Buyer’s Remorse

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The reasons can either be noble, or of the frivolous variety. Unfortunately, what got me into this predicament was the latter.

I know you’re asking all kinds of questions so before I go anything further, let me set the stage as it were.

My name is Kenzie, a 20-something office worker who just went on with her life as easy as you like until I saw something I just had to have. A diamond encrusted necklace which I thought would, how do you say, accentuate my rather curvaceous figure and ample neckline.

It’s that damned necklace which got me into a whole heap of trouble.

I was in the jewelry store merely window-shopping when the necklace seemingly called to me. It was exquisite. That was until I saw the price tag, $10,000. While I make an alright salary, I couldn’t justify spending more on one piece of jewelry than I spent on my first car.

As anyone who has been shopping and swarmed by sales people knows, they’ll do anything to close the deal. Only in this case, I had no idea just how far.

Just as I was on my way out the door, a young woman about the same age as me walked up.

“Hi, I couldn’t help notice you admiring our best diamond necklace over there,” said the voluptuous Hispanic woman. “My names Nadia, is there anything I can do to help you leave home with it?”

Looking over Nadia, I get the impression she’s used to using her killer looks to close a few deals, both in the store and out, as she began to almost involuntarily twirl her jet-black hair.

“Outside of knocking a few thousand off the price I really don’t see that happening,” I said politely, not trying to be rude but knowing it simply wasn’t in my price range.

“If the price is the issue, we have an excellent financing program. You’d be surprised some of the items people have been able to enjoy they thought were only for their dreams,” Nadia said.

I decided to not waste either of our time and just end this right now.

“I’m sorry, Nadia did you say, but I simply can’t justify this kind of purchase whether it’s financed for not,” I said as I was turning to walk out the door.

“I understand that,” Nadia said with a tinge of sadness in her tone. “You’ve looked this long, why not at least try it on so you can say you did that much.”

I thought want was the harm, I could see how it looks. Take a picture and if nothing else get a great profile pic for later on.

This is where things began to take a turn for the worst. I only wish I’d known how devilish Nadia was I’d never have walked into that store.

I began to pull back my shoulder-length brown hair so Nadia could fasten the necklace. What I didn’t see, was her slightly breaking the clasp which loosened the chain setting the next series of events into motion.

I looked how breathtaking it looked on me, diving down into my bosom to how it complimented my light blue blouse I had worn to work that day.

“See, doesn’t that look gorgeous,” Nadia exclaimed, with an evil twinkle in her eye I wish I’d have recognized sooner. It wouldn’t be the last I’d see that twinkle either.

I admitted it did look stunning, but again it simply was out of my price range. I expected Nadia to grab the necklace from me, but she said she didn’t want to snag my hair and I can do it myself if I liked. Not seeing anything amiss, I reached to unhook the clasp when all of a sudden it broke.

Before I knew what was happening, dozens of priceless pearls were smashing to the floor only to shatter upon impact. I was mortified, and nervous as hell because I clearly saw a “you break it, you buy it” sign as I entered.

“Oh my God, what did you do,” Nadia screamed as she saw the desired outcome of her subtle sabotage. “I have to tell my manager what happened right away.”

Knowing my goose was cooked, I thought of every excuse imaginable to defend my innocence.

“I’m so sorry,” I said with genuine remorse. “I have no idea what happened, it just snapped in my fingers.”

“Well the damage is done, all that’s left is for you to decide, cash or charge,” Nadia said with little of the warmth she had expressed mere moments earlier.

“I don’t know what to say, as I told you earlier I don’t have that kind of money,” I pleaded to the salesclerk.

“Well, that’s not my problem,” exclaimed Nadia.

Just when I thought I was done for, the fiery Latina began to look me over. Almost like a hunter eyeing up a trophy kill.

“There is a way for you to make some serious cash in a hurry, but it’s a little unorthodox,” Nadia said.

“I don’t care. I need to try something, anything, at this point,” I told Nadia with frantic worry in my voice.

We exchanged contact info and I walked out of the shop, with a bill for $10,000 due in 30 days and a card for a strange bar called the Chuckle Hut. I figured it was just some stupid comedy club that I could make some extra money waitressing at.

Oh, how I wish it would have been that easy.

The next night after work, I headed to the club around 9 p.m. in a rather revealing top which displayed casino oyna my DDD’s rather nicely. I figured what better way to get big tips than using what I had.

When I arrived at the Chuckle Hut, it was nothing like I’d imagined. Instead of the stage I was expecting, was a giant wrestling ring. There was a long bar, much to my relief, with several patrons milling about. What caught me off guard though was upon closer examination, everyone in the club was female.

I was too stupid to realize a wrestling ring in a room full of women didn’t bode well for me.

After gathering my bearings, I walked up to the bar and asked for Amanda, the name on the back of the card Nadia had given me at the jewelry store.

I asked around and finally was pointed in the direction of Amanda, who I learned was the owner of the club. I noticed straight away, she was dressed to get attention. Wearing a black halter top and, while smaller than mine or Nadia’s, still a rather ample chest.

“Hi, you must be Kenzie,” Amanda said with a mischievous smile not unlike Nadia’s. “I was told you’ll be joining us tonight.”

“Yes, I am. I’m just a little unsure as to what tonight is,” I said nervously.

“Oh, Nadia didn’t explain our little tournament?” the owner said surprised.

“No, I was just told to come here tonight and that I could make some fast money,” I said.

There was a look of carnal glee in her eyes as she said, “Oh, my dear you definitely can make some quick cash. It just hinges on one question. Are you ticklish?”

My mouth almost dropped to the floor. I was deathly ticklish but not sure where this was leading.

“I am ticklish, w-w-why do you ask?”

“Our tournament is a tickle competition. You’ll have to engage in a tickle fight with several other entrants in order to win the grand prize of $20,000. It’s winner take all, so if you fail to win you’ll take home not one red cent,” Amanda said, knowing her club rakes in over $100,000 in ticket prices alone for the weekend event. “Are you in?”

I thought it through really hard, knowing my chances might not be that great but the thought of paying 10K for a broken necklace wasn’t that thrilling of an alternative.

“I’m in.”


Once I agreed to take part, that’s when the real fun began.

I started to look around at the other competitors, noticing we all looked to around the same age with maybe the youngest looking early 20’s and the oldest mid-30’s. What also caught my eye was how similar in build we were, average to pleasantly plump like myself.

It made sense, if you have to overpower another woman not many whispy women would stand a chance. They’d be tortured and spit out in less than a heartbeat.

What broke my daydream was Amanda getting a bullhorn to start explaining the rules.

“Alright ladies, you all know why you’re here. And if you don’t, well too bad,” The owner/tournament organizer said. “The rules are very simple, there aren’t any. Not for the match participants anyway. As long as you use tickling to make your opponent tap out you’re fine.”

Hearing this I began to immediately regret my decision.

“We’ll also try to make things interesting by throwing tickle tools into the ring, such as feathers, electric toothbrushes and the like,” Amanda said. “Depending on my mood, we may even add some bondage equipment into the mix to liven the show.”

Ok, now I was almost ready to flee this place and run away to Mexico under an assumed identity.

“With all that said, our rules for spectators are very clear. Interfere with a match, in any way, and you won’t like the outcome,” Amanda said in clear enough tones which everyone knew she meant business. “We know you’re not here just to watch though, so once a contestant loses an auction will begin immediately following the match for the right to do with the vanquished warrior as you see fit for the remainder of the weekend.”

Upon hearing this, my heart was somewhere around my knees. What Amanda said next stopped me from bolting to Mexico though.

“We may be tickle enthusiasts but we’re not monsters, 80% of the fee from the auction will go directly to the auctionee who keeps the right to leave at anytime,” The owner said sweetly. “But knowing why many of you joined this competition I doubt you’ll say no to a few grand for a weekends work.”

That last sentence cut me like a knife. I have to win this tournament or pin my hopes of making enough money as a tickle toy. Wow had my week taken a turn for the worse.

“Now that you all have some ground rules, who’s ready to get this started,” Amanda said before an excited crowd of a few hundred women and 32 very nervous competitors.

While the audience started to settle down I went to find a bracket to see when my first match was. To my dismay, I was the second match up. I was intrigued though by the name of one of the contestants in the opening match, Nadia.

I wasn’t too shocked to see here at this event, but I was shocked by my response. Is this excitement I’m canlı casino feeling, the thought of this woman who put me in this predicament about to compete and hopefully lose?

I pulled up a ringside seat, one of the perks of taking part, ready to see just what I got myself into.

Nadia was the first fighter to enter the ring, wearing tight red yoga pants and a just as tight matching t-shirt. It was obvious from anyone there that the Latina meant business.

Following close behind was her opponent, a chesty blonde sporting an outfit similar to mine. She wore black slacks and a turquoise blouse which left little to the imagination. The way Nadia’s eyes lit up upon her arrival, I knew this match could be over quickly.

While there was no ref in the ring, there were several women straight out of Son’s of Anarchy scattered about as security.

The opening bell rang and like a cannon the blonde dove at Nadia’s feet, tripping her. She quickly began to rake her nails along the Hispanic woman’s tender soles.

“hahahahahahahhaahahah stop it,” Nadia said trying to loosen her feet from the blonde’s grip.

I began to wonder why neither fighters were wearing shoes but realized it must have been an unwritten rule. One I wasn’t too fond of knowing how ticklish my own feet were.

“Oh are your little feetsy ticklish.” the blonde cooed trying to break her opponent.

“Yes hahahahaahahahahahaha but trust me hahahaahahah you’ll ahahahahahahahah regret it hahaahaahah,” Nadia said as she began to twist around.

I hated to admit it but I was loving seeing Nadia tickled like she was, as if I was exacting a tiny bit of revenge just by watching.

My excitement quickly turned to horror as Nadia was able to grab hold of one of the ropes and twist herself, kicking the blonde square in the stomach. She stumbled backward, falling down on the mat which is when Nadia struck.

Nadia wasted no time, pinning her opponents arms above her head.

“Now it’s your turn to suffer,” Nadia exclaimed.

She began to goose the blonde’s sides, of which there was plenty of ticklish flesh to choose from, working her over like an expert.

“Omg please don’t do this,” the blonde said trying to free her arms which were trapped under Nadia’s butt.

“I told you that you’d pay for tickling my feet, you should have listened,” Nadia said with a sadistic look in her eye. “You clearly don’t mind showing off your breasts, why don’t we give everyone a better look.”

Before her opponent could say anything, Nadia slipped out both of the blonde’s breasts from her shirt and apparently not too supportive bra to raucous cheers from the crowd.

My thoughts went immediately to my own revealing outfit for the night, hoping I don’t meet a similar fate.

All the poor blonde could do was laugh hysterically as Nadia’s talon-like claws skittered about her ample boob flesh, jiggling all over as a result.

It was evident the blonde wanted to tap out right then and there but her hands were trapped under Nadia, meaning she had to endure her helpless torment for a while longer.

Demonstrating her business acumen, Nadia had an idea.

“Who wants this tramp’s top,” Nadia shouted. “Bidding starts at $100.”

The blonde’s now ripped blouse fetched $600, which Amanda eagerly collected. Taking her 20% of course.

It paled in comparison to the price her black silk bra received.

Nadia kept tickling the blonde’s upper body, moving from her breasts to her tummy to her sensitive pits while she thrashed underneath.

All the woman could do was laugh silently as Nadia ripped off her bra before a pack of starving wolves with open checkbooks.

“I say opening bid of $2,000,” Nadia yelled out above the din of the crowd.

The bidding went fast and furious, reaching north of $15,000 before the dust cleared. I thought I even saw Amanda herself bid a few times.

Nadia went back to torturing her now exhausted foe, digging her thumbs into the blonde’s pits causing an immediate reaction.

Tears ran down her cheeks as her body shook from the ticklish sensations. Not wanting to see a contestant pass out, Amanda went into the ring to stop the fight.

“Alright, seeing as poor Ashley here is unable to stop the match on her own we need to declare Nadia the winner of our opening bout,” Amanda said to a mix of cheers and boos.

We were all shocked to hear the blonde’s name, as most people just began calling her ticklish tits. A name I prayed didn’t pass on to me in a few minutes.

“Nadia dear, please stop tormenting Ashley and go rest before your second round fight,” Amanda said.

Reluctantly, Nadia left the blonde alone and went into the dressing room while her tickle victim was auctioned off and taken into a private room with a winning bid of $30,000.

Before I could even process what I had just seen, I heard Amanda on her bullhorn once again.

“Now, I hope you all enjoyed our starting match. Next up is Kenzie and three-time defending champion Felicity.”

I hoped kaçak casino I didn’t hear that, three-time defending champ. Oh, God. I’m the next ticklish tits…….


Having just witnessed a thrilla far from vanilla, I was left pondering my own fate. How on God’s green earth do I avoid what happened to Ashley. She didn’t seem so outmatched only to be chewed up and spit out.

Not only am I competing in my first ever match, I drew the three-time defending champ. I’m going to need a rabbit’s foot, four-leave clover and pixie dust to not get pulverized.

“Excited for your first match,” Amanda said, sweetly on top but I could sense a tinge of lust in her voice buried deep.

“Oh, definitely,” I said, lying my ass off. “How long until I’m up?”

“Maybe 15-20 minutes,” Amanda replied. “Don’t run off too far.”

Screw Mexico, at this point, Antarctica might seem safer.

I went into the locker room to grab a drink of water when I ran into an unlikely ally.

“Good luck against Felicity,” Nadia said.

For once I didn’t get any sarcasm in her voice, just genuine emotion.

“Thanks, I’ll need all the luck I can get,” I retorted, knowing the battle that lay ahead.

“Don’t let her get in your head, she’s just as beatable as ticklish tits was if you play your cards right,” Nadia said encouragingly. “She’s got a secret weakness that only a few of us know about.”

For the first time all night I actually had a semblance of hope.

“Really?! What is it,” I said hoping to gain an edge of my opponent.

“I can’t come right out and say it but if you have to come from behind you’ll be coming out ahead,” Nadia said before leaving the dressing room.

Now I was even more confused than when I entered this stupid place. What the hell did she mean by that. There wasn’t much time to think, I heard the bell signaling the start of the match. The last thing I wanted to was to be late. I scurried out to the ring to meet my doom.

I still hadn’t seen Felicity up to that point, and when I did I wish I still hadn’t. She stood nearly six feet, long red hair and while a little thicker than me it was very well proportioned. Looking her over I noticed her hour-glass figure with junk in all the right spots.

We met in the center of the ring and shook hands.

“Very nice to meet you Kenzie, I’m Felicity,” as she introduced herself I couldn’t help but liking her. No wonder Nadia hated her so much. “I’d very much like to apologize for what I’m about to do to you. I have a very bad gambling addiction and this tournament keeps my limbs in one piece for another year.”

Even while bragging she came off completely likable. She’s amazing.

Just before the final bell rang, I noticed she was wearing an almost identical outfit than that of Nadia. The only difference hers being a subtle green compared to Nadia’s deep red.

I shouldn’t have been day dreaming because I didn’t hear the starting bell. Much to my dismay, Felicity heard it clear as day and I was quickly on my back.

The crowd, almost sensing a repeat of the first match start chanting Ticklish Tits almost in unison. Not one to miss an opportunity, Felicity exposed my breasts quickly much like Ashley’s were.

“I hate to not give the audience what they crave so badly,” Felicity said grinning.

Just as I feared, my opponents nails were soon dancing all over the sides of my breasts. I had little recourse as one of my worst spots was exposed, literally and figuratively, for all to see.

“Please don’t do this, I beg you,” I pleaded to little avail as my cries were only met by an increased vigor.

Felicity’s fingers made there way from the sides of my breasts into my armpits. The sensations were getting to be almost unbearable, and they were only being made worse by the stupid crowd.

One woman yelled out a price for my top, another for my bra and soon before I could hear anything I lay writhing on the mat in ticklish agony naked from the waist up.

As much as I enjoyed Felicity to start the match, I began to hate her. This woman was standing between me and the chance I had to escape crippling debt. If only she’d stop freaking tickling me.

Out of nowhere I heard Amanda’s voice once more.

“Who wants to see our defending champion get a little help to finish off poor Kenzie?”

The crowd rose in applause as Amanda hand delivered what I thought was the implement of my final demise. An electric toothbrush.

In fact, it was quite the opposite.

When Felicity reached for the brush, she momentarily freed my arms giving me the chance I needed. Knowing without a quick strike, I was destined to be some rich bitch’s trophy. In one swift motion I reached and pulled her top over her head, simultaneously blinding her and trapping her arms.

The beauty of mob mentality is they don’t care who’s being torn about as long as it’s not them. The crowd roared to life as I pushed Felicity on her stomach, sitting on her legs.

I began to finally dole out some punishment of my own, goosing her supple sides while squeezing her ribs one by one. The once statuesque redhead was reduced to fits before my very eyes. I was in control and I was damned if I was giving it back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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