Brian and Ballet Pt. 02

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To my Dearest Readers,

Thank you kindly for your comments. Makes me feel appreciated. It’s the reason I write, and the fuel for my drive. Let me soak it all in while I comfort my laptop, hoping she will work with me instead of against me. I’ll light a cigarette and turn on some jams, and try to entertain you all. If you haven’t read part one of this series, please do so, it will make more sense. I think I liked the direction I took it. Comments and constructive criticism is welcomed!


Chapter Three: A world of Intimacy

“A thong?!” James choked out through a big mac. It was Monday evening, and the three boys were eating McDonalds while playing Call of Duty. Brian was explaining the events that took place the previous Saturday.

“It’s not a thong, it just looks like one.” Embarrassed, Brian turned his attention back to the game.

“So it’s like a jock strap almost, make sure your dick stays in place. Not bad. I can’t believe you actually did it man. You sure you’re not a homo?” Travis added to the conversation.

“Dude, you know I’m not gay.”

“I know, but the other guys at school will question it.” Travis replied with a smirk.

It was something Brian was dreading for sure. He knew his friends knew the true reason he was doing ballet, but he wouldn’t tell the rest of the school why. Nobody really knew except for the handful of girls who were in the same class as him, but as far as he knew the word hadn’t gotten out yet. He was dreading when he did.

The three boys went to their respective home for the evening. Brian got home as his mother was leaving, so he went to bed for the evening thinking about Emily, and his life in general. What would happen if everybody found out?

Tuesday went along without a hitch and soon enough it was Wednesday after school. Brian stood in his ballet gear, complete with belt and all. At least it made his dick look a little bigger.

So far none of the girls, including Emily, had paid him any special attention. But he hadn’t even had his first class yet. It could change. He at least hope he could become friends with her. But could he just be friends? He couldn’t make her fall in love with him. But yet, he couldn’t pretend to only be a friend and nothing else. It was a topic that hurt him to think about it.

Why couldn’t I have been born rich and good looking, then life would be so much easier. Should I just admire from a distance, like some portrait in a gallery? No. He never took risks in his life. He always played it safe. It was now or never. He was going to step out of his comfort zone and tell Emily what she meant to him. At least if she blew him off he wouldn’t be a forty year old man wondering “What if?”

“Brian, are you going to get out of the car, or are you having second thoughts?” His mother interrupted his thinking.

“No, I’m going to do this.” He said sternly with confidence, which left his mother with a puzzled look.

“It’s only a ballet class.” She thought to herself, and shrugged it off.

Brian walked up to the door and when he saw Emily he forgot all his pep talk and became the tourist admiring the artwork from a distance—and she was the perfect masterpiece.

He stood awkwardly in the big room with wooden floors, and mirrors all around. He eyed the girls, huddled in groups talking amongst themselves. The room was full of eye candy, and he tried to hold down an erection.

He got a good look at himself in the mirror. Taller than the rest, with semi-long black hair. He pushed his black framed glasses up the bridge of his nose. He wasn’t horribly looking, he thought. Just not what girls were into. He wasn’t muscular, but he wasn’t fat.

“All right class!” Katherine’s voice boomed above the chatter. She was dressed in black spandex that framed her figure perfectly.

“You all remember Brian, the new guy. Finally a man with a set who isn’t afraid to go toe to toe with us women!” She said, making him the center of attention for a brief moment. His face turned red as the girls looked at him, and over him. They were somewhat checking him out, he could tell. But then he frowned when their attention turned back to their teacher.

“Your package is nice and snug?” She said with a wink and a grin, once again making the girls look over him. His face, unbelievably, got even redder.

She finally let him off the hook and divided the class into the different level of abilities. There were two other girls who were beginners like Brian. Stacy and Emma.

Katherine taught him basic ballet positions and such, and drilled the newbies on posture and casino siteleri pose. The rest of the class were in their own respective groups working on choreography for a recital of some sort.

“No you dork! Keep your back straight. There ya go!” Katherine would pipe at him as she touched him softly, moving him into whatever position she wanted him to go. This was the most contact he had ever had with a woman before.

He spotted Emily a few times but would lose concentration on what he was doing, which would earn a remark from Katherine. He decided he should honestly try to learn something.

“Okay Brian, I know you’re a stud muffin but I think it’s been a while since you’ve last hit the weight room ya?” Katherine asked him, while she was showing Emma how to do something.

“Well, yeah. I haven’t had much time lately.” He replied, knowing full well both of them knew he had never been to a weight room in his entire life.

“Well, eventually you’ll be lifting up these women, and while their not fat, it takes a lot of strength to hold them in different poses.” Katherine explained. Then motioned Brian to join her and Emma.

Emma was a girl he knew was in his class, although she wasn’t in with the popular crowd as Emily was. Emma was cute, had the same petite features as most of the other women. Her light brown hair matched the color of her eyes and her sun kissed skin. Brian wondered if her skin was naturally this color or if she tanned.

Katherine put Emma in front of Brian really close. So close in fact, he was sure her ass was resting against his dick.

“place your hands on her sides, right about here.” Katherine said, showing him on her own waist. He hesitated.

“This is ballet! Don’t be afraid of each other. It’s intimate. You both better get used to being close.”

Intimate, Brian repeated in his mind. If being close to women and touching them is what this was about, then he was sure he made the right decision to start taking class. Although it would take a miracle to be able to dance with Emily.

Brian raised his hands and placed them on Emma’s waist. It was small, soft and warm. Even though this wasn’t the girl of his dreams, he was just excited that he got to touch a woman, and an attractive one at that.

Emma giggled, then cleared her throat. “You tickled me…”

“Now try to lift her up, slowly. Without hurting her.”

Brian did as Katherine instructed. He firmly gripped Emma by the sides and raised her. She was light, but he wasn’t strong enough to keep control of her he dropped her back on her feet.

“I want you to start working out. In fact, I can probably get my boyfriend to move his weights and equipment into a spare room. He can be your workout buddy. His name is Neil, and I’m sure you’ll get along.” She said with her usual smile.

Brian thought about that. It wouldn’t be bad for him to hit the gym. He should take an interest in his appearance, and ballet would be a good excuse for not just being some gym rat that worked out all the time.

“Sounds good to me.” Brian agreed.

“Awesome, I’ll tell him. He’ll listen to me, or he doesn’t get any.” She winked. “Work on your posture and stuff at home, I’ll see you Saturday.”

And there she was again, Miss Emily Stine. With her perfect smile and hair and absolutely perfect ass.

Then she looked over at him and smiled, and said three magic words.

“See you later!”

He was blown away, not only did she turn to find him…to lock eyes with him, she talked to him. He was reading to much into this, he knew. But it felt good—and it was a start!

Brian walked home, still high off the events of the night. He didn’t care that he was still in his ballet attire. He felt like the richest man alive.

“So what, lots of guys touch girls…Just not us.” Travis said with a laugh. James and Travis joined Brian for some late night pizza and episodes of Family Guy. Of course, they had to get the details of Brian’s first ballet lesson.

“It was nice, it just wasn’t Emily.” Brian responded, still stuck on the moment he had with Emma. Why was that important to him? Because he was a virgin? No, he thought. He was just being stupid. Lots of men do get to touch women, and a whole lot more. He wasn’t one of the lucky ones.

“It would be nice to at least be friends with some girls, and hang out with them. We never bother to ask them anyway.” James piped in.

A girl who was a friend. That could work, Brian thought to himself. Maybe if he had a girl he could talk to she would let him know what was wrong with him, and more importantly, how to fix it.

He canlı casino sighed, surfing the web and laughing at the funny bits until he almost choked to death.

“Guys…Most of the girls in my ballet class just added me on Facebook! Check it out!” Brian exclaimed, almost knocking over a can of Mountain Dew.

Sure enough, he saw some girls he recognized right away and some he didn’t. Skimming through the names as fast as he could he searched frantically for her.

Then he found it.

“Emily Stine wants to be your friend!” It read. He was even happier than before. This was the start of something amazing. The only women he ever had on Facebook were family members, and now it’s like he’s a completely different person.

It was just a website though. No big deal. Damn it, why did he have to always think so negatively? It was positive wasn’t it? Or was he just reading too much into it again?

“At least for one moment, those girls were thinking of me, at least enough to request me as a friend.” Brian said to himself.

“Dude if I wasn’t such a fat ass I’d wear a tutu to get that kind of attention.” James rambled out, browsing through the different girls profiles.

Brian went to bed being the happiest since The Revenge of The Sith was released.

Chapter Four: A Jock, a Fight, and some Luck

The next day Brian felt the worst he ever had. Word had finally spread about his ballet adventure, and he began to take ridicule from all the other guys.

At first it wasn’t anything too horrible, at least nothing he couldn’t handle. Some of the girls even said it was cool that he was brave enough to do so, which he liked. So he walked with his head down and tried to avoid any awkward situations.

For the most part, up until now, people left Brian alone. Sure every once in a while he was bullied, or made fun of. It usually didn’t last too long though. Brian was a nice guy that didn’t like confrontation. This was different. It seemed all the guys couldn’t let this one slide. Especially Jake.

Jake was your typical high school sports hero. He did everything, and did it well. That meant he was top dog at this school. Every girl wanted to be with him and every guy wanted to be him. Well, except for Brian and his friends. Sports held little meaning to the three, and being a dumb jock wasn’t on Brian’s list of things to do.

So Jake teased and mocked Brian whenever they passed in the hallways, putting on a show for his friends. Brian would ignore it and carry on with his day. Until Friday.

It was late in the afternoon, only Mr. Benson’s boring geography class to go. On the way there, Jake stopped Brian in the hall.

“You know, I got this theory. See, I think you’re a closet homosexual. Is that right?” Jake laughed nodding to group of friends.

Ugh. Not again, Brian thought. He tried to move passed like he had all week, but this time Jake stopped him.

“Well what is it Mr. Ballerina? Are you a fag? Or do you have some sick and twisted fetish for little girls in tutus?”

That was it. The last straw. Brian had put up enough with Jake’s antics, and anger swept over him. This wasn’t like him to get angry, or want to hurt someone. But Jake had definitely crossed the line.

Brian squeezed his fist in a ball, so tight he was sure he cut off circulation. He raised his arm and pulled back, and imagined his shot connecting square against Jake’s jaw.

Too bad that’s not what happened.

Jake, being the faster and stronger guy, laughed as he stepped out of the way and quickly returned a punch of his own.

Brian fell back hard on the floor, eyes starting to swell with tears. A small gathering of people stopped to see what was going on. Why did people have to be so cruel? What did it matter to some jock what Brian did with his free time?

He ignored the laughter as he picked up his book and walked outside, the sky, cloudy, matching how he felt.

He sat on a bench and calmed himself down, ignoring the loud bell that signaled it was time for class.

Then a hand touched him on his shoulder, causing him to jump out of his skin. Great, a teacher had either witnessed the event, or caught him skipping class—either way embarrassing.

His own jumping caused Emily to jump just as high as well, scaring her half to death.

“Sorry, I…I saw what he did to you. Heard what he said. He’s an idiot.” She said softly, looking right at Brian.

Through the pain he still felt on his face, and the tears that swelled his eyes, he saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She was there, a foot or two in front of him, skipping kaçak casino class just like him to comfort him. To be a friend.

“Mind if I join you? I’d rather be out here anyway.. It’s a lot better than Benson’s class.” She said, not waiting for his response and took a place at the bench. Even more shocked at today’s events, Brian sat next down to her.

“I think it’s totally cool you’re doing ballet. Don’t let any of the other guys bring you down, and for God’s sakes, don’t try to hit Jake again. No offense or anything, he’s a pretty big guy.” She said with a beautiful smile. Her voice was cute, soft. Dreamlike.

“Yeah,” Brian said rubbing his cheek, “That wasn’t the brightest of my ideas. Thanks though, for the support. I’m trying to learn ballet anyway.”

“Do or do not, there is no try!” She quickly replied.

Brian looked at her with the most puzzled face.

“Uh, Yoda? You’re wearing a Star Wars shirt? I thought you’d know the quote.” Emily teased him, pointing at his shirt.

“Hey, I know it! Trust me I do. But, what’s crazy is a girl like you knowing it!” He bantered.

“I admit I wouldn’t watch a movie like that on my own free will, but my little brother forces me to do so, about oh…every other weekend.” She explained, playing with her sandal.

Brian glanced at her, studied her face. When their eyes met he was lost for words. So blue and shocking.

“Well since we’re not going to go back in, walk me home?” Emily said with a wide smile.


“You know, you’re not like the others.” Brian said aloud, although he wasn’t sure he meant to. They had been walking for a few blocks in silence, although it wasn’t an uncomfortable silence. It was a mutual thing, a funny paradox—That they both enjoyed the solitude of each others company.

“Others?” She laughed. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, you’re popular. A cheerleader, a dancer. But you’re not mean or stuck up at all. You’ve always been nice.”

“I don’t try to get caught up in all the high school drama, or gossip. It’s pretty childish. I think it started raining!”

They both looked up at the sky and felt the water beating on their face. The gentle sprinkles washed away any shame and tears left. Then it really started to pour.

“Ah it’s starting to get cold! Follow me!” Emily said as she surprisingly grabbed Brian’s hand and took off at a decent pace.

Brian wasn’t an athlete at all, but he could easily keep up with Emily’s short stride. Her hand felt warm inside his, and his heart fluttered when she glanced back and smiled at him. He studied her beautiful blonde hair blowing freely in the wind. He started to look down towards her ass, but when his eyes reached it he felt wrong. Like he was betraying her trust.

“Home!” Emily shouted as she led Brian up the steps to a big blue house. The front porch wrapped around and Emily took a seat on the swing.

“Sorry for running! I love the rain, but it’s a bit cold right now.”

Brian managed to check out her breasts. If she was cold, he couldn’t see it.

“It’s cool. That was really fun.” Was all he could say, with a grin. How awkward he thought. Here he was having a blast with the girl of his dreams and he couldn’t even talk to her.

“Hold that thought.” She said as she went inside. Brian, puzzled, just sat down on the swing. Emily soon returned with a couple of blankets to wrap around themselves.

“Oh, thanks.” Brian said and Emily took a seat next to him.

“Want to wait out the rain before you walk home? Or if you want you can use the phone to get a ride, it’s up to you. I’m in no hurry.”

“Thanks, I’ll stick around for a bit. It seems to be getting better anyway.”

So again they sat in silence, listening to the rain fall against the house, and the sound of the passing cars driving through puddles. But the smell was the best. Brian loved the smell of rain, and if he was careful he was sure he could link the smell of rain to Emily for the rest of his life.

“So tell me about yourself? I hardly know you.” Emily broke the ice first.

“Um, I’m…just your average nerd I guess. What about you? I don’t know you either.” Brian said smiling back at her.

“I’m, just your average preppy girl I guess.” She said, lifting her shoulders up with a cheesy grin.

“Touché. Well I don’t know how to put it. I just like to geek around with my best friends, play games, eat junk food. All that good stuff.”

“No way really?”

“Are you mocking me?” Brian said, sounding serious, staring at Emily.

Emily thought he was serious, until Brian broke out in laughter.

“Hey!” She said, playfully hitting him in the shoulder. “When are you going to ‘geek around’ as you put it?”

“Tonight actually, gonna be a blast.” He said, matter-of-factly.

“Nuh uh! I’m totally coming!”

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