Bred for Sex Ch. 01

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Jonty Brand looked over at his wife sleeping next to him. Once again she had spent all day twitching her sexy nubile body in the tightest clothes she could, only to leave him rock hard and disappointed when it finally came to going to bed. He wanted the end, the business, a damn good fucking. What he got was a cuddle and then she fell asleep. He was tired and frustrated at all this, so much so that his thick prong was painfully hard between his muscled thighs. His wife just seemed to have lost interest in sex completely. It was the usual tale — she had been a randy fucker right up to the moment they had gotten married, and then afterwards had completely lost interest in sex.

He sighed and tossed and turned next to her, the heat of the warm night burning up his body. Jonty knew that he would have to get up out of bed, put something on, and then sneak down the hallway to the bathroom. Once there he would pull himself off thinking wild passionate thoughts of some chick he had seen at the Mall or maybe even his wife.

The annoying thing was having to get clothed. The first couple of years of their relationship he would just have gone straight down the hallways naked, his manhood loud and proud in front of him. But then young Natalie had come along, his very daughter, and since she had turned a teenager he had to cover up. Now she was eighteen, and Jonty wasn’t sure that she was even home. But still that hurdle existed — why couldn’t he just go to the bathroom without having to dress up?

Sighing, he sat up. For once, for this one night, he was going to risk it. If Natalie was home then the chances were she was asleep in her room. If she wasn’t then he had nothing to worry about. Why bother clothing for a brief half minute walk?

She Jonty slipped out of bed, being very careful not to disturb his sleeping wife. Sneaking to the door, he cracked it open slowly and peered out into the corridor. It was empty and all of the lights were off. Feeling like a teen again he snook out of the room, padding down the hallway on his toes.

The most nervous bit was when he reached his daughter’s door. It was slightly ajar but mostly dark inside, with a bit of moonlight glow. Jonty couldn’t help but think about Natalie at this point. She was a gorgeous teen, just the way he had wanted her to be. But he never thought that her sexy young body would be such a problem for him. She had long, strong legs kept toned and in shape but all the running she did. Her hips were wide and curvy, tailoring to a tight waist that had a little bit of a six pack but not too much. Her breasts were large, probably at the 36D size he had placed on them by now. Her face was simply made, with big eyes that sparkled with laughter most of the time and a cute turned up button nose. Her lips were fleshy and thick. All of this was complemented by her glossy black hair that fell almost to her waist. Just as he had planned her. She had the best of him, the best of her mother, and the rest was the best he could afford to buy. Add in a little luck and he had the perfect daughter.

At school she had been hanging around the top of her class, and now in college she was still in the top ten percentile. In short, she was wonderful. Any casino siteleri man’s dream. Even her father’s!

Shit! Allowing his mind to wander, Jonty had trodden on the squeaky board he knew was half way down the corridor. He froze into place, his breathing coming in gasps that were partly caused by the pressure of the situation and partly by the sexual thoughts that tormented him.

Then he laughed at himself. Which is why he was totally unprepared when the door next to him opened to reveal Natalie standing there. The father’s eyes went wide and he immediately moved to cover his turgid organ.


“Dad!” She gasped.

Then, impossibly, Jonty realised that the teen was also naked. Both of her hands had gone to cover her groin in a move that mirrored his, so her tits were bare. And what a pair of tits! Jonty couldn’t tear his eyes from the succulent young melons that were presented to him, pushed forwards but the upper arms of the teen. Gasping despite himself, he tried to recover a modicum of his fatherly control.

“Natalie, what are you doing out of bed at this time of night all… naked.”

The teen looked shocked, ashamed, and then realisation dawned on her. “I could ask you the same, dad!” She laughed.

“I… had to go the bathroom.” He stammered. “To relieve myself.”

His daughter’s eyebrows raised, and her gaze flickered down to his groin. “So I can see, dad.”

Jonty flushed deeply, realising that his daughter hadn’t moved. He also knew that she must have rustled him, because he had been talking directly at her tits the whole time.

Jonty didn’t know what to reply. But he found himself laughing too.

“Okay, okay, so I’m a guy with the drives of a guy. Does that surprise you in your old dad?”

“I’d say the only thing I have a problem with there is the fact you called yourself old!” The teens eyes roved up and down his body, and he felt a sudden pride that he could still draw such a glance from someone her age. Still, none of this was doing anything to help him with his erection. No matter what he tried to do it remained like a flag pole in front of him and he had to keep his hands covering it, one kinda wrapped around and the other held in front. He shifted his balance.

“You didn’t answer my question young lady. What are you doing up at this time of night?”

She laughed again. He liked the way it made her tits bobble slightly between her arms. “Same thing as you, kinda. I need a pee and it’s too hot for clothes. Just thought I’d run the risk of being caught. I never have so far. Guess tonight I’ve been busted, huh?”

Jonty nodded. “You certainly have.” Her nipples were puffy in the light, but he could not see the colour of them. He wondered if genetics had made them light pink like her mothers’. He loved sucking his wife’s nipples. Raising an eyebrow, the words just slipped out “But what a bust!”

Natalie giggled. “You think so dad? Guys are always telling me that I have a big rack, but I don’t really believe them. Guys will say anything to get into your pants. You wouldn’t lie to me though, would you?”

He shook his head. “No, of course not. You have a great big pair of tits, and I must say that canlı casino they’re nice and firm. Remind me of your mom’s when I first met her! You should be proud of them.”

The smile that broke over her face brought a warmth to his heart. “Thank you dad. And I must say that you have a great musculature. Some of the track guys have nice bodies but you obviously keep yourself in shape.”

Jonty felt something in the air between them, something familiar. “Thank YOU! Your mother seems to have lost interest in me completely recently and I thought that maybe I didn’t have any sex appeal.”

“REALLY!? No, dad, you’re one hunk of a man. I love your body. I wish you weren’t my dad because I’d… no! Sorry.” She gasped, one of her hands going to her mouth. Jonty could see part of her pubic triangle peeking out now. He knew what the feeling in the air was now. The only question was, did he go for it?

“What were you going to say, Natalie?” He pressed on. He was a guy. Of course he went for it!

“I was going to say… I’d…” A fleeting wash of naughtiness crossed over her perfect features. She shifted her weight slightly so he had to adjust his hands again. “Be trying to see your dick about now.”

He raised his eyebrows, realising that both she and he did that a lot. A father-daughter trait. Was that nurture or nature? Like he gave a flying fuck. “Really? Well… what… if I’d show it to you?” Some of his usual bravado during sex was coming back to him now, but he still felt some nerves.

Her eyes widened at his statement. “You would?”

“I would.” Jonty laughed, moving his hands away from his organ. He loved the way this caused a gasp of awe from her. He was still erect, of course, and his thick veined stonker bobbed out in front of him with each heartbeat.

She licked her lips. “My God… how… big is it, dad?”

“About eight inches last I measured. That hasn’t been for a couple of years though. It’s not normal to be measuring it.”

“I bet you play with it a lot though! I wouldn’t be able to resist playing with it if it was mine!”

“You don’t have one though sweetie. You could have had a cock at one point, it was considered cool to have a hermaphrodite kid, but that ended about five years before you were conceived. I’m not sure me and your mom would have gone for it anyway.”

Natalie smiled, taking a step forwards. Just as Jonty was talking to her breasts she was now talking to his cock. “Yeah, I would still have wanted to play with other cocks anyway. I really like them. They’re so… different. They don’t look like they belong on a teen. They vary so much. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any two that look the same. I’ve certainly never seen one that looks like yours!”

Jonty was astonished, but proud. Here he was, standing in the corridor having a proper conversation about sexual things with his daughter. They had never talked to her about sex education because they figured she got it at school. Now he was finding out that she had gotten it there. Just probably not in the way that he and his wife had thought! She certainly seemed to know a lot about it.

“It’s a shame that the light is so bad out here, dad. I would like to see it better.” kaçak casino Natalie said, licking her already moist lips.

“Well…” Jonty took a big breath. “Why don’t we go into your room? We can switch the light on in there and you can see better. And that way we don’t run the risk of waking mom!”

Natalie looked down to their bedroom door as though the thought had never occurred to her before. “Shit, yeah, what would she say if she caught us both out here naked together like this?”

“She’d freak!” Grinned Jonty, not even thinking about what she’d say if she caught them naked alone together in the teen’s room.

“Okay… Come in then. But no complaining about the mess!”

The teen turned, and for a moment Jonty was presented with a view of her sexy ass. He had seen it before, in tight jeans and short skirts and even bathing suit bottoms, but never before naked. It was gorgeous. It reminded him of an ass he would see on a black chick — big, rounded, and smooth. Her hair hung to just above it, making it look like a peach that hung at the top of her long legs. She was walking on tiptoe and the muscles of her thighs were showing strongly for just that one moment he could barely see in the vague light. The moonlight flickered off the smooth skin of her buttocks.

She was gone, and he had to tag along. When he got into her room his daughter had turned on her desk lamp and was beckoning him towards her. She still had one hand mashed over her pubic area, but her free hand had a finger crocked. “Okay, come into the light so I can see it.”

Jonty felt this was wrong, but his libido was overriding his common sense and fatherly feelings at this point. He wanted to get closer just so he could see her tits in the light! He knew his cock was swaying proudly as he walked to within two paces of her and then stopped. Again she gasped a breath, her face a mask of surprised incomprehension. “Wow! Thank you for showing it to me, dad!”

“Mmmmmmmmmmm… my pleasure my dear. And thank you for showing me your tits!”

She grinned evilly, and then bobbled them like Marilyn Monroe in that white dress scene, hands between thighs. Her tongue went to her teeth. “You like big ones then, dad?”

“I sure do, Natalie, I sure do.”

“Good, because I like big dicks. It’s like we make a good couple. Shame that we’re father and daughter, otherwise I think there’d be real sparks between us.”

“Why, what would you do if we weren’t?”

“Well, right now, there’d be no way I wouldn’t drop down there and suck your big dick!”

“Only if I wasn’t sucking your nipples, honey!”

“Oh yeaaaah!” They both said. Then they burst out laughing.

“Fuck, honey, you could cut the tension in here with a knife!” He rubbed his hands together fiercely like it was cold, or like he was eager to get at something.

Suddenly Natalie’s expression turned from joking to deadly serious. Her eyes widened as though she was an expert marksman focusing in on his cock. She took one hesitant step forwards, then two. They were face to face. About of a height, the teen slightly shorter than her father but not by much. She was barely inches from him when she knelt down slowly. He felt her breath on his cock, brushing along the sides of his erection like it was caressing it. He saw her lick her lips again, and she moaned.

“I’m going to do it, dad, if you don’t leave now. I just have to. Your dick is so gorgeous!”

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