Can A Straight Boy Be Turned Ch. 04

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Monday March 30th

I woke up and remembered what had happened yesterday. I had sucked cock. A big one!

Obviously Joe hadn’t been to my room at night to my knowledge. Maybe that’s for the best. I felt regret coming over me as I was thinking about what I did yesterday. I’m a straight guy who can’t stop thinking about Joe’s cock. I don’t have any desire of other men’s cocks , gay love or anything like that. It’s just that one particular thing that keeps jumping up in my mind.

I got up from bed and got dressed quickly. I walked out of my room and noticed that the door to Joe’s room was wide open. I peeked inside but no one was there. All of his stuff were gone.

I walked downstairs and notice that no one was home. My parents had gone to work and Joe was gone. He had moved back home to his “loving” wife and left me here alone with a million thoughts and a confused mind.

Friday April 3rd

Almost a week has passed since Joe moved out. What have I done this week? Not much besides trying to stop thinking about Joe’s cock. Yesterday I watched gay porn. I just had to. I had struggled many days with my erotic thoughts of sucking Joe’s cock and dreaming about how good his cum tasted in my mouth. I had opened my laptop, searched for blowjob gay porn and jerked off. I felt bad afterwards as I realized that I hadn’t watched any “hetero” porn this week only gay porn, but only one time!

I almost forgot to mention it. The butt plug. It’s been in my butt more times than I can count this week. It’s been in my butt every time I masturbated. I had also bought a tube of lubricant from the local store.

I’m ashamed to admit it but it feels like it’s necessary to use the butt plug, it’s a “must” every time I jerk off. Maybe Joe gave it to me because he knew I’d like it or I’m just using it because I know Joe gave it to me… or is it just because of the pleasure it gives me? I don’t know.

Later that day I prepared food. I did a small portion of lasagna; I hope it’s enough for the three of us. I once in a while cook, it’s just something my mother has taught me since I was little. I was too hungry to wait for my parents to come home so I ate alone. After I finished the meal I thought I’d call my friends. I called Nick then Joshua. They were both busy, again. I had asked them if we could go to Bell’Amore tonight. I had a real urge to go to Bell’Amore tonight even if I tried to deny it.

I had been home all evening doing nothing. At 11 p.m. I suddenly walked downstairs told my parents I’m gonna go out to meet Joshua, which was a lie.

I started walking towards downtown. Towards Bell’Amore. What the hell am I doing? Walking alone, sober to a bar on a Friday night? I must be losing my mind. There’s only one reason I’m going there, in hope of meeting Joe. God damn, no matter how hard I try, I can’t forget about his big cock and sweet tasting cum. I really hope Joe is there tonight.

I arrived at Bell’Amore at 11:23 p.m. As I walked in, my eyes started rolling. They were scanning the whole bar. Last time I was here I had looked around hoping that Joe wouldn’t be there. Now it was the opposite.

No Joe to be seen I confirmed, after I had looked around for a minute or two. I walked up to the bar and ordered a beer. After getting my beer I went to a corner sofa keeping my eyes over the whole place. As I sat down I started to feel sad. Maybe he isn’t coming tonight, how long should I wait?

Half an hour later my beer glass was empty. Still no Joe. Do I give up? I can’t sit here alone drinking beer by myself I thought. I got up and walked towards the men’s room. As I entered and realized there was a minimal chance still he was here. I ducked down and took a look under all four stall doors. Empty.

I walked into the last stall and started peeing. I casino siteleri started to think about what I had done in this particular stall. Fuck. I’m irritated, angry and disappointed.

I don’t know how long I sat in the corner spying over the place but at some point I just gave up. I walked home “empty” handed feeling disappointed and angry. Why am I angry? Do I really have a reason for that? I think I’m mostly angry at myself for doing these “weird” things I would never have thought of doing.

Saturday April 4th

I woke up feeling moody and sad. Yesterday was a disappointment. My friends were busy and I had somehow gathered my guts to walk downtown sober to a bar in hoping of meeting a much older “gay” man. Well frankly I think I should call him a bisexual guy. He’s got a wife.

The whole day, the whole fucking day I did nothing. I was bored out of my mind.

“Dinner is ready” I hear my mom shouting. I took a quick look and noticed that the clock is half past four. I walk downstairs slow like a snail and sat down at the dinner table. I didn’t really feel like eating, I had lost my appetite.

“So later tonight we’re gonna have a few guests over” my mom suddenly breaks the silence.

“Oh, who?” I asked curiously?

“Uncle Terry with his new girlfriend Mia… and Karen and Joseph. We’re gonna have a little barbeque party in our backyard”

“Okay” I answered. The only thing I registered in that sentence was Joseph. Joe is coming here tonight?!

“Are you going somewhere tonight?” Dad interrupts me while I’m thinking about Joe’s big cock.

“Mmm.. no. I don’t have any plans tonight?”

“Think you could call your friends and see if someone’s up to something? I mean… you probably don’t wanna be here when we old folks are having a BBQ party and drinking wine” My mom said with an innocent laughter.

“Yeah sure I can do that” I said. Am I going to do it? No! Why? Because Joe’s coming to my home, tonight!

I don’t wanna have too much hope. He’s coming here with his wife. And then my Uncle Terry too with his new girlfriend I haven’t seen. Too many people… I want Joe by myself.

At 7 p.m. the doorbell rang and I felt a small chill coming over me caused by my nervousness. An hour earlier I had told my parents the disappointing news that my friends were busy and I was gonna stay home tonight.

I sat at our dinner table thinking it would be smart to greet our guests when they arrive. My mom had made me promise I’d stay in my room the whole evening so I wouldn’t bother them.

My mom opened the door and greeted our first guests. It was Uncle Terry and his girlfriend. After my parents had greeted them it was my turn.

“Hey Mikey! How ya doing kid?” Uncle Terry asked me sounding like an old pirate and tapping me on my head.

“Good” I answered. A bit bothered as he still treats me like a kid.

“Hi, I’m Mia” says the blonde woman as we shake hand.

“Hello, I’m Michael”

Uncle Terry sure does have good taste in woman. This one is probable 15 years younger than him with very big and sexy lips. She’s really good looking with a really revealing dress.

Mom started to show Mia around the house while Dad offered Uncle Terry a beer. Only minutes later the doorbell rang again.

Uncle Terry, Mia and my parents greeted our new guests while I stood in the background. I felt nervous and started to cold sweat when I saw Joe walking into our house. I hadn’t seen Joe in almost a week now.

“Hi, how are you?” Karen asked me politely.

“Fine, just fine”

Then he was in front of me. Joe.

“Hello again!” Joe said calmly while reaching out his hand.

“Hi” was all I could say as we shook hand. It wasn’t a normal handshake. It was firm and it lasted longer than usual it seemed.

“You’re canlı casino partying with us tonight?” he asked with a small grin on his face.

“No. I’m just gonna be up in my room.”

“Okay, what a shame” he said with a lower volume so know else could hear. Then he turned away.

A minute later they went out to our back yard where my Dad had started heating up the grill.

I sat down in our living room to watch a movie. I know I said to Mom that I was gonna stay in my room the whole time, but I don’t have a TV there and I really wanted to see a movie, or maybe I just wanted to be closer to the party? There was a hot blonde woman in our house and I was thinking about an old dude. I must be going insane, and it scares me.

20 minutes had passed and in walks Mom.

“Oh you’re here” she asked

“I thought it would be okay if I watch a movie here?”

“Yeah sure hon. We’re gonna be out as long as it’s warm out there” Mom replied while walking towards the bathroom.

A minute later she walks back into the living room.

“Do you want some barbeque also?”

“Nah, I’m fine thanks”

“Suite yourself” she said as she walked back outside.

After a while I hear the next person coming back inside. I turned my head and noticed Joe walking towards the bathroom. He only gave me a quick glance.

I was tempted to follow him to the bathroom. But I can’t. There are too many people here.

As Joe walked out of the bathroom I noticed he didn’t walk right out, he entered the living room.

He gazed outside at the others as he reached out his hand towards me. I noticed a small note landed in my palm. He turned around immediately and walked right out without saying anything.

I opened the folded paper: “Put the butt plug in your ass right away. You have to wear it all night. Don’t disappoint me!”

Oh my God. Reading that turned me on right away. I felt my dick growing. I really shouldn’t do that. I mean… he makes me do these gay things. It’s his fault.

I better do what he wants. He might punish me if I don’t.

I walked upstairs to my bedroom and opened my locked drawer. Lubed my black butt plug and slowly started to push it into my little butthole. It slowly sank in me. It fitted there perfectly.

How the hell am I gonna be able to walk or sit?! I hadn’t thought about that. I put my underpants back on and my pants after that. The first step I took I did with great cautiousness. Each step I took I felt the butt plug move inside me. It somehow felt good when it moved and my dick agreed.

The stairs where a bit more problematic. I had to take really slow steps so it wouldn’t twist and hurt too much in my ass.

As I got downstairs I walked to the living room and placed myself carefully on the sofa. When I sat down I felt the pressure of the butt plug. It was more pleasuring than painful.

An hour had almost passed and people had visited the bathroom more than I could count, but not Joe. The movie I watched… well I can’t call it watching as the butt plug was distracting my concentration so much I didn’t know what was happening in it. It might be the last commercial break in the movie as the clock was nearing 10 p.m. I slowly got up to get a refill as I noticed my cup was empty.

I opened the orange juice bottle when I heard someone come back inside. I heard steps behind me. I couldn’t take a look as I was pouring the orange juice. I felt a hand touch my butt. The hand caressed my butt with a pressure against the butt plug.

“That’s a good boy.” Joe whispered in my ear.

I turned around a looked Joe in the eye without saying anything.

“I asked your Mom where your painkillers are. Told her I had a headache.”

“Oh, they’re in the upstairs bathroom”

“Can you show me where exactly?” He asked with an expressionless kaçak casino look in his eyes.

“Yes” I answered weakly.

After putting the juice back in the fridge I started walking upstairs slowly as my butt plug wiggled in my ass. Pretty sure Joe was looking at it as he walked behind me. Exited or afraid, I’m not sure what I was feeling right now.

“Take of your clothes and sit on the toilet” He said as he closed the door. Looking like he was in a hurry.

“I…. I’m not sure if that’s a good id..” I stammered and got interrupted.

“Do it now!” He said with a harsh tone while still whispering.

I did what he asked. I revealed my skinny body in front of Joe.

“On the toilet” he pointed.

I sat down and noticed he unbuckled his belt and drew he’s jeans down to his knees.

“We don’t have much time, start sucking bitch”. He said as he took a step closer to me.

I didn’t hesitate. Only took a second and I had grabbed his half erect cock in one hand. Even as it was only half erect it was still big. I took it halfway in my mouth and started sucking while jerking him off.

“That’s it, suck my cock! I know you like”

I continued doing the same thing, as I knew we were in a hurry. I think he liked it as I could tell he did an effort to keep his moans very quiet.

“I see you love sucking cock.” He whispered and I noticed he was looked down at my dick. It was rock hard. I didn’t even know I was fully erect as I only concentrated on sucking his cock. My other hand went away from his hip and down to my dick.

“Don’t touch yourself. You’re doing this to serve me.”

I obeyed. I was so horny. I clenched my ass around the butt plug and felt so good, but I wished it would move inside me. I pretty sure I was leaking pre-cum as Joe was. He tasted so good.

“Fuck, I’m gonna come soon. Take it all you bitch”. He said as he grabbed my head with both his hands. He rhythmically started pumping my mouth. He only went halfway in as I gagged a few times.

“Fuuuuck, I’m coming. Don’t swallow, don’t swallow!!” He said with his teeth closed together. There it is. He’s hot juicy cum, stream after stream hitting the back of my mouth.

“Oh fuck boy. That felt good.” As he withdrew his cock from my mouth.

“Keep that cum in your mouth. When I leave. You jerk that small dick of yours. After you have cum then I want you to swallow my cum. Got it?”

I nodded. Joe had such a big load. It filled almost half of my mouth.

Joe dried his cock with toilet paper and washed his hands.

“Next time I’m gonna fuck your ass!” Then he walked out.

I locked the door behind him and instantly started jerking off. I can’t believe how horny I was. With my other hand I reached for the butt plug. It plopped out of me surprisingly easy. Then I pushed it back in pretty effortlessly. Back and forth it went in and out of me. As both hands rhythmically doing they’re work for a minute I felt it. Like an thunderbolt going through my body I exploded. My dick started shooting cum like never before. It landed in the sink and on the wall behind it. Much bigger load as I’m used to. Mouth shut and full of cum I moaned like a bitch in heat. As the orgasm settled I swallowed his huge load in one go. It was so warm and salty and I imaged it settling in my stomach.

Took several minutes to come down from the orgasm. I cleaned the sink, wall and my butt plug. Then made sure there were no other mess lying around in the bathroom.

After I came out of the bathroom I went straight to my room and laid down in the bed. Staring at the ceiling I remember I forgot to brush my teeth. I was getting late and I felt tired. Suddenly I remembered what taste I had in my mouth. Joe’s cum. Maybe I’ll just wait a moment before washing my teeth.

I got a bit scared. He said he was gonna fuck me next time? Things are getting too far. I should stop this before it’s too late. But I wonder how it would feel?

I fell asleep thinking about Joe. Never got to wash my teeth.


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