Brian and Kara – Pool Party

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The two girls went to the bathroom in the hall and got into the shower. They spent a considerable amount of time arousing each other; but they did manage to get each other clean in the meantime. Although they had aroused each other, they did not stay in the shower long enough for either of them to get any real satisfaction. Kara knew that that problem would be solved later in the day. Kara and Jill dressed and went to the kitchen to decide what to prepare for breakfast. The smell of the food cooking had apparently wafted into the bedroom because it was not long before the guys came to the kitchen. They both had healthy appetites that morning and ate heartily.

The temperature was quite high that morning so they decided to go out by the pool before ten o’clock. The girls were not anxious to go into the water that morning; they were content to relax and soak up the sun’s rays. Brian and Bob were more than willing to help the girls apply sun block to their bodies. Kara and Jill did their best to keep their brothers hard; but they weren’t willing to do anything to help them solve their problem. It was shortly after noon when the doorbell rang. Kara rushed inside to answer the door. The other three were sure that Kara had something planned for that afternoon; but they were totally in the dark about her plans. She hadn’t even confided in Jill what her plans were for the day.

When Kara returned to the pool area, she was accompanied by four other people. Kara hollered at the others, “Hey, do you guys recognize all of these people or do I have to introduce them.” The other three remembered them all. Two of them had graduated from high school with Brian and Bob. The other two had been classmates of Jill and Kara. The newcomers began to remove their shorts and T-shirts, revealing that they had worn their swimwear underneath. The two guys, John Carpenter and Barry Jones, were guys that neither Kara nor Jill had paid much attention to when they were in high school.

One of the girls, Marcia Jackson, the boys had paid minimal attention to while they had been in school together. Marcia was a thin girl with small breasts. She had graduated with Jill and Kara and even when Brian and Bob had been in school with her, she had been known to love sex on a regular basis. The fourth member of the group, Jackie Freeman, was a girl that all of them remembered. Jackie had been in the same class with Brian and Bob and, like them, had just finished her first year of college. Jackie had a flat belly and a nice tight ass; but the thing that everyone noticed first about her was her chest. This good-looking girl sported a pair of 40DD tits. It had been rumored in high school that it didn’t take much for guys to get a chance to play with them or to convince her to have sex with them.

Marcia and Jackie were both wearing very skimpy bikinis. The material in Jackie’s bikini was so sparse that part of one nipple was escaping from one cup of her top. Kara told them, “No more than those tops are covering; I don’t know why you bothered to wear them.”

Jackie placed her hands under her mammoth tits and squeezed them before saying, “I’m not wearing this top to cover anything; the whole purpose of the top is to hold these puppies up.”

Jill smiled, “That explains casino oyna your top; but what is Marcia’s excuse. Her top isn’t covering anything either.”

Marcia didn’t answer immediately; she simply unhooked her top and tossed it aside. She stood there bare-chested for a couple of minutes and remarked, “I don’t think that I should be the only one standing around here with their tits hanging out.”

Kara replied, “My top will be off soon enough, Marcia. I don’t want to get you turned on too early.”

Marcia glared at Kara, as she replied, “Hey, I might like to eat some pussy once in a while; but I don’t think that I’ll be paying much attention to anyone’s tits today. I have already noticed that most of the cocks around here are already hard.” While Marcia was talking, Jill had been untying her top and tossed it aside. Jackie and Kara moved to the chaise lounges and sat down. As soon as they were comfortable on their backs, they removed their tops. Although John had been dating Jackie off and on for some time, he did not pay any less attention to Jackie’s large orbs than any of the other guys. The size of Jackie’s tits caused her to be the object of most of the ogling; but the other girls’ tits were also the object the guys’ attention. Shortly after those four sets of fine tits were bared, the guys got into the water to conceal the size of their erections.

The four bare-chested women sat and talked for some time until Kara called for Bob to come out of the water. As Bob approached the lounges where the girls were sitting, the four young ladies were amused at the bulge caused by his hard cock. When Bob reached the girls, Kara grinned, “Bob, I think that Jackie’s tits are too nice to get burnt by the sun; do you think that you could apply some sun block to them?”

A broad grin crossed Bob’s face, as he poured some sun block into his hand. Initially, he was attempting to apply sun block; but within minutes, his sole intention was playing with her boobs. Whatever sun block had been applied was probably licked off when Bob began to suck on her over-sized mammary glands. Bob had been of the belief that Kara and Jill’s tits were the finest that he had ever played with and, until then, Kara’s had been the largest that he had ever enjoyed. Although, he still believed that Kara and Jill possessed the finest two sets around, Jackie’s were probably the largest that he would ever have the opportunity to suck on.

Bob was enjoying the taste of Jackie’s boobs; but he was becoming concerned that he was going to cum in his pants fairly soon. Kara was aware of the effect that those large tits were having upon Bob. She asked, “Bob, are you ready to fuck her yet.”

Bob moaned, “Oh god yes.”

Jackie slipped her bikini bottoms off and asked, “Should we go somewhere or should we just do it on the grass.”

Bob struggled to get his swim trunks over his hard cock and as he tossed them aside, he chuckled, “Hell, I’m not bashful; let’s go over on the grass.” He led Jackie over to the grass and they locked in an embrace. When Bob’s fingers slid into Jackie’s pussy, he could feel how wet she was already.

Jackie moaned, “Bob, I don’t need a lot of foreplay today; I was ready to feel your hard cock when we got up from the chaise lounge.” canlı casino Bob felt something hit him in the back and looked down to see that Kara had thrown a couple of condoms at them. He rolled one over his cock and began to slide his thick tool into Jackie.

As Bob was busy fucking Jackie, Marcia swam over to Brian and began to grope his long cock. In a few seconds Marcia’s bottoms were floating in the water and she had her hand inside of Brian’s swimsuit. Brian helped Marcia out of the water and led her to the grass. The two of them sank to the ground and continued to kiss. Brian’s mouth was busy arousing Marcia’s sensitive tits while one of his hands was busy with her pussy. While Brian was busy trying to arouse Marcia, Kara was walking around to everyone making sure that they had couple of condoms. Marcia was soon squealing as that ten-inch cock was sliding in and out of her.

John and Barry pulled off their swimsuits and joined Kara and Jill. John had been dating Jackie for some time so he was used to feasting on large tits. He marveled, however, at the beauty and symmetry of Kara’s fine breasts. John was enjoying Kara’s tits while Barry was next to him devouring Jill’s beautiful boobs. Kara and Jill were not as ready to have a cock driven into them as Jackie and Marcia had been; but they were not going to take a lot of work to get ready. Jill began to inwardly chuckle as Barry began to slide his cock into her. Jill had not really been size conscious in the past; but Barry’s six-inch cock was dwarf-like compared to Brian and Bob’s. Brian was nearly twice as long and Bob was almost twice as big around. Jill soon found out that Barry made up for his lack of size with excellent technique. Kara enjoyed it as John drove his cock into her.

The eight of them continued to have sex for several hours, switching off regularly. Each of the girls managed to have sex with a guy at least three times and the girls had paired off with another girl at least once. That afternoon, Kara got some variety that she had been longing for. Not only did she get to sample some different cocks; but she got to try several positions when getting fucked. After she had finished being fucked that first time by John, she had the opportunity to sit on Barry’s cock and ride him for some time. Late in the afternoon, John had fucked Kara doggy-style. When they were waiting for the guy’s cocks to get hard again, Kara had had sex with both Jackie and Marcia.

Kara was head-to-toe with Marcia, as the two of them lapped at each other’s pussies, when Jackie reached into her purse. Jackie pulled out a tube of KY jelly and hollered, “Barry, get a rubber on that dick of yours. I want to feel you up my ass this afternoon.” This was not going to be a first for Barry; but he was still excited about the chance to slide his cock into Jackie’s asshole. Jackie dabbed some of the lubricant into her tight sphincter and then greased up Barry’s condom-covered cock. As Jackie moved to her hands and knees, the other six gathered around to watch an event that four of them had only heard about before. Marcia and John had watched this before and Marcia had even taken a cock up her poop shoot once before. The uniqueness of the event had excited her; but Marcia had learned on that earlier occasion kaçak casino that she was not really interested in a repeat performance. She was, however, getting excited over the prospect of her boyfriend plunging his cock into Jackie’s tight brown hole.

Barry knew that Jackie liked her ass fucking to be a fast and furious fuck; but he also knew that he would have to start out slowly at first. He was working the head of his cock into Jackie’s tight puckered hole. It took several minutes for Barry to get his cock all of the way into Jackie. When he was buried balls-deep inside of her, Barry began to slam his cock in and out of her in a furious fashion. Barry was driving into Jackie so hard that she was no longer able to support herself with her hands. Jackie was face down on the grass with her ass elevated in the air as she enjoyed the pleasures that Barry was giving her. The ferocity with which Barry attacked that asshole soon had him filling his condom with a load of cum. Jackie was soon prone on the ground and Barry’s cock slipped from her tight asshole.

For several minutes, the conversation around the pool centered on the event that they had just witnessed. Marcia related to the others her feelings about her one experience with butt-fucking. Kara and Jill agreed that it had been exciting to watch; but neither of them thought that they would get any personal pleasure from trying it themselves. The wild day of sex that they had just had was about as far as they wanted to go.

Jackie appeared to have gone to sleep in the spot where she had been during her ass fucking. It was nearly twenty minutes later when Jackie began to stir again. When the four visitors were ready to leave shortly before ten o’clock, everyone had been satisfied and exhausted.

The Sampson and O’Hara siblings picked up their clothes and carried them into the house. Kara and Bob took a quick shower and went to bed. They had had so much sex that day that they were content to hold each other and talk. They both talked about how wild and enjoyable the day had been. Bob admitted, “I really enjoyed the sex that we had today; but it just doesn’t match the sex that I have with you or with Jill.”

“It was a wild day; but this was just carnal lust. It’s better for you with Jill because you love your sister. I don’t know if we love each other; but we do care for each other quite a bit. That’s why it’s better; sex for sex sake alone is fun. Sex with some emotional involvement is great.”

“Are you saying that you don’t want another day like this again?”

“No. I think I would like another day like this some time in the future. I just wouldn’t want a steady diet of it. I do know that I want to continue to have sex with you and I want to keep having sex with Brian. If I decide that I want to have sex just for the fun of it, I’ll let you know about it.”

“Then we’re agreed. Neither of us will complain when I have sex with Jill or you have sex with Brian or Jill. If either of us is going to have sex with someone else, we let the other know or have them participate.”

They held each other tightly for while until Kara said, “You know, you and I didn’t get to have sex at all today. I know that neither of us has the energy right now; but I plan to correct that oversight, first thing in the morning.” Brian and Jill were having basically the same conversation in the other room. It didn’t take much longer for the four of them to fall asleep that evening

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