Breakfast Lessons

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I was so happy that Saturday had finally arrived. Mom was out of town for a business conference and I was ready to relax and have some fun. It had been a busy week at work and my freshman year of college would begin in just a few weeks, so I wanted to enjoy every last minute of my vacation before classes started again. Deciding against getting dressed right away, I changed into some clean boxers and made my way toward the kitchen for some breakfast.

The house was quiet as I opened the refrigerator and grabbed the carton of milk. After sitting down at the kitchen table and pouring myself a tall glass of skim, I closed my eyes to the morning sunshine and thought about my plans for the day.

“So, how many girls have you slept with?”

I nearly choked on my milk as I opened my eyes and looked across the kitchen, incredulous at the question I just heard.

“I guess you never thought you’d hear that question from your sister, did you?”

After regaining whatever composure I could muster, I saw my older sister, Lynn, standing in the doorway with a grin that would make a Cheshire cat jealous.

Even though my sister was two years older than I was, we had always been close while growing up. Our parents had divorced when I was 8 and ever since Lynn had watched out for me. Like most siblings, we had the occasional conversations about sex but this was the first time she had been so direct with me. Usually it was just small talk as we watched television together and never brought about the kind of embarrassment I was feeling right now.

Lynn didn’t have fashion model looks, but she was pretty in her own way. A competitive swimmer, she stood five foot six and had a firm, athletic body. Her curves were in all the right places and her shoulder-length blonde hair swept back in a gentle curl. Were she not my sister, I definitely would have given her a second look if we passed on the sidewalk.

She was wearing a pale blue button-up pajama top that barely covered the white panties she was wearing. I guess she had been a little warm when she woke up as the first few buttons were undone, giving just a hint of her modest cleavage. Her breasts were average-sized, but very full and perky, accented by puffy, quarter-sized nipples that now seemed to contradict my earlier thought that she was a little warm this morning. The morning sunlight was shining brightly through the bay window, creating a soft silhouette that was visible through her top. Growing up around the pool as well, I had seen Lynn in various bathing suits throughout the years, including bikinis. But even though she had a great body, I had never really given thought to just how sexy my sister really was. However, something was definitely different this morning, as her opaque silhouette now had my complete attention.

“Why on earth would you ask me that,” I replied, somewhat embarrassed at the topic of conversation she raised.

“Just curious, I guess,” Lynn stated matter-of-factly. “I mean, you’re going off to college in a few weeks and the female-to-male ratio on campus is . . . well, let’s just say it’s in your favor.”

I had been accepted to the state university a few hours from home, where my sister also attended. I also knew from the few visits I had made, both for my own admission and to visit my sister, that college was going to be a whole new world for me. Even though I wasn’t of legal drinking age yet, college parties and co-ed dorms were something I was definitely looking forward to.

“To be honest, sis, I haven’t slept with any,” I sheepishly admitted.

“Seriously?!?” she shouted. “You’re kidding? I mean, you’re not a bad looking guy.”

During high school, I had been more focused on my education than most of my classmates. Coupled with a part-time job to help pay for college, I really didn’t have much time for dating, much less sex. I had gone out with a few girls in high school and fooled around with them a couple of times, but never much more than some heavy petting and such. That said, my sister was right, I wasn’t a bad looking guy. Definitely not your typical book nerd, I stood about five foot ten and weighed 180 pounds. I didn’t spend much time at the gym, but the time I did spend was reflected in my lean, muscular body. The summer sun had lightened my short, but messy, brown hair just a bit, and I had just switched to contacts that better accented my green eyes. I definitely wasn’t afraid to walk around the house shirtless, like I was this morning; and based on the surreptitious glances that floated around the locker room, I was amply sized where it mattered.

When she sat down at the table with me, her pajama top puffed out in such a way that I caught a brief glimpse of her breast. It looked as firm as I had imagined and her soft pink nipple was semi-erect. Shit, I knew I shouldn’t be sneaking peeks at my older sister, but like I said earlier, this was not a typical morning. As I shifted in my seat, the strain on my boxers made me realize I was getting aroused from the view of her breast casino oyna I just received. My mind was telling me that this wasn’t right; I knew I needed to cut this conversation off right away. But just as I was about to get up from the table, Lynn grabbed my hand in a way that told me not to go anywhere.

“Where are you going,” she asked, releasing my hand once I had reconsidered my exit from the table. “I want to finish talking with you.”

I sat back down slowly, bending over to hide my ever-growing erection. Already embarrassed by my physical reaction to her questions, I didn’t think I could take her seeing my hard-on too.

“What do you want to talk about,” I asked warily.

“Well, I’m sure that once you get to college you are going to have plenty of opportunities to . . . break your streak, shall we say.”

“I guess so,” I replied.

“So what do you know about pleasing a girl, about having sex?” she asked.

Though now sporting a raging hard-on that filled the front of my boxers, I was still uncomfortable with this conversation. However, I was equally as interested in seeing where it was going.

“I picked up a few ideas from some porno movies and experimented a little with some old girlfriends,” I confessed.

“Well,” she said, “forget about most of what you have learned from the porno films because for most girls, that’s not how it works in real life.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Number one, most girls don’t want come blasted all over their faces. Number two, there’s more to it than her sucking you off and you fucking her afterward.”

I had never heard my sister talk like this before, she was being so frank. But, it was definitely a turn-on as I sat across the table from her. Trying to conceal my excitement, I shifted in my seat again so my hardened cock would have some more room in my boxers.

“Ok, tell me more,” I encouraged her.

“Girls, at least for me and most of my friends, like to have some attention paid to us as well.”

“What kind of attention?”

“Well, one of the best times I had with a guy started very innocently,” she began. “We had been making out in my dorm room and he was doing a number on my neck. Nibbling and kissing on my neck and shoulders. It was giving me chills, not to mention making me completely horny.”

I could tell from her tone that the memories were still vivid, as her breathing changed slightly and her face became a little flush with color.

“I wasn’t planning on doing anything more with him,” she continued, “but the more he focused his attention on me without wanting anything right away the more I began to want him.”

I so wanted to reach down and rub my cock right then and there, but I was afraid if I did Lynn would freak out or something. So I just sat there, listening intently and contracting my pubic muscles now and then to make my cock move ever so slightly inside my shorts.

“After making out for a little while longer,” Lynn continued, “I unbuttoned my blouse for him, figuring he would get the hint.”

“Did he?” I asked quickly.

I was having no trouble picturing the scene in my mind as I imagined what he was going to do to Lynn’s firm, perky tits.

“Oh yes, baby brother,” she answered. “He sure did. He undid a few more buttons and took off my top.”

“Were you wearing a bra?”

“Nope,” she replied, smiling. “I often go without a bra under my tops. It’s just one of the advantages of not being too gifted.”

My earlier glimpse of her breast confirmed her statement as I was now fully erect and throbbing. All I wanted to do at that moment was to feel my hardness, but I was still able to realize that having this conversation was one thing, playing with my cock while my sister sat only a few feet away was another thing completely.

“He began to lick my nipples, ever so lightly,” she continued. “Then he took one in his mouth and began to gently suck on it.”

From my position across the table, I could see she was enjoying her own story. As she shifted in her chair, her pajama top betrayed her erect nipples as they were now pressed firmly against the fabric.

“Do you like having your nipples sucked,” I asked cautiously, not sure just how far I could question her before she would decide not to answer.

“Oh yes, most girls do, but don’t go all hard and heavy on her nipples all at once. They should be licked or tongued, gently at first, then harder. Same thing goes if you start to suck on them. Vary it up and watch for her reaction. She’ll let you know how she likes it, soft or hard or a mix of the two.”

I was having a hard time keeping my hand above the table. As I listened intently to my sister, I reached for my glass and accidentally knocked a fork onto the floor. Leaning down to reach for my utensil, I gave a quick glance under the table at where my sister sat. My heart nearly jumped from inside my chest as she had her legs had spread wide, offering me a view at the now-wet front of her panties. I banged my head on the canlı casino underside of the table as I quickly sat up, desperately not wanting to get caught staring at my sister’s pussy.

“Dropped my fork,” I managed to say as I set it back on the table. I had never looked at my sister liked that before, but found it to be incredibly erotic to see just how much she was enjoying the conversation. I found myself wondering what her pussy looked like underneath those panties. Was she shaved, trimmed or natural? Did she have a tight slit or were her pussy lips full and inviting? Was it sweet smelling or musky in a hot sex kind-of-way?

As if she knew I snuck a peek at her, she gave me a sly smile before replying.

“Well bro, you better get another fork then.”

“Um, I guess so.”

As I stood up from the table, I had completely forgotten about the raging erection that now filled my boxers.

“Mmm,” I thought I heard my sister whisper to herself as I passed by.


“I didn’t say anything,” she lied.

Realizing now what she was talking about, I quickly sat down at the table again, not wanting her to see just how turned on I was.

“Now, where were we before I was so rudely interrupted,” she teased.

“Um, I think he was sucking on your nipples”

“Oh, yeah,” she replied distractedly. “Well, after that I wanted to see just what he was willing to do for me. Now mind you, I really hadn’t given him any attention yet.”

“Was he getting impatient?”

“Probably, but if he knew what was good for him, which he must have, he kept his mouth shut. Well, at least for a few more minutes anyway.”

“What did he do?”

“Well, he unbuttoned my jeans and slid them off. Then he began to lick my pussy through my panties.”

“No shit?”

“No shit,” she answered. “Now, if you want your girl in the palm of your hand, don’t be afraid to go down on her. Because if you do, chances are that she will return the favor at some point.”

“Um, how do you . . . what do you do when you go down on a girl like that?” I asked, feeling somewhat stupid.

“Well, this is one area that your porno experience will come in handy. Each girl is different in what she likes, but me? I like for him to start slow, with long licks of his flat tongue. I like him to flick my clit with his tongue, but not too much, because that makes it really sensitive. Anyway, after he flicks his tongue over it, having him suck on my clit really makes me wild. You know where a girl’s clit is, right? It’s at the top. Don’t worry, you’ll find it when you are down there. It’s like a little nub at the top of her pussy. Then, I love to be tongue fucked. I love to feel a guy’s tongue in my pussy, licking my walls up and down. And don’t be afraid to use your hands.”

As she continued, she again shifted in her seat, standing ever so slightly as to bring one of her legs up into the chair to sit on. It was then my sister did something that I never expected, not that having this conversation was, but this went way beyond that. Almost nonchalantly, her hand rose slowly off the table and moved down between her legs. My cock immediately rose even further. My sister, whether it was a conscious decision or just force of habit, was beginning to masturbate right in front of me.

“Think you can remember all of this?” she teased.

Lynn was looking me directly in the eyes, not blinking or gazing to one side or the other, as she continued to play with herself. She wanted me to know what she was doing as she smiled and licked her lips before continuing. It was definitely a conscious decision.

“After he had worked on my pussy for some time, I was ready to do anything for him,” she admitted.

“Nice,” was about all I could muster at that point.

“So I returned the favor and took off his pants. And I gave him a blowjob he’ll never forget.”

For the first time, I imagined my cock in my sister’s mouth, sucking me for all she was worth as she looked up at me with those stunning blue eyes. The sound of Lynn’s voice again snapped me from my early morning fantasy.

“I’m going to tell you something, little brother. As great as most women seem to think huge cocks are for sex, I prefer sucking on one that isn’t so big. If it’s too big, all it does is choke you and then I can’t enjoy what I’m doing, so you’re not going to enjoy it as much either. A nice, average sized cock is perfect for sucking. You know, about like yours.”

My eyes nearly bulged out of my head when I head her words. I was so flabbergasted that I couldn’t even muster a single syllable.

“Oh, come on,” she continued, “I’ve seen you at the pool enough times to know you’re pretty decent down there.”

Her comment about my cock blew me away, as did the thought of her eyeing me in my swimsuit. I know my sister dated quite a bit in high school and college, but I never figured that she would be checking out her brother’s cock at the pool, much less make a comment about my size.

“So, did you suck him until kaçak casino he came or did you save it for something else?”

As this point, it seemed like we were trying to outdo each other so I wasn’t hesitating to put out some very direct questions.

“Nope, though I have sucked a few guys off until they came. But one thing, if you find a girl willing to swallow, please give her some warning before you pop off. If we are going to swallow for you, I think that’s the least you could do.”

My cock was raging now, as hard as I could ever remember. Lynn still had her hand between her legs so I didn’t see why I should hold back any longer. Watching for her reaction as I moved my hand under the table, her eyes seemed to light up and I definitely heard a soft moan escape her lips as she realized I had taken my hard cock in hand and began to stroke it slowly.

“So what are you going to do now, little brother?”

“Same as you, sis,” I replied, smiling.

I slid my chair back from the table so I had a little room to spread my legs out. Reaching down with my free hand, I slid my boxers down and released my cock from the cotton confines. Still fully erect and standing tall, I began stroking myself to an orgasm I never anticipated would be caused by my sister.

Lynn took my lead and slid her own chair back from the table. Though neither of us could see the other’s hand, we both knew there was no turning back at this point.

“So, how do you like to be fucked?” I asked.

Lynn paused a bit before answering as the squishy sounds coming from her wet pussy had betrayed what previously had been subtle fingering. The look on her face told me that she had one, if not more, of her fingers buried in her pussy in an attempt to bring herself to orgasm.

“Mmm, I love riding a nice, hard cock. I love being in control. Deciding how deep I take it. Whether I want to just grind on it or slide my pussy up and down that smooth shaft.”

Her words had me on the verge of coming. As I pictured Lynn riding my cock, I could feel it building inside me, ready to explode.

“Can you feel it when he comes?”

“Oh, yes. It swells right before he comes. When I know he is close, I clench my pussy tight so he can’t help but shoot it deep inside me.”

My breathing was becoming labored now as I was ready to shoot my load all over the kitchen floor. Pre-come had dripped down my shaft, providing all the lubrication I needed to finish jacking off.

“Come for me.”

Lynn’s request was not totally unexpected, but sounded strange nonetheless.

“Make yourself come for your sister.”

My hand began stroking at a feverish pace as I neared my own orgasm. As I quickened my pace, Lynn did likewise as she fingered herself toward relief.

“Mmmmm, I’m coming,”

As she cried out, Lynn’s petite body shook as ripples of pleasure flowed throughout her being.

I watched my sister’s orgasm intently as I stroked myself. She exhibited a sensuality I had never seen in a woman before, much less in my sister. This exhibition of pleasure was all I needed to meet her demands.

“Uhhhnnnnhhhh, fuck,” was all I could manage to say as my cock erupted in a stream of come. I masturbated fairly frequently, but this was more intense than anything I had ever experienced before. Spurt after spurt of come splashed onto the floor as I slouched into my chair.

Several minutes passed before either of us could manage to speak. What had been the most erotic situation either of us had probably experienced had now turned into a somewhat uncomfortable silence. Lynn composed herself, rose from her chair and began to walk out of the kitchen. As she looked back at me, still sitting at the table with my cock in hand, she smiled.

“Thank you,” was all she said before leaving the room.


It was well after two in the morning when I got home from work. It had been a long night and I was ready for a good night’s sleep. The house was completely dark as everyone had apparently gone to bed hours earlier, so I made my way to my room as quietly as possible.

A week had gone by since Lynn and I had masturbated for each other, but neither one of us had made the slightest mention of it. Though there had been a few awkward moments in the days since our conversation, the relationship between the two of us had returned to normal, with Lynn doing her thing and me doing mine. I had chalked the whole experience up to a couple of horny kids who let a conversation about sex go way too far.

I kept the lights off as I made my way up the stairs, as all of the bedrooms were located on the same second floor hallway, though on opposite ends. Entering my room, I began to strip down and felt the cool breeze from the open window flowing across the room. As I kicked my clothes to the wall, I moved toward my bed.


As my eyes slowly adjusted to the sudden and unexpected burst of light from my table lamp, I was stunned to see Lynn lying in my bed, a thin, white sheet giving the slightest hint of her nude figure underneath.

“Wha, what are you doing here,” I stammered as I stopped in my tracks, unsure of just what direction our relationship was now about to turn.

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