought milk, bread and cat food, and drove home. She walked into her apartment, plunked the bags down, fed the cats and started undressing.

She got into the shower, relishing the feeling of the hot spray on her body, fondling and scrubbing herself clean, wiping away her exhaustion and the drudgery of the day.

Candice got out of the shower, brushed her hair, groomed herself and began dressing again.

The black-silk stockings came first, gliding over freshly-shaved legs. The thong panties, also silk, barely covered the nearly-slick pussy, which was covered with just a wisp of blonde hair.

A lacy black bra caressed her skin next, pushing up her smallish, pert breasts and giving them some added “oomph”. It made them look rounder, fuller, not that she’d had any complaints in the past.

Next was the blouse, satiny and grayish, with a sexy shimmer that illuminated her body against her tan skin. Her favorite leather mini came next, she’d bought it on a whim a few months back. It hugged her firm, tight little ass like a second skin.

The stilettos were the last item on the agenda, they made her legs look firm and toned. For a long time, she’d wondered why men liked them as much as they did, but a recent event had helped her figure it out and she wore them now with delight. She knew she looked great in them.

Candy walked, hips swaying seductively, body alive with excitement, out to her car.

She changed the station on the car radio to a Retro-station and the Rolling Stones’ “Jumping Jack Flash” blared out of the stereo. She moved with the music as she drove to her destination.

She arrived at “Flashbacks”, tossed the Parking Attendant her keys and strode sexily into the nightclub.

People watched Candy walking towards the bar, ass swinging sexily in the tight leather skirt, so many of them wanting to be casino siteleri with her. Too bad, you won’t get the opportunity people, she thought to herself.

She spotted Alex seated near the bar and scampered over to see him. She threw her arms around him and planted a firm, demanding kiss on his lips. As the two embraced, she felt gentle hands cup the cheeks of her ass and move around her waist.

“Hello Jennifer darling.”

The statuesque brunette behind her sandwiched Candy between her and Alex. “Hello love, we’ve missed you,” she said with warmth.

The three of them sat at table, ordering drinks. “God, it’s good to be here, loves,” Candy purred. “It’s been a bitch of a day!”

Jennifer and Alex smiled at their playmate, each of them holding her hand. She’d changed so much from the quiet young woman they’d met here barely 6 months ago. Alex thought that Candy just breathing could turn him on. Jennifer, in turn, loved the silkiness of Candy’s skin.

Alex and Jen were married, but not to each other. Alex’s marriage had been arranged, for business reasons. His wife was okay, but a once-a-week kind of gal. Jennifer’s husband was, to put it bluntly, lousy in the sack. She and Alex had met at a party, snuck upstairs to fuck, and ended up having a long-term affair. It was well into it’s 4th year when Jennifer started having urges to swing with another woman.

Her sexual appetites had grown steadily since her affair with her younger lover, and Alex was more than happy to help her sate her desires. It was at the nightclub, where they could be outrageous – Jen’s silver lame halter and miniskirt a great example of that – where they met their Sweet Candy.

She’d been “Candice” then, a nurse just having a drink with a few friends, when the two chatted her up. They’d bought her a few drinks, chatted some more, danced a little and invited her to Alex’s for a nightcap.

Alex got the tipsy Candice into bed and was pumping in and out of her soft, wet, blonde pussy when Jennifer entered the room in a filmy negligee, hair flowing and long, legs sleek, pussy showing signs of dampness.

“Do you want her to join us, darling?” Alex asked Candice.

“Yes, oh please, yes,” said the aroused young blonde.

The three of them began the relationship that night, both Jennifer and Candice now having their first taste of Sapphic pleasures. With her two younger lovers, Jennifer found the sexual release canlı casino she’d craved for years. Alex had enough loving to keep him happy, without the trappings of marriage. Candice – with them, their “Sweet Candy” – got to release all the tensions of her job with the pleasures of the flesh.

“Care to dance hun?” Alex asked her, and she nodded. She left Jen sitting at the table, nursing her Daiquiri. It didn’t matter, Jen loved to watch them move together.

Her friend Brenda had dragged her to this club those 6 months back and Candy had been grateful. So grateful, a few months back, she seduced the saucy redhead as a means of saying “Thank You”. She and Brenda had hit the sheets quite a few times since then.

The first time they danced together, Alex seduced her with the movements of his body. Jennifer pressed close as the two women slow danced – not unusual in this day and time – and by the time they’d taken her back to Alex’s, her pussy was wet and crying for release.

Her two lovers had been much the same in bed. Alex was wild, untamed, lusty and a savage fuck. But as he pounded her pretty blonde pussy with his hard prick, Jennifer applied gentle licks and nibbles all over her, plying her body with gentle caresses and soft touches. When Alex finished fucking her, she and Jennifer moved naturally into a sixty-nine and orgasmed over and over until Alex regained his strength.

Then he fucked their Jennifer, in a slightly different fashion then had made love with Candy, and Candy lavished her erotic attentions on Jen.

Normally, Candy wouldn’t have been so free or uninhibited. But she hadn’t been laid in over a year and the Gin and wine she drank made her inhibitions fly out the door. This man, younger than her by 3 years, could heat her up by just touching her. His beautiful, sensual lover, now their Jen, knew every secret spot on her body to kiss.

As they licked up and down and over her body, Candy found herself becoming more vocal. She begged them to “Fuck me! Eat me! Suck me, do me, fuck me, fuck me, Oh, God, make me cummmmm!!!” They obliged.

Over the next 6 months, Jennifer and Alex brought out her wild side, encouraging her with little, thoughtful gifts. They brought her a dildo to use “To fuck that hot little pussy with and keep it hot when we can’t” they told her.

When the three of them fucked, or made love, it was wonderful. They were rarely without the others, although she kaçak casino and Jen had recently shared Brenda, and she and Alex had a wild night on Christmas, when Jen had to be with her boring husband.

Alex and Jennifer took Jen in every position, teaching her all the mysteries of her body. Jennifer taught her to be a true cocksucker, to love having a hard dick in her mouth, to suck the balls and stroke the shaft. She also top-rode a man for the first time, loving the intensity of it all.

Being new at the girlie / girlie game, one would have thought Jen and Candy would be equals, but Candy excelled in the lesbian arts. She practically buried her face in Jennifer’s cunt when she ate her, illiciting screams from her seductive playmate, until Jen had to beg her to stop so Alex could fuck her.

If he fucked either girl doggy-style, she would almost always eat the pussy of the other one or play with her tits.

Candy dressed for sex now, she was their little “Bon-Bon” and she adored it. Even at the Hospital, there was a trace of lingerie, a thong or a G-string where the old white cotton panties had once been. She was their sexy, fucky love and it brought her joy.

One evening, Candy even found herself begging Alex to “bugger her” and as he slid his rod up her tight ass, Jennifer screwed her pussy with a dildo. She felt so alive, so packed with cock, she was sure they heard her in the next state when she came. Of course, Jen had to try it too, and while it didn’t thrill her as much as it did Candy, she still came gangbusters.

They encouraged each other to live out their sexual fantasies. One time at work, Candy went without panties and teased a patient until he was practically begging for it. Jennifer seduced one of the PTA moms and turned her into her regular sex slave. Alex cornered one of the Interns at his office, a pretty little Asian named Kitty, and fucked her in the boss’ office at the end of the work day.

All of them felt alive, more vibrant and there were no regrets.

The three of them fucked each other clean in Alex’s large shower, soaping and lathering and playing until the water ran cold.

Tonight, as she and Alex swayed to Johnny Rivers’ song “Slow Dancin’”, she felt Jennifer pressed up against her back, firm breasts against her. “What do you have in mind for tonight, lovers?” she purred seductively at the pair.

“We thought we’d go to the park for a moonlit picnic,” Jen said, caressing a soft breast. “Ever have sex by the lake in the moonlight?”

Candy shook her head and felt her pussy dampen. Somehow, she knew that tonight, the birds and animals would be hearing cries of passion. And she didn’t mind that a bit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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