Bringing Up Twins

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Leni and Lana were 12 now. The still liked being twins. They dressed the same, wore their hair the same, had the same mannerisms that made it hard to tell them apart for people that didn’t know them well. They even played the “old standard twin” jokes on people; substituting for each other in different situations. Even the bedroom that they shared was representative of one personality instead of two. It’s in this room where the story begins…

I was on my way upstairs to put away the twin’s laundry when I heard moaning over the music. I thought someone was sick and my pace quickened. When I got to the door I heard “Oh God Leni, it’s incredible don’t stop!” I stopped and listened for awhile and I heard Leni ask Lana if she could really feel that and Lana moaned louder. I eased the door open and peeked in bewildered by what I saw. Lana was blindfolded and naked on the bed, actually tied to the bed. Both arms were tied to the headboard and her legs were bent at the knees, spread wide apart and ankles tied to the slat rails under the bed. She was moaning and writhing on the bed. I couldn’t see Leni anywhere but I could hear her, moaning and laughing at her sister. I stepped farther into the room, laying the laundry down on the floor. That’s when I saw Leni. She was on the floor on the other side of the bed. I carefully eased around to see that she was naked and her hands were exploring her body. She called to Lana, “Tell me if you can feel this” as she reached down and pinched her throbbing little clit. At the exact moment, Lana bucked on the bed and cried out in pleasure “Oh GOD yessss!!”

I had heard about the special bonds between twins. I’d read stories of twins being seperated by miles and one feeling labor contractions of the other. I thought my girls would have this amazing bond since they rarely left each others sides, but to be able to make one orgasm off the other.. it seemed incredible. I stood their watching these two identical naked bodies squirming around. Being their casino oyna father, I’d never really paid a lot of attention to their bodies until just now and I could feel a raging hardon growing beneath my shorts. I decided to see just how strong this particular sexual bond was between my daughters.

I knew Lana couldn’t see me because she was blindfolded, so I walked softly around the bed with my finger to my lips as I came into view of Leni, spread on the floor, her small, bald, wet pussy displayed in plain sight. She saw me and I motioned for her to be quiet. Lana must have sensed something because she asked why Leni had stopped so suddenly. I motioned for her to tell her sister it was ok, and she did without hesitation.

I got down on my knees and held my hands out to my daughter. Hesitantly she came over to me and I hugged her tightly pressing her firm but soft breasts to my chest, her hardened nipples burning against my bare skin. I let my hands carress her back as I whispered in her ear and asked if she wanted to play a trick on her sister. She giggled back with an oh yes Daddy. I licked her ear gently and felt her shiver in my arms and heard her sister moan lightly on the bed above us. I asked Leni if she and Lana were still virgins and she said most definately yes that they only did this with each other. I whispered to her “That’s my good little girls” as I licked her ear and down her neck, up under her chin then kissed her soft mouth. Both girls moaned and then I got another idea.

Since we couldn’t see Lana up on the bed I went into my room and got my video camera and ran the feed into the girls TV. Now anything that I did to Leni, we could both see the reaction it had on Lana. Leni was giggling hard I motioned for her to be quiet and I reached up and turned the music down so I could hear Lana better. I motioned for Leni to lay back and I began to massage her feet and up her long muscular legs. The skin was so soft and supple.

Slowly I rubbed farther up her legs, canlı casino over her knees and she let her legs fall open slightly. I could see her little virgin pussy lips glistening up at me. I lay between her legs and started kissing her inner thighs, my hands pushing her legs farther apart. Hearing both girls moaning only made me want more. I moved farther up and lay my face right next to her sweet little pussy knowing she could feel my hard breathing blowing across it. I lay my hand on it, palm down and it covered her entire mound. I knew my hand was big, but when I saw it cover her entire mound I suddenly felt like a giant against this hot little girl. The heat coming from her nearly made me forget I was her father, I wanted her so badly. I pressed down on her pussy and watched the TV screen and saw Lana press her hot little pussy against an invisible force. I couldn’t believe she was actually feeling this. Leni and Lana both moaned in unison as I began a palm massage of their bald little pussies, pressing more firmly and moving up and down.

I found a pillow under the bed and put it under Leni’s ass to lift her up so I could get to her easier. I blew a soft breathe over her lips as my finger trailed all around the outer edges. Leni reached up to touch her breasts and I motioned for her not too. I didn’t want Lana to be suspicious as to how she could touch so many parts of her body at one time. I spread Leni’s lips apart to see her little virgin hole and I flicked my tongue across it. Lana jumped on the bed like she had been shocked. I did it again and watched as she jumped. I leaned in and flattened my tongue and licked from Leni’s tight opening up over her clit. Both girls moaned and shivered. I did it again and again, slowly at first then faster and harder.

Lana was screaming “Don’t stop, WHATEVER you’re doing, DON’T STOP!” I began to lick furiously, raising Leni up to even get her tight lil bud of asshole in the action. Lana was raising her ass up off the bed every time kaçak casino I did this. My mind was going crazy. I’m licking my daughter’s pussy into orgasm and watching the other one cum too. I couldn’t stop, wasn’t about to stop. I licked harder and faster, slowing only to concentrate on the lil throbbing nub of clit that was poking up, sucking it between my lips. Both girls screamed simultainiously that they were cumming. I didn’t let up on that burning clit, teasing and torturing it with my mouth. I felt Leni shaking and I watched the telly as Lana exploded and squirted her juices out of her pussy at the exact time that Leni squirted into my mouth.

I was in shock, totaly disbelief that Lana came because I was sucking on Leni’s pussy. So wild. I whispered to Leni if she wanted me to stop and she practically begged me not too. So I started licking again only this time I let my tongue slip into her tight hole. Her hips bucked up to my face as Lana was bucking up on the bed. I started tongue fucking my daughter and watching my other daughter being raised to another orgasm. I raised my hand again and began diddling her clit, I wanted another mouthful of tasty cum. It didn’t take much with my tongue snaking in and out of her tight hole until both girls screamed again and my face was flooded with cum. I watched the screen and saw Lana squirt again, juices going every where.

Instead of swallowing all of Leni’s juices I slowly spit them back onto her and soaked her little asshole, then let my finger rub all around it. I could hear Lana up on the bed moaning at how good it felt, then just as I carefully inserted my huge finger into Leni’s ass, Lana screamed “OH MY GOD LENI, FUCK THAT ASS”. I shoved my finger completely into Leni’s ass while watching Lana squirm on the bed. I heard a whimper and looked down at Leni and saw a single tear roll down her face. I started to pull my finger out and she reached down and shoved my hand back into her ass and smiled at me. I began to finger fuck my daughter slowly at first then with more speed and pressure. Both girls were grinding away. One on my finger, the other on an imaginary finger in her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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