Brother’s Mind-Controlled Sisters 2: Baby Sister’s Sweet Cherry

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Brother’s Mind-Controlled Sisters
A Story of the Institute of Apotheosis Research
Chapter Two: Baby Sister’s Sweet Cherry
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

Alex groaned a he pumped away at his twin sister’s pussy. Alexis whimpered beneath him, her thighs locked around his hips as her hot, wet pussy welcomed his cock with her incestuous passion. The eighteen-year-old boy savored the thrill of pumping away at her cunt, to finally get to enjoy his sister.

Thank you, Randy, he prayed to the newest god to be awakened by a Halo. Thank you for your teachings.

“Oh, Alex,” moaned Alexis, her fingernails clawing at his back. “Oh, you’re as good as Daddy!”

His hips thrust faster as he fucked her on the floor of his mother’s office. He reveled in his parents watching them obey their new god. The Institute of Apotheosis had found Randy Lyon and sent him their device to give him mind-control powers, to awaken in him his godhood potential.

And his first message to the world: sisters had to submit to their brother’s touch. They had to let their brothers use their mouths, their pussies, their asses. They had to let their brothers plunder their entire bodies.

And they had to enjoy it.

After the last three gods had taught other forms of incest, Alex finally had the lesson he craved. At last, he was uniting with his twin sister. They’d shared a womb together, and now they could share their passion in the most intimate way possible. He nibbled and sucked on her neck as his balls grew tighter and tighter.

Her pussy grew hotter and hotter. The silky sheath clenched around his dick as she bucked into his thrusts. Her breasts rubbed on his chest as she moaned and gasped. He caressed her sides, loving the silky feel of her body as he reveled in their incest.

“Alexis!” he groaned.

“Cum in me!” she moaned. “You have to cum in me and breed me! Brothers breed their sisters!”

“Yes!” he groaned, his hips thrusting harder, his balls aching to unload his cum into her pussy.

“Give me your seed, brother!”

Hearing her beg for his seed sent a rush of lust through her body. He grunted, the pressure swelling at the tip of his dick. He thrust as hard as he could, grunting and groaning. He needed to erupt in her. He had to dump his cum into her fertile pussy.

He rammed his dick to the hilt in her. His balls tensed. The friction of her silky embrace raced down his dick towards his heavy nuts. His incestuous cum brewed in his depths. He shuddered, his back arching.

“Alexis!” he moaned as his cum spurted into her depths.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she gasped, her pussy spasming at the first splash of his spunk against her cervix. “Breed me, brother!”

“Breed your sister,” their mother, the president of the Institute, moaned.

Alex just groaned as the pleasure rushed through him. Dizzy delight surged through his body. Cumming in his sister had the same satisfaction that dumping a load in his mother’s cunt had. He shuddered, each blast of cum spurting deep into her snatch. He sucked in deep breaths as he emptied every drop of his spunk into her convulsing twat.

Her flesh rippled about his dick. She trembled beneath him, making the cutest sounds as she came. He shuddered, leaning down to kiss her, sharing their twincest passion. She clutched him tight as she whimpered in delight.

“Ooh, Alex, that was amazing,” moaned his twin sister.


“What are you going to do about Dad?” my sister, Alison, asked as I climbed off of her, my still-hard dick sliding out of her pussy. My cum followed, spilling white out of her deflowered pussy to mat down her brown bush.

The sight of her made my dick throb. I wanted to enjoy her again and again. Alison was my favorite sister. Really, she was the only member of my family that I could stand. My oldest sister was a slut and a bitch who blamed everything she did on me, letting Dad perv on her curvy body to get her way. Livie, my eighteen-year-old, younger sister played the baby, crying at the drop of the hat to wheedle something out of Dad.

And Dad…

The asshole was an abusive alcoholic who was on disability because he hurt his “back.” Ever since Mom died, he didn’t do shit for the family. He just sat on his recliner, pounding beers, and watching TV. When he got mad, he took it out of on me, beating me while I was too much of a coward to fight back.

Even now, hearing him bellowing for me to start dinner because Livie was hungry, a sick twist writhed through my stomach. Only a half-hour ago, he had delivered a hard beating because my slut-sister Valarie blamed me for drinking his beer that she probably stole herself.

Dad still had the large frame working construction had given him. I felt like a kid before him even though I was twenty and had his height. Even drunk, with his beer gut stretching out the front of his stained t-shirt, he intimidated me.

But I didn’t have to be afraid any longer. I had the Halo. I had mind-control powers. I had just used them on my sister, Alison. She’d confessed that she wanted to have sex with me and felt so guilty about having such incestuous desires. She begged me to take away her shame and to make her my complete slut.

I did. And I had enjoyed her.

She pressed her body up against me. “Well, Randy? How are you going to make him pay?”

I clenched my fists. “I have a few ideas.”

“Good,” she said, her arms slipping around my neck. “I’m going to be right there with you.”

Her eyes swam before me. Despite the wild freak I’d unleashed moments ago, the same Alison I’d known all my life stared at me. I’d just removed a plug in her, the block holding her back from enjoying her fantasies. But her love… Her love shone through her wanton passions. Her affections bathed me and I swelled in them. Her warmth touched me, sustained me.

Her lips kissed mine, full of her confidence. Her arms tightened about my neck. It wasn’t that wild passion we just shared, but something gentler. Something more than what we shared before the Halo, the kiss lovers would share.

“I said get your ass down here!” bellowed Dad.

I broke the kiss, irritation swelling through me. “We can’t keep him waiting,” I said with a sneer. “Let’s go.”

My thoughts had the tiniest of tingles, a sensation of my mind-control powers working. I think the more my thoughts pricked, the more I was overwriting someone’s mind. Alison must want to do this, so it didn’t take much to convince her to follow me.

Just like it didn’t take that much to start ordering her to have sex with me. She loved me and wanted to be with me.

That bolstered my ego as I strode out of my room. Alison trailed after. We were both naked, and I didn’t give a fuck. I felt swollen with power. It was time to assert my dominance in the household. To put that piece of shit sperm donor in his place. He didn’t deserve to be a father. Not after how he treated us.

When Alison was pregnant—she’d begged me to command her to let me breed her—I’d be a far, far better dad to my child. Son or daughter, I’d treat them right. I’d let them feel loved, not like they were a useless waste of space.

“Shouldn’t we get dressed?” Alison asked, taking my hand in hers. She had such a slim, delicate grip. Holding her hand swelled my resolve. I needed to protect her, too.

“I want you naked right now,” I said, my thoughts prickling harder.

“Oh, yes, make me go naked,” she moaned, her voice sounding so throaty. She squeezed my hand. “With your cum dripping out of me. Proof that you’re trying to breed me. That you’re trying to breed your little sister. Brothers have to breed their sisters.”

“That turns you on, doesn’t it?”

“So much,” she groaned as we reached the stairs. “It makes me cum so hard. I would masturbate imagining you firing your cum into me and knocking me up.”

“You are a freak,” I said as we trooped down the stairs. “I love it.”

“I’m glad,” she said, squeezing my hand. “Keep ordering me to do all the perverted stuff I used to be so ashamed of. I want to share all my passions with you, Randy.”

“I will.”

“Thanks. Love you so much!”

Another wave of joyful euphoria washed through me.

We reached the first floor. It felt so weird being naked down here. I had done it once in the rare time that my Dad had left the house and my three sisters weren’t home. Part of me wanted to run upstairs, my instincts screaming at me, asking me what I was doing. A hot flush swelled up through my face, warming my cheeks.

But I had power. I could make people do what I want. I had no idea why this crazy company, the Institute of Apotheosis, sent me a device that could control people. It made no sense to me unless they really were trying to turn me into a god.


I felt incredible since Alison put the Halo on my head. I had taken a bad beating from Dad and my body wasn’t even sore any longer. My cock was still hard after pumping two loads of cum into my sister’s body. I should be soft right now, but I was rearing for more.

The halo gave me more than mind-control. I wonder what else I would develop?

“They were having sex, Dad,” Livie whined in her petulant voice from the living room. “It was disgusting. You have to go talk to them.”

“What?” the bleary words of our dad groaned. “Who was having sex? Your sister brought a boy over?”

“No, no, Randy and Alison,” Livie whined. You’d never know she was eighteen. She sounded four. She always tattled on everyone else, running to Dad with tears in her eyes. It kept him from abusing her, which meant Alison and I took the burnt of it.

And I did all I could to protect Alison from being hit.

“What?” he growled. “I thought you just wanted dinner.”

“No, Dad, they’re…” Her words trailed off as Alison and I entered the living room.

My younger sister had a petite body. Her features looked like a more girlish form of Alison’s narrow face. She had black hair instead of Alison’s light-brown, and kept it in a girlish braid that fell down her back. She wore pink clothing, frilly and dainty. She shuddered at the sight of us. Tears welled in her brown eyes as she gasped.

“Oh, Dad, look, they’re naked and…” She clapped her hands over her eyes. “They’re such perverts!”

Dad, sitting in his brown recliner, a can of his favorite brand of beer, Coors, clutched in his hand. These days, lifting the drink to his mouth was as much exercise as he got. He turned his head, his eyes red, his face flushed and oily. His shirt had ridden up, revealing his casino oyna fat, hairy belly.

Disgusting pig.

He blinked as he stared at Alison and me. My nineteen-year-old sister pressed her body against mine, her round breasts rubbing on my arm and back, her nipples hard. I felt her bush tickling my hip. Her body tensed, like she was bristling.

“What the fuck?” Dad groaned. “Why are you naked? Fucking little shit? And your sister, too?”

“She has his juices leaking out of her, Dad!” Livie whined, trembling. “It’s so gross. They were having sex! Sex!”

“Yes, we were!” Alison snapped. “Sisters have to let their brothers do naughty things to them!” She shuddered against me. “Especially if they love their brothers already!”

The recliner groaned as Dad rose, his gut swaying before him. He thew his empty beer can to the floor, joining a few other crumpled remnants. A rumbling burp escaped his lips as he advanced on me, his steps unsteady.

“Dad, stop!” I growled, focusing on him.

My thoughts prickled.

Dad stopped walking. He blinked, bleary confusion filling his eyes while his forehead furrowed. His body trembled like he fought against unseen bonds. He snorted like a bull, his face growing crimson as he strained against my orders.

“Things are going to change around here,” I snarled, my anger bubbling through me. My fists clenched, my body trembling. “First, you are never touching alcohol again. You’ll—” My thoughts burned. A thousand needles stabbed into my mind. My words cut off into a groan as my vision fuzzed black for a moment. I didn’t care. “It makes you sick. Beer, wine, spirits. It doesn’t matter. Any alcohol wants to make you throw up.”

The pain flared through my mind, but I talked through them, my words growing tighter. When I finished, I sucked in deep breaths, the discomfort retreating as my commands rewrote my dad’s mind.

“What nonsense are you talking ’bout,” he growled. He shook his head. “Randy, when I figure out how to walk again, I’m going to beat your ass red. Teach you to talk—”

“Shut up!” I snarled. My thoughts buzzed. “You talk when I give you permission!”

“W-what is going on?” Livie asked. She looked up at our dad. “Why aren’t you stopping him?” She gave our dad such a pleading looks, her eye swimming in tears. It made them look larger, making her look more vulnerable. Part of me wanted to give her a hug, to comfort the little girl and…

She wasn’t a little girl.

“Livie, if you want to act like a baby, then suck your thumb, shut up, and sit your ass down.” The prickles ran across my brain again.

Livie gasped, glaring at me even as her right thumb popped into her mouth and she sank down to sit on the floor, legs crossed. She sucked on her thumb, her pink lips pursed around it, her cheeks hollowing. My dick throbbed at the sight. Her eyes were so wide. She trembled, and I half-expected her to make whimpering sounds.

But I told her to be quiet.

Dad made muffled grunts. His jaw worked like he was trying to speak. He shook his head, his eyes wild with panic. His entire body swayed. He wanted to move, but couldn’t. I grinned at him, savoring his powerlessness. He’d never make me feel helpless again.

“You can talk, Dad.”

“What the fuck is going on?” he bellowed. “What are you doing to me?”

“Taking charge of this house!” My anger surged through me, exploding out with my words. “You’re not the man of the house any longer! I’m stepping up! You gave it up when you turned into an alcoholic asshole. You think you can just hit us and sit there on the recliner drinking your fucking beer? You think this is still your fucking house when Alison and I do all the chores? When my part-time job helps pay the bills and feed us?

“You think you get the right to hit me? Does it make you feel like you’re a real man? Huh? Because you can beat your fucking son?” My body trembled. I raised my fist, staring at his face as he stood there, unable to move. “Don’t even fucking defend yourself! Keep your arms at your side!”

“Yes,” Alison whispered as I advanced, pulling away from her.

Livie trembled, tears falling down her face. She sucked louder on her thumb. My dad stared at me, his eyes growing wide. His body trembled. He let out a growl, animalistic, almost more of a whimper being masked by bravado.

I raised my fist.

“P-please,” he suddenly whimpered, his arms flexing, trying to raise them, but he couldn’t.

“How does it feel to be helpless?” I boomed, my voice thundering through the room. “To just have to take it? Huh?”

I wanted to hit him so bad. I wanted to beat his face bloody. To kick him in the stomach while he whimpered on the ground. I stared at him, my body trembling. I sucked in a deep breath. I just needed to hit him. To beat him like he hurt me.

To inflict that same agony on him.

He blubbered more, sounding so pathetic. How was I ever afraid of this asshole? This whiny, pathetic sack of shit could only make himself feel like a man by beating on his children. Disgust swirled through me. And now I would be like him? I would make myself feel powerful by making him hurt.

I didn’t want to be anything like this sack of shit before me. I lowered my fist, wanting to throw up. I shook my head. I wouldn’t be anything like him. I would be a better father. A better man. A better everything.

“Sit your lard ass down!” I growled. “Shut up and just watch. I’m the man of the house, and I’m going to enjoy all the perks!”

He let out a blubbery whimper and darted for his recliner. It groaned as he slammed himself down into it, not caring at all about his “back.” I knew his injury was such BS. He stared up at me as I motioned for Alison to my side.

My sister approached me, my cum staining her thighs, her round breasts bouncing before her. She reached me, touching my shoulder. Her brown eyes were so soft, so understanding. I felt her love for me as her hand caressed down my arm.

“Dad, when I ask you questions, you will answer, otherwise you don’t need to talk,” I growled, feeling hardly a tingle through my thoughts.

I’d cowed him.


“Y-yes,” he said, voice strained.

“Alison, bend over his chair and brace your hands on the armrest. Let him see those round tits of yours,” I growled.

“Ooh, yes, make me do such naughty things, Randy,” she moaned, her voice liquid passion.

I couldn’t help smiling. It was so hot hearing the wanton way she got off on being mind-controlled. I had to think of naughty, dirty things to make her do so she could have such a hard orgasm. I wanted to make her happy, so I would cause her to scream out in rapture.

She obeyed me, bending over, wiggling her ass at me. I could just see the sides of her boobs swaying back and forth before Dad. His eyes stared at her. My dick grew hard again. Livie still sucked her thumb on the floor, watching with tear-filled eyes.

“Don’t look away, Livie,” I told her. “I’ll be dealing with you, soon.” Then I turned my attention to my favorite sister. I rubbed my dick against her sloppy pussy, smearing around my own cum mixed with her cream leaking out of her pussy. “Dad, you want to fuck your daughters, don’t you?”

“Yes,” he groaned, his voice so strained. “Especially Valarie. She looks so much like your mother.”

“And she’s been such a cocktease, right?” I asked. “But you also want Alison and Livie, huh?”

“Yes.” He looked away from me, staring at his crotch. Was that shame? “I know I shouldn’t. But… They’re all such beautiful girls and…”

“Are you looking at my tits, Dad?” Alison asked.

Dad didn’t answer her.

“Are you?” I demanded. “You have to listen to Alison, too. You have to obey her!” My thoughts prickled.

“I am,” he groaned. “They’re so round and perky. Just like your mother’s were. I…”

“You can’t ever touch her!” I snarled. “You can look. You can drool over them. But an abusive asshole, a drunk, doesn’t deserve to touch his daughters. I’m taking your place. I’m doing to my sisters what you always wanted! And they’ll love it.”

“I do,” moaned Alison. “I love it when Randy makes me do such nasty things. I love him, Dad. He’s rubbing his dick against me. He’s going to make me fuck him with my pussy. He’s going to breed me. He made me want to be bred by him! He took away all my guilt so I could love like I always wanted to. I want him to fuck me! To use my body whenever he wants.

“He makes me so wet, Dad! Not you!”

Her words made my dick ache and throb so badly. I couldn’t stop myself from thrusting into her pussy. I slammed into her cunt. I groaned as I sank into her pussy. Her snatch squeezed down on my dick as I buried into her sloppy depths. She was so wet, mixed with our juices.

I reveled in the incestuous delight of being in my little sister. I groaned, the pleasure rippling down my shaft. My body shuddered. My balls smacked into her clit. She whimpered, slamming her rump back into my thrust, her butt-cheeks jiggling.

“From now on, Dad,” I groaned, pounding my sister, revealing in my power and her cunt’s silky embrace, “you’re never going to cum. You’ll still get hardons from your daughter’s. But you won’t even be able to stroke out an orgasm thinking about them. You’ll watch me fuck them and ache and know you’ll never get the pleasure I’m experiencing. Besides, you’ll be too busy doing all the chores to jerkoff. You’ll clean the whole fucking house, you’ll cook the meals, and you’ll do an amazing job! Understand?”

My thoughts burned. Darkness fuzzed across my vision, then banished away by the pleasure of my sister’s pussy.

“Yes,” he groaned, his eyes suddenly no longer staring with drooling lust at my sister’s tits. He looked disinterested, glancing away.

I grinned, and fucked my sister harder. I drove my cock into the depths of my sister’s cunt, my crotch smacking into her bubbly rump over and over. I stared down the sleek sweep of her back to the swell of her ass, loving the sight of her beauty. Her brown hair danced across her back as she moaned and gasped.

She drove her hips back harder and harder, her pussy growing so hot about my dick. She whimpered, her head tossing from side-to-side as she swiveled her hips. She rotated them, swirling her cunt around my thrusting dick, increasing the friction.

“Yes, yes, yes, fuck me in front of Dad!” moaned Alison. “It’s so hot for you to force me to do this! And Livie’s watching! She’s staring at your dick penetrating my cunt! She’s watching you fuck me! Oh, yes!”

“You love it, don’t you?” I growled.

“It’s so embarrassing!” she groaned. “I feel canlı casino like a slut!”

“You’re my slut!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” she and then she came. Her pussy already spasming about my dick. She moaned, her back arching. Her butt-cheeks clenched as her cunt writhed about my dick.

The silky delight felt incredible. She sucked at my balls, her pussy eager to be flooded by my incestuous spunk. Her juices squirted out of her, bathing my pubic hair, soaking my nuts in her passionate warmth. I groaned, loving the feel.

But that ass… That ass beckoned.

I ripped my cunt out of her pussy and slid it up her taint. I nudged between her butt-cheeks and found her puckered asshole. I groaned at the wrinkled feel of it against my wet dick. My cock ached to penetrate her, to take her final virginity.

“Yes, yes, make me let you fuck my ass,” moaned Alison. “The way your favorite slut-sister should.”

“You crave my dick fucking your asshole as much as your cunt,” I snarled. “Don’t you?”

“I do!” she moaned. I didn’t even feel a tingle across my thoughts. “I want your dick in my asshole so badly! I would finger my butt while rubbing my virgin cunt imagining it was your dick.”

Livie sucked so loudly on her thumb. I could feel her quivering behind me, getting the perfect view of my dick about to thrust into our sister’s asshole. It made my balls tense. My cum already wanted to fire out of my cock.

But not yet.

I thrust into her asshole. Dad’s recliner rocked as the force of my thrust pressed Alison hard forward. She braced herself on the chair, taking my dick deep into her asshole. Lubed by her juices, I sank into her velvety depths and experienced a new delight of my favorite sister’s body.

“Goddamn, I love you, Alison,” I moaned as her bowels clenched around my dick. “You are fucking awesome!”

“And you’re amazing, Randy!” she whimpered. “You’re so deep in my asshole. Fuck me so hard. Pound my asshole! Show me how much you love my body! Because I love your dick. I love you so much! I’ll be your slut-sister. Your lover. Your wife. I’ll be whatever you want to make me be!”

Wife? She could be…

My hands slide up her side as I draw back my cock through her tight depths. I groaned, the friction incredible on my dick. It made me shiver. I sucked in deep breaths, the rapture racing down to my nuts. My hands reached her tits, squeezing her round mounds.

She moaned, my balls smacking her taint. The meaty sounds echoed through the room, mixing with Livie’s thumb-sucking. I shuddered, kneading my sister’s breasts. I brushed her hard nipples as I plundered her sweet bowels.

So tight. So hot. So different from her pussy. Not better. Almost equal. But I couldn’t breed her asshole. Her pussy edged it out just a smidge. But her velvety depths still felt incredible. Everything about my sister was amazing. I pulled on her nipples, making her squeal and moan.

“Fuck my ass!” she howled, voice so throaty. “Fuck my asshole so hard! Oh, yes, every sister needs to be sodomized by her brother! Needs to feel this amazing cock reaming into her asshole.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned, thrusting forward as hard as I could. “That’s why you love it. That’s why you’re going to explode on my dick. Right, slut?”

“Yes!” she whimpered. Her bowels clenched down so hard on my dick. “Oh, yes, yes, yes, fuck me! Ream that dick in and out of my asshole, Randy! Show Livie what she can expect. How she’ll have to be your slut, too.”

Livie’s sucking stopped for a moment.

My dick ached and throbbed in my sister’s asshole. I shuddered, Alison’s filthy words surging through me. I pinched her nipples hard as I fucked her with all my might. My balls smacked over and over into her taint, the velvety grip of her anal sheath wrapped so tight about my dick.

The pressure swelled in my balls. I wanted to dump my cum into my sister’s asshole. My thrusts grew so hard, so fast. I pounded her tight bowels. I groaned, my entire body tensing, preparing to flood her asshole with my spunk.

“I’m going to cum,” I groaned.

“Do it!” she howled. “Make me take your cum in all my holes.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I grunted. “Take it! You love my cum spurting into your holes. Or on your body.”

“I love your jizz so much, Randy!”

I buried into my sister’s asshole. My dick unloaded.

Rapture pumped through my body. Blast after blast of jizz fired into her ass. I pumped her full of my spunk. I groaned, swaying as I unloaded so much into her. I filled her to the brim with my spunk, reveling in the bliss.

She whimpered and groaned, her bowels suddenly writhing about my dick. My sister came again. She was such a hot-assed slut. I loved her so much. I groaned, savoring my third orgasm as she milked my dick, wringing out every drop.

“You’re filling my ass with your cum!” she moaned. “Oh, Dad, this is what he gets! He deserves this! He’ll fuck us all!”

“Yes,” I groaned, the last blast of cum firing into my sister’s bowels.

Euphoria buzzed through me as I savored her asshole spasming about my dick. She shuddered and whimpered. I played with her nipples until her orgasm died down in her. I sucked in deep breaths, feeling so strong, so powerful.

Livie sucked her thumb behind me.

“Mmm, now your cock is all dirty,” Alison purred, wiggling her hips. “Your sister should suck you clean.”

My dick throbbed at the thought of Alison doing ass to mouth. She would be that dirty of a slut to crave it while so virginal still she needed me to order her to do it. I drew my dick out of her asshole. Her sphincter gaped open for a moment, her depths swimming with my pearly jizz.

Then she spun around and pressed against me. “Make Livie suck your dick clean,” Alison moaned. “Make the little brat enjoy that dirty, filthy cock. Have her suck my ass off your dick. Look at her sucking her thumb. She’s going to be a cock-sucking champ.”

“Jesus, you are one filthy slut,” I groaned, my perverted passions throbbing through me.

Something flickered across Alison’s face. “Y-you like me like this, right?”

“Yes! I love it!”

She beamed at me. “Then do it! Order Livie to suck your dick clean of my asshole!”

Livie shook her head, her tremulous eyes welling with more tears. I knew she could cry on command. I wasn’t going to be manipulated by those tears. She sucked so hard on her thumb, her lips wrapped tight about it.

“Livie, sisters love sucking their brothers’ dicks,” I commanded, my thoughts burning with jabbing prickles, “especially when their brother’s dick just fucked another girl’s pussy or asshole. You crave that taste. That flavor. All sisters do.”

“We do,” Alison moaned with such wanton delight. “Now suck our brother’s cock clean. You know you want to.”

“It makes you wet!” I growled. “Makes your mouth water. It’s better than sucking on your thumb. Your thumb is just a substitute. This is what you truly crave.”

Livie pulled her thumb out of her mouth. Her eyes were so wide. She blinked, tears clinging to her eye lashes like diamonds. Then she crawled towards me, looking so childish, far younger than her eighteen years. She reached me, her little nose twitching as she inhaled the sour musk of our sister’s asshole.

Then she let out a whining moan, opened her mouth wide, and inhaled my cock past her pink lips. I groaned as my baby sister nursed on my dirty cock. She sucked it clean of Alison’s asshole, staring up at me, her cheeks growing redder and redder.

“And what are you going to make me do?” Alison asked. “Are you going to make me lick her pussy while she sucks your cock clean. Huh, brother? Are you?”

“Yes,” I groaned. “Sisters love to lick each other’s pussies.”

“Because it makes their brothers happy?”

“Yes! So do it!”

Alison moaned and then darted from me, racing around our baby sister nursing on my dick. I shuddered, grabbing Livie’s black braid, holding it in my hand as her cheeks hollowed. Her sucks made my balls shudder. Her blushing cheeks hollowed as she stared up at me.

“You love it, Livie,” I growled. “You love sucking on my dick the most when it’s just been in Alison’s ass or pussy.”

She whimpered on my dick and made such sloppy sucking sounds.

Then Alison hauled off Livie’s pink shorts and exposed white panties covered in yellow, fuzzy chicks. The baby birds looked like they were dancing on her cute, tight tush. Then Alison pulled those panties down our little sister’s ass and revealed her pale rump.

With a hungry moan, Alison leaned down and pressed her face into Livie’s pussy. Our baby sister moaned about my cock as she experienced her sister taking a first lick at her pussy. Alison, staring up at me over Livie’s body, let out a wanton moan as she savored the flavor of our sister.

“Ooh, Randy, she’s got such a tart flavor. I’m so glad you made me eat her pussy. You know what makes me happy.”

I smiled at Alison. She was so naughty. She pressed her face into our sister’s cunt, and licked away. I shuddered, Livie sucking harder. The pleasure that rippled out of her pussy, stirred by Alison’s licking tongue, made my baby sister love my dick more. She fluttered her little tongue against my shaft while sucking and slurping with all her might.

Drool ran out of the corners of her lips as she worked her mouth up and down my shaft. Her eyes grew glassier and glassier while Alison feasted, devouring our little sister’s cunt with such enthusiasm. It made my dick throb hearing it, combining with the wet suction of Livie’s mouth.

“Oh, Randy, her pussy taste so good,” Alison moaned, her hands squeezing and kneading Livie’s asshole. “Ooh, yes, she’s got such a yummy cunt!”

“Just don’t stop. This is the hottest thing in the world.” I glanced at Dad. He stared at his daughters, lust in his eyes, his hands clenched. He wanted to jerk off and couldn’t. “Make Livie cum sucking my dick.”

“Yes!” Alison moaned. “Make me do such naughty things to her. Like lick her asshole, too. That would be so filthy!”

My laughter turned into a groan. “Don’t forget to love her asshole, Alison. Sisters love to lick each other’s pussy and assholes.”

My thoughts tingled. Livie whimpered, receiving the orders, too. Then she whimpered as Alison took a long lick, her tongue diving between our baby sister’s butt-cheeks. Alison swirled and rimmed Livie’s sphincter before returning to feast on her pussy.

My balls ached and throbbed as Alison feasted. She kept looking up at me as she lapped from pussy to asshole and back down to juicy pussy again. I shuddered, my dick throbbing in Livie’s sucking mouth. I gripped kaçak casino her braid tighter, loving the depravity swirling through the living room.

The sounds of wet sucking and juicy licking made my dick boil. I groaned, sucking in deep breaths as both my sisters stared up at me with glassy lust in their eyes. Alison’s hands kneaded and massaged Livie’s butt-cheeks as she feasted, devouring our baby sister with such naughty passion.

“Yes, that’s it,” I groaned. “I’m going to cum in your mouth, Livie.”

“Sisters always swallow,” Alison groaned. “Make her always swallow, Randy!”

“You love my cum, Livie. You gulp it down and swallow every drop. Understand?”

She moaned as my thoughts tingled. My little sister sucked harder. She bobbed her mouth, her hands rubbing my thighs as she pleased me. She wiggled her hips, grinding her hot cunt and puckered sphincter on Alison’s hungry mouth.

Then Livie squealed about my dick. Her small body trembled. My eighteen-year-old sister came on Alison’s mouth. Livie’s passionate moans hummed around my dick. She sucked so hard as she squeezed her eyes shut.

“Ooh, her virgin twat is cumming!” Alison moaned. “She’s got a cherry, Randy. You have to make her fuck you! Sisters have to let their brothers fuck them and breed them.”

“Yes!” I growled, staring down at Livie. “You have to let me use your body. It makes you wet when I touch you. When I fuck you. And you want me to breed you. You want my cum splashing into your fertile depths.”

Livie shuddered more. She squealed louder as my thoughts burned and prickled. My commands sank into her, making the babyish girl whimper in utter rapture. She sucked with all her might on my dick as her orgasm surged through her.

I groaned, threw back my head, and unloaded into her suckling mouth. My cum pumped into the brat’s mouth. Spurt after spurt flooded into her. She shuddered, trembling. She gulped down my spunk, swallowing every blast as it poured out of me.

I loved it. I shuddered, sucking in such deep breaths as I enjoyed the delight of cumming in my second sister’s mouth. The pleasure surged through me as she swallowed. Her face scrunched up. She moaned out with such joy.

She loved every drop of cum that fired out of my dick.

She savored it.

I reveled in the delight. I sucked in such deep breaths as I pumped my jizz over and over into her hungry mouth. I flooded her with every drop of incestuous spunk I could. And she loved it. I saw the delight in her dark eyes.

“That’s it, baby sister,” Alison moaned. “That’s how you please our brother. You love his dick. You have to let him do whatever he wants to you. It makes you so wet.”

“And you have to obey Alison,” I growled. “After me, she’s in charge. She’s the queen of the house.”

“Randy!” Alison squealed in delight, her lips smeared with our baby sister’s pussy. “Yes, yes, yes, I love you so much! Now make her fuck you! Make her roll onto her back, spread her thighs, and beg for you to take her cherry.”

“You heard your sister,” I growled at Livie. “And take off your top and bra! I want to see your tits.”

Livie pulled her mouth off my dick. She panted, her eyes still glazed. Without saying a word, she peeled off her pink top, revealing her small tits, barely more than budding mounds, her nipples pink and puffy. Then she fell onto her back and spread her thighs wide. She whimpered, sucking on her thumb while her left hand rubbed at her pussy in open invitation.

“Yes, yes, yes,” moaned Alison. “Ooh, yes, you have to pop her cherry, Randy! And what will I do? You should make me sit on her face! She should have to lick my pussy clean! Don’t you think?”

“You just want to have your pussy licked again,” I said with a grin.

“I do!” she whimpered. “Make me do it! Make me ride our baby sister’s face!”

“Do it!” I growled. “Livie, remember what I said. Sisters love licking each other’s pussies especially when I’m watching.”

Livie pulled her thumb from her mouth and nodded her head. She licked her lips as Alison straddled her and brought her messy cunt, growing filthier as my cum leaked out of her asshole and ran down to her bush, to Livie’s mouth.

Alison shuddered as our baby sister took her first lick of pussy, savoring that tangy delight that I had loved so much earlier. I groaned, bringing my dick to Livie’s pussy covered by a sparse bush of black hair. Her juices soaked it from her orgasm, her vulva puffy and aroused, her pussy such a tight slit just begging to be penetrated.

I grinned. Dad lusted after his daughters, but I got to fuck them. Got to take their cherries.

I pressed my dick against my baby sister’s pussy, feeling her hymen protecting her innocent depths. I couldn’t fight off my lust. I had to be in her incestuous cunt. I had to feel her forbidden flesh wrapped about my dick.

With a groan, I thrust.

Her hymen tore.

She squealed in pain and pleasure, voice muffled by Alison’s snatch.

Livie’s small breasts jiggled as I buried to the hilt into her cunt. Her tight flesh spread around my cock. I groaned, the rapture shooting through my body as her virgin snatch massaged my dick. The silky friction felt incredible. She squirmed and whimpered into Alison’s cunt, stirring her twat about my shaft.

“Fuck her, Randy!” Alison moaned. “You have to breed her! You have to use her! She’s your sister!”

Her hands grabbed my shoulders. She leaned over and kissed me on the mouth. I shuddered as I drew back my cock, tasting Livie’s tart pussy. The very pussy I had invaded with my dick. I groaned, loving the silky sensation of pumping my dick in and out of my sister’s eighteen-year-old depths.

My tongue swabbed through Alison’s mouth, brushing hers. She trembled, her fingers clenching, as we used our baby sister. My hips thrust and she ground her cunt on Livie’s mouth. I groaned, balls, heavy with a new load of incestuous spunk, smacking into Livie’s taint.

The pleasure swelled through me. Two virgin pussies in one day. Both my sisters’. This was incredible. I didn’t know why that weird company sent me the Halo, but I was so damned thankful to get to experience this bliss.

Livie squealed and moaned as she ate Alison’s pussy.

My favorite sister kissed me so hard.

I grunted with every thrust, my balls smacking into Livie so hard. Every thrust built my orgasm.

I couldn’t wait to unload in her.

I pounded Livie faster and faster. Her pussy sucked at my dick. Her once-virgin flesh felt incredible. My hands squeezed Alison’s hips, clutching her as I fucked our baby sister with all my passion. Waves of pleasure surged through me.

Then Alison threw back her head. “Livie, you little slut, yes! That’s my clit. Lick right there and make me explode!”

“Do it!” I snarled. “Make our sister explode. You worship Alison with as much fervent passion as me!”

Alison’s eyes widened. She squealed, trembling on our baby sister’s face. Her head arched, her round breasts jiggling before her. She squirmed and ground on Livie’s mouth, smearing her hot cunt across our baby sister’s mouth.

“Drink my cream, baby-slut!” howled Alison. “Just gulp it all down! You love it!”

“You do!” I growled. “You love the flavor of pussy. Especially your sisters’ pussies!”

Livie’s pussy clenched down hard on my dick as she drank Alison’s cream. She whimpered and shuddered. Her small, budding breasts jiggled. Then she squeezed her thighs tight about my hips. Her pussy spasmed about my dick.

My bratty, baby sister came on my cock.

I groaned, plowing into her orgasming cunt. Her young, once-pure flesh writhed and rippled about my dick. It felt incredible. She made the cutest gasps, moaning into Alison’s flesh as I plunged over and over into her.

“Is she cumming on your dick?” gasped Alison? “Is she, Randy?”

“So hard. Our baby sister loves my dick!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Alison howled, throwing back her head. I swear another orgasm spilled through her.

Hearing both my sister’s cum and plowing into Livie’s tight, spasming cunt, sent me over the edge. I rammed into the depths of her fertile pussy. My cum fired into her. I shuddered, aching to breed another of my sister’s.

“Take my cum!” I growled. “I’m going to breed you! Your both going to carry my child!”

“Yes!” squealed Alison.

She heaved so hard, she slipped onto her back, spilling off Livie’s face. My baby sister stared at me, her eyes glassy and wild. She sucked on her right thumb, her cheeks and chin glistening with Alison’s cream.

I groaned, pumping my cum so deep into her eighteen-year-old cunt. I shuddered, the rapture surging through me. My hands grabbed her small, budding breasts, squeezing her little mounds as her pussy milked out ever drop of my seed.

“I’m going to plant a baby in your belly,” I moaned.

She shuddered, sucking so nosily on her thumb as her pussy rippled harder about my dick. She trembled and squealed about it. I grinned at her, savoring her cunt massaging out the last of my spunk. My orgasm peaked in me.

Then died into euphoric bliss just in time for my last sister to walk into the door.

Busty, curvy Valarie, her bleached-blonde hair framing her tarted-up face, took two steps and froze. Her eyes widened, her big tits jiggling in her low-cut top. She stared at the incestuous threesome before her. Her keys fell out of her hands.

I grinned at her. It was time to teach my bitch-sister where she belonged.


Deidre Icke, the Institute’s president, squirmed on her ex-husband’s lap, her rump burning from being spanked. She deserved her discipline. If she hadn’t cheated on Robert, their marriage never would have disintegrated. Cheating wives needed to be punished.

They both watched Alex pumping his cock, greased with Alexis’s pussy cream, in and out of his twin sister’s asshole. He grunted and she groaned, the twins savoring their incestuous passion. It made Deidre feel so warm. She felt so close to them.

Her ex-husband’s arms tightened around her. “Aren’t they beautiful?” she asked. “Together at last.”

“Yeah,” Robert said, his hands rubbing her thighs.

“It’s like we’re a family again,” Deidre sighed. Then she glanced at the screen. “Ooh, the eldest sister is home. Our reports indicate she’s quite the slut and manipulates the father with her body, using our new god as a scapegoat.”

“I think someone’s getting punished,” her ex-husband said. To Deidre, he sounded excited.

And so was she. Naughty women needed to be disciplined. She watched the screen as Randy rose, his dick sliding out of his baby sister’s newly deflowered cunt. The grin on his face made Deidre shiver in anticipation.

To be continued…

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